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Robots who had/have a gf, how did it happen?
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Robots who had/have a gf, how did it happen?
By wearing sick gosha fits, pal
I posted on /r9k/ and she was close.
> robots
> had a gf

Not like I can talk though. I met my first gf on YikYak last year.
I asked her out, over a text, in 8th grade

lasted 2 days cuz I actually didn't want a gf
>Used to look really good in my early teenage years
>Girls would initiate contact all the time
>Actually wanted to hang out with me
>Confessed their feelings
>Broke up once they realised spergs are shit boyfriends
You literally just have to look good and not be a retard.
cucked my best friend
does online dating work?

I was a robot for years. I estimate that I've made 3000+ posts here dating back to the first iteration of the board (before moot destroyed it and then remade it after).

I got my GF last year, and we're approaching our one year anniversary now.

I don't know how I did it, maybe it was sheer luck. She was perhaps the 70th woman I'd asked out in my lifetime, and only the 8th to say yes. She was the second to want a second date, and the first woman I've met who wanted a third date. I also lost my virginity to her.

She's sweet, had a sense of humour, and unconditionally loves me. No clue how I did this. We met online through a phone app called Whisper.

what do you talk to her about? Please help anon

We talk about loads of things. Despite not having many interests in common, we always have fun while hanging out.

We watch movies, go for picnics, marathon TV shows, cook things together, go to art galleries/museums, explore the countryside or other cities... etc.

We don't actually have that many in-depth conversations because I'm basically a 4channer and have nothing in common with most normies (she's the most normal person I've ever met). We just enjoy each other's company.

what did you do for first date?
>ugg overweight girl likes me
>i dont like her, would rather be alone than date fat girl
>like the attention, have no other friends
>one day get too horny
>ask her to fugg
>we fugg
>still message every day only now there is fugging

she tricked me into being her bf
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>girl that liked me
>liked her back
>never did anything or initiate a single thing
>put her number in my phone
>asked me over to her house
>offered to show me her tits
>asked me out once and replied with a "maybe"

We went for coffee. This is a great first date idea because there are no distractions... You just get to know the other person and make sure they aren't crazy.

The key to this is to not take them to a chain coffee place. It should be a local cafe, as that's much more cozy and romantic and less commercial.

Also, this is incredibly cheap, but not in a bad way.

>Take girl on date to cafe
>Order the fanciest shit on the menu (in terms of sophistication, not price) to look knowledgeable about coffee
>Sit with her in a cozy corner, talk about things to get to know her

>go into shop to look at used phones
>fat uggo girl comes up and says if i need help then just ask
>highly irregular
>look at her
>her and her friend are looking at me and giggle when i look over
>find them repulsive but if they asked me to fug i wouldnt refuse
Met on an MMO

could i take her to local pub? how do you keep conversation flowing on a first date?

Be a virgin foreveralone until I was 26, when I met my first girlfriend. She was awkward too and had only been one not very serious relationship before. She was 23.

All you have to do is meet someone who is obviously awkward and more of a socially retarded robot than you are. You'd be surprised how confident that will make you.

You know what's funny, though? Despite this girl not having been asked out in years and being just as much of a loser as I was, as soon as we started going out, she acted like such a haughty, spoiled bitch. Like it was such a privilege that I got to be her boyfriend.

I actually broke up with her, and that was a life changing moment for me. I used to think I was so desperate that I would have just killed myself if I ever got a girlfriend and it didn't lead to marriage or something. Nope.

I'm 31 now and happily single ever since. Free time in the evenings with vidya games and the internet is fine with me.
Aren't you the guy that fucked mysery?
jeez dude you definitely screwed yourself and crushed her
To be honest, she was pretty loose. Had a threesome with some guy I knew and sucked multiple dicks. She was a cutter too.

I think I dodged a bullet there but sometimes I regret not making the slightest of a move.
I wouldn't mind having one girlfriend and then breaking up. at least I could write some songs about it or something

I'm not sure, honestly. I've never really been to a bar or pub, but I think it depends on the atmosphere of the place.

Is it comfy? Then yes.

is it loud? Then no.

If conversation doesn't come naturally to you, feel free to memorize possible conversation topics before the first date.

