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Does anyone here have morning sickness every...
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Does anyone here have morning sickness every day when you wake up due to social anxiety?

>puke/dry heave every single morning since junior year of high school (in 2nd semester of college now)
>the thought and sight of food makes me nauseas
>started eating less and less
>can barely keep down one medium size meal a day
>I've lost 30 pounds since September
>muscles are starting to deteriate due to low caloric intake
>can't ask for help from anyone because no one gives a shit

How much longer can I go on like this?
Shit man, have you looked into therapy? This is pretty severe.

I have social anxiety and I also get physical symptoms in the mornings, but mine are usually diarrhea and elevated heart rate. CBT and progressive muscle relaxation help. Maybe try those and l-theanine / some other nootropics targeting anxiety?
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You sound so cute I wish I could cuddle you and stroke your hair and tell you everything is gonna be ok
anon, you're describing me completely. ive been going through this since my freshman year in hs, senior now. i eat sometimes but its usually at home when im alone. the only thing i can think of is getting anxiety meds.
Therapy is the last thing on my mind. If I can't talk to my parents about my issues then how could I to a complete stranger? The worst part is I hate the feeling of being selfish so I portray myslef to everyone around me as a happy person so I can avoid telling people how I really feel.
I've been using weed to calm my anxiety at night but it's not really doing much considering the worst of it comes in the morning and I can't smoke to calm down because I have to drive 50 minutes to class every morning
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op i know what you feel. from 1997-2005 i used to be like that. especially 96-02.
many days i couldn't drink water. i spend high school in a haze of dehydration and starvation every morning i had to go out.
getting sick without food inside was really bad.
a lemony taste in my mouth and some green sle from the stomach.
i had undiagnosed GAD but it became a pukophobia. my first panic attack i puked in front of crowds of people outdoors and scarred the shit out of me. i still hear a neighbor getting sick or something and the sounds freak me out. watching jackass series i would close my eyes and ears.
nowadays i see the light slowly. it took a long time because i was a naive and ignorant shell of a man. having said that therapy when i can afford it and meds help me a lot.
but it is an everyday struggle and managing.
breathing cbt exercises help me but are hard to get used to.
apparently i breath twice as fast as what is 'normal' in psychiatry.
trying to bring this down, basically change my auto breathing.. pretty hard.
you can ask for help. go by yourself to a psychiatrist. please stop what you are doing in the morning, go tp counselling servicea and send an email to your advisor professor.
tell them openly. i need aomw timw because my anxiety is peaking.
you will feel better.
it's me. are you sure your parents don't care or is it something else hidden?
it took me 10years to realize i didn't tell them back then "fuck you i am not gping to school anymore until you help me" because i was afraid of them.perfectionists and i felt like i wasnt allowed to feel bad or ill..
god damn... hang in there buddy. you can fight it. stop with the happy mask, i also did that and backfired on me.
get angry. declare you feel ill.
i appreciate the advice but the world i am currently living is such a lie that if i were to do anything that would suggest that im anything other than okay my family would look at me like a mental patient who is just looking for attention. as for therapy i seriously dont know where i would begin looking for one. i must also add that i live with parents as im still in college and when im not home when im supposed to im questioned and there is no way i could keep it a secret. anyways, thanks again
i understand. think about it though. also choose a psychologist/psychiatry first if so not just a therapist.
you need some chemical to balance you out first.
my family still don't understand why i take meds for something 'that you can stop with your thoughts, just chill and think positive'
and when occasionally we up the dosages because bad periods they are like what happened are you getting worse and still can't manage it after all these years.
i don't think they will ever understand how it ia to wake up in a state of emergency in your head.
i wake up some days and without realizing what day it is i am already tired from morning anxiety. By 10am i am sleepy again from the tension.

fuck this modern western construct of a world...
I have social anxiety, and it used to be for me that every week or so I would throw up and be nauseous for a day. Eventually went to the doctor and found out I had high blood pressure from my anxiety. Really high. Like, 220/160 high.

You may want to visit a hospital and get checked out.
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i feel sick before i smoke first cigarette of the day after that im fine
im going to be honest this is the most ive ever communicated about this and its so new that ive typed several paragraphs in response to you that i just ended up deleting because ive never put my feels into words
i know this feel also. i haven't spilled those thoughts of mine that raw to anyone before not even my psych..
it's alright. hang in there until the switches turn in your head amd see for yourself.
ciggies are weird sometimes they sort me out some others they fuck me up.
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i think its more like a mental thing that i feel shit because i havent smoked in a long time
thanks for your help anon i really mean it. im not sure what my first step is but in time it will come. there are some family members who really truly love me (grandparents) maybe i can talk to them about it somehow
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let it sink in and stay patient. take care, here's a cato.
i feel shit when i smoke too much.
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i have smoked 10 cigarettes in a row and i didnt feel shit
I used to, and also got eczema because of it around that time too.
Marijuana motherfucker
that is what i am using right now but as i previously stated i cant smoke in the morning when its the worst because i have to drive for 50 mins and its not worth ruining my life even more with the possibility of getting pulled over
I dont have panic attacks or social anxiety. The things is, I dont like eating with people. Period. I hate it. I have been like this since I can remember. I think is trauma from something that happened during my early childhood(Im talking really early here). When I was a kid I used to go to birthday parties at school but I wouldnt eat anything. I just couldnt. This has escalated over the years so that I dislike eating with my family and friends. It's okay if I eat at home though. I have normal weight. I eat like a pig when Im at home. Im kinda bulky, desu.

I dont remember why I got this. Like I said it must be trauma. My parents used to fight a lot. Really heavy shit. Must be related to this.

Its not so severe. I eat normally at school and other places, but I get anxiety thinking about it, which led me to sometimes avoid social situations. I fear I might puke. This never happened but my brain doesnt accept that. Its not like I chose to be anxious, its that my brain is not wired correctly.

I live in a world of shit. And it smells.
Wow i have exactly the same thing going on.
damn that sounds rough, i wish you the best of luck in overcoming what you are facing anon
Thanks senpai
Could you describe?

I am an emetophobe and am so good at holding back that I've puked less than 20 times in my life (30 years). But when I do it's like a volcano.
I feel nauseous constantly through out the average day, but I have no clue why
When ever my social anxiety gets bad, I get a super bad headache
Like throbbing pain and it feels like I have a fever

>tfw super naseous every day but put away a pizza and a half
>gain weight constantly
>went up 3 pant sizes in the past 5 months
thats how i was until i figured that my weight was probably the reason i feel shitty so not i basically starve myself

>tfw the captcha was steak
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Thread images: 7
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