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Nice/comfy/qt/kind girl stories
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Tell us about a time/times a grill has been nice to you/you had a nice interaction!

>Qt grill who lives near me (i think) always says hi to me
>makes small talk with me when she doesn't have to
>started about 8 months ago, has been consistent

She's usually the only person i talk to all day, so its nice that she is qt and kind.
Can tell more stories about her if anyone is interested
Go ahead anon i'm listening
First time we met:
>Walking on grass by a road near my house (not a park but like a common)
>Little dog runs over to me, look up to see where owner is
>QT runs over, even though we were the only people around so i was worried I might seem creepy
>while she is approaching she says "sorry, sometimes he tries to jump up at people to get attention"
>summon enough confidence to say, even though i stuttered like a retard, "o-oh, no worries, hes a cute dog"
>She has reached me by this point, and smiles and asks if i have a dog
>"n-no, i cant have them in my apartment. but i like them"
>"thats sad, here i have treats for him in my pocket, would you like to give him one?"
>nod, hands touch when she gives me the treat and she doesnt react badly
>give doggo the treat (he is a cute dog), and she apologises to me then jokingly tells the dog to not be rude because he tried to jump up for the treat
>then she says "oh sorry, we better go"
>she waves when she has turned around in my direction to close the gate to the grass and sees im still looking her way

Made me feel comfy for days. Have more if youre interested
Anyone else?

I'll tell a few more about her

>walking on other side of the road to her in opposite directions (as in towards each other but across the road)
>She waves to me when she sees me, even though she is with a friend
She didnt have the dog with her that time

>on the same common that we met
>busy, families and kids playing
>feel awkward because i always go for a walk there but it seems weird to be on my own when everyone else is with others
>see doggo running to me so look around for qt
>she is carrying bag today
>"hi! hes excited to see you, I wonder if he remembers that you gave him a treat"
>laugh awkwardly, happy that she remembers me "y-yeah, maybe"
>gives me a treat for him again
>she laughs "maybe i shouldn't do that, he will probably follow you instead of me!"
>she makes small talk with me for a while (I think she has realised that im socially retarded and knows she has to pick the topic)
>when she is about to leave says "oh, we had a picnic earlier and have some cake left over, do you want some?"
>try to be polite and say no (autistic i know)
>"no really its fine, otherwise i will eat it all and get fat haha"
>Luckily manage to control my autism enough to not say something about her being beautiful no matter what, take the cake she gives me
>Eat it at home later, it was good

She is so kind and smiley, its nice even though i cant pretend to be normie around her
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Listening op, keep going
Makes me happy that she is kind to doggo too

She got him off her aunt because aunt got a new job where she couldnt take the dog in and didnt have enough spare time for him. qt didnt want him to go to shelter or to someone they didnt know in case they didnt take care of him. and that her cousins (i think they are quite young) will be able to see him still if she has him

>see her without doggo
>sperg and say "you dont have Alfie (dogs name) today"
>"Oh yeah, i had to go to the shop feel mean if I leave him tied up outside. He's at home, probably chewing my shoes or something haha"
>"He is a bit naughty isnt he?" (kms, so autismal)
>"haha yeah, but he's not too bad i guess. A bit cheeky but very good natured. Hes a sweetie"
>"y-yeah, hes very friendly"
>at grocery store
>absolutely adorable qt in line at cashier
>she accidentally knocks over a small stack of chocolate bars
>she gets flustered and giggles nervously to herself while she picks them up, i'm too autistic to help her

i don't know, something about how awkwardly she acted made her seem so real and attainable even though she was a qt. i was giddy the whole drive home and i didn't even talk to her

i refuse to let this thread die ;_; these are my favorite kind of threads
I think her dog is a french bulldog.

