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Anyone else ever hit a girl here?
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Anyone else ever hit a girl here?

>tfw I was a little shit in grade school and smacked a girl upside the head for no reason
I deserve everything bad in life and more.
I kicked a girl in the shin once.
It was somewhere between 1-4th grade idk it all blends together.
But anyway she was your stereotypical cunty little girl. She made it her mission in life to fuck with everyone. I finally got fed up with her shit and kicked her in the shin.
Then everyone got all pissed off at me like I was the asshole. And she flashed those "I can't believe you've done this" big sad anime eyes.
But she didn't fuck with me anymore after that.
haha bro hitting woman is fun in islam we kill woman
I used to beat my sister with vitriol almost daily when she was an infant. I remember once I beat her so bad she lost consciousness.

I still have trouble coming to terms with it.
hurt her in the heart lel
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>tfw one girl bullied me
>tfw I broke her left arm with a cricket bat

>mfw I found later she liked me

bitch got what she deserved
What the hell...
Grade school isn't real life, man. It's just practice.
>little sister tried to hit me several times
>hit her once on the arm
>cries about it to mom
>mom yells at me
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how old were you?

original content is hard to come by in todays sharing economy
A girl would follow me endlessly on the playground and wouldn't leave me the fuck alone for like, 2 months. I finally got so annoyed and hit her. Got in trouble for it too. Obviously wouldn't have been the case had I been STOCKING her, and then she hit me.
Also used to hit my cousin some too.
In all honesty, it's probably my brother's fault. He would hit me all the fucking time and almost never got in trouble.
I do feel bad for it though. Probably would have been friends with the girl from school since she was about as ugly as me.
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>She didnt fuck with me after that
No shit,faggot.
I wish I had actually beaten up my sister during childhood as she grew up to spread rumours around town about me beating m mother half to death.

eat my original

>some girl at university invites me an another autismo to a party
>Get there, try to make an effort to socialize
>Some girl with shoes with "Pokemon" written with a sharpie saying her favorite pokemon is Pikachu
>I'm kinda drunk
>I get my cookies out and show them because I think this would be a good move
>She takes my fucking Oreo and puts it in her mouth like "tee hee"
>I snapped and slapped that hoe in the fucking face
>Party goes quiet"
>"I-I'd hit him in the balls, but he HAS NONE"
>"Nice insult towards my masculinity"

Later someone told me "I'd have given her the cookie and tried to fuck her! hahaahaha!" and that's exactly why women rule over us.
I have, multiple times.
Excuse the spacing, im mobile posting
> be me, 12
> sitting in boring math class, at this point in time I hated math because constant homework
> im in front of Stacy, staring blankly forward as the teacher teaches us about slopes or something
> Stacy always harasses me in class, kicking my chair, pulling my hair, throwing paperballs at me, worse than any Chad
> one day I've had enough
> shes kicking my chair, making me mess up my writing during a test, making me erase and redo my open response question
> I turn around and ask "h-hey... could you stop please? I just wanna do my test..."
> Stacy denies doing anything, knowing full well that I know she did
> ok maybe she'll stop
> wrong
> kicking continues, becomes a constant barrage on the back of my desk/chair
> I start getting really upset, tears welling up in my eyes
> turn around one more time and ask "p-please Stacy... I just want to do my test"
> stacy denies it again, this time raising her hand and calling the teacher, saying im bothering her during the test
> teacher is this old long necked red head bitch who hated me anyways because I didn't turn in homework a few times, and didn't show my work on some assignments
> of course she believes her
> "o-okay..."
> "s-sorry.. stacy"
> at this point I am in tears and can barely speak or breathe because im getting snot all over from crying
> Stacy kicks my chair again
>"apologize to me anon!!"
> I sperg out completely, and just start screaming incoherently
> the entire class just turns and looks at me
> stacy kicks my chair again, "anon calm down! What's wrong?"
> I whip around and slap the shit out of her, she just stares at me and starts crying too
> entire class starts yelling
> security gets called and I get put out of class
> teacher calls me a punk for the rest of the year
. N
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>some cunt I hate cheats on the final Spanish test
>somebody told the teacher
>she gets an immediate F and has to redo the year
>suspects me
>her and a bitch friend approach me at lunch
>accuse me and try to get me to confess
>deny everything
>she slaps me
>punch her back in the face
>get expelled for a week

it was me
When I was a kid in primary school ( I'm a Britfag, sue me), I used to grab girls arses
I don't know why, or how it even started it just kinda happened and that's what I would do on breaks
I even assembled a group of friends to do this, we'd all just go out on break and randomly grab girls asses
The girls got pissed and I got a bollocking from my teacher

I would rape her in the ear t b h famiglia.
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Not girls but I bullied a lot of other boys back in '95

I was a troubled child
Not really but
>be me
>15 years old
>like girl
>she likes me
>too beta to do anything so pretend I don't like her
>making fun of her one day
>she tries to enter the classroom through the window
>throw my pencil case to her for the keks
>hits her head
>my friends laugh
>feels good man
>she's like 'h-hey that hurt'
>you mad? Why you mad tho?
>"I'm not mad but why did you do that you dick?"
>lol you mad as fuck
>she storms out of the classroom crying
>felt kinda bad later
>said sorry the next day, we became friends again
Why was I so damn autistic holy shit.
I slapped a girls butt if that counts too
I suplexed because she was a psychopath and came at me with a knife.
I keked
lel I totally forgot I punched a girl in the back of the head as she walked away from me laughing

saw her again that week in a wheelchair, she had fucking thin legs and they were damaged in the fall

I was like 14-15 though and got away with it, feels good
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Thread images: 7
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