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Never let yourself fall in love
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If you're like me and you spent the majority of your life alone taking shit from all your peers and never truly had anyone that cared for you or vice versa, falling in love will be your destruction. When it's over your heart will literally be torn out your chest and if you think you've ever experienced true sorrow, if you think you're unhappy or have it bad now you should prepare to experience a new low. Even before it's over the contrast between spending your life alone and being with someone will fuck with your head and start to tear your life apart piece by piece as even the smallest of disputes will take a piece out of you.

Don't do it, /r9k/
Luckily I fell in love with a pure 2D girl who would never hurt me
Yeah, I can't feel her warmth but I feel her love
Too late i wish i was dead
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Bring it. I can conquer feelings.
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Too late. I think about suicide everyday.
Falling in love is really fun. And when they break up with you, you discover a new things abut yourself.
isnt falling in love something thats supposed to make life better ? why must god test us this way
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You can't help falling in love.

I think I found a system though, just imagine her fucking tons of dudes until it doesn't hurt anymore.

Imagine her talking about her boyfriend so that when it comes up, there's no visible shock.
>met a robot last week
>we've been talking on skype nonstop since we met, too much in common it's uncanny to me
>same age
>linking all of the same bands and songs to each other
>same taste in art and literature (nobody gives a shit about either of those things any more)
>watch all of the same shows and have the same taste in youtube videos
>describing our last relationships, exactly the same cheating bullshit and context
>describe our perfect relationship and how we both need to be highly focused on because we're jealous clingy children, both huge push overs
>similar shitty home lives growing up
>same dark sense of humor
>agree about anti-feminism, anti-sjw shit
>same kinks and fetishes
>we're both virgins with the same reasoning for being virgins
>browse the same boards
>he has a 35mm camera and takes photographs of architecture but doesn't really show anybody, am literally blown away by the talent
>I make small stupid films and stuff, we are both going to college for photography (him), and film (me)

Last night we stayed up until 5am shitposting together and laughing so hard I almost started to cry. We're so in like.
Send help.
Same, she breaks up with me, month later shes in a relationship with a 19 year old pizza boy.
no pic because a girl this in sync with a robot can't be >3\10
Any girl that posts their photo on R9K is an attention whore and an immediate 1/10.
I would never post my photo.
If that's what you tell yourself ugly cunt. So be it.
It's not just what I'm telling myself, this is a theory based heavily on MATH and SOCIAL SCIENCE.
Already fall in love and everytime ends up the same way

Not like I give a shit now but they are good experience that gaves hopes of finding a partner
> heavily on MATH
Keep telling yourself that ugly cunt.
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I did, then she broke my heart

I was "sad" for about a day or two but recovered fine, you know why? because she was a toxic person, deep down I somehow knew that and was relieved to get out of the relationship

Most women are assholes, might as well get that shitty life lesson over with robots

I have a qt3.14 bf now


That is not a rebuttal that would hold up in any debate club and I am respectfully rejecting your response.
Many attention related and whore related studies have been made by real scientists and super smart people, to show a direct correlation between R9K fembot posting/photo posting and being a retarded male attention-starved skank.
how do you guys' relationships fall apart? does she get bored of you and want to move on or is more like fighting over shit?

t. khhhhhhhv
>debate club
Is that the place where politics learn to trick people?
How edgy, you'd fit right into debate club!!1!
Now 4 real. Are you implying politics don't trick people?
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>implying that we can Make America Great Again without muh democracy
>implying that you are not benefiting from your government right now, as we type
Nice one.
Trump is gay. Did you know that? Just listen carefully the way he moves his mouth and the sounds he makes. It's like one of those fags you knew in school that had all female friends but they were not really gay. He just sounds like them but old.
I'm glad, it would be my ultimate fantasy to be cuckqueaned by him, having him take the ass of my aforementioned robot.
I will watch with baited breath while I finger myself and then Daddy Donald can cum all over my Trump memorabilia afterward.
But all those kind of guys are receivers. So he's gonna get drilled but a black bull while you watch with disgust screaming "I thought the wall would work!".
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>Never let yourself fall in love

>implying I'm even capable of it
>implying I ever would be in that position if I actually had the capacity
Holy shit lol thank you for this imagery
waifu can't love you
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