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Were you bullied when you were a kid?

>tfw a guy asked me out as a joke among his friends
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I got bullied most of my life

>some crew of kids never let me to enjoy things
>always ruin everything i do

>first class
>my fucking teacher bullies me
>was never sure why she was mad at me
>parents had holidays planned one year earlier
>still had school for a few more days so got a letter that i will miss a week
>gave her that later while class was empty
>later class begins and she starts with telling everyone and pointing at me
>felt somehow like a public humiliation

>thanks god we move to a new city
>2 - 6 class were okay

>new class
>i somehow forgot how to handle people
>get bullied
>get even bullied by two grils
>everyone stops after i cried hardcore in class
>after a time i even start to like them
>the grills even tried to be my friend and forced me to go outside
>tryharded often enough to ignore them but i knew i enjoyed the time with them

>dad gets to know someone who is a renter with a good house in a 10/10 city
>decide to move there
>have to help them with moving
>even skipped school for this
>nothing special BUT the grill made a good-bye cake for me
>find it out
>get mad at my parents and my class was sad i wasnt there
>last time with that class
>grils cried and hugged me

>move to a new city
>get insta bullied again
>try not to cry or get a meltdown daily
>one of my main bullies invites me even once to a ice hockey match with his parents
>go there since i hoped this would stop him
>next day school
>still same shit

>>plot twist
>younger brother got now bullied too
>normaly he has tons of friends
>skips schools and cried thanks it
>parents bought him a 1000yuro prebuild pc
>got nothing
>parents spoiled me often enough but never that big and was mad that i had to deal with
>after a time we moved back thanks my brother

>grills gone but enough old people i like
>even more new people i like
>10/10 time

> 2 years later

should i post the rest?
I couldn't go to the park by my house because some older girl would beat the shit out of me any time she saw me there. Never understood why either.
>should i post the rest?
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I know that feel OP. A girl asked me out in junior high and texted me a few days later saying it was a joke. What made worse is when we got to high school she was a 10/10
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was bullied since day one

>>be introverted
>>small speech impairment
>>from a poorfag family

Was bullied heavily and got beaten up on a regular basis, the beating stoped in 7th grade when i threw a chair at some Chad who was spitballing me. Verbal abuse continued until the end of school. I cried a lot and was really miserable until 6th-7th grade, by then i gradually stopped giving a fuck and became emotionally detached and got my first PC.
Yeah, but most of the bullying was done by the teachers.
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>>a school shooting happens in my country
>>some girls in my class join an anti-bullying support group
>>try to talk to me and ask how i'm feeling
>>later overhear "ewww why were you talking to anon", "it's ok we don't want him shooting up the school, we should stop mocking him"
>>i actually preferred bullying and name calling instead of this fake ass sympathy
You got bullied as a girl? I was bullied in school but girls were left alone. No guy bullied a girl in my school.
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>get a mid-degree
>take class for economic and IT
>seems like a neat class
>only one guy from my old class
>he can be a cool guy but a huge attentionwhore and tryhards to be funny or insulting someone thanks that
>class starts
>everyone talking around
>no idea what to do and wait until someone talks to me
>they ask me if i play lol
>>>>>>>>>>>>>forgot to hide my powerlevel
>say lol is shit without to think about it
>a few sec realized that i just gave them a reason to dislike me
>was their bogyman
>after a time that stopped but it was a hard time
>made me to spend more time on chan
>made me to start smoking weed since i wanted to feel good again
>not really friends with them but i liked them
>invited me to places
>fun time thanks a fun class
>problem was that i was so much into chan that i even shitposted in class
>never studied for anything or paid attention
>started to dislike some teachers
>html teacher didnt gave some people a bad grade since she said "they got in panic and forgot everything in the exam, exam doesnt count for them"
>meanwhile everyone laughed that they seriously didnt knew what to write
>this means i will have to get one day a new class again

>i still got the bad grades
>failed class
Now im a dropout and since 7months a neet and no idea what to do with my life

There are still some bully storys from class 9 - 10 ("10/10 time") and from class 2 - 6
and sure stuff i forgot
I don't want to deal with this right now, but yeah, I've been bullied in the past, on multiple occasions.

