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>tfw you show your therapist your 87gb...
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>tfw you show your therapist your 87gb meme folder

Get in here my le /damaged/ amigos it's time for a therapy thread, "therapy is a meme" shitposters can fark off reeeeeeee

How ya hanging in there friends. What's your therapist like
My therapist is great. I cannot put to words how helpful she has been. I'm doing amazingly better than I was a few years ago with my anxiety.

I also opened up to her about my weird fetishes and she helped me feel a lot less fucked up about them.
Seems pretty normal to me desu.
>weird fetishes

well dont leave us hanging
okay okay

the big one I was worried about was one that is a relatively recent development, which is being impregnated by monsters and then laying eggs. I got it from having weird dreams.

She said she'd never heard of that as a fetish before, but that it made sense because I'm at an age where a lot of people are having kids but I am scared of childbirth.

She pretty much brushed it off with the other things and said that it really isn't a problem unless it interferes with my ability to function in life.
eh that's not so bad. them therapists are fuckin pros though, she has legitimately never batted an eye at anything i've said and ive said some fucking weird shit
It's true. Some therapists aren't great, but when you find one who works for you it's amazing.

When I have crises I know I can text mine and get helpful replies for how to deal with panic attacks, etc.
therapy is a may may tbqh sempai :^)
>female therapists

How could they possibly relate to you?
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yeah dropbox that memes faggot or use mega
They don't fully have to relate you in order to help you. My therapist isn't autistic for instance, but she is still able to help me function in my life even though I am a diagnosed autist.
its not really about relating but more about about resolving a situation that's given to them.
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hey guys, its been about a year since ive seen my therapist and im kinda worried about going back. i dont think she really helped me that much, and its a pain to pay for the co-pay shit. but my doc says i should go back, what should i do? im starting to feel suicidal again and im really scared
If you are suicidal and your doctor thinks you should see a therapist, then you should see a therapist. The copay is a pain but it is worth it in the long run.

If you didn't feel like your last therapist was tremendously helpful, you should ask your doctor or your doctor's office to help you find a different therapist in your area. If there aren't other options, then you might just want to stick with the one you had.
I scream in my car. Is that therapy?
Well its important to me since I kind of can't open up to women and I always saw being treated by women as somehow narcissistic like a man would demand to be surrounded by women and only be in their care. And worse of all you get spergs falling for them woman therapists all the time, not that it would happen to me.
My therapist is great even tho I think it's more about me finally being ready to change and listen to the guy, I realised things that are hard to me are easy to other people and seemed help because that can only be a mental problem, I took a drawing course that didn't work out and then went to animation college wich didn't either since I couldn't draw and I finally settled for having a college professor come here and teach me. I'm moving fowards in my life in all sorth of ways in the direction and peace I'm comfortable with and that's what matters
i hate starting over with a new therapist

ive already had about 5 throughout my life and i hate it. i feel like they dont like me and i feel like a bother
not in any traditional sense

I have no trouble opening up to the opposite sex about these kinds of issues in the this context because it's a strictly professional relationship. That's also why I have no fear of ever developing a crush on my doctor or anything.

That said, the most important thing is definitely that it works for YOU, and if you do best with a male therapist then you deserve a male therapist.

I'm really glad that things are changing for the better for you anonymous. That makes me really happy.
and ive never had a nice male therapist, the ones ive had have been very uptight and dont get my hobbies like vidya and some have even made fun of me. i dont like female therapists (my most recent one from over a year ago is) because they are women and i have a hard time trusting women because of my past and i feel like its always a lose-lose for me
>paying someone to nod and ask obvious questions
>paying someone to give you open-source tools like CBT (you can buy books about it for $5) and making you turn in silly little homework assignments

Enjoy your $100/wk placebo. Or enjoy making the taxpayers pay it.

Do you think this person has some kind of secret ability up their sleeve, or that their "training" is something magical? They're doing exactly what they look like they're doing. Sitting and probably thinking about baseball.
The point of therapy is to realize that it's bullshit and that you've been waaayyyy too hard on yourself because most of life is just a big fucking put-on, pretense, scam.

This asshole is sitting across from you and smiling and nodding and making $150,000 a year. Why the fuck should you give a shit what any "authority" thinks? The whole system is a fucking joke.

Just find your little grift in the system, your little scam and play along with the bullshit.
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Thank you have a 3d model I made
i really hate the thought of this

im really at my wits end trying to get healthy emotionally and i cant stop thinking about this whenever i go to therapy. ;_;
Only you can decide if something's working for you. If it's helping you, then it's helping you.
i just want to be at peace

i dont know if that means dying, but i just want to be calm. i dont want to bother anybody i just want everything to be quiet..
Yeah what you are not seeing here is that there is a whole array of people with different issues, not everyone goes to therapy for swallow reasons like yourself.
People with depression for example may think that going outside is impossible, people may be creating all kind of fantasies in their head about life so hard they believe it like victims of abuse.
If you have no reason to go to therapy that's fine with me but don't pretend to understand it
What you want is to move out friendly. I felt trapped all my life because of my terrible family, it all went away (slowly but still) once I moved out alone
i wish it was that easy

my mom is the only thing keeping me round, without her i would have killed myself years ago.

i cant leave her, i wouldnt survive, i dont make enough money to support myself anyway
>be 22 year old me
>be in mental institution because i have depression and am an alcooholfag
>is 9 am and usually nurse delivers medicine in the room around 8
>panic kicks in slightly
>decide to go to the nursery with my slipetyswops looking awful af
>decide to go back to room and press the nurse button as protocol recommends
>completely forget about it
>10 minutes in start getting bored, go on /r9k to enjoy some greentext
>still bored
>put headphones on quite loud to listen to music
>decide to masturbate because the banging noise of the girl upstairs having a seizure is making me horny
>go on /hc
>start browsing
>start fapping
>mfw the nurses come in
>mfw all the medical personnel knows about it
>mfw 45 days to go
My therapist literally told me just bee yourself.

Are female psychologists better than men? I've been to three and they all just wanted to put me on ssri's.
Roleplaying this hard
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>go to a therapist
>just go outside be yourself talk to people
Well, how do you want me to believe they're not living memes
My female therapist told me to be more open and make friends
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Speaking of high res memes, take an upgraded version of that picture
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>go to therapist
>say you have depression or common lack of direction
>show diary and dream journal
>therapist refuses to treat me
>still doesnt tell why
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>tfw you want to fuck your qt milf therapist
What did you write on them man

I haven't seen a psychologist/therapist/psychiatrist since I was about 11 or 12. They wrote reports about me that my parents never showed me, but I remember finding one that said "Anon is an interesting child. He seems to be fairly intelligent, but he has great difficulty with socializing and behaving normally around other children".
I hate therapists, because they only point out the obvious
Wow I have social anxiety because whatever happened in my childhood and I should get over it because its just an issue in my mind? I never thought about it that way wew 60 euros well spent thanks bruh
>mfw deleted my entire meme folder and all my porn
>mfw slowly breaking the hold /r9k/ has over me
>mfw no face because I deleted my entire meme folder
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That's a Fore!.
how do I ask my doc for help

I've been to therapy for 2 years and it's not doing much

I'm just scared that my doc will think I only want pills or something
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