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Your thoughts ErrNineKay?
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Your thoughts ErrNineKay?

I don't get why it's a commonly accepted truth that guys are attracted to girl's look over their personality, as evidenced by this video
Yet people keep perpetrating the lie that girls care more about personality than looks, while that's bullshit.
They want to think that, but the reality is that if I came and talked to a random girl she'd most likely turn me down, but if a Brad Pitt looking guy said exactly the same shit she'd be all over him.
>Implying I give a fuck what girls like

It's pretty accurate.


>guys are attracted to girls look

Well she didn't say that, she seemed to make it clear that she was only talking about what girls like.

I don't know if I can really say for sure that girls are attracted to my personality more than my looks, because I've always felt I'm a pretty good looking guy.

But I think my confidence, my gentleness and my willingness to listen to people, my assertiveness and having boundaries for myself is what often attracts people to me.

Of course I have flaws, I am insecure about some things, but that's just part of life. No ones perfect.

Girls aren't perfect either, this video is simply telling what is attractive, and showing what the ideals are, it's not saying that you have to be perfect.

You never will be, nobody ever is.
Read the fucking post you retard. I linked another video.

You think it's your personality that attracts people, but it's easy for you to say as a good looking person (why are you here anyways), if you tried living as an ugly person for like, two days, you'd realize how meaningless it all is.

Sure there are some ugly dudes respected by people and liked by girls and that's to be respected because they achieved something really hard to achieve. Something only a few are capable of.

No need to be bitter.

It's like you said, some ugly dudes are respected by people and liked by girls.

They achieved that through self confidence, that's all it took.
>that's all it took
Thing is, it took a retarded amount of it. It's like you could say, yeah just be good at tennis you'll be like Djokovic someday, but it's not like that. Even if I trained my whole life, not being naturally good at tennis I probably wouldn't have made it even as a pro.

Now, being ugly and attractive is like being a pro tennis player with a prosthetic arm. Props on the huge effort bro but you have to be gifted for that.

Btw I'm not bitter, you're just a retard. No hard feelings.

The question is whether or not you're seeking validation from others. Or whether or not you want to be happy with yourself.

You can't fake confidence, so to you it seems like a retarded amount.

But to be confident you have to believe in yourself. To believe in yourself you have to Love yourself and Love who you are, and that's hard if you've grown up with people telling you that you're worthless all the time.

You actually can do it, it's not as impossible as you think, but you can't do it for hot girls, you can't do it so people will admire you, you have to do it for yourself. Did you ever see the first Rocky movie? He realized he couldn't beat Apollo Creed, so he decided he was going to just last the entire fight without getting knocked out, that was his whole goal.

Set goals for yourself, not others.
>girls dont choose a guy for being nice

I've been confident all my life.
I don't think I'll stay a virgin my whole life, but not being physically attractive has meant I've spent almost 20 years without getting laid even though I've tried and have a normal personality. I've even done extensive research on seduction.
I've kissed some girls and been liked by some others, which is something equally ugly but not as assertive guys have never experienced. Unfortunately, my personality is just average so it has never lead to anything.

But I'm not a self loathing faggot, I love my life. It's just that, from an objective point of view, physical attraction for women or men is fundamental. It's easier to get a 7/10 gf by being an insecure 8/10 than a confident 6/10, as much as the media tries to tell you otherwise.
I don't think anybody really cares about personality honestly.

It's a simple distinction. Women care about status more than they care about looks, and men care more about looks than they care about status.

Ask any man if he wants a woman who makes a lot of money. Anybody will tell you he doesn't give a shit what she does or how much money she earns. Ask women the same question. It's very important to them.

>My personality is just average

This is really your only problem. You think of yourself as average so you are average in that aspect.

But I can tell you this as much as you want, you have to realize it for yourself.
I think of myself as average because I'm comparing myself to the equally ugly or uglier men than achieve success. Good looking people might not notice but to be successful with girls as an ugly guy you have to be extremely charismatic and confident. Way beyond normal standards. A 3/10 guy who bangs hot chicks is going to be way more interesting than your average 10/10 Chad. Not everyone is creative or intelligent enough to make up for those lacking attractiveness points with their minds, only a few are and they're used as example by normies who think it's really all about "being yourself" (it's not).
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what women want.jpg
70 KB, 753x414
>tfw fit almost all of these but because I'm a huge narcissist asshole constantly looking for an argument
surprisingly accurate until the end where they just have to get all hope-y about the future, lest the nonhaloeffect boys ever be able to move on with their lives and become free of their girl concerns
all you have to do is love yourself! and stop caring about whether girls like you!

and when you continue to be single and a virgin at 40, at least it won't matter, because you stopped caring, remember?