What's why my parents raised me with a victim mentality. I was only intended to be their victim, but other people took advantage of this as well.
* That's because my parents raised me with victim mentality.
>guaranteed replies etc etc
>>tfw staring at the ceiling trying to fall asleep
>>knowing that tomorrow is a school day
>>Chad and his crew will be there with their "original jokes" and "hilarious" pranks targeted at me
>>stacy and her friends acting like everything i touch becomes infected with the plague
>>"eww, anon pls go sit somewhere else"
>>"how was your day son ?" ,"great dad, had a 10/10 time "
bullied for being fat through out highschool, really affects you as an adult. Low self confidence and bad social skills due to always thinking of being rejected for doing or saying something stupid, but since then I have gained more confidence and lost weight. bullying really fucks you up, and sometimes its hard for people to change after such a bad and scarring experience.
You probably didn't notice. People who are bullied are usually isolated. The only people who really see it are the people bullying them and the friends that they're doing it in front of.
>was the bully
>ended up here too
I was just trying to socialize, but I acted with the cruel arrogance that as shown to me by my family.
I thought that was how people were supposed to treat each other.
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>fake sympathy
No guy bullied a *pretty* girl


All of the girls who get bullied are invisible to guys because they're less attractive
Yeah. My head was broken couple of times. One summer I had to wear long sleeves for few weeks until the bruises disappeared. I'd get my bag thrown out of the window repeatedly and get into trouble when I go outside to get it. People would beat me up when changing before PE and throw me into girls locker room where they would all laugh at me and I would get in trouble for being a pervert. Got held down by a bunch of people and got beaten, waterboarded(well not exactly, just soaked cloth held on my face so I couldn't breathe), burned with lighters and having dirty smelly shoes held on my face.

Oh yeah. Middle school was fun. I don't really trust people anymore though.
Well I looked out a lot to see if others were being bullied, especially later in highschool(I was a late bloomer, looked awkward early but as I got older looked much better). I looked out for kids who were bullied and helped them out and offered to be friends. I've never seen a girl get bullied though, only ignored.

>>return from lunch break
>>my desk and backpack missing
>>chad & crew laughing their asses off
>>at least this time they were original about it
>>look out the window and see my desk and items scattered across the courtyard
>>by the time i collect them and return to my class the teacher and everyone are there and i'm walking in hauling my desk with me
>>everyone laughs their ass off
Nope, only girls I ignored were completely retarded tumblerinas who honestly deserved to be bullied (couldn't pass highschool in 8 years). I made an effort to look out for people who were getting bullied, including girls.
you were on the look-out for a pretty damsel in distress

all white knights are the same. none of them give a shit about a girl who's less than average. no matter how much they deny it

I know all those feels bro
I never saw a guy bully a girl, but I did see girls bullying girls.
There was this ugly as fuck girl in middle school who got his faced buried inside a toilet by a bunch of stacies, she later transferred schools because she couldn't take it anymore.
Also a friend revealed to me that she also had a crush on me, must be because I was one of the few persons that treated her like a normal human bean.
No I wasn't, I didn't even want a girlfriend at the time. I'm serious, I never actually saw any girl ugly or pretty get bullied. I knew what it's like to get bullied so I tried to help others, girls and guys. If I had seen an ugly girl being made fun of I would try to help.
Now that I think about it they probably only got bullied when there were no guys around(locker rooms and stuff), but how was I supposed to know?
>live in 3rd world slavic shithole
>study in shitty school where most of who went there have (kind of) nigger behaviour
>study in evening classes with half-Romanian, commietard, the guy who look like 15 y.o (but actually 20 y.o+) and with some bitches/whores
>be quiet and stupid/miserable autist
>almost everyone in class making fun of you (especially half-Romanian)
>commietard decided to bully me by trashing/damaging my school bag
>Couldn't do anything since I was weak
>Cried out in class and he was smiling
>Teacher enters and see me crying
>"who made yoy cry?"
>I said it was the commietard
>commietard started to denying and said "I didn't do anything".
>commietard was scolded/admonited
>next day commietard wanted to revenge me
>"why the fuck you rated me out, anon?! You faggot, I'm going to beat shit out of you!" said commietard
>after school he catched up to me and we started to fight
>some 40 Y.O man stopped him and we just go on each own way to home
>next day he calmed down
Fuck no! I was the bully.

>some faggot I called "mumbles"
>in english class
>teacher makes him read some passages
>my turn to read
>imitate him
>whole class laughs with me
>faggot runs outside crying like a little bitch
>teacher calls me a jerk and tries to force me to apologize
>don't apologize
>get 1 week of suspension (more like vacation ;) )
another time
>see mumbles talking to a girl
>hit him in the back of the head
>imitate his retarded accent
>he looks at me like I'm a motherfucker
>tell him to do something
>betas out and walks away
>girl doesn't follow him :^)

share your stories bros

>>be in 6th grade
>>beating intensifies
>>have bruises on my arms and legs
>>relaxing at my sauna, dad comes in and sees bruises
>>tell him that i play a lot of football after school
>>actually have to join the god damn football practice for a while to make my story believable
>>i really didn't want to disappoint my parents
In 7th grade for the first half of the year all day everyday everyone called me master chief because I was especially perverted for my age. Fucking sucked man.
>one year later
>two asshole-normies transfers to my class
>acknowledge about how much I am stupid
>started to making jokes on/teasing/humiliating me
>much more than anyone
>there wasn't on the next (final) grade

