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okay i just need to let this shit out as i don't have anyone to share other than you /r9k/ so it may become a wall of greentext so read at your own peril

>be wizard

>go to my best friend's going away party

>usually don't go to social gatherings but it's my friend who was with me through shitty times

>note: my best friend is good with girls and shit

>so a ton of people show up not more than 30 but half of them are grills (average - 8/10)

>arrive at the party

>best friend says he's got some work outside and party will start outside and tell me to "mingle"


>dude fucking leaves

>trying to stay stable and not let my autistic self be noticed and come across drinks bar


>make my way through "people" to get to my destination which is my mission

>2 faggots try to start up conversation like "so anon you're friend is leaving for his new and better job,what about you?"

>i reply : "i am a python developer for a start up. what about it ?"

>he tries some inspirational speech

>leave without giving a fuck

>finally reach the beer and slowly start chugging it and calm my nerves

>all girls are a grade starbuck white chicks browsing their phone and talking at the same time

>notice a girl who is silently not talking to anyone and just browsing phone lazily

>think to myself qt grill 7/10

>keep staring at her ..i mean keep observing her ..i mean looking at her ..ah shit you get it right /r9k

>anyway to the story keep scanning this qt for any bitch signs

>not finding any ..still looking (i have no idea why)

>she catches me staring at her so i look somewhere suddenly and then bring my gaze back to her she waves HI


>smile and wave back and go to her and start talking.
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0008 - iKYzROU.jpg
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actually smart and find out some personal infos and shit and not great but actually hit it off

>she 's funny upto date about latest memes and things socially (not as update as hot cocoa ) but average plebbitor you might say

>so im laughing and she's laughing and my friend comes in

>the party goes great and awesome send off

>so we look at each other and i blurt out "so wanna eat? im hungry"

>she understands my thinly veiled date attempt and accepts it

>we go to a nearest resturaunt and eat and talk nice ..actually think it's nice to meet someone after months of loneliness and she sounds fantastic to share shit everyday

>so finished eating it's about 7pm now and the bill arrives and i as a gentleman of r9k offer to pay

she was a man right?
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0044 - qMsf6NI.jpg
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>so finished eating it's about 7pm now and the bill arrives and i as a gentleman of r9k offer to pay

>lame..i know but stay with me anons

>so i offer to pay and she says oh no problem anon and starts rummaging her purse

>i say no i will i don't have a problem and we can split if you.. she stops me midsentence and says "why anon? are you not comfortable me paying?"


>my bitch alert goes off in my mind but let me tell you the bill was 60$ it's a little high for one person to pay


That musical was gr8, really wish I could download the full twitch video
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0038 - kAx1pPc.png
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>so i stop and say alright and she's kind of surprised and finally takes a wad of cash out

>and looks at me and says "so?"

>i say "you wanted to pay go ahead"

>she replies "what everything ?"


>"yeah please pay it if you want" as i dont have a problem with ladies paying

>she takes 60$ and pays it well wouldnt you guess the conversation died out

>it was silent the whole way back

>i tried talking she just browses her phone and seemed uninterested so i stop

>but i still like her note it, liked the personality r9k/

>so we reach her home and she says she'll walk

>i say " so can we catch up some time?" disregarding the shit that just happened all over the fucking bill
Damnit you idiot, you should have played it cool. When she pulled out her money you should have refused it.
>nah it's cool don't worry about it
It's a bullshit test women pull, and you failed it hard.
Captain dumbass repent your faggotry and pray she goes out with you again and be yourself python developer
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0317 - voq4rhJ.gif
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>she replies "what ?seriously? you are not getting this .EVER.you should be and act like a gentleman more or you you'll have a lonely future anon" and starts walking away like i'm a fucking joke


>i dont normally get down on insults but this one got me like what was it so wrong that i did that completely changed my image 180 degrees and now i'm fucking depressed and miss my only best friend

>told him this incident and he said fuck that bitch

>but why did she turn that ugly in a second anons .help me out here r9k

because of the BILL the MONEY over a fuckin piece of paper which is not permanant she gets the right to say that


any thoughts or similar stories faggots ?
That's a fairly boring story.

