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What's the meanest thing a girl's...
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What's the meanest thing a girl's ever done to you and how did you respond?
During recess in elementary school when cooties were still a thing. The girls used to team up on me and chase me around and if they caught me they'd take me under the slide thing and they'd put lip gloss on me.
Looking back I could've easily fucked them all. It's too bad I was a kid huh?
>orbited a girl for a couple of years
>bought her alot of shit
>paid for all meals when we would hang out
>she didnt have a car so i drove her ass around for years
>driving around in my truck one day
>we both reach for the radio at the same time
>hands accidentally touch
>she says ewww
>pretend not to be mad
>she can still tell im upset
>have a huge argument over it over text later
>eventually forgave her and orbited for another couple of years

there was alot more shit with this girl. i cringe at all the shit i used to do and say to try to show her how much i "loved" her. stupid bitch used me and even at times would tell me she felt bad cause she knew why i did so much for her. i guess im a dumb bitch too for staying for 4 years
That just makes you a beta faggot
this is why i dont share
Now I feel bad.
Don't not share, just expect replies like mine because what you did was incredibly pathetic but that's okay anon I'm pathetic as welll and 99% of people on this board are too.
You're a fucking cuck beta enabler and I hate you. You deserve everything that filthy succubus did to you.
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>this dumb slut touched my ass in senior year

>filed a cease and desist order to scare the living hell out of her and threatened to sue for sexual harassment
>got her kicked out of the college of her choice by Inspect Elementing her Facebook to look like she was Hitler and sending it to the college
>reported her to law enforcement for underaged drinking and cocaine since she posted it on Facebook (this was just the other day)
>also changed her yearbook quote to "At least I have chicken"

Nobody fucks with me lmao
Fucking flexed her
>be in class
>two girls talking to each other
>hear my name in their conversation
>one of the girls turns to me and asks if I like the other girl
>see the other girl's face cringe
>call them cunts and tell them to fuck off
>they call me an asshole
Couldn't have said it any better myself.

My comment=original
I would have done the same anon
Except I wouldve came back with a bat :^)
Any other response from her?
>everyone else: why is that faggot doing that?
>her: I touched his ass lol
>everyone else: aahahhha why he mad lmao xdd
also, I stole of them's wallet later that day
> >this dumb slut touched my ass in senior year
I don't get this part
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Haha fuckin nice m8
>be around 10
>at aunts house for some reason
>cousin and her friend (both around 16 at the time) invite me to hang out in her room
>don't remember the conversation but eventually leads to me in the bathroom
>they are putting lipstick on me
>putting nail polish on me
>telling me I look like a cute girl and laughing
>up until that point I didn't really react because I was scared
>suddenly got the thought that my dad would be embarrassed that I look liked this
>realize that they are putting this stuff on me just to humiliate me
>Freak out, start crying
>I start throwing punches at my cousin while screaming and crying
>only lasted a few seconds until the adults hear the commotion and came in
>cousin is on the ground bleeding. dont remember where her friend went
>they are forced to clean the makeup and shit off me
>forced to apologize to me
>never got in trouble for autistically attacking my cousin
Did the same shit senpai back in high school.

Just acknowledge you were socially retarded and move on.

Show affection to no one, it's not like they wouldn't just exploit it anyway.
That stupid bitch tried to push me down from the stairs. I choked her neck for a little.
It's probably not the meanest thing, but at least it's entertaining to everyone I tell about it

>Hanging with friends in the hallways at school
>Just doing stupid shit
>Group of girls nearby
>One walks over and starts talking to me
>She grabs me by the shoulders
>Stares deep into my eyes
>Into my soul
>She says
>"You're really ugly"
>Searches my face for any sign of attractiveness, she cringes, then laughs
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Nah, she is probably still scared of legal action.

What's not to get? When your enemy kills even one of your citizens, you launch a nuke and hope fallout doesn't blow your way.

That reminds me of when this dumb shit tried the same thing in middle school. It was caught on camera, and if he had one more strike against him, he was getting expelled. Made a pretty dollar off him.
She gave birth to me.
the "her:" part
Is she the one you reported or is it another girl?
"Her:" is her actions and "Me:" is my response.
I was lucky her push was weak I only moved down 1 or 2 levels.
You're pathetic and she's a soul less cunt
well, they were also kids
dont be so fucking scared of women, that why she hated you, cause you acted beta
hah, my sister used to try and pull this kind of shit all the time, except I got in trouble every time I fought back.