Here are some examples:
>"So, you said before that you like ____. Could you tell me more about it?"
>"Have you ever traveled? What other countries have you been to?"
>"If you could travel to any historical period, what would it be?"

Keep in mind that you have to lead into the topic somehow. You can't just randomly blurt out these things. Also, you should be able to answer these questions yourself in a way that's interesting.
I did that as well. I actually saw her breasts and got a handjob! Was the only time since i was born that I gave a fuck to my phone.
literally: I got plastic surgery and became good looking and confident.
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I met my current gf through her roommate. We had two classes together. The three of us were supposed to get coffee together, but the roommate didn't show. Got to know her and found out she was also a weirdo with no friends. We've been together for 3 years now.

>exclamation marks

fuck off reddit
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>on tinder
>another few hundred matches today, yawn
>get this message
>decide to keep her around
I don't see why you have so much trouble with this, just be yourself.
I met my girlfriend while I was travelling through Spain and Portugal in a gap year. We stayed at the same hostel and that's where we met. She lives in America and I live in Europe.

I've visited her in America once and she's visited me in Europe 4 times. She just left today to go back to America and we broke it off because long distance shit doesn't work. I'm trying to drown my sadness with alcohol.

If you're an autist like me try solo-travelling and staying in hostels. You're bound to meet people there and it will force you to interact with them. Even if you don't get a girlfriend out of it you might still have fun experiences.
She was just really desperate and thought I was really attractive somehow only lasted a few months cause I can't help pushing people who care for me away
Got set up with a tumblr feminsit. Was tired of being a lone so i went with it.
>So sure of yourself hmm
Is she retarded? She just asked for a hook up.
I hit italian puberty which is when you become much hairier and realize that being sexually aggressive ie hitting on women every chance you get, is a massive fucking thrill and part of who you are. Seems to happen to most southern europeans. Anyways if you don't enjoy making advances on women your kinda fucked, speaking from expierence before I learned to enjoy it talking to women and per se getting their number immediately seemed scary and wasn't something I wanted to do. Now I get a thrill out of it and pitch woo for fun, kinda funny honestly since the hunt is more fun for me than actually fucking these girls.
It's simple, whether she realizes it or not. It's a probing mechanism to see whether or not it's followed through on. Men these days are notorious for shirking away or apologizing when challenged, so remember, this is important.

Never back down.
>in catastrophic car accident
>puts me in wheelchair temporarily
>still party vehemently
>one friend has been talking about this girl forever, but i've never met her
>shows up at a party one night
>i'm drunk as fuck, give her some pills, very obviously flirting
>she's reluctant to fuck a cripple
>eventually does
>friend is pissed
>move in together
>butthurt dissipates

>fuck off reddit

MODS! Where are you? MOOOOOODS!


original comment is original
>new gosha line
fuckin' dank.

basically in these modern and shit tier times you just have to get good at manipulating people over the internet, use normiebook, tinder etc to find vulnerable people and plant the idea that they want to fuck you in their head and go for it. you might get lucky and find a decent girl that way, but most of the time you'll just get ebin free sex from promiscuous skanks raised by libtards and jewish propaganda.
Sat down at the table with the cutest girl I'd seen in a long time and just smiled. Kept my autism to a minimal level.
That ez?

Guess it's more of a numbers game if anything.
>In hospital for a week for suicide threat
>Meet girl, spend some time together
>Get her number, keep in touch after we get out despite hospital not wanting us to do that
>Eventually take her to prom
>Date for a few months from that point on
Was pretty cool, but we ended up breaking up after a while.
online gaming twice and once a girl in retail told me her retail cohort liked me and so i dated her.
Would you say it was kind of a funny story?
The way we met was kind of funny, I suppose. I still kind of regret the breakup though.
>be me
>got fired from engineering apprenticeship abroad
>come home
>find mother has moved in with her bf
>just me bro and sister in house
>sister moves to london
>just me and manchild older brother
>im at college and work shitty part time job so not enough money to move out
>also have dog to look after so cant move into college halls
>brother and sister trashed house while i was gone
>house falling to bits and creepy because its just me and my brother in a 4 bedroom house
>want gf
>start lifting
>get qt matches on pof
>want to ask qt out
>cant because of ridiculous living situation

