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>Started diet yesterday
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tfw fat.gif
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>Started diet yesterday
>Today I caved in
>Got 4 big macs and 6 cheese burgers
>Now I'm eating strips of bacon because I'm so fucking sad and angry at myself for caving in

Why couldn't I get the skinny genes why
nigga u need a helmet on ya head
I wouldn't really call it caveing if you only lasted a day.
You could just kill yourself.
>You could just kill yourself.
Livestream it OP
>started yesterday
It's not genes, you're just fat and lazy.
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hahahaha the fuck does this even fuckin mean my man? ha fuck
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>sick of being a skinny loser
>decided to start bulking yesterday and ate a whole pizza
>was so full today I forgot to eat anything the entire day

WHY IS IT SO HARD TO NOT BE A SKELETON! I eat so much I want to puke and I can't gain weight, why do fat people have it so easy!
>Why couldn't I get the skinny genes why
>thinking those actually exist
>Skinny genes
>Eating big macs and cheese burgers
You probably do have skinny genes, if you ate like a normal person they might show.
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Skeleton reporting in. Most of my meals consist of shoving food down my thorat until i feel like throwing up. Fun times.
There's nothing wrong with caving, the problem is that you didn't just cave in but caused seismic activity across the entire fat mountain ranges by eating 10 fucking burgers.

And then you guilt ate afterwards.

You should find a new way to punish yourself when you feel guilty, like masturbating.
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wtf is up with his body?
>wide chest
>wide hips
>nothing inbetween
>yet somewhat muscular arms
it's not if you're addicted to food, it's just as addictive as drugs.
I'm a yoyo type diet retard, been bouncing between 250-160 for some 8 years now.

Here's the deal; hunger is always worst the first few days then it tapers off in to a negligible sort of "hollow" feel.
Once you get over the initial hurdle you're as good as golden, stick it out for 3-4 days and it won't be nearly as bad. The longer you go the easier it gets, at least in my experience, I feel like the body adjusts itself to the new routine, even cravings such as I had for soda/coke will die off within a couple of weeks.

Now the 2nd problem will be energy, I personally prefer getting a lot of food in early and go to bed on an empty stomach,
but I understand for a lot of people skipping breakfast is preferable, so that is whatever you feel is easier.

A couple of points though. You do not want to go to low.
The lowest I ever went was a max 500 kcal a day for a week, felt fever-ish with nonstop headaches doing that.
My best/most enjoyable diet was a ~600-700 kcal deficit combined with 1 hour additional cardio daily(totaling ~(TDEE - 1000) kcal), this way I lost almost 2lb a week, I did this for several months with enough energy to make it through the day.

A good idea is to plan as many meals as possible, I ate the same thing for breakfast and lunch every day, so to more accurately track my calories.
In the end it's all you fatbro, best of luck.
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>mfw Weight is genetic
>Skinny people have weaker cravings for food and feel full easier
>Fat people have stronger cravings as a result of conditioning (from childhood) or genetics
>Mfw Fat people will always have cravings
>mfw fat people are doomed to be fat or skinny but in constant struggle of addiction

Feels good to be skinny master race
Next time you start a diet and cave, eat only 3 big macs and 4 cheese burgers. If you aren't gaining with your current diet, cutting back literally anything means losing weight.

Seriously though, "dieting" is fucking stupid, unless you can really commit to it(in which case you absolutely should, but 90% of people can't). Instead, you should take your regular diet, but size down the portions a bit. Eat slower, make less food, and take your food outside of the kitchen to eat it (somewhere where you are easily distracted, e.g. in front of your computer). Your body will adapt fairly quickly.
They exist.
However they come with the curse that you can't gain muscular mass. So basically, it is the complete opposite.
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I managed to stand my ground for 3 weeks.
Then I couldn't do it anymore and ate lots of cookies, soda and sugary shit.
I am gonna go back to the diet tomorrow, once I finish this soda.
At least I made some progress.
retards wear helmets sometimes
>eats 6 Big Macs at a time
>bemoans lack of skinny genes
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Have you tried not eating?
Arms get everyday use my friend. If they were as not existent as his pecs and lats then he wouldn't be able to lift a fucking can of soda. Same thing goes for his somewhat existent abs.
>tfw in constant stuggle of addiction
>will probably die of lung cancer as result of using smoking to kill hunger

a-at least i'll be skinny
Did you make the thread yesterady about your diet consisting of not eating anything?
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couldn't you eat better fast food like jack in the box?

mcdonalds burgers have no flavor, the only thing you can taste is onions and sauce. absolutely fucking disgusting.
>fries are almost always stale
>fries are always to salty
>buns are dogshit
>the patties have no flavor
Losing weight is super easy. Stop eating crap. If you have a craving for garbage food, instead go for a 30 minute walk.

