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Procrastination General
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>last day to do my paper for some shit community college
>on a subject I don't give a shit about
>enthusiastic that I will be productive today
>start at noon, after class
>"I started early, so I'm definitely going to get it done right?"
>masturbated and browsed 4chan for literally 12 hours straight
>now it's 12:40 am
>only wrote a cover page and 2 sentences

Just fucking kill me
lol get rekt m8.

Hope you like 4chan because you're never going to escape this place at this rate.
dumb fuck get your ass to work
haha and you're still here you fucking idiot
you're gonna fail out COMMUNITY FUCKING COLLEGE
you're never gonna leave this place
I just stare at the screen, then see the words, and can't think of anything.
Okay anon I'm actually going to help you on this one.

Just fucking write anything even if you know it's complete shit, just to get the ball rolling. Let me emphasise, it can be super shit. Like sentences a 6 year old might say. The important thing is to get the ball rolling. You can always go back and edit or rewrite as needed, but just get things moving.
Haha get your shit together you fucking idiot. I used to be just like you. And look where I ended up. Now I'm an oldfag in community college who gets good grades.
>I'm in community college
This is good advice literally just keep putting down nonsense.

Even your absolute worst is a 1000x better than nothing.

Read this, close all your fucking tabs remove your shortcut whatever it is you use to get online quickly and just look at the paper.

Stay up all night if you have to.

You can do it man.
To add to this, teachers love blank essays because 0 is a really easy mark to give. On the other hand if you do anything there's still a chance they'll give you a 50. Or even if it's a 40 maybe you can make it up elsewhere. 40 is easy to redeem 0 is not.

And, marking rubrics are your best friend. Literally this is how your teacher will mark: "Okay this essay feels like an A but didn't check this box on the rubric so they get a B."

So if you get really really stuck look at the first item on the rubric. Say it's like "explain concept X blah blah blah" then your first nonsense 6 year old sentence can be "concept X is this. It is also that. It is not this." And now you've got the ball rolling.

Good luck op. Remember, blank and incomplete assignments are the easiest to mark because they're just an automatic 0.
I know that feel OP. It's a terrible feel.

10 years into my bachelors, still stuck here.
Have exams in two weekand haven't payed any attention to my studies at all until now, is it possible to learm enough basically from scratch to pass my subjects?
>also any tips or advice
Shit or piss jugs?
What were you masturbating over?
>implying 'real college' is actually any better
What are you studying, anon? And any tips on how to avoid your fate?
i am chronic procrastinator, king of putting off shit, i think its caused by my anxiety but I don't know it could my fucked up reward system if you believe yourbrainonporn

either way im fucking stuck in this hole, like shit my life is going to be nothing
If I wanted to actually stay on task I would have to basically spend every waking hour not in class, reading my books and banging my head against a wall figuring out assignments for hours on end.

So instead I just do piece by piece throughout the week with pretty much no reading and just do my best to pay attention in lecture. It sucks then when a lecture gets like half a week behind schedule and my hw is a chapter ahead of where we are.
It causes me great stress, but I can't bring myself to be one of these super students.
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anyone else here so unmotivated to do anything to the point that eating food is a chore, and therefore you're underweight?

I'm 6'0 and struggle to stay above 125 lbs.

there's food I prefer to eat, but nothing that I really enjoy.
10 years holy fuck. How?
I wish I was like that
Keep us updated on your progress
Bring up this post familam
Same man. But I have to study instead.
Colleges will always accept your money.
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>be 22 year old kv NEET, highschool dropout
>be told that i need to pass highschool this year for sure last year in May
>i have been procrastinating studying every day ever since
>last year May to now (almost) February
>been procrastinating for 8 months now
>haven't read a word
>might even fail this year, dont even remember what calculus is

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>tfw took a year off after high school
>in the summer did landscape and construction work
>spent most of the money on pot
>spent the rest on insurance for a truck that already has an issue 4 months after i bought it
>winter time
>basically full neet
>live with dad
>buy food at walmart with gubbamint card
>heat paid by mistuh gubbamint
>when it snows (been dry as fuck this winter only 1 storm so far) go out and snowblow driveways, make ~100 bucks every time
>spend half on weed
>half on video games
>get stoned erryday
>tfw riding the wave until it comes crashing down on me
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Thread images: 4
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