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uni feels
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>having trouble with midterm, missed first two weeks of school
>decide to give up
>go up to pass in the test
>everyone stares at me, whispering to each other
>"he finished the test already? what a genius!"
>tfw I most likely failed the test
I always think the people that finish first are the worst. I basically see in my mind a curve where the later you finish the higher grade you will have.
Well that makes me feel even worse, now they all know I'm a failure.
>have not done any work the whole year that isn't half-assed or done at the very last second
>still manage a 3.7 gpa somehow
>probably going to do shit next year when I have to do actual work related to engineering
>semester started
>still too autistic to fit in socially
>still too stupid to exceed academically

why was i born mediocre, r9k?
it's probably how most people are. except for the autistic part of course.
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>tfw dropped out
>tfw moving back home

>skip two weeks of school
>expect to pass mid-term

you know you did this to yourself right?
>forget that I had to manually apply for the courses I have to follow coming semester
>can't anymore
Just kill me now famalam
I had to go to the hospital, it's not my fault.
>took an art class because I didn't know what else to take
>full of hipster girls, probably 2 other guys
>I'm the only non-art major in the class and you can tell because I suck at drawing
>the class is 3 hours long 3 days a week
what have I done

yeah it's never anyone's fault when they fail school lol

Please take better care of yourself dear
don't drop out you dumb faggot

Don't you have to send them a portfolio or something before you take art classes? That's how it works at my uni except for an intro to art course which is specifically for non-art majors.
Anyone here know how to get good at calc? I'm taking calc II and I already hate it. Am I supposed to understand what I'm doing or just repeat it enough times for the test?
Well, i'm in the last year of my art degree and went from ludicrous to mediocre at drawing... Never took the proper effort tough... Now, i'm totally fucked cause i can't do anything with my degree cause i suck at it...
Maybe, going for the theoretical part is the only hope left...

Why were you in the hospital?
>Doing Grad Assistant work
>Professor wants me to use Excel to enter election data

It's not hard but fucking hell I want to die
>he needs to go to class just to pass a midterm
You need to understand, family.
I used to hate anything mathrelated until I saw the light.
It's fucking fascinating mah nigg, hit them books hard you'll come to like it.

>he collects knowledge through osmosis instead of learning it in class where non-extraterrestrial-beings learn things
> pass everything except one fucking subject i failed the resit too

Or you could just, you know, open a book, do homework, podcast lectures, etc.
Just teach art and live the comfy lifestyle
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>was neet / drop out for 4 years
>in those 4 years try working on my mental health etc
> find subject I genuinly enjoy
>decide to study it
>move across country
> semester one, join many socities to keep active, busy and possibly make friends
> Have made no friends
> but in best shape I've ever been in
> activies keep me occupied so loneliness not to bad

>winter break
>it feels off
> I feel terrible
>still going to activties but not anxious about it.
>starting to resent myself because of this
>getting marks back in the high 80s for assignments

when ever I try to make positive changes in life I find they start of well but I stall and stagnate then slide back. I don't know what to do.
>learning through osmosis
Fund it.
>not anxious
>hate self for it
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currently in a master in private international law
please help me i don't have money for books , please give me some e-book library link thanks in advance
Your suffering starts now... unless you go back to college prepare yourself for hell...
i'm not joking
typo sorry, I'm getting quite anxious

where I had that in semester 1 it died down and I was actually enjoying myself ( bar no real friends)
explain please
i'm thinking about dropping out too
college just isn't working out for me
Cured my anxiety.
Well, not exactly cured, but I now appear alpha to people.
I'm alot more relaxed and confident since I started and it's only been two weeks.
My mind still races from time to time but I'm able to calm it now through thinking and breathing.
Dropped out once, only for 4 months.
Worst 4 months of my life, ended up becoming very depressed.
Now I'm good tho. Because I'm back on university.
Got so angry and frustrated with my own existence last night I stooped into a depressive state, ended up bot going to classes today.

But it's ok. I'm bout to fuck these classes in the arsehole
any tips to start or resources to read?
A lot of the stuff I watch / read mentions mantras and stuff. do you need them?
> senior year in uni
> not living with former friends in the group of 10 people
> senior year starts
> none of them have contacted me
> be me sitting in my solo apartment
> watching tv and playing games

I don't really care since I would never have seen them again after college, but I wonder if they still think about me. Probably not since they have not contacted me or they did and they just never liked me anyway.

