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What is the saddest thing to happen to you?
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What is the saddest thing to happen to you?
first for being born
being bornn
My best friend dumped me
friends dont dump each other homo, if you dont like each other then you dont hang out anymore, did you love him faggot?
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i sucked a guys dick on a party while poeple around cheered at us just to get popular at the college, i didint even know his name
My best friend took a dump on me
not dying tbqhwyf
He said he didn't want to be friends anymore because I called him a bitch which isn't true. Yea I did love him. I'll always love him.
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Friend love is the purest form of love. Roasties can fuck off
fucking destroyed his bitch ass, anon

>that "nail in the coffin" moment in a relationship where one person does something that the other one will never be able to forgive or get past

could be cheating or uttering a certain insult or making fun of something they know they shouldn't of

then it doesn't matter how much love you have in your heart it is truly over
what animu?
My dad beat me for the first time when I was like 9 years old because I did some bad things. I took it really hard emotionally because I loved my dad so for him to beat me like that felt like he hated me. I tried to kill myself after by drowning myself.

I almost succeeded, my dad seemed to find me in time and saved me. I was in a coma for 2 weeks after and when I woke up my dad held me close and cried and scolded me. I cried too.
Depressing as fuck senpai.
I don't know if it's the saddest thing but it's the first thing that popped into my head.
My parents always made me take band class in school even though I hated it because they said if they didn't make me do stuff I'd no nothing at all. Which is true I guess, but whatever. Anyway my junior year I really wanted to quit band and I asked my dad if I could and he said that if I could make it onto prom court like my older sister did and "prove that people actually like me" I could quit. He knew as well as I did that that would never happen it just hurt a lot to hear my dad say it. Guess it was for the best though cuz my mom got mad at him for being a dick and let me quit.
was born a ginger with a mutilated dick
I feel sad a lot, but I can't actually think of anything that's made me that sad.
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>Pour bowl of cereal
>Go to the fridge
I am so sorry for you.
>>26075171 (OP)
I moved away from all my friends and the relationships I accumulated for twelve years. We all promised to stay in touch, but over time the number of emails and posts decreased. My friends moved on, but I became a loner in my new home.
cereal in water, never again :(
>cereal in water, never again :(
I think that I would rather eat it dry than like that.

I have heard of people who pour orange and apple juice in their cereal though.
I'm afraid that's what going to happen to me and my friends, on the edge of graduating, everyone is planning shit to do and I'm just sitting here, havent applied to any colleges or done anything to know what I'm going to do in my future. Probably just end up getting a job living paycheck to paycheck in a small apartment
>lied and cheated on and dumped by every girl
>zero friends
>childhood of abuse and bullying and getting molested

Hate my life so much.
I don't know either, there's just this everpresent deliberating pain regardless of what's happening and it's just really tiring. It's like trying to stay awake, my brain is losing it's grip and it's only a matter of time before I fall asleep. Also I'm poor and my dog hates me
nothing particularly bad ever happened to me. nothing particularly good either. my life has been empty and eventless.
Saddest thing to happen is to lose friends over stupid shit.

I lost my best friend because I kept on bitching about how I was a virgin, and I was so desperate to lose my virginity that I tried busting a move on her when I went to visit her at her college. It's not necessarily the trying to come onto her that ruined the friendship (she assured me it wasn't that--apparently I'm a huge dickhead when I'm drunk), but I feel like it's what caused it.

Anyway, shit was going downhill anyway, and that showed me her priorities vs mine (she cares about everybody's feelings whereas I only care about my friends' as well as my own feelings).
My best friend killed himself in middle school. Completely unexpected and I never would have guessed he was so depressed.

Fuck I hate living.
I paid my little sister $30 to suck on her toes.
are middle schoolers even capable of having friends
>ex fiancee who i loved had a miscarriage of our child aorund xmas time
>she was in china at the time i was in military job training
>she broke up with me
>she is now in europe living it up i am here with you guys out of the military no idea how to move forward
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Ex took a shit on me when I ate her ass

then she told everyone about it
>girl asks me to hang out
>it's only for laughs

I felt so fucking humiliated that day I ripped wire from the screen door and hung myself poorly
Specifically, nothing noteworthy,

Generally, wallowing through life, hoping things might change or get better but never taking the steps or risks outside the comfort zone in order to so
Tried to drink myself to death when I was 18.
Went into a coma.
Woke up to my crying mother.
I'll never forget the look on her face and I'll never forgive myself for that.
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To me personally? Nothing.

I'm more of a tragedy of inaction, like most robots.

A friend of mine overdosed. It may be a bit disingenuous to call him a friend at the time, but we were friends when we were kids.

I wasn't really that sad, although I was a bit angry when I heard his friends talking about putting some drugs in his casket, but I suppose he would have appreciated it.