>see her on the footpath thing at the side of the common, im nearer the middle
>she sees me and waves, and points me out to Alfie
>I gather courage and head over towards her
>she starts walking over to me too
>realise that Alfie is on his lead today rather than running free, so she is DELIBERATELY approaching me rather than following the dog (this made me happy)
>"I left him on his lead today because he is being lazy and not following properly"
>"haha, I-i know how he feels" (ive literally never not stuttered while talking to her)
>she does qt laugh "true! but if i have to do it, he has to as well, right lazy pup!?" and leans down to pat doggo
>after she stands up again I pat him
>she says "sorry I forgot treats today"
>happy because its like a 'thing' that we have (i know she probably does it with everyone though)
>big cloud comes over the area she says "Looks like its going to rain, I better head back because Alfie hasnt got his coat on, dont want him to get all wet! Are you leaving too?"
>nod, and we walk to gate together, but go different directions after that
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These stories are cute op, keep em comin.
Hi OP just wanted to say your stories are keeping me real comfy right now. I'm feeling warm and safe. Thanks.
I get that, the awkwardness is cute. my qt is kind of confident, in that she is able to talk to people, but i get the impression she isnt super outgoing. homely, but in like a nice way. She also says that alfie is her best friend. I find girls interacting with their pets really endearing

I don't want this thread to die either, hopefully other people will contribute too

>Its been raining a lot recently, so there are lots of puddles and the common is muddy
>see qt and alfie walking on pavement instead of grass
>we are walking towards each other
>she is wearing these cute short wellie boots that are glittery and have a bow on them.
>Picks alfie up to lift him over puddle that he doesnt want to walk through because its by a drain that making a noise
>She still has him in her arms when we reach each other
>"he was scared of the drain making noise, my coats going to smell of wet dog now!"
>Reach out to pet him even though he is in her arms
>probably closest proximity we have ever been in
>she smells nice, i feel creepy
>she says a bit about being glad there is a break in the rain etc while i pat him
>has to go because she is taking him to aunts to visit cousins

We didnt talk that much that time since she had to go, but i thought it was sweet that she cared about alfie more than her coat, rather than treating him like an accessory like some people do

Glad you like them, she makes me feel really warm and comfy. No chance at all of anything happening between us though, she is way out of my league. But i think that makes her cuter in a way, because she must just be a genuinely nice person rather than only being nice because she thinks im hot or something (which is definitely not the case)

More of her being sweet

>she has alfie on lead and is talking to an old man, he must be at least 80 or something
>hes a bit hunched over, seems quite frail has walking stick etc
>they are standing still talking, im headed in their direction
>see her pick alfie up and hold him a bit higher than what is comfortable for her to hold (does that make sense?) so that old man can pet him easily without having to bend down with his clearly bad back
>she notices me when im near them and says hi
>say hi back but carry on because im carrying shopping and dont really have anything else to say
>they are talking about a dog that he had when he was younger

It just seemed really nice. Lots of people cant be bothered to talk to lonely old people

a different time
>see her crouched down with alfie on her lap so that a teenager in a wheelchair can pet him (idk what was wrong with them, but they seemed like a child so probably a mental as well as physical thing)
>she is talking nicely with kid about favourite animals etc
>doesnt notice me that time and i dont say anything
I asked her if she picked his name, and she said "no, but thats probably a good thing, I wanted to call him Hobbit because he's small and chubby and likes to eat, and that probably seem like a weird thing to shout across the field to call him back" and laughed.
Then we talked about Tolkien for a bit. It was nice that we have something in common
>tfw no gf
What a time to be alive
Can this really be called living?
There was a girl who I never had significant talk greeting me every time we crossed eyes and offering me the cheek, and no, she wasn't trolling
>eating at favorite local coney-type place
>qt waitress asks if my hair is my natural color and says it's pretty
>felt nice the rest of the day

