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How does it feel to be moderately attractive?...
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How does it feel to be moderately attractive? Not a 10/10 or 9/10, but still above average? How does it feel to go in a living environment and notice girls like you? Can you even notice this if you're not a 10/10? Because I know that in my case, when I'm on uni, I think some girls are great looking, but I don't show it at all. Do girls show it somehow? Do they come up to talk to you themselves, or do even the hot guys have to initiate conversation themselves?
the only two times girls approached me were when I was 11 and about 13, they dont mind the autism at this age. I kissed them and now I haven't touched a girl in 5 years, I've went through high school alone, not even friends, so I dont think it makes much difference desu
I don't know if I am attractive or not since no other person has said anything.

I put myself together well enough that 2 women have approached me in 4 years of uni. I did not find them attractive so I just soft rejected.

I see men and women constantly talking but I always wonder the situation behind it. Like why are they talking? How did they meet and why continue to get together?

I see people on the internet talk about cold approach, but I have never once seen it on campus. I just see the students walking to class. Even when I sit in social zones I never see it.
I'm pretty good looking, either a 8 or 9/10 and I only get approached if I'm relaxed with friends. When I'm not distracted I'm very tense and look like I don't want anyone to talk to me. So basically it depends a lot on your mood and how you act.
You generally tend to catch them looking at you more, not like 9/10 girls but girls in general, plus girls tend make excuses to talk to you (again, not 10/10 girls but still). I also get a lot of people smiling at me or complementing what I'm wearing or my hair and the like.
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>be 10
>be the cute boy all the girls are in love with
>had a different "playground girlfriend" every week
>the stuff that I liked wasn't weird at that age (pokemon, vidya etc)
>go to highschool
>suddenly girls start to mature
>I'm still the same kid
>"hahaha anon, you still watch anime? You're almost 15!! start acting your age"
>become more quiet
>become the weird kid
>get chubbier because I don't really care anymore
>now I'm 25, fat, and I realize I already had my prime 15 years ago...
I think I'm too autismal to notice in most cases, but one time I'm pretty sure a girl showed some interest.
She sat close to me a couple of times when we had lectures together and started small conversations.
I usually never spoke to anyone in that class, but once she saw me in the corridor, said hi first and started small convo before parting ways.
Never saw her again since then. Ah, of course I noticed this only after some days.

That's pretty much the only time it happened.
>2 women have approached me in 4 years of uni
How exactly? They came up to you and started talking about? If so, what did they talk about?

What do they talk with you about?
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Feels alright
Come on now.
At least this will make the thread more lively.
>tfw some cutie who was probably a high schooler gave me the sexy eyes as I passed her today
Sucks to be a babyface 22 year old who looks 16
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It feels really bad to actually know how it is to be popular when you're now lightyears away from it.
I'm fairly attractive, and I see people check me out fairly often. It's usually just quick glances, but occasionally a girl will just stare at me for a bit, I also am super popular amongst gay men.

But I'm a type, so it's not like I'm constantly being checked out, and stared at, it's just that occasionally a girl will be into me. It's alright.

Sometimes I wish that I was a beautiful Chad character, and I probably could be if I exercised more, and stopped smoking. But I don't want to do that.
>a lot of acne scar and acne on face
>go to a treatment
>a girl which works there is smearing something on my face
>"do you have class later today or did you have it already"
>hfw I told her I am attending uni
>mfw babyface
Same thing with personality, I'm silly, arguably metrosexual, but I have a low voice and masculine features. Sometimes people think it's great, sometimes people think I'm very annoying. People also think I seem to be faking my emotions because I flip through them, and compartmentalize quickly.
Im above average atractive and 6'' so i think i can talk about this.

You do notice some girls like you but not many. That may be good or bad. I feel nervous when people i dont know just like me because my apereance and dont realize im cyborg/normal guy.

The main problem is that the girl you actually like or have a crush, may not like you. When u are a 10/10 u are a 10/10 for every person in the planet. When u are 7,8 /10 you may be a 5 or 6 for other people.

