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Frogs and Feels Tavern
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I'm not one of the regular bartenders, but it doesn't seem like anyone else is around so I'll go ahead and open it up.

Come on in, have a drink, share some feels, play some music on the jukebox.. You're in good company here. Let's enjoy this saturday night.

Can I get a pint of Porter son.

Fucking wageslaving due to supposedly needing social interaction. Going to use the meagre wage to go on a bender in mainland Europe.

Porter coming right up

I feel you man. Tomorrow I work an 8 and a half hour shift. And I have to wake up early. Really not anticipating it at all. It's horrible. But at least we have the frogs and feels tavern
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Anything strong, with poison.
>tfw my oneitis blocked me.
They expect you to jump through hoops, give everything you have and yet be grateful when they hand over the shitty wage at the end of the month. I swear to fuck I don't know how people do this for like 4-60 years

Fuck the robot

Been a weird week. Finally got in to see a psychiatrist for the first time, and got some of my meds changed around, as well as therapy in another week, which I don't mind.
Also had to go to urgent care for getting urethritis, and it's been making me sleep like shit.

It is kind of fucked up, that no matter how hard I work I end up making the same. I mean I get it, I didnt finish college, I guess I dont deserve an amazing job. I'm just a retail worker. But still...Its depressing.


I have some moonshine in the back room. Its been fermenting in these old barrels for quite a while.
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>made a delicious chicken recipe for dinner tonight
>didn't bake it long enough (not as crunchy as I like) but the sauce is great, a wonderful marriage of ginger-lemon kick in a sweet base
>made so much it'll probably last me two full days, if not more
>after I taste my victory, I decide to take a nap, I'll wrap it up in the fridge when I wake up
>when I awaken, my dad has returned from work, and he's invited his roastie whore gf over to join him
>between the two of them all my chicken is gone in about three hours

She and he met in AA, so she's an addict. She's divorced with two kids. I'm guaranteed she's not having sex with him, too, since they're both over 50 years old. This is the scum that's invading my life right now and I hate it.

Feed me a steady stream of cocktails whose entire ingredient list is alcoholic, please. Start with a negroni. I'm really fucking mad right now.
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I'm on new medicine that mellows out my mood but in a bad way. A side effect is depression/suicide.

>goes to the kitchen to eat
>stands at the fridge emotionless
>closes it and just walk to the window and stare out of it
>tries to post anything on r9k, or on social media in general
>closes the tab instead of finishing it

I can barely find the need to comment even on here. I'm on a tiny dose and only take it once a day, soon it will be twice a day. My depression will intensify.
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Shitty bourbon out the bottle for me

How you baby boys doin

Dude, I've tried like 10 antidepressants. Im on Prozac now. None of them seem to be doing much...Its depressing

This sounds pathetic...But sometimes I feel like beer is the meaning of everything, you know? Sometimes its all that makes me feel human again
>tfw working 52 hours a week and just barely keeping my head afloat

I'll have a jack and coke. And make it a double.
I think this song is totally approciate and chill for this thread. Anyone whos played GTA IV will probably recognize it

I should have clarified that it is epilepsy medicine. It's also combining with my other epilepsy medicine I take as well, and it is used to treat bipolar (never helped my epilepsy or bipolar). I think some weird shit is happening with each other. I'll also have intense moments of happiness where I will dance around to my music and want to play my violin that I have no interest in. Maybe the depression effect is messing with the anti-bipolar medicine and making it work in random spouts?

Help me
Mead please, thanks.

I'm a 29 year old virgin. I'm married to a woman whom I love dearly (when it's not the time of month), but I think she's asexual.

I'm thinking of saving up fir a long time and hiring an escort or two at once. I don't know really, if I even want to. Maybe I'm not supposed to have sex.

I'll still feel unwanted I I have to "pay" for it. Yet everyone calls this a need, even my therapist.
I would like some liquor, preferably wild turkey.
Calculus final coming up on monday, and my only friend isn't even talking to me anymore.
Can I smoke in here? I'll have a shot o Jameson 18yo on stones.