I try to compliment people if something honest comes to my mind
I told some old lady her purse was cool, because it was, and it seemed like it made her day
>on the subway
>see blonde qt with metal blue eyes
>look away as much as I can
>5 mins later
>look at her quicky
>she is mirin me
Felt good maine
My gf is really nice. She cooks really well and gives great cuddles. We were friends before we started going out and I always thought she was pretty chill.
This one was at hs
>sitted, qt behind me (it was a test) and friendly turbochad on the side
>"anon is really cool nowadays, he used to be annoying" turbochad
>"time for you to pick some ladies don't you think" he continues
>he turns to the qt and says:"you should kiss anon"
>she giggles and says "sure I would, but sorry anon, I have a boyfriend" while tapping my back
Made my day
God you're cute
Friendly Chads who have your back are some of my favourite people. They should have their own name.
True, and he was a chad among chads, but still had humility
There was a chad and stacey couple at my school who would always tell other chads/stacies to stop being mean to people. Some chads/stacies are popular for superficial reasons, and some are popular because they are nice to everyone
The nicest people from my school were the Chads, no kidding, only one semi-chad (he was ugly) treated my badly
I'm not from america so that explains a lot
It hurts to remember.
>be in highschool
>edgy, arrogant pseudo normie
>fairly well liked but secretly depressed and lonely
>start isolating myself from my friends during my free time
>go sit in the library at lunchtimes
>notice this redheaded girl seems to spend all her time there too
>she's ditzy and unpopular, but very cheerful and kind
>cute but not hot
>the kind of girl that would never say a swear word or discuss anything sexual
>I end up befriending her through my cynical sense of humour and providing her the male attention she'd never experienced
>sweet lovely redhead and miserable edgy anon
>she clearly has feelings for me but I never show any sign of affection towards her
>by the end of highschool I no longer have any friends
>redhead has a small circle of female friends but I know she still wants something more from me
>end up going on a school trip towards the end of the year
>we're both more or less ignored and excluded by all the other friendship groups there
>on the many bus journeys we made during this trip we sat together
>whenever I'd complain about how tired I was, she'd put her hand out by my shoulder for me to rest my head on
>I always laughed and told her how silly she was whenever she did this
>trip takes us to a big city
>we walk around together, just the two of us
>she says the others won't know where we are
>I tell her they won't notice we're not there
>we both laugh
>on the way home she says she's sleepy
>put my hand out for her to rest on
>she immediately rests her head in my hand
>I transfer her to my shoulder instead and rest my head on hers
>get off the bus
>last time most people will see each other as it's the end of highschool
>she hugs me tight and tells me to have a fun life
>never see her again
Yeah im in England, (im also OP). There was bullying at my school but most of the time to chads and stacies werent the ones doing it. And if they did, their friends would often all them out on it. I think the Chad culture has gotten worse over here now, kids in school now seems to be more like in High School movies.

Everything was nicer before it was americanised
>Went to job interview
>Small group before interview
>Fat, kind of ugly girl comes in, but with good sense of style nontheless
>Working class background
>Went to high end uni

She was the most social person there, pleasantly talkative, open and easy going.

We got along well, and she had completely different interests to mine (was into Eurogamer and all that stupid shit) but still a very nice person to chat to.

Not sure why I was so impressed by her
I know of a certain website that might call them Gregs.
I like Frank more
I wanted comfort not feels you fucking monster

you have SOURED this thread
I was like 15 when this happened but I still remember it
>coming back from a trip to Italy
>really hated it there, way too warm, have to be out all the time cause my aunt was nagging all the time
>we were going back in a van
>this 18 year old qt is sitting next to me
>this trip took like 20+ hours or so it seemed for me at the time, I slept through most of it
>hanged out with me the whole way through
>offered to pretty much cuddle under a blanket once but I was waaaaaay too beta to accept that

I think she actually sensed my betaness and took care of me as if I was her little brother or something. It was the favorite part of my trip and I think about her from time to time every once in a while.
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Aw man... why not seek her out?
thats comfy anon.
I think its nice when girls can tell that you are too beta to be normal and account for it. pretty much any girl is out of my league so its good when they are just kind to me rather than trying to get me to be more normie
Yea, Chads at my school were cool as fuck
I even remember when turbo-double chad offered me eye rinser after I puffed too much before class, saved my life in fact
These stories are literally my thing