You missed an obvious social queue and destroyed the situation.


oh trust me when i say i refused it bro ..i really did what i should keep playing this bullshit of "no i'll pay" for 15 minutes or what
Well faggot you weren't sincere get real
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0471 - qO2o3BX.gif
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oh please i dont want to go out with her at all ..atleast not anymore if she cared that much about this shit that she had to test me ..fuck her
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sincere ? SINCERE ..haha come on really

that's the argument you want to go with ..
Fuckhead, is this a true story?

Or are you just pretending to be totally socially inept?
>not handing her 20 or 30 bucks in the car with shit-eating grin and saying "had you going didn't I?"
If you want the fucking Freud treatment hear you go princess you obviously still or not still harbored a resentment of women and you didn't play it fucking cool when it was time to be the "man" and pay for a ducking meal that you invited her too so now you try to push the blame on this "idea" of women again instead of putting the blame on who it really should be on and it's you. So repeat the cycle of insanity and come to post on r9k where a real dude is a 6% coin flip in a well of shit heads. I feel bad for the girl.
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1249 - XxlmUx7.gif
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it just happened and

>socially inept ?
how ? and how could i avoid this shit in future ?
You are a dumb cunt.

Take the bill from her and pay it.

Look her directly in the eyeballs and say "I insist, it's been a pleasure."

Later - fuck her in the asshole
You got so many fucking frog pictures
>"I insist, it's been a pleasure."
This is the gayest shit.
If she's doing stuff like that she isn't worth it. Just forget about her.
Should've left her in the parking lot 2bh

She's a big gurl she can get a taxi herself
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1076 - XAXPPre.gif
2 MB, 550x400

yeah i get it faggot but that doesn't leave out why she wasn't just cool and let me pay ?

feel bad for the girl all you want i dont fucking care but let's get real dude

i'm just asking why did she have to put that charade of "it's ok i'll pay " like a test ? damn that's all i want to know anon

newfag? it's pepe and yeah i have a lot and i made most of em

thank you ..finally i get i've been an asshole but why did she put on that fucking act i have no idea
If you wanna know brah it's cause them nice girls we all like I have been hurt in the past by men of lesser caliber then ourselves. That's a girl being a girl which is A-OK in my book. Specially if you got all that pump and dump out of your system or better yet just skipped it all together.
OP the problem is that you weren't righteous.
She was a bitch, honestly who cares? Going through charades like this just to get pussy is a waste of time. She was a lost cause as soon as she said "Are you not comfortable with me paying?"
This cunt presents his story in such a way that the reader must believe that this is pretty much the only opportunity he has ever had to get laid.

He should probably have played the game and gone for it, instead of this weird autistic approach wherein he fails to recognise basic social protocol.

If he wanted to tuck this girl, you have to admit my advice gets him closer to that goal than the one he went with.
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Because you aren't her type.
She's the type of girl who likes to play "mind games", she says something but means another thing and you're supposed to know that by being socially adept at flirting with girls like her.
When she said "no" you didn't need to reply "yes", just doing the opposite of what she said with little to no words. It's stupid, but that's how some girls are.
You weren't the guy, even if you passed that "test" there were 10 others to wait for you next.

My advice? Re-evaluate what you consider "bitch signals", the fact that she was at a party browsing her phone wasn't a sign of her being socially akward, it was a sign of her being a cunt.

>B-b-but when I am nervous I browse my phone

Yeah newsflash, you aren't a pretty woman. When a pretty woman is so isolated in that context, it's because she wants it.

Overall, don't try to go on dates with strangers, you aren't the kind of guy. Try to know them a little at first, don't let your romantic interest show until you're a bit sure of who you're dealing with.
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yeah i'll try to do that but what i felt bad was ...

was that laughing and funny shit all just an act ? and why can't people be more like "i need this and this and like dis"

without the fucking mind reading shit we have to go through
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It wasn't an act, at that moment she liked you, she just put up a test to know you better and when she did, she stopped.
The reason women like that do those things is to tests the guy "assertiveness", they perceive it as a sign of masculinity when a guy knows what she wants and gives her without her telling him so. It's actually narcissism.

I'd say girls who are honest/outspoken about what they want out of people exist, but they are rare to find, especially single. They would suit a robot best though, so good luck.
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