Its far from the worst, but I remember when she and her friends got ahold of my sketchbook back when I was around 10, it was full of shitty Star Wars and Turok pictures, and they drew over some stuff and wrote a bunch of spiteful shit in it. I stuck with it though and now I feel overwhelmingly smug every time I see one of her fuck ugly doodles, knowing that I'm 100x the artist she will ever be.
thats because it didnt happen
That's the part you question in my story?
What is she eat?
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She said I should go look for a blind girl instead that could read the braile in my face.
I'm glad you persevered comrade
They were seeds of evil ;)
no, your question was just shittily put out
>Anon, no. I can't kiss you.
>Why not? We used to?
>My friend drunkenly said that he loved me when I was giving him a ride home last night. We have to stop.

That was it really. The first thing that popped into my head came straight out of my mouth. "Unfair" because she was the first and only girl I've felt attracted to on a personal and physical level, and one who reciprocated. Unfair because I was a 21 year old virgin in love for the first time, and thought I had found someone. She was almost as surprised to my quip as I was.

She dated that guy for 2 months and broke it off, still wouldn't have anything to do with me. Four years later I'm still a virgin.
what a tard that girl hahaha
>first gf cheated on me at the beginning of the relationship
>got told by my friends, but wouldn't believe it
>get tired of her shit and break up with her
>be on a party on the next day, she is also there
>after getting no girl, kiss her completely drunk at the end
>mfw she thinks we're back together
>fuck her one more time
>ignore her untill she gets tired of me
>this was my last fuck since 2012
>sharpening my pencil and girl is waiting behind me
>i can't do it
>fucking whore daughter of a slut fucking jew asks me if i need help
>i grab her pencil
>break it in half then kick into half way across the class
>say "no but you can do it anyway you fucking whore"
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> Be in high school
> qt3.14 azn party girl like flirting me a lot
> Sits on my lap in front of her friends
> Touches me flirtatiously
> Makes overt sexual comments towards me
> I usually just get awkward when she does it, I didn't know how to make a move back then
> One day we're alone together
> I go in for a kiss
> She screeches and dodges it
> Wat
> The next day she explains, in front of my friends for extra humiliation, that she "doesn't like me that way"
> Realize years later that she was getting off on making my awkward, virginal self sweat

Pic related, it's us back in hs
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If a girl is mean to you, this is how you should respond
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That reminds me of something that happened to me.

> 8th grade
> Girl approaches me in front of my friends
> She asks me if I want to go on a date
> No girl had ever given me sexual attention before
> Face getting red
> I blurt out yes
> I can hear her friend laughing off in the distance
> She tells me that they were playing truth of dare, and that it was a dare
>in a relationship with me
>made me stop communication with all female friends
>cheated on me and told me about it
>constantly told me I was out of her league and I'd never be good enough for her
It was my own fault for being an omega faggot and not leaving but it was an important lesson desu
LOL holy shit, that's pretty Omega.
Birthed me

In be four someone else already said that
sniper desu senpai bump for laughter, write more of these
was she attractive at least?
One time I told my ex boyfriend that he had a small penis and that he should kill himself since he would get nowhere in life and had so much college debt (from dropping out) that the world would be a better place without him.

It's been like 4 years and he hasn't gotten anywhere in life so I can at least rejoice in the fact that I was right. That was mean of me to say though.
I hope you burn in hell you disgusting shit
Did that hit a little too close to home, anon?
Kill yourself. You're why women are looked down upon.
You fuckboys took the bait.
no I'm ok with Uni we don't have college here in Italy
Ahh, the ol' scorched earth. I did the same thing to my first boyfriend. He was a shitty artist but it was his life, so when we broke up I revealed that I had always been lying about his artwork's quality to spare his feelings and that he'd never make it. Googled his art pages a few years later and every trace of them were erased from the internet. Last I heard he still works at the hometown grocery store and hasn't been in any training/college

Mean in retrospect but kek
Biggest beta cuck on earth
Just the standard "will you go out with this person" bullshit.

It happened a fair bit. It was either ballet chicks who I knew were out of my league or ugly chicks looking for a rise. One of the ugly chicks also tried to get me to read into yaoi.
Shit, what did you do afterwards?

inb4 cried like a little bitch
You sound autistic as fuck tbhfam and I'd slap your ass too. Have fun ruining me with my zero internet footprint.
Well at least she was clever right?
Tackled her down and stripped her completely naked with the help of my friend
>7th grade
>was naive and autistic
>random girl started to flirt with me
>said she loves me
>thought she really mean it
>began to hang out with her
>felt like a boyfriend
>one day she said she was just playing with me all along
>felt confused at first
>realize that she was mocking me and bullying me
>prompted my eternal misogyny against women
>to this day I'm still ashamed just thinking about it

That event destroys my perception of women. Kill me now pls.
Fuck, that makes me physically angry.
>literally goads you on sexually
>make a move, rejects your advances because "she doesn't like you that way"
I will never understand roastie logic. Fuck women
More like phuc boy
i don't even know how to react to this.
99% bait but in case it isn't I hope you die slowly and painfully, you horrid fucking cunt
You're worse than she is
I was In a soundproof room with a couple friends in music class. One of them had a girl come in and the 2 decided to chat each other up which got annoying.