I tried but I kept eating the entire 30 minutes I was walking
Started November, lost 30 pounds already
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>skinny genes
File: 1443991542397.jpg (81 KB, 770x770) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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>ate 3 tacos while waiting on my mom
>didn't tell her I ate when she was done
>we went to subway and I ordered a footlong
>went home and she made 4lbs of porkchops
>ate all but two
>I came down later and she asked if I was full yet and offered more food
>tfw overheard her on the phone later and she referred to me as 'thick'
fuckyoufuckyoufuckyou there is nothing worse than being slightly overweight nothing fits me right i can't stop drinking beer and it's making me fatter fucking christ i want to be skinny fuck yourself skeletor
Why do normies think its as easy to flip a switch and stop wanting to eat Big Macs? Fucking smfh tbqh.
He would have to buy a wide-angle lens first


Honestly anon, I'm sorry. I eat terribly and remain skinny. I don't deserve this. It's a shame that you can't control your cravings. I hope you come to a happy resolution eventually. Life should reward effort, but it doesn't always. Keep trying. I believe in you.
>easy to flip a switch and stop wanting to eat Big Macs
It's not easy buy it's doable. Easier than quitting smoking that's for sure. I used to eat exclusively pizza and big mac. I've been eating healthy for over a year quitted smoking at the same time. I still want to eat a large size pizza with coke and have a smoke afterwards. I just don't do it.
>was underweight
>ate more and gained weight
>started lifting
>thought i was too chub
>decided to lose weight
>ate less and loss weight and toned out
>wanna get bigger so started eating more
Hmmm, this is easier than i thoughy desu familia
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Im autistic aef,pweiafjaao
File: 1450826181274.gif (524 KB, 200x200) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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if you cave that easily you might as well say fuck it and try to become a gigantic blob. own it and become it. be that fat guy constantly eating a cheeseburger. you'll go down in history, man. "remember that guy that only ate cheeseburgers for 33 years?" "yeah, fucking crazy, what a badass". be the cheeseburger. you have the power within you.
You have no self control. That's it.
OP here i just cant stand it
I ordered a large cheese pizza with pineapples and i dont even want to eat it
but i cant do anything because i already paid for it
it will be here in about 10 minutes
god damn it i hate myself

>ate 3 tacos
>didn't tell mom as we went for more food or she made me something

This was me a couple years ago. Or I would snack heavily before the meal or snack after. I was goddamn disgusting.
You're a machine, pham
Don't stop now, keep eating until your stomach is ready to tear open
You don't have to stop eating. You need to stop eating fast food and eat healthy food. Boil some chicken breasts with potatos and onions. Add lemon juice and salt afterwards. It's very healthy and delicious. You can eat it all day long and lose weight.

>On stimulants
>Literally no hunger
>Don't even want to see food
>Mom makes food
>Can't just say no
>Try to force myself to eat some

It hurts more because she made the food because she cares and I'm not just not gonna eat it, guilt is the only reason I eat.

kek, fat people baka

Fat logic.

There is no such thing as skinny genes. Just eat less and you will lose weight. You feel like you need so much food to be satisfied, but if you consistently eat less for a while and ignore you hunger your stomach will adjust and you will feel full with smaller amounts. A while ago I was very sick in an extended hospital stay. I ate practically nothing for 3 weeks straight, and after I got out I felt overfilled to the point of feeling sick after eating a single slice of pizza. Obviously don't starve yourself like I did, but if you significantly reduce your current calorie intake you will still have enough to stay alive despite your hunger.

The main things that keep me from being fat are being too much of a cheapass to spend any more on food than I have to, and being too lazy to cook myself anything other than a simple, fast meal. Here is a typical day's worth of food for reference:

Bowl of cinnamon toast crunch with whole milk
Sandwich: 2 slices of whole wheat bread, 2 slices ham, 1 slice cheese, lettuce, mayo.
16 pizza rolls or 6 chopped up frozen chicken nuggets filled out with white rice and salsa
2 Oreos, multivitamin
Drink only water
Literally nothing other than this.

It doesn't seem like much, but it's enough for me to maintain my weight. Try this diet out, you will be hungry at first but I guarantee you it is enough to keep you alive. Develop a mindset of being cheap and only buying the food that you absolutely need, since you can't eat what isn't there. It helps if you have some kind of financial goal like paying off debt aggressively or saving for something you really want, which helps you want to spend less on food. And for God's sake, get your life together!
do you look like the girl in your pic?

post pics (of you) please
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