So then comes the insecurity, you dont feel handsome or hot enough to get the girl you like and end up being a robot in 4chan and not a normal guy
Your theory doesn't apply to everyone though. There are people which don't become robots even though the aren't a 10/10.
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>at Starbucks
>accidentally cut in line in front of some qts
>I turn around and apologize and go to the back
>they think it's cute
>as I wait for my coffee, 9/10 blonde girl come up and tells me that she loves my style
>"t-thanks" in uncharacteristic high pitched voice
>disappointment on her face as she sits back down
Being good looking doesn't mean shit if you aren't confident.
>they dont mind the autism at this age
I remember that girls also weren't picky with looks at that age, you'd see fat and ugly kids with girlfriends all the time.
I wonder what makes them change?
>i wonder what makes them change
realizing that their pussy has power over betas
Depends on where I am, or what I was doing. If I'm at university, they'll ask about my course, what year I'm in, where I live and things like that. If I'm out at a bar or a club, it usually begins with them asking 'are you having a good night?', or asking for a ciggarette lighter. Then they talk about the music, the friends they're there with, what other places they generally tend to go to on nights out.
what's your style?
they go from girls to women, now they dont like cute boys anymore, they like status. Haven't you noticed how your girl classmates always dated older guys? you have to be a 10/10 chad to date an older woman in high school, and still a insecure woman
I'm pretty attractive but not very like a male model or something.

If I had a vibrant social life and really tried hard to meet girls I would probably do well with them but I don't and I'm shy so they don't' care.
You gotta learn to read vibes dude
There's sexual tension and eye fucking that goes on before u approach a girl. This is why artists struggle because they cannot discern the vibes. Girls won't come up to you or even overtly show interest you have to catch their eyes usually she will smile if she thinks you're cute. You smile back and begin the approach
Why are social rituals so autistically esoteric and specific?
Being very attractive and having the spergs is something i would not wish on anybody

>girls are so intimidated by you that they sperg out which creates a chain reaction of the spergs
>if girls actually do hit on me i sperg out and they think im on drugs
>people constantly ask if im a closet gay because i dont have a gf
>whole family thinks your on meth because i should have a gf

the only benefit of being really good looking is that people are generally nice to you. Seriously everybody thinks i take drugs because i dont talk and keep to myself, they cant fathom that someone good looking is not a chad.
I have an above average face,

30 but look 25 and have girls rarely come up to me (e.g. a 19yo has a friend ask me for my number in a cafe this week).

That feels good, but I know /r9k/ and redpill and view everything through that lense.
The following would hold in any case, though: It's never enough. You always think you have to deal with girls who are actually below you (say 1 or 2 points below me on a out of 10 scale and I still have to do a lot of work to bed them, if even) and that if I only had X, then I wouldn't have to work (e.g. be 6'2, or be that guy who plays guitar at parties)
They usually just smile and then look away
WTF! are you me? This literally happened to me a few weeks back.
What does that even mean??
>Autistically esoteric
It's words with no meaning
They aren't always that systematic that was an easy breakdown
I also want to add that
>girl comes up to me/has people ask about me/sits purposely next to me/starts conversion by asking me to watch her stuff
only happens if I signal I'm approachable with a smile. E.g. last month I walk along the pavement, look over the street and explicitly give her a smile, she crosses the road and asked a random question like if she's allowed to park here. This shit only happens if I make the first step by signaling I'd talk with her with my face. It's "a chore" to keep a good mood to have this happen.

pic related is my kind of face, except not model level of course
>How does it feel to be moderately attractive?
It's a stark and harrowing reminder that love is vapid and meaningless. It feels warm because you're on the good side of it I guess but warm in an empty way.

I only feel contempt for all the people that give me preferential treatment because my face looks a certain way.
I somehow managed to have girls as friends or at least I would hang around with them despite the fact that I have a bland personality, I put that down to being attractive. One guy asked if I was gay because I'm good looking. Whether I hit on them or not, most girls tend to assume I'm only trying to fuck them so they don't give me the time of day when they find out I don't have much game. Being told I'm attractive has also given me a lot of self confidence in recent years, I used to struggle looking people in the eye but now I can get others to look away with my gaze
No one cares if you're ugly, really, i'm a pretty cubby male with looks similar to Jontron just to give you an example, the key, OP, it's to be funny and confident
If you're able to be funny and confident, you'll fuck every girl in the world, i'serious
I used to be a pretty awkward looking teenager, had no friends through high school, ect. Around 18 I grew into my face and body, and now I definitely see a huge difference. Girls stare at me wherever I go, guys can give you dirty looks too. I've had instances at parties where guys would stop and tell me that I'm beautiful lol. Everyone is nicer to me. If I apply for a job in person I always get it, teachers are nicer, and the best part is that I feel like I can do whatever I want without being judged. People are very hypocritical. I love animals and comics and have a a giant akira poster in my room and whenever girls see it they always say that's it's cool and interesting. When I don't talk it's mysterious, when I am mean, it's because there's something going on in my life and it's ok. It's amazing what I can get away with. But it's left me pretty butter desu, after seeing how shallow women are. And no I'm not posting pictures so don't ask. Believe me if you want
>creepy eye fucking is the secret
no senpai

just be smooth. meaning... talk to her like she's from a foreign country, doesn't know English, and needs directions.