Eventually, she finally acknowledged me (she ignored my existence for the time being) and just flat out said "ew he's ugly as fuck why is he in here?" and laughed her ass off. No one else laughed.

>hear what she said
>stand up and put on the angriest and nastiest face in existence
>Say "get out before I choke the life out of you with my own hands"
>clench fists, obviously super pissed off
>a face full of fear appeared on her face and she ran out so quick

Never in my life have I scared a girl that bad until then. Happened in 8th grade.
What a cunt, how could you put up with that shit after it happened once?
Never had a full conversation with a female outside my family
Well that hotted up unexpectedly. Do tell moar?
You're more attractive than she is
Completely your fault for falling for the relationship meme, senpai
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I picked up and left nyc after high school, I hitch hiked and rode the greyhound bus all the way to Seattle. I made a few extra bucks working around a mechanics garage, eventually enough to buy a shitty little moped. I rode the moped down US 1 to San Diego, bought a tent, and lived on the beach.

I learned to surf, to fish, I had beach bbqs and parties nearly every night. Smoked weed and surfed during the day, drank beer and bbqed every night. It was the best time of my life. I met a girl, she was older than me, half black and half Japanese. She was a runaway army brat from 29 palms.

After about 5 months of her living in my tent with me, she says 'let's runaway to Mexico and get married'. I say yes, I was young and wanted adventure and I would do anything for this girl.

It was before cell phones so we had a palm tree we would wait under for each other when we needed to meet up. I waited under that palm tree for three days before I realized she was coming.
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relish and musta.jpg
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girls are always nice to me desu
>me and my friend held both her arms tightly behind her back
>she struggles but no use
>her face is red as hell
>begs us to let her go
>her 'friends' doesn't care, just laughs
>as other students walk by they stop to watch
>goes on for about 2 minutes til a teacher shows up
>let her go and high tail the fuck out of there
Lead me on for weeks
Try planning a date for her
First attempt oh sorry anon i can't make it my grandma is very sick. Second attempt i'm so busy sorry. So i ask her later and she's like sorry i'm shopping because i'm in a bad mood i just got rejected. I was like oh i'm going to do my own stuff. Never talked to her again

Probably dodged a bullet she got ugly really fast

It's funny when bitches get fat or trashy and you think to yourself how lucky you got by her rejecting you. Sometimes they come crawling back after they realize they can no longer access the top males.
Its your fault honestly
Funny thing is her mutual friend is the gf of a frjend of mine and she said you are better looking then her current bf :^)
First gf/kiss
>dumped me on valenties day

Girl I was seeing last year
>about two months into seeing each other occasionally
>texts me to come to a halloween party with her
>is going with a group and doesn't decide which one until about 11
>what the fuck
>drive across town to party
>find her car and the girls and her are smoking weed in it
>knock on the window
>she gets out
>shitfaced and faded as fuck
>stays at the party for 20 minutes
>one of the cunts she came with had work at 7am and had to go
>so my girl rides back to campus with that chick because it was her car

Looking back I could have offered to drive her, but I don't know how much she trusted the girl with her car, and I didn't feel like hanging out with a shitfaced girl. I stopped contacting her after that.
Nothing because i'm completely invisible
Can I suck your invisible cock
This happened to me as well but i answered, why? I knew they must be messing with me so she responded jk lol it's a dare to ask the ugliest guy for a date. Why are girls so mean senpai?
i dated this girl for over a year, lived together, whole bit.
we moved halfway across the country together.
away from my family and friends.
a month into it, she cheats on me.
in response, i poisoned her cat and moved back home.

though, to be fair, i had relations with several girls while we were together, at least a dozen, but she never found out because i'm sneaky.

anyway, we still talk from time to time. i like when she gets drunk and talks about how unhappy she is with her life.

her dog died a couple weeks ago. i didn't have anything to do with that.
>9th grade
>one of the smallest, youngest looking kids in the school
>I have a few male friends, who have a few female friends (the girls didn't really like me of course)
>one of the girls insists she could beat me up, goes around the school asking kids what they think and they all agree with her
>she tells them all we're fighting after school
>I'm kinda nervous
>when I leave school, she is standing on the grass with a group of spectators
>the girl starts circling me, she's really cocky
>she reaches out with one arm, I grab her wrist and her bicep
>spin her in a circle at mach 1
>pull her down and kick her legs out at the same time
>we both went down so the crowd didn't know who won at first
>then I stand up
>she stays down, has to go to the nurse and misses a few days of school after that

