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What do you grieve over, robots? What have...
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What do you grieve over, robots? What have you lost in your life?

How does it affect you to this day?
Even if I could hit a replay button on life and make the right decision at every fork in the road, I'd still end up where I am today.
>tfw not lost anyone but all my pets and grandparents are getting really old
Would you care to explain?
>Be me at 13
>Mom and dad have been fighting every night for nearly six months
>Dad hasn't found a stable job in nearly a year
>Takes seasonal work in any form (Christmas tree salesman, construction, etc...)
>No one in our area is hiring chemical engineers, which was his degree
>Too broke to move
>Barely getting by
>Really takes a toll on my parents
>I'm pissed off and edgy about the whole thing
>One night the fighting was really bad
>He storms out of their bedroom gets on his coat
>Mumbles under his breath, "I'm done, I'm going to kill myself"
>Hear him just as he leaves out the front door
>Say, "When you're done with that can you pick up some milk too?"
>He pauses for a second and slams the door shut behind him
>Go to bed
>Wake up to hear mom crying
>Cops are at the door
>My dad had gone out to the woods behind the bar he would go to and shot himself in the head
>My last words to my dad still destroy me to this day
I grieve for what I never had. Most lives aren't beautiful.
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I lost my mother to cancer when I was 18, it was late February at the time. The day before she died we talked about how she'd try to make it to my birthday in march. Now every birthday I miss her.
I'm sorry to hear that anon, that's rough to live with you're stronger than I am
I had my oneitis (not sure why she dated me,but it was great). I fucked it up. Now she's married to Chad.

This pales in comparison to some of the other anons in here
You're one of those haunted people for whom no amount of solace or offer of forgiveness will ever make up for the pain you've caused and felt in turn.

I hope you find God, anon.
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if you were raised by weak bitches like these no wonder you'd end up here
You're hear to tho desu
My lost childhood. Everything went downhill. I just want to be a kid again.
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>have friend
>friend's dream in high school was to join the army
>gets DQed because he has some weird skin condition
>goes into depressed phase but we go to college and things get better
>he goes into criminal justice program, planning to be a cop and eventually detective
>he's smart enough but doesn't really apply himself, squeaks through with Cs mostly
>despite my urging he never does any physical training
>skinny as a rail, almost no muscle mass, can actually see the orbits of his eyes
>goes for his academy entrance exam
>passes written exam with flying colors but fails literally every single evolution of the PT test
>out of school now, decides he'll go into private security for a bit and then work his way back up to law enforcement
>gets accepted to training program for big security firm
>one entry test they have is a firearms test with pistol
>offer to take him to the range to practice since he doesn't own guns and didn't have much experience
>every time he ducks out
>fails pistol exam by mile and a half
>is now depressed and despondent, gets FedEx job, angry and sad all the time
>nothing I say or do helps
>one day he disappears
>family is frantic
>we search around, even call cops
>we eventually learn that he had left to join some tin-pot private militia fighting ISIS in the Syrian borderlands
>he left a note on his computer that basically said all he ever wanted was to be a hero, someone people looked up to
>militia is a small spooky private company run by some guys in Ukraine so it's very hard to find any info
>finally find a little snatch of news
>apparently the unit took some kebab outpost but suffered heavy casualties due to "mortar and rocket fire"
>eventually find out friend was among the dead
>tell the family, they are devastated
>one of my best friends and the only friend who was there for me in the shittiest parts of high school and college is lying in an unmarked grave somewhere in the Syrian desert
your friend sounds like a retard to be honest
I'm glad he's dead

He was but he did a lot for me
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And here's the edgelord. Fuck you man that anon's friend died doing something he loved. Sure it cost him his life but he went out a hero and I respect that.
No matter how much I improve my life, I'll never be able to show my dad I'm no longer a piece of shit anymore. I'll never be able to prove him wrong. I'll never get the chance to do something that's good enough to him. Because he killed himself two years ago.
>I want to be a hero!
>Puts no effort into being a hero
>Dies because of it
Honestly, he sounds very entitled.
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The fact that no one will ever want to be around me or long for my company.

This is the worst thing in my life, yet nearly every Robot goes through the same thing.

I'm wallowing in my own pathetic, petty bullshit, but I can't stop.
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Still being a virgin.
Lost my HS best buddy. Still alive but got into DXM and shit and really went off the deep end.
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I lost my childhood, others had it worse or whatever but my plights gave me that "insight", besides my own attraction to negativity.

I really am a husk of myself, and before that all I was was a paranoid, depressed person. At least I got into therapy at a young age so I'm not a socio/psychopath.

I'm truly touched anon. Be strong.
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>runescape will never be good again
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>TFW I remember being in highschool and playing Runescape every day
>TFW I remember my really good RS friends
>TFW I remember staying up late, telling spooky stories while grinding
>TFW I remember that I'll never see or talk to any of them ever again

What group? I might've known him
Fucking savage dude
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Which one? The one that makes you rub poo on your head?
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losing everything i valued, mostly
I suffer from a serious mental illness called Schizo Affective disorder

five years ago I had a vision of the end of the world and got into prepping, I excommunicated everyone in my life and didn't talk to anyone for like 6 fucking years. I'm totally alone now and everone is scared because i was very vocal about truther stuff. so im kinda fucked.
I will never be able to go back to life before 2008
sorry to hear that, Schizoafective Disorder's a real shitty one

you could still call thema nd apologize and say you were having problems with a mental illness, that is if you could stomach saying that, it might actually work
I'm grieving over the fact that I've never had a long term girlfriend. I've had lots of flings but I've never been in love. I feel I would be a different person had I been in a loving relationship where I can grow consistently over time instead of slow and sometimes stunted growth of a mostly solitary life. Small beans compared to some of you KHVs maybe but that's mine.

graduated with a 2.94, the cutoff for almost every job I've applied to has been a 3.0
Very close friend sentenced for life. He had recently been kicked out of his mom's and I told him he could move in with me when I came up the next month (I live in Orlando and he lived in Pensacola, about a 6 hour trip). He was homeless for about a week before it happened. If I were a week or two earlier it never would've happened. Everyday I wish it were me and not him. Then there's my great-grandfather's death. I'm not too close with any of my family aside from him and one of my aunts. He developed cancer that spread through his body. The last time I saw him I didn't even say goodbye because I was being childish and bratty, I was mad at my mom for something I can't even remember. That was a year before he died. When he was dying I was in a court ordered program and couldn't go see him or talk to him before he died. I wasn't even told he died until a week after. It makes me feel like shit all day, everyday. It hurts my soul. It weighs on me and makes me feel empty. It makes me hate myself, makes me feel like I'm alone and life is pointless. Coupled with other things it makes me have a difficult time talking with people. They tell me I'm emotionless, seem bored and disinterested. I have no ability to become attached to anyone or anything. I just lie in bed and sleep all day and stay up all night thinking.
pshhh my gpa is 2.5 and i got a job no probs. only big companies that make you work like a nigger under the zenith sun ask about your gpa.
Somebody I love very much left me because I refused to be more open-minded and not a piece of shit.
this made me really, really sad. i'm so sorry anon. these are the worst kind of mistakes.
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