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Ways 4Chan and/or /r9k/ have benefited you in life
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> Can type a lot better. My WPM is probably improved

> Made me realize that a relationships are hopeless for many of us and thus a waste of time

> Able to appreciate independence/loneliness

Ironically, /r9k/ gave me hope. Though I'm a 21 year old autistic, homely KV, I have hope for the future now that I realize that without relationships and societal obligations, I'm free to do as I like. Perhaps I'll never find love. But that's ok.
Whenever I feel like I'm an absolute piece of shit, I can consistently come on this sub and find someone even worse than me, and that makes me believe that there's still hope.

Yeah that too. Thought I was too far gone but some of you niggas are really at the end of the rope.
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I've been using 4chan for long enough that I feel it's become a significant part of my life.

The anons of 4chan have given me something comparable to social interaction, and in some cases even good friendship. I'm capable of sharing feels, and understanding the emotions of others I would have otherwise never even considered. I can argue about politics, or post pictures of trains, I can masturbate and share pornography interests. I can have everything from mindless shitposting to legitimate serious discussion.
I also feel like my opinions and understanding of the world have since become based more in observation and fact, thanks to the fact that I can freely get called out on bullshit. Any argument holds the same ground, since we're all on the same anonymous level, and I believe this form of open discussion is one of the best ways to communicate with like and unlike minded people in an informal environment.
I have a better understanding of international issues, thanks to being able to talk unrestricted to complete strangers on the other side of the world, and read in depth and personal discussions about things I know absolutely nothing about.
Thanks to this connectivity as well, I've been able to develop my interests in film, music, anime, art, literature, hobbies, history, and anything else I can talk to another person about.
It's almost as though 4chan is hyper-social as well as being anti-social. You're exposed to an enormous wealth of outside discussion and opinions, each side of each debate, and a ridiculous amount of information. I mean we've got 67 boards for different topics, and within that, each board has a million different points of discussion. And being exposed to this for frequently over 10-12 hours a day for the last eight or nine years definitely has an effect on someone.
Also I have a great porn collection.
Thanks, guys.
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>come on this sub
I thought I was the only one!

Although actually my life is pretty awesome. Unemployed, beautiful live in girlfriend. enough savings to last till July. Yeah...
same here OP

am enjoying a comfy mmo game and solo-ing the game
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>/int/ introduced me to interpals where I got a 9/10 girlfriend
>was in a relationship with her for around 5 months
>saw each other twice
>in love, considered planning to move to her country
>things suddenly turned to shit, she dumped me
>literally nothing I care about in my life anymore

Oh wait
Never mind then
I have a lot more confidence when it comes to women, surprise surprise. All the red pilling helped me get past a lot of approach anxiety. Now I can talk to girls easy because I don't give a fuck what they think anymore.

How do you find girls on there willing to get naked over skype? Which country is the most likely?
What's the best way to learn to type faster? I can only type at like 50WPM and I used to talk to someone that could type at something close to 140WPM and it was surreal.
It properly redpilled me.

Dude, what. The most i ever did was 120 and that was after 3 redbulls and 2 grams of weed.
It's super easy to get a girl to get naked if you're at least somewhat attractive and know how to talk to people. Although if you're just after that I would recommend some random "meet new people" app or omegle or something.

But I just talked to my ex like a friend for almost 2 months before anything sexual/romantic happened
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Leave you fucking normal FAG, FUCK
Good catch, howdy!
It's introduced me to a lot of great music, film and literature, but it also distracts me to the extent that I can never listen, watch, or read them.
It's made me feel like a complete failure, but it's made me want to improve myself too. Unfortunately, as stated above, it's often too distracting for me to do anything about it.
>captcha select all fish
Yeah, he said something about a typing class in school and that he had been learning to code since he was 13 or something.
You're welcome anon. OCOCOCOCOCOCOCOCOC
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>I can consistently come on this sub
>this sub
Kill urself.
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posting here has helped me realize how tiny my problems are
>skin made of steel, can't be offended no matter what
>got /fit/ with a poverity-tier homegym
>found other human beans and real heroes just like me

a lot of other things i don't even know or remember too
what are you playing? i wanna start playing an mmo but dont know which one
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