it was a shitty situation that turned out to be the gateway to respect

Sorry about the concussion, Hana.
You put too much bait on the hook to catch the fish.
it's all true tho, unfortunately
She deserved it. Girls forget how much stronger men are sometimes. We're naturally twice as strong on average, much stronger if we train. Women can train and be as strong as the average man though. Boys develop strength sooner than girls as well. Girls, however, develop better fine motor skills sooner which is why they have an easier time with handwriting at a young age.
Yeah, but no one cares. One key to storytelling is to get the audience to like the protagonist. Even if it's an antihero character you have to give him his merits. If you're as unlikable as she is why should I even care?
>be 18
>grew up with abusive parents and family, no friends, etc, was always a loner
>meet a girl at my local pub, i usually sit alone and i was, but she came approached me
>she asked if i was okay, that i looked sad and like i needed a hug
>its worth noting that this woman was a personal 10/10, russian, dark long hair, soft brown eyes, modest figure, a warm smile, a little button nose, perfect bone structure. she was just perfect
>this was the first time anyone had ever showed me the slightest bit of affection, i was confused
>i thought it was a trick, or that she pitied me or secretly hated me or whatever else but i opened up to her anyway, there was something about the way her eyes were so empty like mine, but full of fire when she laughed, and i made her laugh
>we kept on talking for hours and eventually exchanged numbers and met up so often after that
>we would text every day, meet up whenever we could, it was great
>she was depressed and lonely, like me, and she had a way of seeing the world so similar to mine, it was insane. i felt like she understood me, and i understood her so completely and utterly, we were indistinguishable almost, for a little while i was happy
>of course, over the months i became romantically involved, it was inevitable and honestly we both saw it coming, i dont know who started flirting with the other first, but we both did amd very heavily too, so yeah, i thought maybe she wanted me back
>i told her how i felt and she just stared at me, her face completely blank
>to her it was all fun and games, we were just mates and she apologised for leading me on so much
>she cut off all contact with me and i havent seen her since

That was more than 4 years ago now, but I still remember it like it was yesterday. I just wish I hadn't fucked up so hard, and everyday I remember all the things I should have done differently. To kept that feeling. People say it's better to have loved and lost, but it's not.
>sixth grade
>sitting in half shredded leather seat at the back because apparently my looks warranted being treated as subhuman
>some preppy older and popular girl named Morgan sitting in the seat in front of me
>she had previously made fun of me just for standing in line for a vending machine, making sure that as many people as possible saw my embarrassment
>staring out bus window when I see Morgan getting up and turning around all the while making a weird sound
>I stare up at her in confusion before she hocks a loogie on me
>right in my fucking face
>the bus goes wild
>I then understood how school shooters came about
She ended up being ground against the pavement after being ejected from a car with some friends drunkenly driving back from a party. Everyone said she was such an angel when the reality was she was a slutty little bitch.
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>be me
>8th grade
>this girl that is generally nice starts talking to me
>we get along
>I help her with her english hw
>think of asking her out
>try to get a hold of her in private but it's hard
>finally see her alone on the street on the way home so I think that'a my chance
>bail out
>eventually tell her on messenger that I like her and that we should go out
>she says she'll think about it
>next day she goes on a mountain trip
>after one week she comes back with a bf from another class
>Not believe it at first, ask her if she thought about what I said
>she avoids my answer and ignores me in school
>after a week she asks me to help with her english hw
>act like a beta faggot and accept
>eventually find out that the guy hugged her while they were all sleeping in a big room on the floor and she thought it was cute
>this spirals into an year of her being nice to me until I find courage to make advances and thrn avoiding me for a week till she needs that english hw again
>I becone strongly infatuated with her while only a friend knows about it

Will continue.
Not much
>I had broken the orbit of my eye over the Summer and the pins they put in place made my nose sort of 'pug up' for some ungodly reason, so at the beginning of the year I had a snout, not a nose
>My friends all teased me about it, but good-naturedly
>Girl who just started at the school was mean about it
>She was some sort of 'teen model' type which meant her mom was driving her to malls and stuff, but she was supposed to be some sort of beauty
>She was sly about it, but would make 'oink' noises so I could hear, or push up the tip of her nose while she smirked at me
>After a few weeks the pins came out, the swelling went away, and my normal nose came back
>One day, out of the blue, she just walks up and says 'Man, I am glad you got a nose job; you were fucking hideous before'
>I just sneer at her 'I had swelling from a sports injury, moron' and walked off
Next year
>School starts
>Teen model shows up - instead of flashy clothes, etc. she's hiding with her hair around her face
>Hear pretty quickly her BF wrecked his car with her in it and her nose was just mashed up
>It was set, but is a huge, hooked beak looking thing
>Have to wait for it to fully heal before any cosmetic surgery, probably 2 years
>She had been a bitch to a lot more people than me so a LOT of kids mocked her for it
>I was careful to never say anything, to shush people when they said it when she and I were both around
senior year
>She still has the beak
>I still am very nice to her, stick up for her
>About halfway through the year she asks me 'why are you nice to me?'
>"Because I am not a bad person"
>She spent the rest of the year actively avoiding me
>Never saw her after graduation
File: what.png (140 KB, 500x281) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
140 KB, 500x281
>girl in high school always shitting on me
>get detention together with her
>we have to move boxes full of trash paper documents
>keeps calling me variations of ugly and telling me not to touch her because I'm disgusting
>empty one of the boxes on her and put the box on her head (upside down so her face isn't visible)
>"How about you leave that box so I don't have to see your CANCER FACE"
>walk away while she's frozen in place
>later find out she did all the work by herself
>didn't tell the teachers that I walked away
>greets me really politely until we graduate, always asking me how I am
>reply like a dick and ignore her

