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>You will never again experience an Internet...
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>You will never again experience an Internet before social media and smartphones
please stop reminding me

the Internet was my home. then the normie horde of whores invaded it and destroyed it with their degenerate kikebook bullshit

fuck every single person who still uses social media.

By definition, 4chan is social media.
>you will never manually browse a list of hosted games anymore
>you will never be greeted by the host who is always glad that you're joining his game again
Anon, the internet back then was not how it is now minus social media. It was slow and just overall shitty. I simply wanted to know what type of guns Russians used in WW2. Every search result was unrelated no matter what I typed. This is after waiting 2-3 minutes per page load.

Now I just speak into my phone and get an answer in 15 seconds.
>you will never play vanilla WoW at the height of it's popularity ever again

The worst part is that there won't ever be anything like it again. Even if some company did manage to bring that many players together it would be shit because the video game community is literally cancer now.
You were fucking 13, of course it was better
I guarantee if it suddenly returned, you'd find most of it cringeworthy
You will never browse a sea of original content and meaningful discussion.

You will never spend hours exploring various websites and the variety that they had to offer.

You will never read a non click bait article again.

You will never post your music and animations and get an unfiltered opinion again

You will never experience the nerd kingdom again.
And when i say nerd i mean what it used to mean.
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7 KB, 645x773















>you will never punt all your friends off AOL again

Why did you do this

Now my night is ruined, thank you
I still have my 2.0 punter on a floppy disk somewhere collecting dust.

Ah, memories.
>you will never go to dicks.com as a kid looking for a new bike again.
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luxuries unknown.png
50 KB, 174x194
>Madness Combat

Fuck you, that brings me back so hard.
this is the most honest post ever
just look at any youtube video you thought was funny or entertaining when you were a teenybopper and you'll find it cringe now for sure
I did before you guys were even born seeing as /r9gay/ faggots are all underage. It was slow as fuck but it was entertaining, especially before 2006 when that myspace thing started and fucking high school faggots and normies started going online. Some groups from /b/ used to fuck with these guys for a while. Even still more norm fags came and now the internet is one big advertising scheme with so much fucking adverts and java script its not even safe to go on any website anymore since companies hold on to your essential information.
Most of this is newgrounds shit, ng memories hitting hard.
4chan is antisocial media
Fuck it hurts

We can never go back

Why live
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1454105046410 (1).png
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this is the worst feel

the normies have desecrated the internet and it will never be the same
It hurts to live senpai
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>everyday after middle school
>walk over to public library
>use stolen library numbers
Session 1 (1.5hrs)
>play Gaia online on
Session 2 (1.5hrs)
>watch funny stick figure videos and videos about games I can't play because I need to download it no Buzzfeed shit crowding uTube home
>open tiny tab to watch hentai while downloading demos (patapon) on my PsP I saved up for selling bottles & cleaning the neighbors garden.
Session 3 (2.5hrs) on my own card # so if anyone asks why I'm still here, I'll say I just got there.
>play runescape
>go to VHS section of library
>rent out old movies
>rent out Dragon Tales
>rent out animaniacs
>go to comic section
>find 18+ mangas/adult books
>wait in line & ask for the male librarian that likes anime too
>talk to him about latest Shonen Jump magazine while he scans my rentals
>he doesn't tell me to put adult books back
>go home and fap, sometimes something extra in the book

Besides that,

You guys realize what's going on with Fcebook right?

You do realize they took away the ability to be offline right?
Turning off the chat doesn't do anything, people can still see you are online, so don't be the idiot that says "I'm going to bed" and turn the chat off.

Facebook is fucking shit

Also I hope you guys were not lazy to sign up with sites with your Facebook account. Most sites don't let you create your own account after you created it with your FB acc. Only reason I still have my account is because of a game I play on my phone.

I honestly wish I could go back to 2008 and stay there forever...
old fag here. i remember angelfire, geocities, and such everywhere. downloading mp3s when they were a fucking new thing, having to find them hosted on a goddamn website, also downloading short clips of dbz all on 56k modem. it sucked, its better now.
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>late 90s/early 00s
>older brother shows me how to IRC
>tfw using sikrit hacker chat with my internet buddies

Good times. I still use IRC on daily basis, but it seems like most of the people have moved on to facebook and twitter.
I hate the video game industry.

I know feminists aren't the only thing wrong with video games but it's a big part of it.
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00s starter.jpg
116 KB, 664x758
>tfw starting to feel nostalgia towards shit I hated
>tfw realize this shit was happening over 15 years ago, and that's why it feels so distant

See this shit in picture related? I'd rather look little shits dressing up like this rather than swagfags and hipsters.
>tfw you will never have your own rap metal group in the late 90s

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Who here had a GameMaster?
Goes by different names, but it was the place you went that had TVs set up, headsets, the whole deal. Instead of going to the casual normie Gamestop.

