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Your personal most cringey moment?
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Your personal most cringey moment?
>Finally get a date for the first time ever
>with the girl of my dreams
>we go to listen to music in my car
>don't know how the Aux wire works
>Call up my brother and ask him
God... what was I thinking?!
I dont even know what an Aux wire is m8
plug your phone/ipod into it and the music plays through the car speakers

I could have figured it out mang. I'm my own worst enemy.
Jesus your a special sort of stupid op. Did you get it in?

you freaking idiot
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>really into metal as a mid-teenager
>still am but not to this extent
>used to practice the vocals in the basement or in the house when nobody was home because i thought it would be cool if i could do it
>would be growling and screaming shit like "i will to feast upon the bones of the meek" in a low guttural voice or a shrill, grating, scratchy high
>the neighbors probably heard every time
afterwards she said she "just wants to remain friends." I'll admit I saw it coming.
Plug one side into the radio. Plug the other side into your mp3 player (where the headphones would go). Play mp3 music through the radio speakers.

I'm really mad because my Jeep has just a CD player. No auxiliary jack, and also no cassette bay. (There's an adapter shaped like a cassette tape that plugs into your mp3 and plays it like a cassette.) So I literally cannot play my music in the car, it sucks so bad.
What are you into now?
more hardcore, punk, post hardcore. think pianos become the teeth, like that shit people call gay but makes you feel feels

still occasionally listen to some melodic death metal or grindcore or something if im in that mood
>friend asks his girlfriend to the movies
>he asks her to bring a friend for me
>we go there, pay for the tickets plus 4 sodas and 2 mega popcorn buckets
>ups the they didn't have 4 sits together
>friend ends up with two girls at the movies with two buckets of popcorn and 4 sodas I paid for while I sit in the front in one of the worst sits
>girl avoids me like the plague after
And that was my last attempt with women really I'm sure my friend fucked her too
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>be me a few years ago
>early teens
>Decide to trip on benadryl
>take 700mg
>get beyond fucked up
>major hallucinations
>think I am going to die
>I start to cry, then try to calm my self down
>heard masturbating is really good on DPH
>put porn on
>cant get hard
>causes me to totally break down
>mom busts in
>realized I never plugged headphones in, so the sounds are coming from speakers
>I just sit there, crying and freaking out with a flaccid dick in my hand

DPH is terrifying
you are too stupid to breed
>>the neighbors probably heard every time
How did you find out anon?
>I just sit there, crying and freaking out with a flaccid dick in my hand
ahah oh wow this is one of the most embarrassing things I've ever read. Did you see the spiders?
you can trip on beandryl? Isn't that a common household medicine?
>on a date with a guy
>early high school
>he leans in to kiss me at the end of the night
>his first kiss
>mfw our braces get stuck together
>so embarrassed I start crying
>my snot gets on his face
oh god the spiders were absolute hell. The wasnt one part of that trip I enjoyed
just common sense. for about a year i lived in an apartment and surely somebody else must have been home one of the times i was doing it. and any of the neighbors where ive lived for the past few years (18 now stopped doing it around 16 or so) would have heard me if they were out walking or getting in/out of their cars
Short and sweet
>Second date with grill
>Im a 17 year old social anomaly
>First date was pretty meh
>Eat pizza, netflix and chill
>never even kissed a girl
>sit on opposite couches
>super awkward
>I get the balls to move closer
>My stomach is about to explode, I'm gonna cry I'm so nervous
>say some terribly awkward shit, fuck it gonna kiss her holy shit
>Move in awkwardly
>Run to the kitchen sink and hurl up chinks of pizza
>Mom takes her home shortly after
>I cry that night about how she thinks im literally retarded
>She still decides to date me, thought I was sick from the food
>We still date
She got over my robotish tendencies, turned me into a cyborg, feels good mane.
don't even think about it. It's basically a troll trip that is nothing but an uncomfortable nightmare every time
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ive been taking about 75-125mg(3-5 pills) of that with weed at night a few times a week and it makes me really comfy, no hallucinations or anything

i would never take more than 200-250mg
that only makes me want to try it more
I wouldn't though since I still live with ma and pa but... it can't be that bad, can it?