I kind of wish I had some great personal tragedy to blame my problems on, but all my failings are my own.
yeah shit's only tasty in small amounts
Wouldn't that be more embarrassing for her?
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shit hurts.jpg
69 KB, 500x411

This guy gets it

I was already eating her poo when I started, even saw it and went for it so she'd be squeaky clean when I was done.

Then I don't know if it was because I stuck my tongue too deep, but she lost it and a huge log came out right on my face.

Laughed about it, butt then after we broke up she started telling everyone about it.
>i was in military
ah, makes sense she miscarried, then
lots of very rough abuse from many men near the womb area is bad for fetuses


I'm the one eating ass
My twin died at birth. I've always felt lonely
pooping at the wrong time is generally embarrassing
though in this situation yeah I guess that embarrassment gets passed on to you, filthy shiteater
Kind've torn between two things.

One was being born WITH cerebral palsy, so I constantly attract the attention of normies who want to get involved with me to either feel good about themselves or feel charitable, or who presume they're quirky to be friends and even consider dating me to press their social status of being pure hearted people.

The other was having my only real friend, my dad, die due to null nutrition when I was 18.
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I dumped the only girl that ever loved me and burnt bridges with her when I was a dumb teenager because I got tired of being in a relationship.

I know that feel too.
Being beat up constantly in school. My teeth are still fucked up and crooked from when I was laying on the ground and getting kicked in the face.
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nigger she was china living with her mom when she miscarried i was heading back soon in a couple of months you fucking neet
>living with her mom
that's where she kept her stuff
didn't sleep there too often though
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I can recognize Asano's drawings, you are my bro.

Anyway, I fucked a childhood friend because I was having troubles with my gf. She took a day-after pill and that fucking thing almost killed her.

A week or so later she called me and told me she thought she was pregnant, I told her we were too young to bring a kid to this world and that did it for us. She wasn't pregnant and after we confirmed it, she never talked back to me.

tfw my girlfriend and I broke up recently (it's been a year) and for some odd reason all I think is about apologizing some day to my friend.
spent an entire year in an out of body experience

it wasn't actually cool but scary as nothing actually effected me. Like I couldn't be happy also i couldn't feel pain.
about to lose virginity
couldn't get it up
My father was a musician in Stalingrad. During the German occupation, the sound of his violin filled the air with magnificent music - Korsakov, Stasov - many of the great nationalist composers. To my countrymen, it was a symbol of hope. To the Germans, it was a symbol of defiance. Even now, his music still haunts me. The Nazis slit his throat while he slept.
Pretty normal man dont sweat it itll happen
also in 4th grade my parents had sex right next to me and i was pretending to be asleep so i just laid there in horror for like 4 hours
>Knock up girl
>she moves to a different country with daughter
>live with grandma since 4th grade because mom is single
fast forward 18
>grandma fell off her bed and broke 4 ribs
>already diagnosed with cancer
>dying quick and doing hospice at home
>on morphine to reduce pain
>drugged up so bad that she just sleeps most of the day and has small windows of responsive moments
>making food do her Christmas Day
>suddenly breaks down crying saying "I love you"
She died the day after...
for her*
The slow decline of my sanity and optimism. It's not the short instances of fear, anger or sadness, but the long stretch of pain and self-doubt.
used to be best pals with three younger sisters. abusive and neglective parents etc. i was 14. parents let sisters watch tv all day. sisters no longer care about me spead everyone hour 2 ft away from tv or screaming to watch more tv. never reconnect with them. 25 now.
sadder than dad an hero. or mom growing into a hideous sadistic lesbian monster. or being 5'9".
I've got a long list of people that died.

If anyone wants to hear, I'll name a few along with a brief story about them.
Yes we want to hear.
I'm sorry man.

Cancer sucks. Trust me, I know.
Always fought with my little bro when I was younger.

Broke his xboxes, took his wii with me to college and sold it.

At one point I put a knife to his neck and told him I should just kill him.

He barely finished high school and has been a NEET in his bedroom for 4 years now and I feel responsible for making him fucked in the head. I think it might be my fault his life is ruined.

I love him but I know our relationship will never be normal and I can never forgive myself for what I did to him.
Alright, I'll start with the big ones.

>Know a girl I will call L
>She knew a guy I will call A
>These two idiots were destined for each other
>She was infatuated with the guy, she would talk about him all the time when we hung out
>Met him a few times, he's a fucking awesome dude
>This guy volunteers at church, gives stuff to the poor, helps everyone and is funny as hell
>He's driving a friend home one night
>On his way back, head-on collision
>Killed instantly
>L is devastated, doesn't know what to do with herself, she wanted to marry A
>Go to his funeral, find out he also did a shitload of other badass stuff and was basically a fucking superhero in the poorer parts of town
>L throws all her anger at me for some reason
>Never speaks to me again

She eventually married some other guy, and they're having a kid. She looks happy now, I guess.
Another one.