>speak slowly
>speak deliberately
>use hand motions
>keep consistent eye contact

the best part is that this style makes YOU feel more relaxed too. less pressure.

being smooth doesn't mean being witty. most people here (including myself) are not witty. it means having a "presence." like, getting her attention and allowing her to "take you in."

one thing i do when meeting new girls is actually put artificial pauses in the conversation.

>friend or family member: "anon, how's school going?"
>me: "pretty good"

>random, new girl: "so what are you studying?"
>me: (smiling; watching her eyes, breathing, and other nonverbal cues) "hmm? what?"
>girl: "what are you studying?"
>me: "oh. i'm majoring in english."

*anime not animals
I'm 27, 6'3 and have always been told above average looking.

You notice people let their guards down around you, you can see how people smile when you greet them and how they don't at other people and so on. It helps a lot at my job, working in Real Estate.

They naturally seem to trust you a bit more, some girls seem to act a bit shier, others approach you. I've had stuff like giving out my number at a hairdressers to the secretary to register and her saying if she can keep the number for herself at which I just take like a joke and move on, stuff like that.

I'm still mostly a sperglord so I have no friends or anything, but people in the street consider me a normalfag and there's no reason not to, I'm good at small talk and superficially looking like a normie.

Then I get home and I open /r9k/ and spend the rest of my time here.
Girls sometimes try to talk to me rarely but I always sperg and scare them away
>I see people on the internet talk about cold approach, but I have never once seen it on campus.
If you're living in a city with more than half a million people, I'm pretty sure there are "PUA communities". I've accidentally encountered those people on main streets in several cities around me (Germany)

In cafes I start conversations all the time. On the street I gathered courage a view times (when seeing a girl waiting somewhere) but if I recall correctly not much came from those times.
Bus stops are a bretty good place to do cold approaches actually.
That dude is gay, all super attractive dudes are gay.
Oh I remembered an occasion where a girl was purposely bumping into me from my side in a church meeting I went.
What is the correct action to respond this?
I'm probably somewhere around an 8. It's pretty nice. I catch girls checking me out fairly often. Sometimes they even flirt with me. It happens rarely enough for it to feel like a big deal. Doesn't yield a lot of tangible benefits though. A majority of girls wanting to fuck you under the right circumstances isn't the same thing as women begging you for sex. I didn't lose my virginity until I 19, and that was a drunken one night stand. It was nearly 2 years before I had sex again (with a frankly kinda ugly friend of mine when when were both stoned and bored), and over two years after that before my third time, which was with my first and to date only girlfriend. Yes, yes I can already hear you furiously typing about what a normie I am and how that isn't so bad, but my point is that I know people far less attractive than me who get laid far more often.

It's really tempting to think that if you were just a little more attractive things would be so much better. I do it all the time- "If only I wasn't barely 5'9....," "If only I had the discipline to work out more and get just a little bit of muscle definition..."- but the reality is that it really won't change that much. If I were 5'10 I'd be wishing I was 5'11. If I were in marginally good shape I'd wish I was in great shape. These are just coping mechanisms we invent for ourselves so we don't have to admit the problem is us.
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It's a fucking curse. I'm good looking but not nearly Chad -tier. I'm not good looking enough to compensate for my shyness and autism.
This means I see uglyer guys with gfs while I continue to remain invisible to all women.
Unless you're at least a 9/10 megachad, women will never notice you.
My old roommate and one of my best friends is Chad incarnate. He recently got married but when he was single it was amazing to go to bars with him.