I've never done drugs before.
holy shit, you're making me feel for the entire female population at this moment, and i'm male.
My first kiss was in my current gf's car at 17, she laughed at me it was so pathetic.
I got that tough love, wanted to die after that night.
that's..actually really sweet in a way. She made you better and showed she was in it for more than looks after you literally threw up on day 1. She's a keeper, anon.
if youve never done drugs, dph trip as your first drug would be like jumping off a plane without a parachute

you WILL make an absolute ass of yourself if you are discovered fucked up. if they are asleep, you will hallucinate them calling you or even see them come in and talk to you, you reply, and then you wake your real parents who hear you having a conversation with the air
>it can't be that bad, can it?

Maybe if constant fear and anxiety is your idea of a good time. It also feels like your hell will never cease, and the trip lasts quite a few hours so there's no way out
>if youve never done drugs, dph trip as your first drug would be like jumping off a plane without a parachute

different anon here, but my first drug experience ever was smoking DMT. Made me even more of a nihilist than I was before the experience. That was years ago, but I'm trying to find a source so I can do it again.
have you kissed her yet? if so how'd it go?
My sides thanks senpai, also underage as fuck still
Yeah, we've been dating a while now and I'm gonna fucking engage soon. She's a mixed chick who watches anime with me and reads manga on her own time, cooks, cleans, wants the baby gravy to the point where its annoying, This is as good as its gonna get.

>Normie REEE
>I'm socially edgy and retarded, don't know how this happened
>tfw when I do
>Thanks Satan, dreams do come true
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dmt is totally different

it is most often a rewarding exoerience

nothing rewarding about a delirious trip. just the restless leg feeling, no matter what you do or where you put your legs they dont feel right and you cant escape it. it lasts all night.

>mfw the general feels felt physically and mentally on diphenhydramine
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>and the trip lasts quite a few hours so there's no way out

Thats the worst part. Benadryl makes you sleepy, but at a recreational dose, it gives you the worst restless leg syndrome of your life. There is no going to sleep
Oh yeah, we've dated a while now. She's my one person for everything. She wants to get married and is already planning our childrens names. It's a weird feel though, I know that if she leaves me I'm putting my .454 casull in my mouth and ending it.
>social anomaly XDD
>She still decides to date me
>We still date
>robotish tendencies XDD
>guise Im totes one of you
I want to disembowel you
>grade 7 or 8
>no cafeteria in the school, people eating lunch in the classrooms
>normies going to other classrooms
>some qt sees me sitting alone in the back of the room
>>hey anon you should make some friends
>>don't really feel like it
>>come on anon, i'll help
>she takes me to the classroom across the hallway
>someone says hi
>almost say hi back
>huge fucking booger falls out of my nose
>he looks at me and almost manages to hide his disgust
>blow my nose
>both him and qt leave me alone
>i go back to the other room
holy fuck i was such an autist back then
i still am
Hey, at least you can drive OP.

I'm just sitting here waiting for the day self driving cars become mainstream for the average consumer.
Wtf thats nothing I see this shit and hear it all the time not even doing drugs senpai, psychotic features got to love them
your friend doesnt sound like a very good friend, anon
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Nice trips

Check out /deliriants/ on 420chan
Fine bud, believe whats your reality I guess. I had two other awkward friends. One of them was pretty much her gay best beta friend. Met her through him. Kek I was no normie, I got bullied, called uncle tom and coon, beat on by white kids and other niggers. She gave me one shot, and somehow I made it pham. Don't hate the player, hate the fucked up rigged game.
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those faggots are nuts

they do it multiple times a week, sometimes every day. destroy themselves. same thing with dxm on /dis/

none of the fuckers on 420chin have any self control
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>Play purple Luigi in Smash
>Order custom purple Luigi Amiibo
>Really like it
>Bring Tinder girl to room
>"T-that's great, Anon
>We don't have sex

