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Why don't you play an mmo robots?
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Why don't you play an mmo robots?
>no girls there
>literally everyone there is a looser
>you get to interact with other people
>talking a lot is not necessary
>you get a reason to wake up early, go to sleep before 3 am and stay awake during the day (dailies and professions)
>makes you busy during the day
>can give you a sense of progression
>and a reason to live
>you can literally play it forever too
I do. It doesn't fill the emptiness inside.
Maybe you are not doing it hard enough
>unlock a new dailies
>have to wait until 7 am to play it
>go to bed at ten
>can't sleep because I'm too excited
Have like 4 characters and 500 hours in tera, it's literally a chore now.
Wake up, log on to keep myself from not being booted from the guild, do a daily quest for 50 gold, log onto next character, get daily coupon, run dungeon once or twice for enchanting shit. Log off.
I just keep playing to get more character slots and make a perfect class.
I just don't fuckin care enough about it Tbh. It doesn't do it for me and never will.
Because I'm shit at games, at least at gear check games. I always wonder how people in these games get to become so good with crazy gear and stats while I struggle to level up and kill trash mobs.
Yes that's how it may feel after 500 hours but you probably enjoyed the first 200
Plus you can play another one
Or you know do something else or use it to meet real life people or something
1. Memorize/familiarize
2. Play A LOT

Congrats you beat OsRs
Because I don't want to pay a monthly fee because I am cheap bastard and free MMOs are shit
There are tons of mmo for people with no skills tho aswell as guides to get good
There are fast leveling mmos and fast leveling service rs too

I hope Black Desert is different.
>being offered the first step into a. Virtual life
>mmos will only get better because everyone is inverting on making wow money
>they all are going free to play too
You have no excuse
You can even make money with some if you can use blender
Why don't you get a comfy guild and forget about the outside world then?
It started to get annoying at 145, when I entered that shitty snowy realm.
Only mmo that I know that's not p2w.
Meeting someone would be the last thing I'd ever want to do from this game.
Same with league.
How can I find these comfy guilds? Every thread on the forums is some tryhard bullshit "we r legun" guilds.
My laptops old and can't keep up also I spend most of my time wageslaving and when I do have time for games it's usually single player stuff
>same with league
You are a normie
No idea, I got a random invitation one day
Look for social, active and all levels welcome tags
I miss when I wasn't autistic enough to not cringe when trying to roleplay
>my laptop is old
Play ragnarok, one of the comfiest mmos out there
You only need like 3 hours a day to do your dailies, you can invest more time during weekends
>mostly single player
You could be happier with other people, videogames suck anyways why not have fun?
Either we have clusterfuck pinoy servers or stuff that dies in 3 months
I started playing one and so far I haven't even interacted beyond doing some group event. I haven't even had a use for the chat log.
Every guild I've been in has a female leader with the white knights coming out the wood work for her. And playing MMOs by yourself sucks ass.

>Girl in the guild
>"Hey can I get someone to do my dailies with?"

>Literally anybody else:
>"Hey can I get someone to do my dailies with?"
>*crickets in team speak*
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But MMOs are pretty much full of women nowadays and most guilds are pretty much normalfags
I was thinking about downloading Blade & Soul, but I'm autistic and can't talk to people and I'm also Australian so I won't be able to PvP properly.
First time getting help in my guild it was from someone I thought was a girl
Then I got someone I also thought was a girl clinging to me constantly asking me to do stuff with him and telling me I have been waiting for you for x quest and stuff
Why are so many dudes online using female characters?
And why are they all so gay?
Seriously tho I never had this problem, worst thing I experienced was a new member that though he could help me with a quest but he wasn't high enough level and I ended up helping him instead
And if nobody in the guild is interested I can get randoms to help in like 3 minutes anyways
i want to try out blade & soul but i don't have windows and my laptop is a rly shitty macbook air that wont run it

are there any good ones for ps4?
Anon if there used to be 3% of women and now there is 10 the numbers have tripled but its still not full of women
Final fantasy 14 ARR
To anyone complaining about the community here is a tip go on an European server instead
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>european server
>^^ :D germans everywhere
i actually have always wanted to get into a huge, deeply satisfying video game that never ends. but theres a few things that stop me: i dont like playing on a computer (i prefer a console) , and i really dont like turn based combat.
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