Thank goodness I finished this shitty school.
And the worst feel is, how are you supposed to have friends after this? I mean don't get me wrong, this has taught me many valuable lessons. I can get on well with everyone, from the typical smart nerds(who are actually like me) to degenerates who are now hardcore christians but used to beat up people for money. Thanks to this I can easily make friends. Problem is even people who are good to me, I don't consider them friends. I just have to keep wondering, if they were in that classroom, watching me being beaten up. What would have they done? Would they have helped me? Would they have at least done nothing? I can't seem to let people get too close. I get told by people that only time I really am myself is when I get really drunk(which I do more and more often). I get told that sober I'm like a porcupine who always seems to be watching his distance from people around him. I'm probably just being a drama-whore, maybe yeah. But is it really so crazy to think that being beaten up, humiliated, insulted and outed out during young teenage years can make someone have trust issues? Worst part is even when I try to ignore this, I tend to naturally antagonize people after being their friend for a few years and eventually I just stop talking to them, stop answering their calls and start avoiding them. I don't know why, but after some time it just doesn't seem right to be around them.

Fucking hell, this vent felt really good to be honest. I guess that's what 4chan is for, right? Venting.

All the bullying had a similar effect on me, i became really emotionally detached so now i cant feel or express neither joy or saddness. Sure i laugh when i see something funny but i never truly enjoy anything. I also get along with people but never form close friendships.
i was bullied and god damn im thankful i was

made me get my shit together

everyone should get bullied
Well is there a way out? I mean surely it's irrational to think that everyone is out to get you. And given enough time I believe this mindset will make us insane(if it hasn't already). But for me this has been a pattern that I seem to keep falling into.

Haven't thought about a way out, by now i'm basically a drone - i work, eat and shitpost.

While bullying did give me major social problems and /tfw when no gf/ but i have to agree that it does build character and makes you independent. I've met people my age who literally can't handle life without support from parents,gf,friends etc.. I am grateful that i'm not like that.

I had that paranoid phase a while ago, I started letting go of suck idea a year after college ended. Now im a lonesome fuck because I kept sistancing myself from people. The problem is that I was isolated for so much time that now I cant make friends because everyone seems bland to me.
This happened to me too. I was 13, made fun of on a daily basis because of how 'ugly' I was, ridiculed by almost every girl in my grade because they were bitches, and then the one time THE ONE FUCKING TIME that a boy was nice to me, asking me out and making ne feel like someone actually liked me threw it in my face like my feelings didn't matter. It was horrible. I had a knot in my chest for months after that.
It was mostly girls who picked on me especially though. I'm not sure why, but I've always been bullied for the way I look.
My family was really poor and I had a pretty hard time when I was in middle school because my parents weren't the best parents at the time, and we had no money for clothes or food, so I always dressed in baggy stuff. I've always been extremely skinny, so I got called an anorexic all through highschool. And it made it worse because I've actually struggled with an eating disorder.
I've been bullied for mostly superficial things. But then again, I guess that's what cuts the deepest sometimes.
I fear that's how I'll end too. For now I've always been able to find new social circle after I distanced myself from the last one. But I'm finishing uni in few months and after that, I'll be on my own. So I understand that I should keep these people that are now my "friends" around. But at the same I'm fed up with them and I'd rather be alone. But I have no reason to be like this, they've never been bad to me.

Actually this first happened with the group of people who helped me stop being bullied. I fought back and these guys took me in, I was smarter than them(I mean in terms of grades) so I helped them with homework and for that I got protection. I even learned to fight and started going out with them, drinking, meeting girls(hell I even got kissed on my cheek when I was 15, what a normie!). But I just started hating them for no reason, and they tried to reach out to me, they would try to get me to go out with them, calling me constantly. Well after some time they stopped(obviously) and we grew apart. I saw some of them in december and they seemed really happy to see me, we drank until 3AM and I honestly don't understand why I pushed them away like that. And yet, I'm about to do the same mistake again.
Yeah, I used to be a stacey with lots of friends until my nudes leaked. Everybody had them. It was really shitty.
caused me to be a robot. Virtually no help from teachers, all the other kids were fine with it until 5th grade when i found ONE friend. I wasn't even that weird at that point, wtf. grade 1--12 I was horribly bullied, anyway.