I just really like showing it to people...
I'm so sorry, thats fucked anon. But that was Chris Kyle level autism, you fucking headshot both your chances at normiehood with one snottie bullet.
Jesus christ anon, jelly as fuck.
Living the dream
what were your hallucinations?
Yeah, and constant abuse of dph will catch up to you real quick. Gotta be careful with these legal highs. I knew someone who got hospitalized because the cough syrup had some other ingredient in it too
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>ups the they didn't have 4 sits together
jesus christ lad
I mean its awesome but its perpetual fear, like I'm not a normie (lol gf). If I lost her shes my only anchor to sanity, which is fucked I know, but if she just said "this isn't gonna work out" I'd become the robot who believes he's living in his medieval fantasies.
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i was robotripping once a month. dxm only syrup. i think im gonna do it even less now. maybe 2 months. dont want to cuck my shit up in any way mentally or physically
When I was in 6th grade I wrote an anonymous love letter to this girl I liked pretended to find it on class then read it in front if everyone while laughing at how pathetic I was. Everyone knew it was me and she approached me after class saying someone saw me drop it and I denied it. It's literally the most embarrassing thing I ever done and I cringe every time I think about it.
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Pretty much this desufampai
> Enforcing your autistic hobbies on people
Please stop that
fuck its even in meme position
>first year in college, second semester
>made no friends first semester besides another weirdo like me who also studies math
>people are kind of rude to me in general, maybe its my face
>nobody really likes to talk to me
>some kids chuckle at me in class i guess because of the way i dress or look, i dont know
>in new class, sit next to girl i liked all last semester but never interacted with much
>talk a little bit more
>ask her out awkwardly
>she says yeah, but it's really awkward
>we go out anyways a couple days later to on-campus restaurant
>really awkward conversation about nothing
>she realizes she made a mistake
>food takes forever
>"gee this food is taking forever"
>shes looking around making sure nobody she knows can see her
>pulls out her phone
>barely responding to my questions with one word answers and awkward tight faces
>ask her out again at end of date
>she says "um.... i dont know"
>make a bee line for the exit right after paying
>have to sit next to this girl 5 days a week for the next semester because goddamn assigned seating (small college)
>get so anxious and depressed i drop out

that experience was so bad i cant even talk to girls now. they should just say no. i realize she was trying to be nice but she was actually inadvertently meaner than any girl ive ever interacted with.

You could just use a CD? New stereos aren't expensive and are easy to install, you could get one with an aux port.

Otherwise, they do make things that will stream your MP3 player onto a radio station.

reminds me of myself
>19 year old me
>virgin and seemingly hopeless
>start having long talks after class with 24 y/o girl
>by some miracle, she wants to fuck me
>comes over one night with whiskey
>I get absolutely shitfaced
>was apparently telling her to get a condom repeatedly before drunk me finally remember where I put them
> we apparently had sex
>afterward I threw up and I think I started crying at some point
>I have literally zero recollection of my first time

We dated for 4 months and I've got her to thank for my current cyborg-dom.
I did thrash vocals in broad daylight on my porch while smoking cigs. Get on my level.
That's really funny mane. Nice dubs btw.
Describe hallucinations for me anon

