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>ok class hands down, let's see what...
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>ok class hands down, let's see what anon in the corner has to say about this
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>everyone get in groups of four, no working alone because teamwork is important for this assignment
god i know this feel, one thing I do not miss about grade school
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>ok, class, it's time to pick a partner
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>everyone get in groups of two
>anon you can go first
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>Anon, please read this paragraph in front of class
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>okay class time to do take some turns reading
>Anon, why don't we start with you?
>Please read the first paragraph
>pick someone to read next
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>anon, you can work with stacey for this project
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>Anon why dont you play with other kids?
>oh haha didn't see you were there, you never talk
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>write a story about your vacation
dicks dicks dicks
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>please make a presentation about yourself
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>still frogposting
>pushing a forced meh-meh
>Anon, you're next in presenting your project
>Anon why are you blushing?
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i wont let the normies take my sad frog from me
>anon why do you mumble only when you talk to me? asked the hot English teacher
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>be the weird one in class
>be super smart and ace all my classes with 0 effort
>there's always one Chad or one Stacy who invites you to his/her group to do all the work while they slack
>group with Chad
>Chad turns out to be a friendly guy (who knew?)
>Work with Chad until 10th grade
>I show him how to do calculus while I get to observe him flirting with girls, taking mental notes
>nasty kids want to bully me but they don't because they know Chad is my bro
>we're still friends to this day
>tfw when the teacher organizes the class and you are placed at the back
>later overhear her in corridor speaking to another teacher saying "all the ugly ones go to the back in my class"
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>high school had mandatory speech class to graduate
>had to get up at a podium and give speeches to the whole class
>each student had a sheet they had to fill out and grade your performance
>write 3 good things and 3 negative things about yourself
>immediately write 3 bad things
>have to make up 3 good things

>"write about your best friend"

>interview the person next to you and introduce each other to the class!

>in class two nights ago
>professor told us to get into groups
>went around the classroom after 5 minutes and wrote the groups on the board
>reached the end, I'm the only one with no group
>have to get put with a random group
>some girls in the back laugh at me being left out

Why do professors still do this shit? Why can't they just divide us randomly, why create such a situation? I work all day and I have to go to night class and deal with these gradeschool games, it's bullshit
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>okay everyone, take your proposal and show it to each member of your class

Why do bad things happen to good people
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>had to do a presentation for my german class
>had to be completely in german
>I still barely know any german
My teacher was an easy grader at least.
Having to work with strangers is how work in real life is like. The majority of work consists on projects that everyone in a branch of a company or public section puts effort in. Or, you have to work with clients that have no clue what they are talking about.
But you're a NEET, you don't have to worry about these things. :^)
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>give teacher psycho stare, as if to say that I'm going to follow him/her home after class and kill them if they don't move on to someone else
That just supports my view that he should just put us in work groups instead of leaving us to divide ourselves into friend-groups. It would be more like a work environment to divide it randomly and force random people to work together. Your post doesn't make a lot of sense in response to me, because I have no problem working with people
luckily when we had to find groups, most people have seemed just as awkward as me. everyone would look around and whoever you locked eyes with you'd basically group up with.

everyone fucking hates finding groups. ugh.
i don't mind it when they assign people. i think that's a lot better anyway because it forces you to collaborate with different folks
>english class
>teacher is make people stand up and read chunks of To Kill a Mockingbird out to the rest of the class
>my turn
>can barely summon the courage to even begin speaking
>can't concentrate on reading at all
>can barely get half a sentence out without having to pause
>can't speak at the same rate I'm reading, can't read at the same rate I'm speaking.
>practically beg teacher to excuse me from this task
>she just gets pissed off, shouts at me, acts like I'm disrespecting her
>whole class is laughing at me

I swear to fucking god, if I could get away with it I'd fucking murder her.
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>Teacher decides to do some dynamic activity with our
>Pick a paper sheet, write your name and then hand it to the next person in the line so people will write what they think about you
> Get my paper back
> nerd nerd nerd nerd nerd nerd nerd
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>took this psycho shit option at uni
>amphitheater is full as fuck
>sit literally at back row farest from the teacher
>listen the course carefully but not really giving a fuck
>"ok I have a question... you with the white sweater at the back"
>still have hope it's not me
>"you with the glasses"
>starts babling incoherent shit
>for some reason teacher likes it and say it was very interesting and start clapping like he's impressed
>200+ people stare at me
>90% of them being girls

Fuck uni
Our class* dammit
>Pick a paper sheet, write your name and then hand it to the next person in the line so people will write what they think about you

What fucking moron of a teacher would think this was a good idea?

Holy shit.
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>everyone introduce yourself to the class and tell us what you like to do for fun
Holy shit, we had to do this in my highschool Psychology class. I had no friends and was basically that autistic social pariah that no one spoke to unless necessary. The thing was that you couldn't write anything mean or you'd get in trouble, so people gave me generic comments

>you make funny faces
>^ lol yeah you do

>tfw checked and I do make weird faces
I'm sorry but I audibly chuckled at this.
I'm a total introvert but I actually enjoy group work because I like to take charge of the situation and be the leader of the group. People think I'm an alpha male so I may as well act like one.
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>Why don't you talk to people in class?
>People only talk to me when they need something.
>That's not true.
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>schoolyard pick for teams
>both captains are Chad
>Same deal
>Except Chad was the asshole I expected
>Said to me "you're the smart one, so you can do all the work and I'll just read it for you. Just put my name on half of it."
>"Damn right I'm the smart one, now go flirt with Stacy while I work and quit bothering me"
>He goes and chats with girls
>Fast forward to day of presentation
>I did all the work, but it's all typed and my name is on 100% of the content
>Stand up before Chad has a chance to do anything and present the project
>It's obvious he did absolutely nothing
>He fails the class
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>Anon pay attention to the class and stop drawing in notebook.
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Anyone else still has nightmares about this shit?

I'm into my late 20's and sometimes I wake up crying in the middle of the night, screaming I'M AN ADULT I'M AN ADULT WHY DO I HAVE TO DO THIS AGAIN?

I have faced a lot of horrible shit in my life, even stuff like shootings and assault.
But somehow school life was engraved into my nervous system, forever. I will never get over it.
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>That one "friend" who you used to tell jokes to
>He retold them in front of the class and everyone laughed
File: 1331813558225.jpg (71 KB, 480x380) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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Christ, this brought back a horrible memory.

>get picked to read by some chad classmate
>he obviously picked me as a joke since I was always quiet
>finish reading and get told to pick someone
>"Uh, just anyone"
>chads at the back of the class burst into laughter

I remember this every few years and wince every time.
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Change school because I ran away on penis inspection day

First day ispenis inspection day

its even worse because its a male nurse
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>Welcome to your new class. We're going to get to know each other. Stand up, tell us your name and something about yourself.
Hi my name is Dungus.. uh.. I live at home... uh My cats name is Skittles.. uh Thanks..
>chads at the back of the class burst into laughter
They pulled this shit after one of the teachers asked why i missed an "important" group and i told her that i went to my grandma's funeral which was done on another city.
It was true, in fact it was a pretty shitty experience
>laughing from a dismissive response
If anything, these 'chads' sound pretty autistic, anon.
Hi, I'm [anon] and I have autism. T-thanks. You too.

>having a friend

Why the fuck are you here?
>ok class hands up, let's see what anon in the corner has to say about this
I had to take a speech class in college and I remember one day after I was done giving a speech my professor publicly shamed me in front of the entire class

I don't even remember what I did, I think I stuttered or mispronounced something

fuck speech classes
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Thread images: 30
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