Roastie BTFO

Original post do not steal

Same shit man. The problem is that even though I managed to make a froup of friends outside of college, as I matured I realized that we only hanged out to drink and talk shit. I did not feel any true connection with them, which is why I walked away. They try to contact me when Im back in my hometown but i just cannot be bothered. i wish I could meet people who I completely feel comfortable with. But it just wont happen. I only have 2 friends and see them every 1 or 2 months since they are busy with their own lived and I have a full time job (Surprise, I cant relate with my coworkers either since I dont perceive them as anything special)
i dont even mind fembots, but why were you sending nudes wtf
Mystery? Is that you?

Pls go.
I think there is never going to be any "true connection". That sounds like fairy-tale bullshit to be honest. I always thought that friends are people you tolerate because they can be useful and because it's considered weird if you don't have any friend group. I don't think you can ever feel truly comfortable with anyone, or if you can, then I just don't know what that's like. But I still think it doesn't exist.
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Im starting to think like you man.

Angst fest blog post warning
>Was in 5th grade for being way too goody two shoes and a nerd. (A mix between the fun kind and the loser kind, the shallow folks still hated me though). Too scared to tell my parents.
>Was abused by a school psychologist almost daily in middle school. My parents didn't care at the time, because muh authority.
Everything else was chill after that. Thought it'd be healthy to share that with you guys.
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Got made fun of almost every day from middle school through the end of high school. I got beat up a few times. I ate my lunch in the library because going to the cafeteria meant being ridiculed. I sat alone behind the driver on the bus because people would leave me alone there.

Guys would call me a fag and steal from me. Girls would make fun of what I was wearing or tell me I was ugly. I got asked out as a joke and then laughed at for falling for the trick.

Started having really bad social anxiety in tenth grade that I didn't get over until I was halfway through college. I had to go to on psyche drugs (SSRIs and benzos) to handle simple things like going to class or standing in line at the store without having panic attacks. Panic attacks were bad enough that I couldn't be in public without getting tense muscles and nervous twitches. Writing in public was almost impossible. I became a total recluse and only left my room to go to class. Of course I had no friends or social life.

What I realized early on is that I genuinely don't like people, I don't like being around them, I don't like talking to them, I don't trust them, I want nothing to do with them. Eventually I stopped having panic attacks, I'm now perfectly comfortable in public, but I still dislike and distrust people.

Luckily my job (programmer) is spent mostly in solitude with the occasional short conversation. I rarely talk to people unless it is work related and I never talk about my personal life. I don't have any friends and at 26 I've never been in a relationship. I don't care anymore. After work I stay occupied with games and books.

I don't fuck with people, I don't want or need that noise in my life. Now that I'm an adult I have the choice of interacting with people or not, and I choose not to.
Very frequently when I was younger. One day when I was like 8 I decided the next person to give me any shit was going to get his ass kicked. I escalated even little things like name-calling and started physical fights. Things got better after that.
Fucking pussy. You mean all I had to do was cry and people would have stopped bullying me?
how the fuck is that case hanging like that from the ceiling
Oldest brother is a manchild undiagnosed bipolar. Runs in the family. Its like living with a child who thinks he's the center of the universe, constantly shits on everyone, then tries to use logic to prove it otherwise but in reality only intimidates other people by shouting.

I have to live with this fat fuck and his landwhale wife after they moved back in from failing out of college. I'm 19, he's degraded me, made fun of me over the years, physically pushed me around, then the two faced son of a bitch forgets all of it and goes back to making jokes for his own entertainment.

I have no energy to pity him, because this is who he is. He isn't a lost child lashing out. He's a grown man who failed to transition and is burdening his family. I may be a NEET with a similar problem, but I have my shame, I have a potential stable future if I get myself out of this rut.

I wish he would just move to the homeless shelter. Honestly, I might have to. Its that bad. For example, he harasses you all day then the one time you laugh at him being a control freak, he goes "I'll remember that" then goes out of his way to ruin your day the next day. Like what the fuck man. The only thing that can fix him is a bullet to the brain.
You're not Alex, are you?

I did that in the 7th grade. I still hate that I did it. My friend told me to ask her out and then dump her. When I asked she said yes so happily, like I was seriously making a dream come true. Then I told her no and snickered off with my friends.