Either way I am free to be who I am. I need to start applying to jobs and stuff but feel intimidated by all the other people in my classes. They all have tons of side projects and I have not done anything. I don't even get that good of grades.
not that anon , but in my uni if you miss 3 classes you get expelled
Nah man, all you need to do is set a timer for 15 minutes.
Sit, close your eyes and focus on your breathing.
Your mind will probably become very active, you'll be thinking about random shit with a raised heartbeat.
And then after about 10 minutes it'll settle down.
Do know it's a habit, you need to keep doing this daily for it to have any effect, but it's not like skipping once will fuck everything up.
Just be consistent.
Also if you find yourself getting emotional in the first 4 days that's perfectly normal.
I got very angry like 3 days in and it just went away.
Apparently it's your mind dealing with repressed shit.
Anyways I hope it helps you like it helps me my man.
I did get expelled, started anew someplace else.
>waiting for professors to send letters of recommendation
>deadline for program is monday
>application will probably be discarded because all letters weren't sent
Now what?
I don't go to graduate school, is what, all due to no fault of my own. Wonderful future I have to look forward to.
>"he finished the test already? what a genius!"
Some guy on my course did that.
But the reaction was more like, "he left after half-an-hour? what a retard."
We knew he failed since he basically never turned up.
Haven't seen him since.
Thank you, I shall try this out and hopefully get a handle on the anxiety
idk calc is mostly mechanical
if you understand the overlying concepts, you can answer pretty much any question they throw at you with 100% accuracy

start at the base, make sure you are great at derivatives and integrals

then work your way from there

I guarantee that you will do better if you just build your skills from the ground up little by little

if you don't have the time to do so, just know how derivatives and integrals work and get comfy with them since those are pretty much the fundamentals of calculus.
Honest just want to get by with like a b+. I'm a computer science student so I'll never need it.
I just dropped out, I feel much better. I lived 2 years of pain in misery. It was school all over again. Eating alone, failing assignments, being called creepy behind my back. I don't know how you guys can take it, If I knew it was going to be a nightmare I would've stayed far away.
>no fault of my own
Except trusting people with something this important.
Is there no way for you to still get sufficient schooling somewhere? Going abroad for example?
No use worrying about failure, focus on what you still can do.
In similar boat...
My line manager won't write me a reference because she 'has more important things to do' despite promising to make it and knowing well in advance.
If you keep at it, you will.
Your general anxiety will greatly decrease.
Take it from some random faggot you've met on the internet.
If you keep doing it you will feel better.
That's harsh dude.
Poor guy.
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Iktf of misery, but dropping out altogether? Why not just commute or if your college doesn't allow that, transfer to one that does?

That's what I'm planning after this year. Campus life is garbage (for me at least)
>got into nyu
>financial aid package hasn't come yet but it most likely won't be enough for me to attend without selling my organs
You need LoRs for graduate school. I'm already poor. I sure as fuck can't "go abroad". There is nothing else I can do.
>dropped out
>always lived at home
>parents don't know I dropped out yet
>they think I'm going to class
>instead I go the the gym for 4 hours
He brought it on himself, no?
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>Exam comes up
>Revise everything but concentrate on the hard bits a lot
>They don't even come up on the exam
It doesn't have to be a nightmare, Anon.
What would you say is "wrong" with you?
Because there must be a reason people have such a poor opinion of you.
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im the biggest loser in this board. my story is the most pathetic

>be 16
>repeat course
>repeat again
>18 and havent finished highschool
>drop out
>do nothing that year
>try tradeschol
>tradesschool. drop out cos shitty classmates and no motivation
>21 another tradeschool
>do nothign that year
>22 another tradeschool
> feud with some 17 year old because he is a douche
>pretty much get bullied by 2 17 year olds all the year
>repeat course
>dropped the second year
>24 another tradeschool
>25 second year of tradeschool I hope I pass. I hate it tho it's the shittiest thing I could have picked to study and I have no interest on it, I hope I at least get a job with it.

Oh I forgot im 25 and I have 0 work experience.

