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>"No I understand if you're...
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>"No I understand if you're tired Anon. It's okay. Its been a long week for us both, at least the weekend is almost here! Hey, how about I go get us a glass of cold water and then we can cuddle for a little while until one of us goes to sleep? I'm sort of tired too, and I always sleep so much better when you're here with me."

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I will fucking strangle you if you don't leave my house. Go on. Getouttahere
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>"You know I really like being around you Anon. I mean you're so invested in life, it's like you can't help but allow everything to effect you in some way. You seemed so cold and sort of detached before, but I realize now that you just act that way so people won't think you're a wimp. I know this'll sound weird but I have this really strong urge to look after you or something. Or maybe not look after, but...Well I can't explain it. But I know that if you really like me as much a you say you do then I can only hope we can keep spending time together like this."

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:^( way to make me feel shittier anon
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>I mean you're so invested in life

Remember this Robots. The Vaginal Jew is seeks your investments. She will try to make you a dependent business, put you in debt with high interest rates.

Do not fall for the Vaginal Jew.
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>"You're not old! Well at least you don't look it. I mean it's different for a girl. Now that my little sister's all grown up I feel I just have to accept that I'm not the cute one in the family any more. And anyway girls find older guys attractive, but it's only downhill for me! Okay, okay I'll stop being depressing! Hey, you're the one who brought this up! Well you'll always be beautiful to me. And as long as you find me pretty that's all that matters to me."

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>and I always sleep so much better when you're here with me.
m-my fucking heart pls no
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>"Oh Anon. I don't like hearing you talk like this. I just don't like to imagine you being alone for so long. I can understand why you might be a little hesitant to form relationships with people but it just seems to me like you're punishing yourself for some reason by being as isolated as you are. Look I know we both have pretty dark sense of humours and that you make fun of yourself a lot of the time to make me laugh, but really Anon I hope that you don't really believe those things you say about yourself sometimes. I really hope you don't because in the time I've gotten to know you I've come to realize what a genuinely nice and caring human being you are. But somehow I get the feeling that no matter how many times I tell you that you will always find a reason not to believe me."

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But I'm right. The Holocaust never happened.
i see this girl posted a lot but always the same pic. please post some more robots.
>too tired to have sex

No, we didn't evolve that way. Men evolved to be tired after sex.

I am a tired person, I have low energy, but when it comes to sex I can make the energy for that. Then and only after sex is when I can sulk in my dopamine.
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>"Anon I know you have some emotional issues and baggage but I don't think it matters. I can look after you and I'll help you get through your bad moments. I'm going to be right here beside you all along and you can let it out. Come on, let's hold hands. Just put your trust in me, your job and future isn't important, I fell in love with your personality. I just want us to be happy with each other."

Jeb Bush? Are you low energy?
L O W ?
E N E R G Y?
This is a pretty sad fantasy man. I think you watch too many movies/anime.
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>"Hey anon, can you help me pick out a filter before I upload this to insta? Who cares it's just part of my nipple it's artsy. Omg you act like you're the only guy who's ever gonna see me naked. So what if I reply back to some of the guys commenting, they're my friends it'd be rude not to. Yeah we fucked but it was before we started officially going out. God I swear you're so insecure sometimes, and it really turns me off."

> tfw some poor frogposter believed this when it was said to him.
>Hey anon, can you help me pick out a filter

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she's very sweet
Not when it comes down to a woman's box. I am low energy because so much goes into a woman's box.
Do you enjoy making people feel miserable, you sick fuck?
Why am I even asking, of course you do.
What I'm trying to say is go choke on 20 donkey cocks you nigger.
>tfw she deleted all of her videos
any backup?
You guys are blind.
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>I just can't stop thinking about him, Kelley. That poor Anon. He always looks so sad. So alone.
>Shhhh... I know Becca.
>I wish he'd come talk to us... Nobody deserves to feel unloved like that.
>We've already given him plenty of hints Becca. Whenever we try to talk to him, he just clams up. It's up to him to take the next step.
She got doxxed f a m.
Must be pretty scary to be in her situation.

If you're lurking eliza, hope you're ok. Don't want to sound preachy but I think a break from chan stuff would be for the best. Just be anon for a few years. Surely the attention is not worth being stalked, or worse.
wished i saved em desu. that one vid where she says she'll never love me really stired me up.
I also got caught in this feeling trap.
Need to reevaluate my life desu, orbiting a 15 year old internet qt is not something i actively seeked out.
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Cirno Outreach.png
693 KB, 900x900
She only exists on the other side of the glass, anon.
I love how wacky Bobby Fischer got in his later years.
I wouldn't want it any other way.
I'm happy for her to be a reflection of what i want to see.

>tfw projecting a teenage version of my ex-gf, who looks so similar to eliza that i do a double take even though she's like 24
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Me when some random loser posted this greentext
Just let me orbit in peace please.
I'm sad and lonely.
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no senpai

robbo bloxx

Why do you autists always try to simulate any kind of conversation? They never sound like anything more than an excerpt from a George Lucas script
here's some vids of her
File: yes_fam.jpg (2 MB, 5184x3456) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
2 MB, 5184x3456
yes plz senpai.

original comment
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Can't believe I've been ignoring these threads until recently. I like to save/edit some of these and replace "anon" with my crushes name in hopes I'll get to use it later on. Good shit op please post more. And if I ever use one of them I'll post it in one of these threads
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"Hey Anon I've just been so run down lately.. Want to relax and watch Aqua Teen Hunger Force with me? You know how I love just enjoying your company just lying here with you.. Oh, come on, please? You can have one of my hot pockets if you want.."
"Oops, forgot my song. Teehee!"

God I love this album
sorry, but you look like a man
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mfw smoking skelly.jpg
1 MB, 1735x2325
>This thread again

Its like the boss fight at the end of every week.
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I'm slowly coming to the conclusion that there's a lot wrong with me. I used to think that crazy people didn't know they were crazy and I was safe because I knew myself. I'm just completely delusional.

>tfw slowly destroying my relationship with my girlfriend, friends, and family with my depression, delusions, paranoia, anger, disgust, disinterest in life, and general cynicism.

>tfw wish I was dead.
>tfw spend nights, imaging myself hanging from a tree, staring at the stars as life leaves me, and wondering if I'd be scared or relieved.

Anyways, here's a song.
I love your threads anon.

W-why do they always get deleted.
>tfw no femanon that vocaroos these feels threads
pls anyone
it's gunna be ok f a m. just be yourself.
If you have a girlfriend, you're not crazy
File: guzximy.jpg (48 KB, 647x301) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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This thread hurts, anon.
I can always count on these threads to alleviate some of my stress, cry myself to sleep in these delusions.
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>Hey anon, I gotta go pinch off a massive loaf, What? yeah I'm taking he bottle in with me, you got a problem you little bitch? I'll stop whenever I want, you frogposting fuck!
Ahh!, no....
Right in the feels.....
Anyone else just too far gone for this shit?
I can't feel emotions anymore, besides annoyance and boredom.
I'd probably tell her to fuck off, so I can just wallow in my misery.
I'm a lost cause, don't waste your time, slut
so get help, dude
>tfw someone who fell in love with me actually said to me that she wants to take care of me and she will always be waiting for me.
>she also chatted me up on facebook wishing me a happy new years and that she hasn't had sex in a year.

I'm such a shallow cunt that I like what's being said but it's not the girl I'd like to be with. Literally 7 years older than me, fat and with an annoying personality... fuck me.
Someone give OP a lethal dose of morphine.
Not Op but can I have some morphine too?
sounds like she's not all that desu desu
ive seen the cooch, its p good.
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Thread images: 24
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