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Feels thread
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>tfw you wake up in the middle of the night with that horrible feeling in your gut when you're really anxious
>tfw your mind drifts to shitty moments in your past that will haunt you until the day you die
>tfw your throat starts feeling hollow so you start making guttural noises
>tfw you finally go back to sleep
>tfw you wake up desperately clinging to the last bit of sleep you have left
>tfw it slips away and you have to live through yet another day
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>tfw your threads get ignored.
Sometimes I wake up while having a panic attack like some PTSD shit turning on the lights trying to catch my breath and I'm actually a chad p much but I still get these panic attacks
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>tfw you are walking through a park with the girl of your dreams
>she turns to you to say something then you wake up
why do my dreams always fuck with me, my life is shitty enough I dont need to be reminded every night.
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>tfw you think of all the mistakes you've made in your past
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>tfw trying to talk to people but keep getting ignored
>feel insignificant and worthless as fuck
>wish I was at home so I could cry
>"hey anon what did you say earlier about that thing?"
>act like they never ignored you because you like it when people are nice to you
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>tfw oneitis ignores you
>tfw oneitis blocks you on all social media
>tfw oneitis hangs out with all your friends and talks to them except you
>tfw too beta to get over having a oneitis
Let me drown.
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>tfw she posts a selfie with Chad in a restaurant
>both smiling
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>tfw depressed neet
>tfw had so much potential but ruined myself with drugs
>tfw only person I've loved will probably never speak to me again
>tfw living with family
>tfw depression can't be cured
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>tfw she is a virgin, looks really innocent, is really short, and cute
>She is literally perfect
>She isn't into you
She is the 1% of women, and she doesn't like me. Kill me phamalam.
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>tfw today is my birthday but no one remembered
>tfw i realize that no one cares about me
>tfw come home and my parents ask if i'm i'm going somewhere with my friends but have to lie because i can see that sad look in their faces

i'm just tired of everything right now and i just don't know what to do.
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>tfw always good-looking but sheltered and autismal
>tfw always figured I would get a gf someday just by being handsome (elliot-tier thinking)
>tfw never went outside or talked enough to get a gf or even many friends
>tfw about to turn 27 and have basically 0 friends or sexual experiences
>tfw family is starting to write me off as gay
>tfw downloaded tinder to try and get gf but girls stop texting back after a while when I say something dumb and desperate and they run off
>tfw the few times I was close to a date I assumed they would insult me or joke about me when they realized I still live with my mom so got drunk home alone instead
>tfw wrinkles and balding starting to happen
>tfw I have no one to blame but myself
>tfw last 9 girls I've gone on dates with have all stopped responding to my messages after the first 1-3 dates
>no idea what I'm doing wrong
>people here tell me I must be an autist but I know I'm not
>have a few good friends who help stave off the loneliness but my failure to find a girlfriend hits me hard at night
>bored out of my fucking mind of doing the same things by myself
>read, go to the gym, watch movies, play video games, masturbate, etc., repeat
>depressed as fuck, trying hard as I can not to go back to alcohol and cigs but it's goddamn hard
>stopped caring about school, half ass all my assignments, plagiarize all my papers
This will basically be me in a few years

I hate how fucking unforgiving women are on tinder and how easily bored they are. Men don't do that shit, and it's not just because we're desperate for pussy. If a girl says something dumb or awkward we forgive it and even find it cute.
Women always assume they can find better. They're usually right, let's face it. But when you actually have their full attention there is nothing like it.
>can't sleep
>think about how everything went so wrong
>going to live with mommy for many years to come
>meme degree
>no ambition at all

Only chads get women's full attention on tinder. I've been trying this shit for years and I've never felt like a girl was hanging on my every word. It's always a struggle to get them to give you the time of day, and then they eventually disappear, even if you felt like you had something. Poof, they're out of there and you have to start all over again. Tinder is a miserable place to be if you're average or below average or not naturally charming and alpha.
OP, there is a reason people keep a bottle of vodka on their nightstand. You need to learn how to sleep.
The only times I've had any decent relationship with a grill Tinder was not involved. I've tried Tinder (a lot) but never had any luck. I don't take great pictures and I don't know what those bitches want to read in their messages. It's mostly the appearance I'd guess. If you're good looking enough it doesn't matter much what you say.

That's what alcoholics do mate.
> only qt who ever talked to me just stopped and cut me out
Feels bad man

Yeah, the good women tend to avoid tinder. It's a sad truth. But it's so fucking hard to meet girls in person and to get up the nerve to ask them out.
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>tfw sleeping is similar to death
>tfw both my parents have a normiebook yet I don't
>tfw can't kill myself as I won't be that cruel to said parents
>tfw trembling/shaking/awful social anxiety
>tfw I'll never be a qt grill
>tfw I actually can barely fucking feel anything making the phrase "tfw" pointless
That's because any girl worth a damn doesn't need online dating.
Every word described me senpai
>tfw can speak perfectly well but autistic as fuck at texting and social media
I can talk anonymously perfectly well but I don't get text messages for shit. I can't express emotion or flirt or even talk casually without coming off as a massive sperg.
I know that feel ,friend

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I know this all too well. I went along with it but deep inside I just felt like shit in general.
>tfw my two dogs and my hamster died in the past three days

This is too much. Life fucking sucks.
Happy Birthday, Anonymous.

Ah shit that sucks man. How did both of your dogs die if you don't mind me asking?
Thanks man. One died of cancer she was 16yo and she bled for two days ans the vet decided to put her down. The other one was 8 and he was either poisoned by some fucking faggot or he hurt himself jumping from a wall he used to always jump (seems unlikely). Its still unclear ans thats what bothers me most
tfw no third reich
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Happy birthday, Anon.

this is original now
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Making a List.gif
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>I will never open myself to somebody else on that planet.
>tfw you deserve your shitty life
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