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>neighbors dog bark every day am starting...
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>neighbors dog bark every day am starting at sunrise
>neighbor is a trucker recheck retard
>he idles his truck for half an hour at a time outside my house starting at 630
>have thin walls
>can hear everything in house
>if I wear earplugs I can't hear my alarm


There are two different models of vibrating alarm clocks available on Amazon. Both work well, better than trusting a cell phone vibration alarm. I have the orange pager looking one, I just put it under my pillowcase.

Similar circumstances.
>people are doing stuff that is annoying me
>I'm too much of a bitch to do anything about it

I live in a gated community and the cunt squeaks everytime it opens.
5am-10am (midnight) annoys me the most.
>truck/car idling for half an hour

That sound makes me insane, I legit want to murder when I hear that noise.

Get a can of WD40.
I'm not going out there to fix problems that the community should pay for.
I sent a letter to the body corporate last week.
>problem can be solved in a few minutes for a few dollars
>"No, I'm going to make THEM do it while I suffer in the meantime"

that'll show 'em

Wow, could you be any more of a bland middle to upper middle class white dude. God forbid you get your hands dirty. A quick spray would solve it for at least a couple of months.
Shut up nerd.

Wrong. My parents are rich it's a multimillion dollar community so they can get fucked if they think I'll fix their squeaky shit.
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>prick neighbor used to ride his motorcycle all the fucking time
>starting the goddamn thing up at all hours
>revving the shit out of it when everyone else is trying to sleep or enjoy some peace and quiet
>mfw he got into a crash and is now paralyzed from the waist down
>neighbor beneath is overweight retired NEET
>he has a live in roastie
>when they fuck my entire apartment shakes
>roastie plays the same song at full volume at same time daily on repeat
>It's the minions happy song
>feel like murdering her
>take my frustration out on the guy instead since it's his fault he got such an annoying cunt as a girlfriend
>fuck with his shit whenever I can
>wait till he puts a wash on since he likes to leave it in the dryer for days on end
>throw his laundry outside on the grass
>piss in his motorcycle helmet
>set my alarm at random times in the night so I can sneak downstairs and press his doorbell until I see his light come on
>run away and hide in a bush and watch while he goes downstairs to open the apartment complex door and look outside
>wait till his light turns off again
>do it again
>always friendly when I talk with them so they don't know it's me
>they start arguing a lot
>things are thrown around their apartment, making even more noise but I'm blasting "I'm so happy" using earphones
>smear shit all over their letterbox

It's only a matter of time before she moves out now and then I can play this song at full volume at the same time daily so he knows it was me who destroyed his relationship

Good. Those shits are the worst.
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viper fuck you 2.jpg
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>fall asleep at 8am
>it's exactly the time when my dumbass upstairs neighbors clomp up and down the stairs with their wailing retard kid for twenty minutes, then have loud conversations with each other on the street, right outside my window
>try falling asleep at 4pm for a while instead
>it's exactly the time my next-door neighbor practices guitar and does shitty Cobain impressions for the next two hours
>get in the habit of wearing earphones and blaring rain noises to block out the noise
>it helps a little but I can still hear vibrations from the voices and the music
>sleep like absolute shit for months because my ears now hurt from the earphones
>get fucking fed up, stay up until 5am so things can finally be quiet and I can finally, FINALLY get a good night's sleep without goddamn earphones

Leave an anonymous letter in his mail claiming to be her guilt ridden lover.
The sound of motorbikes probably triggers him now
You know what to do
This would make an amazing video series.
I actually laughed and felt your revenge was justified.
Do this tbqh and report back with results at a later date and audio of them yelling if you can

No fuck that, it's nice not hearing motorcycle faggotry in my neighborhood anymore. I need to find out the make/model of the car that crippled him and start driving that.
You deserve every moment of misery you lazy shit.
It's a matter of principle, you fuckhead. Why should he be the one to fix the gate of a multimillion-dollar community when there are people paid and appointed to do just that?
So you're angry that people do normal things at normal times?
Deal with it faggot. He's got a real job that requires warming up the engine. Quit being such a delicate snowflake and man up.
Nobody got rich by hiring someone to do it for them.

Do it yourself for free, wait for someone else to do it, or leave it undone because it's inconsequential.
Fucking kekd. It was truly original
that picture scares me
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Thread images: 4
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