>comparing myself to the equally ugly or uglier men
>comparing myself

Stop doing this.

Stop looking outside of yourself for what is acceptable. You are not loving yourself if you do this, and you aren't going to have the confidence you could if you compare yourself to others all the time.

Worst idea ever.
I think it depends on your age. I'd say most women younger than 25 don't really care about status. Unless they're rich Stacies.
"Personality" attraction is usually just a justification for physical (male) or status (female) attraction.

Which leads to shit like women saying they like guys "with a sense of humour" when they just laugh cutely at whatever a fuckable guy says because they want to fuck him

If all your feelings of loneliness and being unfulfilled, if that void was gone then you wouldn't even care if you were a 40 year old virgin.

You only care because you're desperate for validation.
It's natural to compare yourself to the rest. That's how humans learn, basically. Unless you're a retarded normie who has got everything handed on a plate since birth.

I think your feelings are natural.

But to improve yourself you have to realize that comparing yourself to others is pointless.

Here's an example.

>Fat man is told he is fat
>Tries to lose weight because his girlfriend wants him to.
>Fails miserably to lose weight

He failed because he wasn't doing it for himself.

Now here's a different story.

>Fat man realizes he is fat
>Decides that he wants to be healthy for his own sake and no one elses.
>Loses all his weight, feels better and is healthy

This is how you need to be.
>Stop looking outside of yourself for what is acceptable.
with no perspective, nothing have meaning
Status and assets.
Yeah, that checks out.

Remember boys, you are an object, and you are not a valuable or prestigious one. Just spare meat lying around, on its own - oh, but remember, women will only want you if you have lots of friends and a girlfriend! You don't have any of those? Oh, that's okay, you just need to build fucking character.
Just keep building character until you are fucking dead. Just bang your fists against a wall until you are dead.
Nobody cares anyway. Grow up autist, you're not mature! Or kill yourself.
Why are you so retarded?
Holy shit. It's like talking with a girl.
You're giving me advice that I didn't ask and I don't need anyways. You can't even keep an argument. Not to mention it's completely unrelated, and it's wrong anyways.

Like, if you wanna lose weight to "be healthy" and enjoy eating a lot and hate doing exercise, you're most likely gonna fail. But if you wanna lose weight to get your dick wet, which is an actual purpose, you might get fit pretty fast if you're motivated.

>It's completely unrelated.
>Talking about whether or not it's a good idea to compare yourself to others.
>Present example of the difference between a man seeking validation and doing something for his own health.
Yes, you lose weight if you choose to be healthy, not because others think you should be.


>Getting your dick wet is more important than being healthy

and I'm the girl?
That girl looks like one of the undercover black guys from white chicks
Yeah, if getting your dick wet is not one of your top priorities you're pretty fucking gay.
Look at the fucking ego and superiority complex on this tripfaggot normie, holy shit, lmao

You don't know what it's like to be ugly and low status. Stop giving advice, and fuck off away from this board.

Not even giving you the satisfaction of a (You).

Holy fuck he's a tripfag?
Shit I just got baited hard. First time making all anonymous backfires.
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Now I finally understand why I suddenly got so popular in my last year of High School...

Inb4 reee gtfo normie, it was only my last year of high school when I was the densest motherfucker on Earth who didn't notice he was being hit on. Now I'm a fat, gay, NEET, hikikomori with depression and social anxiety. Feeling better yet ?

Big difference between being gay and desperate bro.

But you only get desperate if you think only others can validate you. You gotta validate yourself.
Yep, you've basically been talking to a tripfaggot for most of the thread. You should've known though because only tripfaggots have such high sense of self-importance
I thought it was just another braindead normie...
Why are tripfags even allowed anymore.

Self importance is important.

I came here for the first time because I heard that you guys all think you're worthless.

You're not. There's a big difference between being selfish and having respect for yourself. They are not the same thing.

Well this is my first time here.

But I am a normie at least by your standards so I thought I'd be straight up about it.
Fucker off and leave please
Because you can't gauge someone's personality within the first 10 seconds of meeting them faggot.
>hurr we dont like like chad
>what we really like is C H A D
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Thread images: 4
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