She probably wasn't trying to be hurtful. Too bad all the bullying over the years had lowered my tolerance to near-zero, so I fucking sperged out.

She was really pretty too
File: 075.jpg (9 KB, 262x263) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
9 KB, 262x263
holy shit dude holy shit..
File: 1.jpg (89 KB, 800x585) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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>queue summer between 8th-9th grade
>her bday comes up
>i buy her a silver bracelet, not fancy at all but pretty
>think of doing some grand cobfession before her bday starts in which I give her flowers and tell her that I will never hurt her and that I love her deeply
>day of bday
>just eat my food while I see them kiss and be happy
>her younger sister is near me, I talk to her for a bit
>go out for a walk after restaurant
>they try to set me up with her sister
>too beta and infatuated to actually profit
>eventually go home after seein those two being too happy together
>cry for 2 hours
>not see her till 9th grade starts, spend time reading tons of teenage manga
>Eventually enter 9th grade, her and I are in the same class
>She broke up with her bf at the start of 9th grade because he pressured her for sex
>I try to profit
>already got chatted up by a classmate that dumped her two days after
>I officially give up on her and move on, eventually get a gf one year later
>mfw in the following 4 years she dates a future priest, an inmate and after, he settles on double dating two guys at the same time (they didn't know) that she fucks sometimes without a condom

She became a slut and almost pregnant once, but I thank her for making me a man and realizing that beta orbiting is the most pathetic thing ever.
>alot of shit
how much shit?
She was being tsundere you retard. Haven't you seen any anime to know?
You did absolutely the right thing, anon, and you are a credit to this board.
>"Haha you're cute"

Maybe it sounds fucking stupid but I hate it. There are no more emasculating words than "you're cute". It denies any action you make or say. No one can take you serious if anyone calls you cute. What the hell you do you respond to that, there is no comeback. Makes me feel like I'm fucking 12 and my babyface doesn't help with that either
Is that a thing? She was really attractive and popular. Stacies don't do tsundere, do they?
All I can think of is when I walked past a random girl talking to two guys and I heard her say ''ew he looks like shrivelled up rat'' about me.

Not really been the same since then.
>Be me around 13yo and new in class
>Girl randomly walks up and asks if I wanna date her
>Sperg the fuck out
>Tell her I'll consider it and storm out before she could say anything
>Have no idea how to deal with this shit
>Think that apparently this is how normies do it
>Go back a while later
>Walk up to her and say that I'll date her
>She awkwardly says something like "cool".
>I storm out again
>Her friend approaches me next day
>"Hey anon, Anonette wants to break up with you."
Found out later that it was a dare/prank, but they didn't expect me to be such a sperg.
Maybe she was a lesbian?
>be like, 14 or 13 can't remember
>high-school, 3rd year
>one of the first guys in the class with a cellphone
>almighty Sony Ericsson t290, colored screen and the coolest phone in class
>crush also is one of the few people in class with cellphone. She has my number and so do I have hers.
>we text each other almost all day.
>my cellphone gets leaked to a few of her friends, Stacy tier.
>they start to tease me by messages saying I'm pretty and they'll like to meet me at certain place in high school.
>don't tell me who they are though
>go there
>no one
>girly laughs as well as some chads at the distance
Never again

Bright side? I got very upset with my crush and she ended begging for forgiveness, which was nice
Wrong image.
Got too much Sam.

You are a credit to this board, anon. Excellent work.

File: 1453132253037.jpg (94 KB, 601x508) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
94 KB, 601x508
>be me
>be 14 year old cit at a summer camp
>really quiet and shy (puberty turned me into a robot)
>have a massive crush on this really sweet girl
>rumors begin to spread that the girl kissed another girl
>she is confronted by a group of chads, I am just playing with my goku action figure
>"no, I'm not a lesbian. I just don't want to kiss guys that are ugly as fuck"
>hear the chads start to laugh for some reason
>look up, she's pointing at me
From that day on, she became a whore for chads and I realized that I was ugly
>crediting a tripfag

>not crediting the best guy

shaking my head
fucking BASED mang
>be me in hs
>pre-pubescent fuckface
>talk to hotty ginger girl
>tells me I'm ugly
>insecure as hell
>go through puberty, balls drop, care about appearance, etc.
>ginger hits on me
>tfw holy shit
>remember her calling me ugly
>call her soulless ginger bitch
>tfw regret it
>tfw virgin
This rape would be justified.
Oh shit no I credited him - Just in a separate post.
Also I didn't notice he was a trip fag. His credit is revoked.

