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Anybody else here read old messages from when people still cared about them?
Nope, because no one ever cared about me.
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It's painful when you see her reblog "I saw a different side of you when it ended" and then a week before it was "reblog if you're dating a really cute person"

I was the really cute person, now I'm just a petulant douchebag.
What did you do anon?

>tfw reading messages I got from girls almost 10 years ago now
>they wanted the d, and I was totally oblivious, or too much of a sperg to do anything
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She said she wasn't ready for a serious relationship, that essentially she was going through a rough patch emotionally, didn't want to hurt me and needed space to fix herself up.

I didn't even get to see her, hear her voice, she broke up with me over facebook. She didn't really get cold until I kept on pestering her days later, the other night I kinda broke down a little after seeing that reblog.

I don't know what to say, I just didn't want her to leave me. I don't even know what this different side of me was to her, but it couldn't have been good.

You care too much about the past, anon.
I don't know what kind of person she is, but if she did have any grievances with you she could've at least told you about it. It sounds like she didn't want to hurt you by putting it on herself, or maybe she just wanted to save face. Either way, she doesn't sound like the kind of person to bother much about if she won't even tell you what's wrong and pretends it's all on her
I'm in a similar situation but it was my fault (I went a week without contacting her and now she hates my guts).

This is the most relationship experience I've ever had so it boggles me how long term relationships and marriage even work when women can switch off to you so quickly and seemingly unresolvably.
She told me that it was her anxieties and insecurities, like she was afraid that I'd leave her like every other guy in her life has or that she was becoming too dependent on me. Really it was just so sudden and while I tried to stay calm at first it didn't take long before I was saying all kinds of beta shit, I should have kept my mouth shut.
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>please never talk to me again
>I am going away and I am never coming back
>this is for the best anon, I promise we will both be okay
Y-yeah I love that shit
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I think girls are like that, this is my first relationship too and just in a flash all the attraction and infatuation she had for you can just disappear. The only right course of action is to let her go and see if she caves first and comes back, saying how she misses you.

I caved first and even though my ex said she still loves me and wanted to be with me when she broke off, I don't know if she still feels that way now, or how she'll feel when she's over this slump.
if she were actually turned off by you acting "beta" when she's the one with the problems in the first place, then she's definitely not worth bothering with

I get the feeling that it's probably not really about you in the end anyway
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No, nobody has ever cared about me
I mean what else can "I saw a different side of you when it ended" mean?

It doesn't sound good to me. All the while she's saying I'm sorry for hurting you over and over, and that apology just rings in my head over and over, that's what really hurts.
Hard not to when all your friends are back there.
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>I've put a lot of eggs in your basket anon
>a lot
Well it sounds to me that you were justified in feeling hurt, I mean it's sudden and she keeps blaming herself and there's nothing you can do. If that's the case, I really doubt you did anything really bad, or had an awful ugly side or whatever. I don't know what that could've meant, but I'm pretty sure it has a lot more to do with her own issues and insecurities rather than your own.
I did when i was younger. But i changed some phones and lost the messages, and now nothing lasts of that days...
fug off cunt this basket is full

full of tendies
Holy shit man. I never thought of this like that
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I was reading old messages with my ex-best friend and though the chats were filled with xD and other emo memes, it still made me feel

>tfw you had few friends in high school
>essentially the outcast group (ironic phrase, but we were basically the edgy undesirables)
>tfw one friend became close with the friend you introduced them to (EVERY TIME. I never introduce people anymore because of this)
>tfw they turn on you and start hanging out together more without you, stop inviting you
>tfw shun you at the lunch table

It's been almost 4 years and I'm still pissed about that.
I know you're right, but I can't stop feeling sore over it. I want her back, it really hurts a lot thinking how I might have ruined the chances of that ever happening.

Though you're also right on how she isn't worth bothering with, but shit, she was so nice and pretty and my first time. There were so many things I wanted to do with her. I have a half finished painting I tried to finish in time for her birthday, and I just don't know what to do.

Relationships suck because the person who cares the least has all the power.
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I can't even read one message from my ex gf. Everyday we would text for hours for months and i can't even read simple ones.
well put.

This girl I'm betaing out for liked me a lot first and we would make a good couple. We chat all the time in person as we work together and although she rejects any mentions of a second date. She can't reject me without giggling or smiling and she never outright tells me to stop asking or to leave her alone since she loves the attention ofcourse.

I should drop the case and move on but I really think it could work.

The problem is part of me really HATES her. It seems to be the main driving force at this point.

Is this normal... or even well adjusted?
Fuck dude, are you me? I started out working with this girl, then I took her out on a date and before too long I just asked her out. Thankfully or maybe unfortunately since I got laid off I don't currently work with her.

Not that I'd really know, but that girl might get interested if you stopped pushing the issue, channel that hate and give her the cold shoulder.
yea that's my current plan. Hopefully she's working Valentines Day tho because I'm gonna cheese it up.
addendum: Just for the laugh of it. It's really frustrating because originally I had a sort of practice girl mentality about the whole thing but I've frankly fallen for her a bit. She lives very nearby as well. It wasn't until after I'd already fucked it up that I realised how handy and lasting the whole thing could have been.
I'm thinking I'm gonna try to ask my ex to go to the aquarium with me come valentine's day. There's a penguin exhibit and she loves penguins.
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I miss the days when my parents weren't divorced and everyone was happy, now everything is disjointed and on top of that....no gf
>I had a sort of practice girl mentality about the whole thing but I've frankly fallen for her a bit. She lives very nearby as well.
FUCK you are me. I actually moved into her town though, but still.
C'mon guys,

Remember happiness doesn't depend upon who you are or what you have; it depends solely on what you think.

Good hunting bud. It's a very transitory or at least high attrition job we do so one of us is gonna leave within a few months anyway so I've nothing to lose making too much of a dick of myself and we're 25 so she might get desperate and call me back in a few years.
This really is hunting, for me I have to play it patient or else I'll scare off my doe for good, if I haven't already. Me and her just turned 20, so we're still young, I don't feel like desperation will set in for her any time soon.
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