Also kv with no friends.
>financial aid package hasn't come yet but it most likely won't be enough for me to attend without selling my organs
Have you considered selling someone elses?
Are you American?
This might sound stupid, but can you sue the school?
what do your parents say?
You don't know that, maybe his home situation's fucked up.
I don't think anyone would deliberately fuck themselves.
my dad sais nothing , my mom sais she wants me to make my life already and reminds me what a dissapointment I am from time to time.
Then I guess just do a bunch of practice qs and rely on muscle memory to do well. You won't get As tbqh because muscle memory doesn't work for As in calculus, but it should get you a b+.
You could always just make a csv and import that.
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fade to sad.png
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>tfw University was supposed to 'change my life'
>It has merely been the worst thing that could have happened, exposing me as the sloppy, stupid, retarded piece of human shit that I am

>Studying creative writing for some reason
>Thought that my immense writing and creative skills would make me the envy of my classmates and show my beautiful soul for what it is
>Thought that I would be the best in class as I have always imagined myself a creative whirlwind
>On our first day of class we are tasked with writing a short story inside 10 minutes to share with the class
>Teachers advises this will allow us to demonstrate our skills to the class
>My mind goes blank
>Spend the next 10 minutes writing a short story that I basically stole for WWF Wrestling
>I don't know if you watch Wrestling but one famous wrestling storyline was how the Wrestler 'The Undertaker' burned down his childhood home and years later his mask wearing brother 'Kane' came to his match with Shawn Michaels and beat him up
>Wrote a story about how I burnt down the University and 20 years later the professor from the class came and beat me up in a meeting at my new job
>Story didn't make sense, full of plotholes, spent half the story describing the girl next to me burning to death, used 13 adjectives for her screams
>nobody laughed at my story
>everyone was super angry and I got treated like a pariah
>the worst part is that I got confused halfway through and started referring to the girl sitting next to me as Shawn Michaels which doesn't even make sense from the storyline perspective

Since this day I have struggled badly. I lost all my confidence and my grades have been very average. Also nobody likes me.
>University level classes for literally "drawing"

U.S. tertiary education system boys and girls, boy oh boy don't you guys have art museums or community groups to do that stuff?
Because they give you ten fucking minutes to write a story, that's bullshit.
I am.
What would I even sue the school for? I wouldn't, and couldn't but still, that's not exactly a thing you can sue for.
>tfw had an electricity and magnetism quiz today
>two long questions and a multiple choice
>first long question was aight
>second long question was a huge wtf

fuckn electricity how does it work
For ruining your future?
More specifically: failing to provide the service you've worked for and paid them for.
>got results from midterms (freshman)
>passed the hardest stuff
>failed a literal meme subject you dont have to study for
i have to come back in august for resit like what the fuck why cant they do it in february

fell for the uni meme now i have it
When did you tell your professors to write the letter?
Hey man, there's always tomorrow.
Yeah I don't see suing a school over lack of LoRs being sent ever working successfully.

Finished the application Monday of last week, I believe. So week and a half ago would be when the automated email requests were sent out. I know I have fault in waiting for so long but I know one of my profs has her letter already done, another one has a template, and I'm fairly certain the third does as well. It's also not the first letters they've wrote for me so it's not like they're writing them from scratch.
If you were going to miss the first two weeks, you should have dropped the class and gotten a % of your money back.

Why do so many people on r9k sign up for a class, shoot themselves in the foot, and then chose NOT to drop the class?
>there must be a reason people have such a poor opinion of you

You must either be a normie or have never spent time around normies. I'm not Anon but from my experience they will form negative opinions about you based on arbitrary, superficial things such as your appearance and mannerisms and then use those to justify treating you horribly. Normies have no empathy as they have never experienced actual struggle themselves.
>always one of the smartest people in my prenursing classes
>constantly think of ways to explain things to other people in simpler, easier to understand ways
>nobody ever asks me for help or asks to study with me
>all I want is someone to ask want to study with me in the hopes that I can finally get at least a friend or an acquaintance

Maybe no one knows I'm smart because I never talk to anyone... Oh well. I dont like asking people how they are doing in the class or how they did on a test because if they did bad and then ask me how I did they will think I'm just trying to brag.
Well, I have a dual major in fine art and English. I am taking my second drawing class at uni and I have learned quite a bit. If you put your mind to it you can do really well, you just have to practice a lot. You need 3 hours for a drawing class because it's a workshop, the professor should constantly be helping everyone.
Dude ohms lmao
dude memes lmao
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