Maybe, but I doubt it. She had ex boyfriends.
You are good looking and you both look like a legit couple. She sounds like just a typical snotty hs girl.

I bet you she still thinks about you and will realize that she made a big mistake. I mean, she's no model and she's asian so it's not like she's going to have a shit load of white male options for a genuine relationship.

That's what I was going to say.....Thanks mom for thinking you could successfully raise another child on your own.
literally sounds like something from Napoleon Dynamite senpai...
The fact that you regret it is the cringiest part
Glad to read a happy ending.
File: 1452909336853.png (7 KB, 275x275) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
7 KB, 275x275
Was 15. Dated a girl for 2 months. Was my only girlfriend ever. My Mom really liked her and gave me $50 to spend on her for Christmas (we are poor and I've never even received this much from her). Hardly even kissed. She broke up with me on my birthday after visiting my family and realizing how poor we are. Told me I was gross and spread rumors that I had a tiny penis. One of her friends was pissing me off talking shit in class one day and I clocked her and broke her nose, then got beat up by 2 guys for hitting a girl. Got suspended and skipped school until Social Services called my Mom and I was sent to a "Pathways" school full of niggers and other much worse people than me. Got bullied for the entire 6 months I was there and beat up a few times. Ended up dropping out after that school year due to the embarrassment and emotional trauma. Have since kept to myself in my bedroom, gained over 150lb, and have never had a job. 22 now. I spend all day programming Minecraft mods and shitposting on 4chan and IRC channels. Should probably just kill myself.
File: mejazz.jpg (50 KB, 750x749) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
50 KB, 750x749
Thanks B, I'm doing pretty well now, I'm no longer an awkward nerd that it easily tugged around by 7/10 girls. Pic related is me and my current GF, she's way cuter.
Hey man at least you're developing skills programming.

Thought about putting effort into your own game?
Probably make fun of my speech impediment growing up, both mimicking me to my face and behind my back. Guys didn't give two shits about it, but girls were fucking cruel.

I finally managed to get rid of it when I was around 17, but I still can't talk to girls because I have a huge mental roadblock because of it.
prettier and aryan..
You should have just fucked her and never called back. Most girls find it more offensive to be ignored by a guy they had sex with and than actually being insulted. At least then you would get something out of it.
Girl went with me to JROTC military ball. I had a crush on her for years in middle school.

Thi is maybe freshmen year of high school, thought I was moving up the social ladder because I was hot shit in JROTC. We get to the dance and she proceeded to ignore me and be all over random guy I guess she liked. Like publicly making out. I honestly wouldn't be suprised if they had snuck out and fucked. Night was so bad I can hardly recall the details other than the humiliating ride home in her mom's van. I made them take me home instead of going out to eat like they wanted.

I think I just plain didn't speak to her ever again. She dropped out of high school after that year anyway, I think.

This was legitimately funny anon. 10/10 would laugh again. Do you have other sperg stories from school?
You should have called her out in the van infront of her mother.

Her mom would have ruined her.
Oh man bro, JROTC is a fucking trap for aspergers. It combines the exact kind of power fantasy that aspies fall for every time with the illusion of social prestige tied to the faux-military rankings you earn in it. I've seen loads of JROTC guys go into major, major cringe-inducing fits when I was in high school, usually because a normie JROTC student didn't recognize their authority outside of JROTC class and they lost their shit. I have lots of JROTC stories.
Happened around 6 years ago
>17 y/o me
>end of school day on my way to my ride
>Stacey with all her friends
>"Hey Anon come take some pictures with us!"
>thinking wow does she really want to take pictures with me!? I should have known better
>"Sure!" I reply
>Take a group selfie with all of them
>We all look at the picture
>"OMG ANON LOOKS SO UGLY HAHAHAHA!" Stacey and all of her friends burst laughing
>Turned red and felt my heart begin racing
>I'm on the verge of tears right now
>Pretend I see my ride and say goodbye and walk away quickly
>I can feel the humiliation starting to overwhelm me and tears are coming
>manage to find some where private and pull myself together
>later went home and kept replaying the whole scenario in my head over and over
> Avoided her and her friends the rest of the school year
you sperged but she was a nasty bitch

Quints don't like anon. Sounds like rape time.