>me and him would just be sitting at a table or at the bar, minding our own business
>9/10 girls would routinely approach him and spill spaghetti when they tried to talk to him
>he didn't have to put any effort into it at all
>they would buy him drinks and do all the talking, laughed their asses off at anything he said
>even when he was clearly not interested and insulting them they still laughed and loved it
>he helped me get laid a few times too, and not with the fat friend but with cute friends of whatever supermodel Stacy desperately wanted his dick

I can't imagine what life would be like with hot women just throwing themselves at you like that. I have to bust my ass to even have a girl acknowledge my existence while he steps outside and has model-tier chicks crawling all over him. It's depressing to know it's that easy for some men while getting any female attention is a massive challenge for me, but it was still quite the experience to watch the process from a front row seat. He has fucked tons of chicks but honestly with all the top-shelf pussy that has spread its legs wide open for him I'm surprised he isn't in the triple digits.
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tips collar.jpg
287 KB, 965x1331
White Collar was a pretty good show.
It sucks cause the expectations of you are high, but girls approach me all the time and it's annoying because I have bad anxiety and I sperg out
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You feel very loved by your parents. You cannot do wrong. Girls act shy around you. That's about it

I will die without knowing what it's like to have a girl aknowlwge me.
And fucking Chad has it happen daily.
girls approach me a lot, it's either because i'm attractive or i have a terminal case of gay face. could be either or.

anyway i think i have schizoid pd, i don't really want to be friends with anyone but i dont necessarily not like people in general. i dont think pretty girls know how to deal with a man who's not interested in them, i think it makes them very insecure
8/10 robot checking in. Ask questions if you want. I'll be lurking.
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Today I had a ugly divorcing girl want me to come over after our night shifts tomorrow, currently fucking a cute faced fatty, and went to lunch with a petitie beautiful short hair girl for lunch. All coworkers. I just want to watch the world burn. I need some more liquor. I guess I might be ugly chad or something I dunno.
How old are you?
Do you use your trait to turn down sluts?
No dude I'm talking bar sluts and you don't eye fuck them they do it to you you just read the signs
Turned 18 this year. I am from NYC, where people are very socially reserved, and I have no friends, so am not often approached and don't really have to turn down anyone. I don't think I could afford to turn down sluts any more than a less attractive robot could.
File: dhg3uyrt3.jpg (109 KB, 960x960) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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I don't think I'm bad looking, but my social ineptness doesn't play in my favor. Plus I apparently say things that are insensitive so people think I'm an asshole.
I'm about a 7. Or so I've been told by several lady friends. I never got dates though, because I'm shit at that and kind of lack the confidence to do so.

You can be an attractive dude and still not get any.
If you stare at girls, do they stare back for a decent amount of time? I had this thing happen to me, I was sitting in the room looking at a cute girl which was across me, we stared at each other for a long time a few times, but she only smiled once or twice during the time we stared, the rest of the time she was serious. I think sometimes she'd look away if I looked at her again, and a few times she would stop staring and look at something else, then after a short amount of time stare back and see me still staring, then continue to stare at me. I know I am an autistic creep, but just wondering.
7/10 here. There's a huge difference in the comments I get from average/ugly girls and the comments I get from attractive girls.

From ugly/average girls, I've gotten:

>most beautiful man ever
>definition of handsome
>hipster nerd-chic superstud
>the world's most adorable Doogie Howser

From attractive girls, I've gotten:

>deformed Neil Patrick Harris
>handsome, sure, but not like, "wow"
>you look like someone left a wax sculpture of Neil Patrick Harris under a heatlamp
>who the hell do you think you are, Barney Stinson or something?

nice taste family
File: 1453926817932.gif (911 KB, 422x585) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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>be good looking, outgoing, cute and "alpha" as a kid
>become a fat loner beta goblin lookalike in puberty
I'm probably an 8. Girls don't generally come up to me out of the blue (they will if I'm in a foreign country where I'm exotic, but that's a different story) but they will deliberately prolong and deepen standard interactions and subtly (or not) make it clear they are open to more. A female friend of mine always tells me that girls do stare at me when I'm walking around university, I notice it a few times a day but definitely not as much as she claims.

I forgot an insult that I got from an average girl:

>did you lose your eyebrows fighting the arachnids?