I'm a 20 year old virgin. I had one awkward prom date and that's it. I deserve my adolescence, probably. I think she genuinely liked me. I could have been one of those kids in middle school with a girlfriend losing his virginity. Ah well.
I bullied myself
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>middle school
>have big poofy hair that's like a sheep's
>bully and his pals won't leave me alone
>just want to be left alone
>manage to get away this time
>while leaving they all start laughing really hard
>laughing harder than usual
>had to run the mile that day
>go home to take a shower
>chewed gum in my hair
>can't get it out
>mother comes home early that day
>I'm in tears sobbing like a bitch
>mom see's the problem and takes me down to barber
>get military tier haircut
>next day at school bully and friends laugh even harder

Just now
>sees my email on his many years old iPhone
>calls me a little bitch because I broke it as a kid (autistic, diagnosed, bipolar too) and ran to my parents, he was basically being a douche since then
>screen cracked but everything works fine
>accuses me of using the iPod because my email popped up when asked to sign in
>goes on to tell me before he got it, how I used it, then my parents gave it to him
>he knows his
>still accuses me
>says its weird my email is there
>gets all pissy and calls me a little bitch over it continuously
But imagine stupid shit like this with a 400 pound bowling ball running around a small space. It comes with the amount of food I eat, with the dishes, with this, with that.

God fucking damn I hate that fucker so much.
Goddamn american schools are sociopathic as fuck
What the fuck is wrong with you new worlders
I feel like I'm getting bullied right now in graduate school.

Aint any better in land of supposedly best schools, Finland. I got a lot of the shit in this thread.
I'm >>26134097
and I'm from Czech Republic(central europe) so it's definitely not just murricans. Also the typical thing they say "just fight back and they won't fuck with you" doesn't work in slavic countries either(from my experience). If you fight back and beat one of them, next time they attack you with five people. That's how it was for me anyways. One girl who was in my cousins class got knocked into her head with a hammer for standing up against the bullies, I think if you're from eastern europe, best way to avoid bullying is to find a group. Kinda like in prison.
9th grade to mid 10th grade.
In my country up until 10th grade every class get's free milk and bread to eat,most of the guys in my class would throw them at me during break and throw breadcrumbs at me during class.
Got beaten whenever i fought back by at lest a couple of them (though i never got my shit really handed to me,it still was enough to scare me)
They always used to tell me to shut up whenever i said something during break or made fun of me if i answered during class.
Shithead friends from grade 5-8 joined them (though they didn't bully me as much) and ignored me and acted so smug because i didn't get good grades at some classes (math and physics)
Winter was horrible cause everyone would jump me at once with snowballs and toss me through the snow.
Lots of miscellaneous stuff like one faggot would always slap my head when he went to the blackboard to answer something or once they pinned me down and drew a swastika over my forehead.
The thing that stopped them was when i joined the debate club,i befriended one of them cause i was pretty good at it and i also stopped caring about not having any friends in my class since i made a lot there.They still did it in the first semester of 10th grade just as bad as before but since 2nd semester it got less and less common and my autism levels also started dropping (still am an autistic virgin,but back then i was a fucking turbo-autist)
>got bullied in primary school, not sure what you americans call it
>had few friends and generally made fun of by a few people
>they end up making some friends stop playing with me
>in secondary school bullied a bit and had a good few fights, usually joke fights where 5-10 people would all go at me
>died down and got bullies to stop picking on me and became friends
>friends where I lived left me after one made them stop hanging out with me
>never really got a reason or explanation, hurt how they just went along with it
>friends in secondary school drifted apart as time went on
>went to uni and made a good few friends, no bullying at all going on.

thats about it, shit was messed up at times but it made me get used to looking after myself and sticking up.

never really part of a clique but I had this sort of thing where I was casual friends with varied groups so I could hang with different groups at times.

I'm just some loner kind of robot now, i spend around 70% of my time alone, I'll be friendly and stuff but if people arent back then I won't go out of my way to hangout.

>moving away on my own soon with no friends alone, so no clue how I will manage that.
why don't you just beat the fuck out of him
Yes and I grow up with an humiliation fetish because of that.


(original comment senpai desu)
File: 1411531810473.jpg (80 KB, 550x550) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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>4th grade
>there's this kid who got held back
>he's dumb as fuck
>bully the cuck all year long
>he fails again
>fast forward a decade
>heard he tried to kill himself
Even worse than bullied. I was straight up ignored by everyone until about junior year in high school. Like I would try to make a conversation, but people would just look at me and look away.
To be asking this question one must also bait
Same thing happened to me too, OP.
>doesn't work in slavic countries
it doesn't work anywhere
in 'murka you'd get expelled because muh zero tolerance policy, and then also they'd come back at you with five people
>mfw same thing happened on two occasions but with grills
Yup. All the way through high school, until 15, when I followed my bully back home and fucking stabbed the cunt.
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