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Anyone want their readings done? I can only...
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Anyone want their readings done? I can only do the first five since they take me so long. Need date of birth

Day, Month, Year

Check back in 15ish mins~ first come first serve
May 5th 1990, please tell me I'm going to win the lottery.
22nd August 1996 thanks
Those things are too vague to get a realistic reading. I'm an experience medium so I can do it to accuracy that surprises everyone.

All I need is your full name, credit card number, credit card expiry and credit card security number

For added accuracy you can also provide specific information such as your address, working hours and level of home security.
Alberto Fonseca da Silva Barbosa




Avenida Joao Gomes n12 10B

Work 8 hours a day got weekends off

Home security is normal I guess? No alarm or anything of sorts
May 22, 1993
I predict your bank is going to go under in the near future, be sure to take out your money while you still can
>May 5th 1990
Normie on the outside, robot on the inside
Wears his heart on his sleeves
You are very intuitive
Your challenge is to not let your fears hold you back in life
You're a spiritual person
Careful not to day dream too much, you have to become a doer to achieve your goals

The theme in your life seems to be wanting to make all the right decisions but perfectionism can be your downfall, so you need to work on that. Not everything has to be perfect from the begining. It takes work.

And stop obsessing about success, you will receieve your admiration and appreciation if you work at it.

You have a lot of good qualities like discipline very principaled character but you are too hard on yourself sometimes and end up alienating yourself.

Success is within grasp if stop daydreaming and get your hands dirty.
thats not much of a prediction m8 all the banks here are failing
I just want to pet that kitty.
July 2nd 1996
>22nd August 1996
The perfect gentleman, charming and witty who needs constant love and affection, you'd make a great lover
You're smart, hard working is a boon for you, apply focus and you can achieve most anything.

You need to be more tolerant of others and less critical of them and yourself. Remember being number one isn't everything. You must not let laziness consume you.

Don't get scared of time, you have all the time in the world. Don't let it cripple you. People will like you a lot more if you aren't obsessed with being liked. You are the perfect gentleman after all.
>May 22, 1993
You're a resilient person. A nice guy. You'll find more luck in love when you get over your insecurities. Need to focus more on the positives.

You're a hard worker bee who is down to earth.

Don't allow yourself to be too stubborn, and keep challenging yourself. take up a hobby. Go for a bike ride or hike up a mountain.

Your challenge in life will be to detach from the superficiality of the world. Letting go of expectations of what should be and how they should be. Do this and your insecurities which is the one thing holding you back will melt away.
>July 2nd 1996
You're a comfy easy going anon who just wants a comfy life. You're a bit of a lone wolf, and lacking faith in the world and its making you more and more cynical about things.

You're a smart guy too and the downside to that is perfectionism. Which you need to be aware of and avoid.

What you need is faith, faith in God, the world, others. Please bare in mind I didn't say you need religion. Just to be more intune with your spiritual side, there seems to be a yearning for it.

Try to find some courage and let go of any anger you have that's holding you back because all those things will lead to denial, aggression, self doubt and paranoia.
Fairly accurate. Thanks.
july 31 1996
>july 31 1996
You're a warrior, born fighter. Determined, loyal, affectionate but you have some anxieties and without stability in your life that just makes things worse.

Trust in yourself and your decisions, otherwise you'll just be paralysed by indecisiveness. Reassure yourself that everything will be okay.

You want to find your own 'truth' in this world. You should practice speaking up, speaking your mind. Remember to learn from your past and mistakes not dwell on them and let them haunt you. People love you whether you want to believe it or not. Don't let things haunt you.

Being basic only causes you misery, chasing after fast cars, big houses, large bank account won't bring you happiness. your happiness will come from within.

Don't be afraid of things coming to an end, whatever you do in life see things through to completion.

Try getting a small plant and nurture it. You'll love seeing the fruits of your labor blossom.
okay guys my mana crystal is out of juice see ya next time
thanks Op :3
April 20, 1999. Thanks!
hella accurate
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Thread images: 2
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