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Who /motherissues/ here?
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Who /motherissues/ here?
Post stories about how shitty mothers ruined your lives and screwed up your mental health
>Had braces for roughly a year when I was in 6th grade.
>Fixed teeth
> Have retainer
>move to different state
>mom loses my retainer doing the move
>teeth become even more fucked up than before
>need braces again during my prime 10-12 grade

In highschool most people had already had braces when they were kids. My high school experience could have been so much better
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>be 17
>mom & dad get divorced
>mom tells dad it's because he's on his pc too much
>tells me she wanted to leave 20 years ago but then she got kids
>dad planned that they pay the house off together
(obviously can't now)
>dad has to cash out on his life insurance to pay tax & water(for the house) + alimony for mom

>mfw my mom asks why I'm not a big fan of her
my mom has (I assume) Narcissistic Personality Disorder or Borderline and is an alcoholic. Parents divorced and my dad died soon after that.

Growing up wasn't fun.
>be 14
>parents divorce
>mother keeps screaming at me for 6 years every time I'm near her
>wonders why I don't speak to her anymore

I'll elaborate when I'm back from school and make another thread if this one 404s but I have hell of a rant to tell
>Mother doesn't want me to "leave the nest"
>Intentionally sabotages all my interviews and scares away my friends
>Wants me to be a momma's boy forever
>Does all my laundry without asking me first(I know perfectly well how to do my own laundry)
>Wants to drive me everywhere even though I have my own car
>I just want to move out and be an adult but she is literally forcing me into NEET life
I love my mother. I have always been close to her. I think my mother screwed up my mental health by being to sheltering.
>TFW your mother calls you handsome.
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>mom cheats on my dad multiple times
>dad knows this yet still stays with her
>tfw they both act like nothing ever happened
>they aren't even married and have never been married my whole life yet they STILL stay together
I'm kind of in the same situation, but to make it worse even though I'm currently a wageslave, I can't afford to move out yet.

It sucks pretty hard tbqh senpai.
Who here
>Nobody in this house helps me, I have to do everything myself! You're all so lazy! It would be nice to get some help once in a while! I'm keeping this house together!
>Hey mom do you need he-
>Doing chores or making food or whatever
>Mom is a drunk and has been my whole life
>First memory is my mother beating my brothers with a beer bottle
>Mother is lonely and wants me to be her friend even though i'm 30 years younger than her
>Mom is always bringing home fuck buddies from the bar
>Her drinking legit coasted me my childhood, I was never able to make friends because she'd always find ways to ground me

Thanks mom I don't know how to make social relationships and I have a huge fear of dissapointing others now

let me guess, she also calls you
Your dad must really care about you anon.
>That feeling when your mother no longer becomes your mommy anymore who took care of you but you now see her in the exact same light as your father did and now you understand.
>parents get divorced when I was a baby
>growp up like this so no big deal about it
>raised until 6 by grandmother
>both my grandma and my mother worked so I was kind of alone all day
>start getting bullied by girls at my school
>never actually knew why, they just didn't like me or thougth I was weird
>grandma does what she can, mother doesn't really care
>start having emotional/confidence issues
>father/father's side of family always talking shit with me about my mother
>mother/mother's side of family always talking shit with me about my father
>mother remarries
>flew all the way across the country
>new family that doesn't like me because I'm spoiled by my grandma and weird
>new school grisl that doesn't like me because reasons
>stepfather hits me
>stepbrothers try to act nice but don't really like me
>mother cares more about her marriage
>grow up to be a emotional disaster, manipulative, insecure and perfectionist.

No wonder I cry every night to sleep now that I live alone. Sometimes I even cry on the bus.
You should give what she wants and act like a lonely sperglord neet
Soon she will get tired of you and want you out
get caught jerking it to loli or some shit
>spent my entire childhood and teenager years under the reign of a right-wing, extremely religious mother
>she seriously believes that the tea-party aren't right wing enough
>homeschooled me my whole life, had rigorous control over the internet.
>didn't know what sex was until I was 15, and that was only after using wikipedia at the local library.
>used religious pressure to make me obsessive over everything; I couldn't do anything without being worried about going to hell
>I sobbed and prayed the first year that I was masturbating because I knew that I would go to hell for it, but I couldn't stop.
>tfw incapable of interacting with anyone because of the hell I went through
>tfw trying to rebuild my shattered mind.
>tfw trying to find an easy way to an hero
My mums the complete opposite
>be me
>literally schizo
>Took the bus to college yesterday but didn't go to class and sat outside in the rain for several hours
>Walk 5 miles home because I didn't want to be seen on the bus wet or disturb anyone by making the seats wet etc
>come home
>It's 12 o'clock or so and my mums in bed
>She goes mental at me calling me useless and telling me that she won't support me simply for the sake of supporting me
>Threatens to kick me out and makes me look for jobs for 6 hours online
I feel as if I need a weeks rest but last time I got one I just sat in my room the whole time freaking out. It's as if life never slows down. It'd be great if I had a mum who not only accepted that I'm useless but even embraced it.
My mother is a pathological liar and a pill addict. She can't hold down a job, just got fired from Kmart, and shes stolen from everyone in the family at one point in thier lives. She's at the point now where you can't even rely on her to complete simple tasks like fill out a job application or bring in the laundry. I actually had to rip rancid food away from her last week because it was easier for her to eat expired tartar sauce (expired last July) than to open the current container and scrape out the last of it.
>mom invites me to go to church with her (Mormon) when I'm like 7 or 8 on a voluntary basis
>spend childhood doing boring church shit in my free time, get up at 6am every morning to go to church school before regular school
>get fed up with religion as a teen but suddenly I'm not allowed to stop going because apparently Satan has too much influence over you until some arbitrary age
>realize my childhood was kind of fucked up because my mom is a control freak with father issues and it's not normal to live in a house with a woman's only bathroom and woman's only furniture and be forced to pee sitting down
>hate mother and never talk to her because she has the emotional maturity of a snotty spoiled 12 year old who watches TV all day while blue collar father supports her because family image is important
>develop into cynical non fedora class athiest
Reminder that the kick out threat is usually an idle threat unless you do something absolutely disgusting. It's like an interrogation, the threat of death despite the fact they still need you.

In reality they need you, the ones that constantly threaten it are the most needy mother who is using that against you, so just use the threat of leaving or being agreed to be kicked out against them, they'll be especially unable to handle it if you begin to go along with moving out. The reality is they can't cope without babying you.
This shit. I wanted to move out and to a different state when I was 18. My mom forced me to go to a local shit college. Met the worst people I've ever met, had to deal with lesbian sjw bullshit every day in class because it had a huge lesbian population, got fucked with by jocks, the administration... ended up having a breakdown and was bedridden for over a year. I haven't fully recovered mentally. And she wonders why I hate her.
>gave birth to me
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Thread images: 4
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