I come from an area with a high percentage of Asian residents, so White/Asian interracial relationships are pretty normal. I haven't hung out with her for like a year, but I think she's currently dating some white guy who's in the airforce or army or something.
A couple years ago she took her blouse and bra off in front of me, pretty much out of the blue when I had her over in my room. This was something she would have never done when we were in HS. Her tits were great, and I was tempted, but I didn't touch her. I think she was doing it because at the time I had a superior Japanese girlfriend and she didn't want to lose hold of my beta orbiter status, even though I long since moved on.

No, he was pathetic. The fact that he realized he was being used means that he has manned up.
I don't think she was bluffing anon. I would have called her bluff (grabbed her), and if she didn't want it then I would tell her to go "get readyyy" at her own house. Honestly, are you getting anything out of your relationship with her? Sounds pretty one-sided to me.
Hey, I did the same thing. Except I raped her a couple times.

We are married now.
You mean retro-active consensual sex.
>Be standing in lunch line
>6th grade
>bitch everyone hates is bitching about bitches
>tell her to can it because nobody cares
>"Shut up anon, you need to get a life, AND a father"
>spend 45 seconds balling and unballing my fists and breathing heavly.
>bitch is scarred she's about to be destroyed by a boy twice her size
>I run away into bathroom to cry for 20 minutes instead.
>she gets beat up by a girlfriend of mine later that day

>Ms. Bitch has a kid.
>she literally drove the baby-daddy to kill himself.
>every single person in town hates her, even though the babbydaddy was a total faggot who nobody liked either.

Feels good man.

I haven't hung out with her in a year, the last time we did I was just kind of touching base with her and a mutual friend. We were super close back when we were teenagers and I was her beta orbiter, now not so much.
I think she showed me her tits because either:
A) She may have been legitimately trying to fuck, since I had grown out of being an autistic permavirgin like I was in highschool, and she just didn't give a shit that I had a girlfriend because she's a bad person
B) She wanted to test me and see if I showed signs of arousal, because she gets off on tempting me but not putting out
C) After years of my beta worship, she was addicted to my affection/attention and wanted to steal that attention that she was losing to my GF back by getting my to cheat on her
Why do Stacies need to humiliate people? What do they get out of it? For fucks sake, a spergy autistic anon is already living in a world of humiliation.
Damn anon, looks like you upgraded. She's a real qt.
>been going out with her for a year
>regularly cheat on her with whores from Kik
>regularly show those girls her nudes or take snaps of her nude in bed next to me to get them frothy about getting with a taken man
>fucked a girl one night then got a BJ from gf the next day even though I didn't shower so there was still that pussy funk on my dick

You gotta tame your bitches lads.
File: crap.gif (875 KB, 320x240) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
875 KB, 320x240
Thanks I guess, I still cringe when I think about it.
I have one that is related actually
>Fast forward about a month from then
>Another girl approaches me
>"Hey anon, I really like you"
>"Umm, thanks?"
>"Do you like me?"
>"I guess, you're a cool person"
>"I mean like.. Like like"
>Remember last time
>Oh hell naw
>Tell her I'm not falling for it
>She drops her spaghetti all over the place trying to tell me that she's serious
>Still don't buy it
>Her friends butt in and call me a fucking asshole
>Realise it's not a prank
>Try to salvage the situation in the best way a sperg can do
>Say "Oh sure, I'll date you" and storm out again
>Can't bring myself to talk to her afterwards
>Figure the best thing to do would be to wait for her to initiate
>Three days without speaking to each other pass
>She finally approaches me
>tfw she wants to break up
And that was the only time I've ever come close to some kind of relationship.
The worst part was that her friends still thought I was an asshole and spread it around school.
File: hot.jpg (52 KB, 499x604) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
52 KB, 499x604
>>tell her to can it because nobody cares
> Implying that a Robot would ever be able to initiate a confrontation with a Stacy
Here's what actually happened
>bitch everyone hates is bitching about bitches
>I want to kick her ass but I can't because white knights will prevent me from hitting a girl
>I fantasize about a girl friend of mine beating her up for me in a way that is socially sanctioned
Because they are the "guardians" of the social ladder. Only top dogs can be happy, at the expense of others.

Thankfully, female's value is purely her beauty, which fades quickly after 24.
>always hit on this chick in front of me in calculus
>one day talking to my friends about my brother for some reason
>chick turns around and says "you have a brother?"
>"what if he's just a hotter version of you?"
>friends "oooooooo"
>slink back in chair heartbroken
Doesn't that imply that you're actually hot?
In 9th grade, kids I knew on my buss started calling me a faggot while we were being driven home, so I cried like a little bitch and moved a few seats away from them. Sure showed them.
Kill her.
It's the only thing she deserves after abusing you for years.
yes that's what I meant.