what do?
Unfuck your house?
oh wow, she definitely wasn't "the one" then.
post more britney please
Everytime it's happened, I have been minding my own business and then they approach me and try and get me to ask them out
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>we all hang out and complete tasks together.
>After the retreat decide to stay in contact with those from it.
>form kind of a club to volunteer
>volunteer regularly at homeless shelter
>One night everyone ditches but me and the 8/10
Ayy hairy terrone fag here
I endorse this badly punctuated post
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>girl apparently had a crush on me for 2 years
>became close with her
>basically gave me a hand written invitation to ask her out
>took the hint
>was my gf for 5 years

ahh, what a time
She's cheating on you.
Also she fucked 50 guys before she met you. No condoms.
xanax and booze is a game changer if you have anxiety problems
File: Monkey_Chan.jpg (2 MB, 1952x3264) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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I flew to the Philippines and got my own monkey Chan gf
File: IMG_1917.png (255 KB, 404x605) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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>Meet qt shy girl in class in high school few years younger than me
>Shes shy and awkward. I'm awkward but can tell her autist level is higher
>Befriend her. No intention of dating her. Two years goes by about to graduate she asks me out
>Don't know what to say and shit gets awkward
>We stop talking, she goes to uni
>She moves back to hometown
>We hang out a couple of times
>Get drunk and make out/fug
>Now shes my wife
I had a girlfriend untill I punctured holes in my condoms,took a picture and sent it to her via text with a message saying "I never want to see your crazy ass again!"
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I've had four girlfriends. Filipina, Russian, American (with alleged Cuban ancestry), Thai. Which one do you wanna hear about?
Nothing special, really.

> met her at work (different departments)
> I was disinterested initially and throughout
> she puts her number in my phone
> invites me out to eat
> accept, don't wanna be rude
> talk for a few weeks
> she tells me her life story and shit
> has a kid, the dad is out of the picture
> go out drinking one night
> get absolutely fucking wasted
> all of a sudden she's a goddamn 9/10
> Thanks, beer goggles.
> make out, boner activated, feel her up, etc
> I demand that she show me her breasts
> Keep in mind, we're standing by her car in a parking lot
> some talk from her about a relationship
> too drunk to process, "let me sober up."
> a few days later, figure "why not?"
> she's over the moon
> I'm not entirely enthused
> she cancelled our would-be first date because she can't find a sitter
> We go out frequently
> she frequently mentions she wants my dick
> I still don't want her as I'm not entirely attracted to her
> I don't wanna take care of someone else's kid
> keep going out a few more times
> start growing fond of her, slowly
> she cuts off all communication out of nowhere
> I make attempts to reach out with no success
> I rapidly lose interest
> Decide I'm not putting up with having my time wasted
> Run into her from time to time
> each time: "We need to talk."
> each time, she ducks me and vanishes
> One day, I finally get her alone for a long-needed discussion
> "I need to talk to you."
> 'What's up, anon?'
> "I don't know how to say this so-"
> 'It's been a rough month for me. My mom and grandma moved in with me, my kid starts school soon, and I haven't had time for anything, really. I missed you.
> "I'm breaking up with you."
> She is stunned and trying to conceal her heartbreak
> it does nothing for me but strengthen my resolve
> 'Is it someone else?'
> "No. Yes."
> She tries to justify her blatant silence
> I tell her communication isn't impossible in this day and age
> She says she's sorry but I just tell her to stop
> She tries to kiss me but I just pull back
> She is offended but plays it off and pecks my cheek
> I turn around and walk away

Later she sent a text asking if we were still friends. I still see her from time to time but there's nothing there. I've moved on and so has she. Of course, I'm a little annoyed by the fact that she told people I was a virgin which I'm not.
Pretty much this... I would still be a virgin if it weren't for alcohol
>Introduced by mutual acquaintances.
>One look was all I needed to know this girl was a world of trouble.
>Decide to bow out
>She takes interest me decides to pursue
>I run like hell say I'll never be her boyfriend
>She says I can try
>keep running she decides to call in reinforcements for help
>Under assault of Her and Allies I surrender
>Terms are dating and monogamous relationship

Eventually I got free and discovered how fucking AWESOME it is to be single...like goddamn. Million types better off being alone then being in bad company. Can't say how it feels to be with someone who is good company and being alone. As she is my only ex and ruined relationships for me for years before I finally got over it. I don't mind being lonely as much as i just have to remember that hell and it makes quite the difference. Would still like to know what a good relationship is like though now that I finally got over it.