>Lived in a ratty-ass town in bumfuck nowhere
>My mom has this friend we will call P
>P is a military engineer, one of the guys who developed the Sidewinder Missile
>Always made my mom laugh through her divorce and ensuing depression
>Took her out to dinner and shit to make her feel happy
>He suddenly dies
>Turns out he had terminal cancer and was hiding it from everyone
>He spent his last few months making sure my mom was happy again
The next few are from my last two years in high school.


>Girl in my chem class
>Bubbly, happy-go-lucky type
>Always trying to get the class pumped for the day(chem was first period so we were all still sleepy)
>She'd jump around and get everyone to clap along with a song the teacher would play
>She gets killed in a drunk driving incident
It's quiet that morning
>Someone says "she would want us all to clap and have a great day"
>We play her favorite song and clap with tears in our eyes
>Never played music in the morning again
First guy I ever fell in love with committed suicide. We talked off and on within 3 years. He was 6 years older and I was really young, said he'd date me when I was completely legal. Said he was coming back from out of state (was in job corps) and things would go back to normal. We'd hang out again, he strongly hinted at a relationship. We talk on the phone one night for a few hours, everything seemed okay.

Four days later, I get a message from his ex roommate saying he'd killed himself. What's really sad is, two weeks later I had a dream that it was all a cruel, sick joke. He came back home, we hung out and had the best day ever. Lots of laughs, crying of happiness. Intimacy and cuddling before falling asleep. and then I woke up in a cold, dark room, and he was still dead.
Getting fucked over by my 5 year ex.

She abused me for so many years when I just wanted to love her, hopped to another dick as soon as she finally found one, kicked me to the curb and a month later comes to me saying "Oh no anon I'm scared! We fucked and his condom broke and now I'm scared I'm pregnant!" expecting me to console her.

As some context to this, I sent the 5 years dating this cunt as a cucked retard who was told I wasn't good enough for her virginity but she fucked some random guy a month after meeting him.

After that day, I didn't say more than 5 words a day for 6 months. And I felt so depressed all I did was lay around and wish how I could never wake up from my slumber.

Now I just deal with failed relationships, of girls who say they want me, and then decide out of the blue they want nothing to do with me anymore and go fuck some random guy. I guess I'm just a cucklord, no matter how hard I try they always run off to fuck someone else.

I fucking hate my life and plan on killing myself anyways.
>all these faggot normies crying over a girl dumping them

Fuck off this board already you cunts. I lost my mother on mother's day about 2 years ago and ended up being an alcoholic from it.
Its always a fucking wall of text starting: my ex of ... Years.

Really fuck off.
>This faggot having a family and turning to booze because she died.

Fuck off this board normie, this is for robots who don't have any family and are complete failures. And don't go off drinking another bottle of normie "make the bad feels go away" drink, it won't bring back your normie dead mom.
fuck you for making me feel this shit again anon
A bit pathetic but I became a sad miserable broken shithead after my last girlfriend left me.
bullshit battle of Stalingrad ended February 1943 if your dad died around then that would make you 73 years old

no one on r9k is 73
>years in a relationship spent waiting for the right moment
>girl gives her virginity to a guy she barely knows
Yours isn't the only story I've heard with this theme and I don't think I have heard anything else that's made me hate women more.
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your stories make me feel.

fix it then you sack of shit, you're a fuck up WHY DID YOU HAVE TO RUIN HIS LIFE? FUCKING FIX IT!
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>pour glass of milk
>go to pantry
>too little cereal to fill bowl
>My girlfriend at the time told me she didn't love me anymore
>Find out my dog has cancer
>Dog gets put down the next day
>Ex says she's sorry about my doggo
>I tell her to go fuck herself
>She says she made a mistake
>I say her mistake was calling me and ruining my day
>She starts crying
>Tell her she's a selfish whore
>Lurk on /r9k/ looking for a new gf
>No fembot gf

My man.
The 'le mistake' meme has to end. It's not like you say something like that accidentaly, or cheat accidentaly. Like what the fuck? It's like shooting a guy and than saying 'sorry i made a mistake lol'
Just cuck my shit up fampai. I get no pussy now, feels bad, but now I noticed she's getting fat, she's already like gained ten pounds in a month :^)
>roasties need to kill themselves. This is why r9k is dying
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mom died when I was 12 years old.
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>friendship with girl
When will robots learn.
My grandmother and my grandfather died at the same year when I was 12, I loved them so much
My life degenerated since that, making every day worse than yesterday
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overdosed on a full bottle of anti-depressants, honestly hoping it would kill me. now im stuck with the thought that im so bad at everything that i cant even kill myself properly
She left.

;_; Tears still real
Phimosis desu
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