If you were with the team you could play all you wanted, if you were a stranger you had to pay to play (like $10 an hour).
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Forums were a fun comunity. WOW rotten.com fucking freaky shit MANG! Have you heard about World of Warcraft? It's a game where you play with other players in a huge world and the graphics are really good man I want to go hoem and play it. Govy knows your adress and phonenumber spooooky they know everything. I mean 4chan is pretty cool but the world stinks now. I'm happy some games and programs exist that are fun and would miss but what's really fun is a world without everybody being a fucking media slave that would be nice.
I remember I created a website years ago. Apparently, according to Whois, I created it in 2005. And it's still up!

Anyone else have shitty websites running? And does anyone still use IRC?
Talk for yourself. Newfag.
I was downloading hentai on dial up.
You have no identity. You are not "socializing" with anyone. You are spitting words into the void and the void replies.
I miss the red blooded feeling.
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>everything is a blur past 2007
>can barely recall anything good happening after 2007
>autistically can pull out facts about 2007 including things im not even interested in such as sport
>wasn't even that special, spent most of the year playing runescape
>you will never go back to habbo hotel with emo's from your classes
>you will never fish for lobsters in karamja with dozens of others
>you will never go on msn again and talk to actual teen grils
>you will never send people gifs of text over msn again

thread music: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RH5rEvxFLvM
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55 KB, 388x293
The bane of my existence.
I don't have a smartphone, and seriously, was it really so much better without social media?
What about goog? Was internet better without goog?
File: 1437115461614.png (58 KB, 562x490) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
58 KB, 562x490
It hurts even more when you remember now that social media is people lives, there's no going back no matter what.
The internet has pretty much become too big for itself and everyone needs to feel like they're apart of the hottest new thing, so only a small amount of sites end up dominating the internet.

Does someone have that picture of the internet top sites back in 2004 and there's like 100 compared to the 2015 side which is essentially Youtube plus 9 social media sites?
>you will never be able to hack (flood that poor modem faggot with your fancy broadband connection) the server of that faggot shit admin who kicked you for no reason again
If you by 'goog' mean Google, then yes, it was better back when it was only a search engine.
Reeeeeeeee game was too hard
who the hell cares about other search engines?
>you will never again watch low-resolution porn only to hours later close internet explorer and find several programs on your desktop that you didn't install
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>get home from school a half hour before parents get back from work
>look at porn
>finish and exit
>parents home in five minutes
>decide to play some flash games and open up internet explorer
>the homepage is now girlshuntinggirls
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I remember how stupid and naive I used to be. I would literally click on those "FREE GAMES!!" links in hopes of getting free WarCraft etc. and then I would download .exe file size of 3 mb from some shady website.
Computer then would get super slow and I would panic for realizing what I had done, and then I would download some shady "virus program" to remove the virus and then find out that the shady program was another virus.
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>no more friendly neighborhood ScanDisk scanning your hard disk on every boot even though you shutdown your computer properly

God damn
>tfw missed vanilla, bc and mop
my biggest dream is to travel back in time and dedicate my whole life to wow from the start
Im a grandpa to ya'll. I'm 30. I first got the internet when I was 12, back in 1997, before a lot of you were even born.

Man, you guys cant even imagine how magical it was then. Way before any whiff of social media existed. chat rooms and web portals, text RPing.. Does anyone remember Rhydin? Or sometimes spelled Rhy'din? Those days... gone forever. And look at the dogshit that replaced it.
I don't fucking cringe I was having fun.
This was one of the first viral videos I saw. Before YouTube.Two belgian guys, I wonder what they are up to now.
Go to #geekissues on efnet and tell them you're friends with snow.
The sites that weren't "social" were just as shit as they are now.
>Runescape Harmony

nothing makes me more nostalgic than the runescape chiptunes. holy fuck I feel melancholic...
Man, if we could get the same kind of browse speed and Google search quality plus everything we liked about the internet of old together, it would be glorious. Just think about it.No more normals, just people sharing their hobbies and talking about random shit all over the place.
Thank you for introducing me to joe zombie and reminding me of You kicked me dog
Now I also remembered your turban is dirty kek
>le "Everything is always getting better all the time, no exceptions!" meme
You know candy bars were made with real chocolate once and hamburgers cost a nickel once, right?

The early Internet had a barrier to entry and was this alien monstrosity to adults. If you figured it out, you had special knowledge. It was rough and weird and full of danger.