That one really stung because Starship Troopers is one of my favorite movies and it really sucks that the only girl that I've ever seen reference it was shooting me down. For the record, I have eyebrows but they're really, really light blonde.
This happens to me a few times a day if I try. I often find girls looking my way, but if I'm not feeling too hot, I sometimes dismiss this as imagined. On days during which I feel confident, I can usually get three or more girls to make eye contact with me and play the sort of "eye tag" you mention. They almost never smile, though. I've had a few girls in my life just continuously stare at my face, almost autist mode on their part.
lol and people say girls arent funny
Same guy replying:
This one girl is showing affection for me, or a least I think so. This is like the fourth month since we know each other (we're in the same work group, that's why, I'm too autistic to initiate anything with females), the first two weeks she was really open, for example she followed me everywhere constantly, and one time I joked about jumping through a window she said "Don't!" in a serious tone. After the first two weeks she stopped being that open, but she still keeps hugging me every time she greets me, and this one time she was standing with her hot friend and commented "Look at him, isn't he the cutest guy here?". Two times she willingly took my hand and held it for like a minute, and she was the only person to send me a "Happy New Year" message. She also told me two times how she's going to get me out of the house (in a sense that we're going to take a walk together etc).
I always feel bad around her, because I know I can't return those feelings and I feel terrible, because I always complain on /r9k/ how guys suffer because girls ignore them or something. I also feel cringy because I never was hugged or kissed on the cheek willingly in my life (not counting parents).
The girl isn't ugly either, she's just a bit chubbier when it comes to her body, and is really short, but I don't mind either, she has a cute voice and is a cute person overall, it's just that she's too shallow. I don't mean that in a bad way, it's the stuff she likes etc.
>judging her without getting to know her
>she's the shallow one

Never change, /r9k/
Gonna stop you right there. I read your whole story and it was entertaining, but I'm a bonafide robot. I have never had a girlfriend, never kissed a girl or even come close, full-blown virgin. I don't think I can relate to you, even if I can offer advice. Just know that you're in a better place than 99% of this board, and appreciate it.
On the other hand, there's this 10/10 sociopathic girl which is cold as fuck, but I got the hots for her. It's her being hot + cold, and also not being entirely shallow (she's not fucking Einstein, but I could actually talk about some more serious topics with her, and her taste in something like, for example, music, isn't completely plebbish).
Of course, I can't do anything with her, we had a serious talk two times, and I asked her out for a drink 2 times, first time she ignored me and when I later openly asked why, she said it's because she didn't like my tone (I responded with "doesn't sound too promising to me, but alright" when she responded with "We'll see, there's time" to my "Want to go out for a drink?"), and the second time the time and place was set, but she flaked out on me. Haven't talked to her since then and she's avoiding me of course, probably because I'm on a "don't give a fuck for except for the occasional talk when he initiates it himself" scale. Or maybe she was disgusted by my inability to approach her in real life and initiate conversation, instead resorting to lucky cases where we meet in the hall, or talking to her over Facebook. Nah, it's not that definitely, just my overly optimistic side speaking.

I said "it's the stuff she likes", I'm talking about books, movies, music etc.
As a person, I don't know her too well, but I think she's really caring.

I wouldn't say 99%. Also I haven't kissed either. I'm 19 btw.
I'll try to advise anyway. Stop chasing this girl. If you're redpilled, you know it won't lead to anything. She's not into you off the bat, and chasing her more will just boost her ego and make her even more disinterested in you. Completely ignore her. If she ignores you too, who cares, you don't care about her anymore anyhow. If she starts falling for you because of you newfound disinterest, play it wisely, but don't bank on this happening. Just find some new quarry; move on.
Thanks for the advice, already aware of what I should do. I am redpilled for sure, but sometimes the urges get the best of me, and I contemplate the way the society works and why am I like this. By "this" I mean so fucking unfit for life. I'm afraid to do most things that are new, and have so little self-esteem and confidence it's unimaginable. Yet, I can't stop blaming myself because I feel like I am deceiving myself, and that I can fix my problems if I wanted to. I claim I have social anxiety, but sometimes when I'm outside (not in a cafe, but uni), I behave like a real normalfag when I'm relaxed (don't know yet why I'm relaxed though), but the symptoms for social anxiety should be permanent, right? So I feel like I am making all this shit up to feel special, because maybe my world would crumble if I realized I am like an average person. Yet, I can't seem to stop myself.
Also I get the urge to approach hot girls and talk to them, even if I know I won't do jack shit, because even if they showed interest, I never go outside (no cafes, bars etc), and am too shy and have little to no self-esteem to invite them anywhere. And who knows, maybe I have all that and can go outside if I want to, but am deceiving myself.
My life is a living hell, it's been like this since last year, when I started noticing girls and these things more. Is it hormones?
just kiss her dude
fucking obvious she want it
there was this girl who would always grab my face and caress it when I kissed her cheek (that's how we greet here)
does that means something?
I'm kinda attractive, but I look pretty young so only girls like 3 years younger than me like me, but to them I seem to be really awesome. It's also easier to hide your powerlevel from them I guess, but not really.
Not sure if it means anything, if kissing the cheek is a greeting where you live.
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