Wagecuck here. Jobs getting rough. Looking for other IT elsewhere but shits getting outsourced to the Philippines and fucking Poo in Loo tards.

My hopes are high for a decent livable wage. My company does Cloud computing with VMware. If you haven't heard VMware laid off their entire Dev team. So we are scrambling for new Virtual Instance software like XenServer. I'm done though, my boss shafted my team and made sure we had no route for promotion. What more can I do but twiddle my thumbs and search for a new opportunity.
>I think she's asexual
She's been fucking men behind your back. Frankly the fact that she's not thrown you a bone even once during your "marriage" should have been your first clue.
Given that she spends all her time with me, it must be the Invisible Man.

Also, fuck you.
>was gonna ask this cute 18 year old girl at my workplace for her number

>chicken out and didnt do it

I dunno how I got my ex in highschool for over a year
Typical cuk. Live in denial if you must, it's no sweat off my back.

Mead coming up bro. ANd wow seems like you have quite a life. I would suggest trying to get intimate with your wife. But what do I know?


Liquor coming up

I'm sorry to hear that man. I remember in my second year of college, all of my friends stopped talking to me. It was really hard. I went like 6 months without talking to a single person. I ate alone every day. It was so hard man. BUt I know you can get through it. You will own that final man?


Feel free to do whatever. This is the most chill place ever.
Just a water for me: I'm on a diet.

Ugh... I fucked up...

My roommate and I have been getting /fit/ as fuck: we just passed our one year mark of weightlifting. She and I are letting a friend of hers stay in our apartment while she tries to get a job.

She commented about how we "work out all the time" and made fun of us for having to go to the gym to get strong. She started talking about how she was "naturally strong" and didn't need to work out.

Roommate and I played along until she flexed, and then asked my roommate to flex. She did, her friend felt her bicep.

My roommate is overweight, and has only just started to cut. Otherwise, she's been doing nothing but strength training, and she's damn good at it.

"Holy shit!"

Her friend demanded I take off my shirt, and I do so. I'm 18% bodyfat, but I have really popping muscles when I flex, so I rip it out.

We're laughing about this, and she talks about how she never knew weightlifting did all this to you, and how she's naturally strong but doesn't look like us.

So I propose they both try push ups, see whose stronger.

My roommate floors her. She weighs more than me, yet she could pop them out easy. In strength, endurance, and power, we, who had only started lifting a year and a half ago, were in a different world than her.

It was all joking and self deprecating humor... until it wasn't. Neither of us knew which joke was the one that went too far.

She just was silent.

And we were silent.

And then she mumbled how she was going to take a walk.

And now we're both stewing in guilt, feeling like shit.

We never meant to make her feel bad. We thought it was all in good fun. Apparently she had serious depression issues in the past, and like idiots, we reignited them.

I was picked on for being a weakling as a kid. She was always overweight, and being a fat girl sucks too. Neither of us wanted to like, shame her for her body.

And we accidentally did.

Fuck us...
just wanted to say i love you guys. i dont have any friends. you guys are my best friends.
I love you too, anon.

fucking robot blox
I just pushed someone away again and now I hate myself and feel lonely.
Literally every time I feel some type of connection with someone I break off all contact and I have no clue how to stop.
gonna have some Bacardi and put this on
really hoping one of the people I interviewed with yesterday gives me the job
usually when I get this many interviews at once, at least one is successful
The world's a shitty place. That's why we're here instead. It's still shitty but at least we're all feeling shitty together.
A Guinness and a coffee please. I'm just studying math right now.

>tfw /r9k/ is your main source of social interaction
>tfw it's mostly a /b/ lite besides feels threads and /comfy/ threads
>tfw you met a girl on this board that you really like and who really likes you
>tfw going to visit her
>tfw made a lot of good male friends on this board too who you can relate to
>tfw /r9k/ has made your life exponentially better

Thanks a lot guys, really.
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