It was the final frontier.
I honestly can't tell if you're being sarcastic or retarded, so I'll give you the benefit of the doubt and tell you that you'll need to work on that joke a lot before it becomes remotely funny.
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how was the early days of internet? '98 born here
normies ruined the internet. These cancerous fucks ruin absolutely everything. To keep them out its gotta be something so fucking hardcore only true autistics can get into it (dwarf fortress) and that shits unaccessible even to most of us. Give it up guys. No matter what we do, no matter where we go, normies are going to shit all over it because thats what they do. They ruin everything.
I made this from a thread a few months ago which created one of the heaviest feels I have ever felt
File: not comfy anymore.jpg (50 KB, 406x364) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
not comfy anymore.jpg
50 KB, 406x364
Many of us don't realize it but we are the first generation that pioneered the true digital age. We are the ones who laid down the foundation, memes, forumculture, and formats. But for some reason we are being censored by social media and normalshitters. They are taking credit for the things we made and are bastardizing it into hell. Our history is currently being wiped off the map. I can finally sympathize with the romans who's law, language and creations were ruined by the barbarians.
File: 1453936772090.gif (1 MB, 500x333) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
1 MB, 500x333
I think this is a nice way to describe this place.
This one made me feel.
I'll never again top the BBS in a game of L.O.R.D only to have to start again by beating the dragon by chance.
your library had hentai? what the hell
>use the computer to look at porn

>it's a mac so there's no easy way of noticing windows under the current one

>finish looking at porn, clear history and play some flash games for a while to alleviate suspicion

>mom gets home, uses the computer for a bit

>yells from the other room "what's this [insert name of porn site] open on the computer?"

>uhh it must be some kind of pop up

in my defense, it actually was a pop up
Nostalgic af
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Double d I..
Whoops wrong thread oh well
I had so many friends on aim, msn and other forums. I didn't care what gender I talked to at all. No I will only talk to girls and have 0 friends
Reminds me of the Backdorm boys or whatever they were called. Always get nostalgic feels when I hear that song on the radio now.

Wonder what those guys are doing these days?
I never got to experience it. I'm 22, so it's not that I wasn't old enough, but my family was so fucking poor that we didn't have internet access at home until 2009.
what the fuck man

dont do this to me
I wish I was born earlier because I would have been able to experience the internet with a more mature mind. I've been on the pc since I was like 3 or 4 years old playing dos games alone. I kinda wish I would have been more active with the social part of the internet because all I ever did was play games either online or offline and if I was inside a chatroom I would hardly speak and just lurk. I think it really stunted my social abilities because I'm just not used to diving in and interacting now. I was always a watcher from the sidelines.
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Templar Feels.jpg
143 KB, 518x600



I remember dating geeky girls I met on IRC and Livejournal in the early 00's.

Nowadays these kind of girls have been turned into Stacies by social media. All they have to do is post a picture of them wearing a Star Wars shirt on Instagram and they'll have hundreds of thirsty guys inflating their egos.
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>you will never be ahead of the curve ever again
>you will never be told about this new Google shit that puts Yahoo search to shame
>you will never discover IRC and pirate content that way again
>you will never be invited to the Gmail beta again
>you will never show every single one of your friends how to torrent games ever again
>you will never be invited to Demonoid or h2kClan ever again
>you will never make and spread memes to all your friends before 4chan and 9gag, Ebaums, etc even existed, ever again
>you will never be a gaming prodigy and play with the best in the west ever again

why live?
too see it all die
>Circa 2001
>School computers had internet filters
>You could get around them by typing in the IP address in the URL bar
>Had dozens memorized for my favorite sites
>Other friends used Telnet. No pictures but totally unfiltered browsing
>One guy showed us this Russian proxy site that could help bypass the filter
>All the printers in the building could be chosen
>Aww yeah, Goatse fax machine

*tears up a little*
4chan invaded by normies is shit
>Mfw cringing about old fanfictions i wrote and posted on forums circa 2005 when my brother just stopped shitting into his diapers

My fucking sides

I feel so old fuck
File: 1442239603703.jpg (470 KB, 900x2002) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
470 KB, 900x2002
>Does someone have that picture of the internet top sites back in 2004 and there's like 100 compared to the 2015 side which is essentially Youtube plus 9 social media sites?

There's this, from 2007 onward.

>Remember kids, never post your real information online!
The fact that almost no one follows this rule anymore is very telling. Not only do people willingly reveal their personal lives online, but it's expected now. You're considered weird if you don't.
File: wojak_dark_room.png (164 KB, 597x503) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
164 KB, 597x503
Oh, sweet jesus. That hurts.
>gmail beta
Holy shit, I remember that. You had to have a cell phone number to get one. I didn't get a cell phone until right before I finished high school, so I had to wait to get gmail like everyone else.

Remember when Google Shopping was called Froogle? Man, I feel old now.
anyone know where I can download Madness Combat game?
What franchise was it? desu 99.999 of fanfiction is cringeworthy.
File: 1451461481525.png (153 KB, 1920x1080) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
153 KB, 1920x1080
Always relevant image,.
File: 1434758335469.jpg (75 KB, 601x601) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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>was about to call you a underage faglord
>realised that 98 was 18 years ago
Holy shit you're right. Fucking dumbfounded. Am I that old already? Are litteral babys now 18? Fug.
File: 1453592171245.jpg (49 KB, 365x500) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
49 KB, 365x500
>Current 18 year olds were 5 when 4chan came out
File: 1454078165725.jpg (253 KB, 1080x1283) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
253 KB, 1080x1283
He's getting old
File: 1434763725336.jpg (7 KB, 250x242) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
7 KB, 250x242
>people born in 2000 will be 18 in 2 years
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Thread images: 31
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