Original comment.
that wasn't her being mean, that's just fucking awkward. Contact her, they get over it after a few years.
>come close

No, you were in a relationship, anon, and you still don't get that
why would the mods get mad about females browsing a site where gender and age aren't actually supposed to matter (unless underageb&)

The point of an anonymous community is neutrality you dumbass, hence why mods haven't deleted female threads aside from 5ban, and that guy got removed anyway.
File: reeeee.gif (2 MB, 514x205) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
2 MB, 514x205
I thought so at first but everyone would deny it afterwards so I figured that it didn't count.
Guess I better hide before people throw their reeees at me.
People aren't going to throw rees at you since everyone in this thread has spoken to a female, which is already ree enough.

Because women are inferior and they don't belong here? Everyone knows that, jeeeeez
Anyone have the story of that one girl who got into an argument with her deaf boyfriend, and signed to him that she's disappointed in him and said other mean shit?
tfw i've masturbated to this picture multiple times
Me too. That girl is exactly my type, and watching girls dominate beta boys is my fetish.
>asked out gril i knew
>says no
>tells me no offense but your'e kind of lonish, quiet and almost scare me, youre not my type
>her friends laugh at me and start calling me names
>she know she went too far
> but her friends laugh at my discomfort
Damn dude I feel ya
high-test alpha
is that bruce jenner?
>at a rehab place
>girl from middle school was a nurse assistant
>went to the bathroom
>i was trying to shit
>she kept on talking to me
>she decided to take a picture of my flaccid penis
>she probably txted to a bunch of people
>move to another rehab place
>take a swimming therapy
>girl changes me
>later tells me i have a small penis
>in the end i think i have a small penis
That is a bunch of malarkey. Staceys would never act unprovoked like that. It's our faults (whether we are able to make sense of it or not) that these situations happen.
File: short06[1].jpg (52 KB, 640x640) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
52 KB, 640x640
>in school one day a few years ago, probably 17 years old at the time
>its an all boys school
>girls show up on the premises sometimes because our facilities are far better than the all-girls school across the road
>really, REALLY insecure at the time, was for years
>kept entirely to myself when I wasn't in my group of close friends
>got a new haircut a week beforehand, kind of like pic related, helped my self esteem a lot and I was actually able to function when talking to strangers for the first time in years
>group of girls were huddled together outside in sort of like a courtyard, outside one of my classrooms
>it was a quiet area with people walking to and from classes
>walk out on my own
>one starts fucking SHRIEKING laughing
>said the following word for word
>other girls start laughing too
>dozens of people around, including teachers
>the main girl is still shrieking
>go to last class of the day
>hold back tears

When I tell this story now it doesn't seem like a big deal at all, but fucking hell it ruined me at the time. What the fuck is wrong with people? Do people seriously not even think for a second "hey wait, this complete stranger that did nothing wrong to me may be going through tough times at the moment, I don't know his situation and probably shouldn't publicly mock him?". No, of course they don't. If it happened now, I'd probably be able to shut her down and embarrass her far worse, but I wasn't capable of that back then.
Meme hair like that brings nothing but trouble, bruv
We can erase all doubt for you, anon.
Yeah but it's so inoffensive and harmless and typical. If it was a retarded mohawk or some shit then fair enough, but the haircut was so completely unremarkable.
>ex gf, dated for a year.5
>reasonable suspicion shes cheating
>relationship falls apart around oct-dec 2015
>know im on a sinking ship, fuggit
>invite her over as much as she will come over just to fuck her really rough and cum in her alot hoping BC would fuckup
>she finally becomes super bitch 9000 and crushes my soul
>a couple weeks later, me and a few buds get drunk and report her work on her and the guy I pracitcally knew she was fooling around on me with for dealing and smoking drugs in the parking lot (fake stories but she actual did that shit all the time)

Havnt talked to her in over a month and have had very little word about her, but heres hoping I got her preggers and fired. If it turns out shes preggo gonna join US marine infantry and hopfully become IED bait.
File: apexfallacy.png (195 KB, 1053x765) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
195 KB, 1053x765
Daily reminder that women don't consider low status men as human beings.
the worst thing a girls ever done to you was get drunk at a party?
you sound like a faggot
>be 14, 2007
>walking through quad at school to next class, late morning
>these two whitewashed Mexican girls are chatting with each other and walking in my general direction
>they stop in front of me
>"What about him?" One of them gestures toward me
>confused why they are talking about me without addressing me directly
>other bitch says "nah, he's too creepy."
>they say this shit to my face and I don't have a clue who they are or what they were looking for
>make disgusted look and walk off

I didn't even look bad at all back then, was just a somewhat thin and tall white skater type.
Are you fucking kidding me, you pissed me off.
It's Just A Prank Bro : Roastie Edition.
Stacy types love to target people's hair when they want to make fun of them. It's a cheap and easy shot.
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