Remember robots your better off alone then in bad company. I learned this the hard way.
You're gonna have to go into further detail.
Sick Gosha fits, man.
I liked her status on facebook,literally.
I messaged her about Zelda on OKCupid. In retrospect it never should have worked out, [spoilers]I'm high-test bitch[/spoilers]
In what? Because being single after a bad relationship is pure fucking bliss.

The world of trouble part was due to her appearance. It sunk into my thick teenage skull I wanted nothing to do with this woman. She got curious and investigated found something that she like a lot decided to come after me(I never found out what). When I realized she was coming after me I did my best to dissuade her and run away. I swear it only served to make her try harder and she decided to get help. Having to face off against her and co. I ended up losing and surrendered. I became her boyfriend and we started dating.

Took me some time to worm my way out of it but I got there eventually. Been single ever since despite some interest of others but I was so fried from the experience I just ignored them.

I don't know what else there is to know. Its not like it happened instantly or with a single event. It took place over a period of time.
Only if you're tall + attractive
I've had two. I've come to realize I just don't like women raised in this generation.

First GF I met in middle school and we dated in high school. She was into guys with long hair and I was one of the few guys (stupidly) doing that so she pursued me. We broke up a year or so later because she was fucking crazy. She ended up dating someone else nearly instantly and I went into pure robot mode for 5 years (gained a shit ton of weight / depressed / no friends / etc.).

Second GF I knew from a family member but we didn't talk much until college. I dated her because she had no self-confidence and would do whatever I told her. It stopped being fun once I realized she didn't plan on working after school and wanted to do absolutely nothing 24/7. I'm almost certain she has autism but she didn't want to get NEETbux for some reason, she just expected others to pay for her. She also had a butterface and was god-awful at sex, so I wasn't really phased by breaking up with her.

Most women I meet who like the same things as me are usually like all the other Staceys personality-wise (narcissistic selfie takers who have never understood loneliness) so I never pursue them. I really hate how social media has made it so easy for basically any woman to get instant gratification for posting the same fucking picture from a different angle over and over again.
It used to be a lot better years back. Back then even a robot had a chance to get with a hot chick(if odd one because she used online dating).

Now if you possess a penis it only works if you are


God help you if you don't even have one of those qualities. To add further insult to injury the woman quality has also dropped significantly.
>14 years old
>go house friend
>see her sister
>she adds to me MSN
>we talk
>i went to his house
>we started to hang out

Bitch left me for my best friend back then
And now i'm here, fuck women.
>she initiates contact
>asks to add my Memebook
>talk that night find out she's a Virgin so was I
>fuck the next day
>break up 5 months later because she's clingy
>regret it ever since

It's been 3 years
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2 MB, 5000x5000
Met a girl on okcupid who I thought was into me. I don't know, maybe she was, she said she loved me all the time but then cheated on me and tried to say it was my fault, so I kinda doubt if she actually cared about me at all.

I'm fairly good looking, even by normie standards, but I'm socially awkward and dislike being around most people so it's hard for me to meet anyone. It was a year ago now and I still think about every now and then. I really just want to be with someone that likes me.
>just be born with top 1% facial genetics
>it's easy
If you're both so bad socially how did you meet?
How did you get her to like you?
File: noidonthaveagun.jpg (27 KB, 410x358) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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A mutual gay friend of ours introduced us

We got together a few weeks after getting to know each other

She broke up with me few days later because she said she didn't feel that same feeling when she first met me

I was able to reel in a qt that everyone knew and wondered why she chose me and I just wasted it somehow

That was 6 years ago

Everytime I see anything Nirvana related I always think of her because she was a BIG fan and would always talk about them

probably why im a big fan of their pleb music
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