The mind of a robot makes me endlessly intrigued
How do you mean? like how and why i acted like that?
I have no clue what you meant by this, what's your native language
We greet in my coutry with a cheek kiss, the man kissing
Should have given her a shoe
I found out awhile ago that she has a boyfriend. He's a male feminist/anarchist/activist/pacifist. If I wanted to I'm sure I could contrive a way to get back into her life and steal her from him, but I don't really have anything to offer her. I'd rather she be happy with her beta nu-male. She deserves someone soft and loving. I honestly think they're both still virgins even though highschool was years ago and we're all in our 20s.
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>Coming home late one night
>Miss my normal bus, have to get a different one
>Get on, turns out they only take change
>Have no change
>Two girls behind me pay for my ticket
That was a year ago now and it still makes me smile.
I'm 99% sure they sat opposite to me in a cafe the very next day, but I was too autistic to say anything in case I was wrong.
>Foreign girl on my course
>Always smiles and waves to me whenever she sees me
>Sits next to me in lectures occasionally
>Literally the only person I talk to regularly
>Less me talking to her, more her talking at me, but I don't care

I'm in the final year now and she's suddenly made me realise how much I crave human interaction. For four years now I've just been pretending I don't care.
The little smile and wave she does melts me everytime fuck
Damn... Right in the feels ;_;
Congratulations, you just put her in the friend zone. How does it feel ?
Anon why don't you pursue this girl? I know "muh autism, muh robot" and all that, but seriously it's worth a shot.
Well, I just don't think I have a chance with her. I don't have anything going for me either. I might try to pursue an actual friendship because i think that would be sustainable, but i wouldnt want to try for a relationship and ruin it all
>gotta work at my part time job so i can afford fucking uni, usually am pretty annoyed by it
>female coworker sitting across from my desk is the only person in 7 years i actually want to be around and talk to
>great conversations with her, can laugh about all the dumb shit happening at work
>her last day at work draws near because her apprenticeship is almost over
>come in one morning, notice a bunch of neatly arranged office tools (hers) on my desk
>ask what happened here
>she hesitates for a moment, looks at me, smiles and says "i want you to have it nice"

she's been gone for not even a week and it is fucking killing me, i don't know how to cope with this.
Nigga tell her you want to thank her by taking her to dinner.
Do you really stutter that much?
I walked up behind a girl I used to know and held her hand, she told me it was the most romantic thing anyone had ever done to her. I doubt that because she's a whore but I'm happy my assertive action was well received.
She's gone back to ignoring me now but I'm used to that
She's lookin a good dickin pal
>didnt ask for numba
Yeah, I was always nervous as a kid and had a bit of a stutter, but now I barely speak to anyone so its got worse. If qt didnt chat with me I could potentially go months without speaking to anyone
desu if she is a whore people probably dont do anything romantic for her, so it could be true
Ok here goes
>freshman at uni
>decide to home for MLK weekend
>take train because it's to far for my parents to come and pick me up
>qt sits next to me, she's a highschool senior that lives near my uni
>talk for 6 hrs about random stuff
>she's really nice, get her phone number incase we take the same train back
>probably could have gotten a rideshare back to uni but pay $60 extra so I can take the train and talk with her again
>on ride back she acts semi-flirtatous and we talk the entire time
>arrive back at college
Haven't texted her since, am I doing something wrong?
Text her literally now you fucking moron.
When I say flirtatious I mean she would gently hit my shoulder when I said a joke or something sarcastic. On the way home she helped me with my English paper because she is really good at writing and I'm STEM so I'm not. I was thinking of texting her after we get our next essay to write so she can review it. It's also weird because she's 17 and I'm 18 so nothing would really be able to happen for a few months.
When's the next essay?
I think it would be a good idea to text her before the next essay, so it doesnt seem like youre using her to just go over your essays
I just think I'd be weird since I'm in college and she's in highschool, add the fact that she's a minor, I don't see anything happening between us
>be PC tech
>be PC teching
>boss knows less than me
>fucks up my repair for SQL Server compatibility and Win7.1
>vents frustration as anger towards me
>calls me incompetent
>tells me that I'm not meeting company standards (when I am)
>implies that he's thinking of firing me
>tells me to get it together
>3 hours left in shift
>visible internal rage despite being a very calm person
>qt receptionist coworker tries to console me
>spend rest of shift resisting urge to cry on his shoulder
Are you female or a faggot anon?
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wew lad

Post original por favor nao copiar
Does it matter?

This is similar to my experience. Most Chads and Stacies are relatively nice people.

It's only the normies that are unnecessarily cruel. As as a result of their lack of status, normies often adopt this type of highly antagonistic attitude.
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>tfw no Anne Frank gf
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