I will never experience those because of my bad health, I need to know
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>being this much of a pussy
Hallucinations for the win, senpai.
Only used it 5 times at 260 - 500mg doses but every time was great, I wasn't any more anxious or fearful than usual and the body load was fucking sick.
people have different experiences. I don't know what you saw, but with 700mg I saw spiders, scorpions, centipedes, evil rabbits (wut?), all over the place and also on me. There was a terrible sense of dread and feeling like I was being swallowed into hell forever. Also evil whispers and I watched a severed hand, like from the adams family, run down my hallway.
well 700mg will do that
>high school french class (i'm canadian)
>teacher tries to make the class fun for normies by doing games and social activities and shit
>she gets the brilliant idea of giving people 10 minutes of class time to just talk to their friends as long as they do it in french
>it's in french, so it's educational, r-right?
fuck i hated that class
>being my autistic self i never join in
>just sit there quietly like a good cuck while everyone else is talking
>she gets mad
>>anon, why aren't you doing the activity like everybody else?
>>do i have to
>>yes, anon, you need to learn too
i was better at the language than pretty much everyone else in the class and occasionally came off as an arrogant cunt, so she was probably telling me that i'm no better than everyone else
>>you surely have some friends in this class
>say nothing
>pretend to ignore her
>check the time
I like your custom Luigi, Anon. Back in Melee I used to play almost exclusively maroon Samus. Had I stayed involved in Smash I'd want something similar.

You type like a 14 year old. Grow up you mong.

>le socially edgy how dis habben epic xD
>He calls me a mong
>I jerk off to hentai with my dong
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>pianos become teeth?

>post hardcore?
File: 1445998175366.png (154 KB, 346x570) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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>dating a girl

This why i hate these terms normalfags decide to use when they're not a robot. Cyborg, Android, Computer, its the same fucking thing
Not asking a girl out to prom many, many a year ago.

Ended up having a friend ask a girl I didn't know to go with me so I could keep the illusion up to my parents. Barely talked to the girl, and she ended up pretty much dancing with a guy she knew there the entire time as I walked around awkwardly.
no, faggot, did you get the aux wire in? we know you didn't get your penis in her vagina, that goes without saying.
MY jeep has bluetooth and lets me play music from my phone wirelessly. my old jeep only had a cd player that wouldn't eject cds. but that was ok, i just put in a bluetooth headset and listened to music that way. not like i ever had any vaginas in there.

Done this too. It sucked.

>never could handle my alcohol, ended up getting really drunk at a friends bday party
>her younger sister liked me I'm pretty sure, was by myself in their hot tub and she came to join me
>sat right beside me but she was like 14 so didn't make a move
>went home and was really horny so i was looking at porn and for some reason thought it would be a good idea to send that girl some dirty messages and shit
>woke up the next morning to a paragraph of stupid shit I wrote the night before
>went full no contact with my friend and their family since

Quit drinking since then but everytime I look back on it I think it's a miracle she didn't tell anyone and I didn't get charged for assault or get my ass beaten. Still want to kill myself though.
So can I be like terminator salvation tier sentient T 800 with human skin?
Listen to djent
Perhiphery is really nice
File: NCYYuQ9.gif (2 MB, 248x373) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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I was high at a party and the girl next to me hands me her cigarette bud without having said a word ot me, expecting me to put it out for her and i fucking did without even thinking. Im a nice guy.
I'm a different anon. I've taken it twice the first time 300 mg, the second time 1.3 grams. The 300 mg I heard piano music and children laughing while I was in the shower. It makes you more exhausted then you could believe and you feel like you weigh 300 pounds, yet you cannot sleep for your life. On the 1300 mg dose I was seeing tens of thousands of spiders crawling everywhere from my keyboard to my skin and they all looked and acted just as real as spiders you see in your day to day life. A giant tarantula broke through my window and came at me, the only thing I could do is close my eyes and remember it wasn't real. The worst part was I couldn't go to sleep and it lasted for about 8 hours. After that experience I would throw up any time I took pills because my body thought I was trying to poison myself again. One last note is that your mouth feels like the Sahara dessert. The body high is truly horrific but the hallucinations are unlike any other drug if you want to talk about realism.
>don't know how the Aux wire works

I don't get it. How can you not know how it works? Its just a cord. You plug one end into your music device and one end into the car. I just don't understand how anyone could possibly not know how it works. It's like saying you don't know how to use a light switch or something.
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