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There doesn't seem to be a lot of wagies here today. What are my fellow neets doing this evening?
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First day without weed since 3 weeks.
Wasted my whole day on 4chan and now im awake since over 24h but dont want to sleep since this day feels so empty
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Welcome to being sober
I'm a little scared of weed since I heard a lot of horror stories
Just ordered a pizza thinking I'm sooo hungry I'm going to eat it all
>couldnt finish half of it
>hate cold pizza
>still going to have to finish it for dinner
Otherwise I spent most of my morning in bed feeling comfy, woke up 7 hours ago too
>having fun playing videogames
>lay in bed for a bit
>start thinking of my waifu
>rubbing my belly thinking its her tum tum
>get a little drowsy from warm blanket, comfy bed and belly rubs
>thoughts become more erratic
>finally fall asleep
>wake up 2 hours later
And that's how I end up sleeping 14-16 hours a day
I'm not even on any sorth of medication
playing league of legends while eating chicken wrap
League is normie tier tho
Oh wow, you smoked weed for three weeks and then stopped. I'm so impressed.

Come on man, that's nothing.
>judging games as normies
I enjoy it, feels comfy eating chicken and playing league all day
>getting high on Benzedrex
>deflecting my dads attention in a phone call because I don't want to deal with him because he wants to help me or something
>fucked up and let my application to take classes online fall apart, don't even really care
>out of real drugs, even almost out of weed
>no idea what I'm doing
>feel myself slipping into being more comfortable with my lifestyle, not sure if I like that
>staring at the stacks of books I haven't touched in weeks
>playing GTA 4 obsessively
>watching the snow fall

Average day pretty much
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You are not a neet!

Weed can fuck up someone only if his brain is already fucked and just waiting for the weed to trigger it.
Also if you smoke daily for a long time you can change as a person really really really hard
sometimes good and sometimes bad

Otherwise great weed is 11/10 with music you like.

Weed for the first time is annoying though
>Where do i find a dealer/online vendor
>Who the fuck do i roll a joint
>Why do i not feel anything ;_;?

Just saying how my day was, i cant wait for the time where i smoke 28gr monthly like the stoners i know

but i think at that time i will not be allowed to post in a neet thread anymore
Gta 4 is great, pretty comfy unlike 5
I haven't played 5 but parts of it just look like so much shit all at once. Three fucking player characters? Is that really necessary or optimal?
Mostly optimal but im amazed about how feel it worked and ended up being pretty neat
Gta5 was still fun though

It's pretty well done actually. Each character has their own special "skill" and it's not like you're constantly having to switch between them every five minutes.
>Well done***
Maybe i should stop posting
>@ work related meeting
>bored af
>being a wagecuck sucks balls
Wagecuck here, let me give you a story to deter you if you're thinking of ending NEETdom

>Work at coffee shop
>High school softball team comes in at 6 am today
>At least 30 some people maybe more
>Coach makes it all one order
>They get $200+ dollars worth of smoothies and sandwiches and shit
>I'm opening the oven so much to put stuff in it keeps telling me to wait so it can reheat
>Our second blender broke 10 mins beforehand so we had to do everything with one
>Takes me and coworker like 40 minutes straight to get everything out
>Coach pays
>"Only $230? Not bad we usually end up spending more than that
>Tells us good job
>Doesn't leave so much as a penny as a tip

Fucking hell that made my blood boil
No its not
It's good for a couple of quests but the city layout is awful. Mix that with the terrible car and police mechanics and there is no fun in playing the game beyond the story
I have played pretty much every gta except for the handhelds and this is the first gta where causing havoc is not fun
i'm not a neet but i only work 3 nights aweek so i'm not working for 4.5 days

do i have permission to post, neet friends..? shit's lonely in these quiet days off
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I'm about to start playing nostalrius
No. Go away, take coffee boy with you
>playing wow
Why? Wow sucks there must be at leat a docen better mmos
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I will probably start watching Idolmaster, maybe play some Valkyria Chronicles too
You rubbed your belly while pretending it was your (presumably animu) waifu's until it made you sleepy and you slept two thirds of the day?

Damn brobot that's depressing
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ok sorry, enjoy your thread
Why? I enjoyed it a lot
I get feelings when I do this, I'm no schizo so I know its not real but it feels good non the less
It's not like I will ever get the real thing anyways
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