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What type of girls do you like, robots?
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What type of girls do you like, robots?
I need this for research purposes.
Girls that ignore me instead of giving me dirty or condescending looks
all of them and none of them
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>Shorter than me by a foot
>Younger by a year
>Short blue hair
>tomboy personality
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autistic ones

2 Dimensional.
a girl who's nice, caring, shares some of my favorite hobbies and understands me.

bonus if she's japanese.
High morals great values
Kind and caring
Sweet and innocent
Stands for love and justice

Non existence basically
>Dating a girl with blue hair
How long have you had a cuck fantasy?
By blue I mean so black its not brown. But either way its rare, and died hair is tumblr so ill never find a unicorn.
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Tall, because I always feel weird looking down on much smaller people
Should have her own opinions and interests
Caring and loving
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is this that girl who's a vampire loli?
Extremely insecure girls that hate existing like Nekoko from Yume Miru Kusuri.
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Indeed she is.
Aryan girls with big tits who swear a lot
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Hello Shinobu anon.
I see you a lot in waifu threads, great taste.
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I am but one of many who have chosen to worship the ultimate being. Might have confused me with some other acolyte.
autists and spergs have a thing for short hair for some reason
The only girl I've actually pursued in my twenties was an 'outdoors instructor'. Seemed down to Earth solidly 6/10 never wore makeup or changed her clothes. Earthy girl I wanted to hike and train with.

I want someone to travel with because I'm bored of travelling alone.
Cute, a bit shy, caring, get attached quickly.
I shouldn't have to keep an act to get them to like me.

Oh and they can't be weeaboos or be into 4chan culture
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Outgoing and energetic girls who also aren't afraid to banter back and forth with me.
Either taller than me with huge boobs and booties or short petite qt girls (short grills with boobies are fine too)

But I don't like anything else, average girls do nothing for me
I'm glad I don't

This post is original as fuck
Any female willing to touch my penis

No niggers
This is what I want.
Shame you're probably on the other side of the world.
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>hating short hair
How does it feel to be objectively wrong?
2d grils anon
Hey kid wanna fuck an anime

that type of grillers
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>That feeling when black chicks approach me in the strip club
Annoying loud X3 nyaa glompers. At least their standards were low enough to give me attention
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best girl.png
370 KB, 916x659
I actuallt live within walking distance of 3 strip clubs.

>tfw no friends to go with
I meant short as in male-haircut-short

Like in your pic it's ok
Any hair length longer than "long for a man"

Usually prefer brunettes but w/e

green or blue eyes on blondes, blue or grey on light to mid brunettes, brown or hazel on dark brunettes, blue or grey on black, and blue or hazel on redheads


I like a small ass much more than the next guy, but as long as it ain't too fat I'm good

Any more than a D cup is too much, B's and C's are patrician, A is tolerable

Bookishness is very desired

general knowledge/appreciation of art is great

values personal fitness

likes the outdoors

I'm fine with whatever politics as long as she's okay with having her beliefs challenged.

Cancerous as it sounds, a self-aware hipster-lite sounds alright

maybe just a dash of autist

general intelligence is a must, like fairly higher than average

This is all hypothetical, I wouldn't refuse someone just because they weren't a 10/10 qt, lord knows I'm not mostly because of fat, but I'm starting to discover I might actually be conventionally attractive under this shit.

Honestly anyone I just got along and was comfortable alone with would be more than enough at this point.
Short, busty and stout, not like lardball or sparetires but nice little padding there on tummy with nice meaty thighs.
Glasses, you know normal ones, not trouble glasses.
Blonde or brunette.
Curses and generally speaks like a rough trucker.
Short temper, I love when girls get angry and show their bad side.
Likes to wear loose, baggy pants.

Combination also known as "never gonna happen"
File: 1418672712467.gif (483 KB, 480x528) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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Milfs, especially my mom.
Only girls I ever liked IRL looked like pretty and elegant from far away. Never really spoke with girls.
In 2D I tend to like ruthless rich and smart women and carefree rebellious tomboys
outdoorsy ones, so we can do outdoorsy things
short, but not too short
curvy but keeping the hourglass shape
huge ass, tits don't matter
long hair, and big eyes
not materialistic
can have discussions about philosophy and the universe
doesn't smoke or do drugs
likes the outdoors
hasn't fucked more than 4 people
>nice meaty thighs
fucking hell my man, I'm not so big on tubbyness to begin with, but that makes it sound downright disgusting. "Haunches" sounds sexier.
Cute, funny, and unique.
>not materialistic
>can have discussions about philosophy and the universe
>doesn't smoke or do drugs
>likes the outdoors
They may not seem related at first, but this is literally an impossible combination if you really think about it. The easiest solution would be to loosen your drug policy, but that's a fairly big one for a lot of people so idk.
yeah i'd rather die alone than settle for anything less
The only girl I've liked IRL was damaged goods, but really soft and caring.
In 2D I like genki girls.
I go to strip clubs/bars/restaurants etc by myself ALL THE TIME. It's not that bad at all bro.
File: david+bowie1.jpg (1011 KB, 3072x2048) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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White, feminine, fashionable and quite snooty (but always justifiably so)
Likes doing romantic and cutesy things with me
Has no friends so we can do everything together.

Basically myself with a vagina and breasts
short, hair/eyes doesen't matter, she can be curvy but not fat(i'm not fat, why i would want a fat one?).

Personality: introverted, she must hate party, clubbing or normie stuff like that.
Better if she likes vidya and has no friends other than me. If she has friends, they must be only non-normie females.

Sex: she doesen't need to be a fucking nympho(though i would not mind it i think,as long as she doesen't have the desire to try other men), but i would like a girl that knows her body and actually want to have actual orgasms and knows how to eventually guide me to it(i think that her orgasm would be important to me, i feel like the sex is pointless without, with few exceptions if one is OCCASIONALLY not in the mood).

Not much else.But is only the hopeless dream of a loner robot.
2D ones.
Your snootiness is not justifiable
Short haired girls that wear beanies and dress in layers, maybe some tattoos. ideally she would spend as much time as me on the computer and not need much attention.
Nice body, gives me attention.
Women who are interested in the bigger picture and have manchildren hobbies, and aren't hog tied by things like liberalism, social status, reputation, and all the cliches.
Thread replies: 53
Thread images: 16
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