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Is it worth it?
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I need your help family.

There's this girl I'm talking to atm
>solid 5-6/10 qt
and she's pretty much my only shot at ever getting laid.

There's just one problem.
This girl, is so fucking stupid, I think she literally might be retarded. My palm connects to my face at terminal velocity almost every 20 seconds when we're talking.
Yeah, she also writes ''hahaha'' and ''xD'' before, in the middle and after every sentence.

She barely knows me but we've already ''sexted'' she seems to be a horny little bad gril which I think I can take advantage of.

But she IS SO FUCKING STUPID holy shit you guys, for every ''xD'' I've read from her my brain tumor grows a bit.

So... is it worth it?
Putting up with her retardation in hopes of losing the V card?

I would post examples but english isn't our native language and I couldn't be fucked to translate all that shit.
But trust me, it's so stupid to the point of being cancerous.

Pls halp
Do it, just don't let yourself become obsessed, if you lose your virginity to her, you probably will.
If 22+ plus then definitely if under, and she is a clean non disgusting person then Fuck and leave, if disgusting then wait
You might be retarded too.
Yeah that's kinda what I'm afraid of desu, getting the sweet taste of pussy and then being enslaved by it.

I'll be 21 next month, she seems to be pretty decent, the worst part is she kinda seems like a genuinely nice person, she can really get my hopes up (and my dick up) when she says some sweet/erotic things, but trying to have a normal conversation is fucking cancer.
Son, you are so afraid of success that you're looking for reasons to not try. She's not stupid, she's got a strange personality that is based on her reflection of people she admires for whatever reason. You do the exact same thing. Have fun, get in there.
>bad mouthing a girl which seems sweet and genuinely enthusiastic and happy on the internet
>needing advice in your situation

You're an idiot and you don't deserve her.
>she seems to be a horny little bad gril which I think I can take advantage of.

She thinks you are an awkward nerd that she can fix. You'll probably date a few times, she'll start to get anxious you are not making a move to fug her so she I'll make it, you'll be awkward, as usual, and after a few tries she'll give up and go back to her usual fuck friend. Leaving you wondering what the fuck happened.

In the end you'll be 10 times the autist you are now and probably go on a rampage around your campus.

Stay away from succubus and similar semen demons.
Yeah, I guess you're right anon-kun, ty

I get what you're saying, I'm a depressed self loathing weeb and when I encounter someone being that ''happy'' it literally irritates me.
Fuck i feel like a huge prick now, I mean i was never rude to her or anything but honestly, when I type ''hey, whats up'' and they type back '' hahaha nothing hhaha xD what about u? haha xD'' I can't help but imagining an empty headed retard who just laughs at everything sitting there being a retard.
How the fuck did you do that?
How did you know?
I swear she told me
>I'm going to help you, and I'm not giving up
I would provide pics as proof, but as I said we don't speak english so it wouldn't mean shit.
Give example of stupidity
>Tried to convince me communism is a good thing
>Doesn't even know what communism is (like every tumblr retard that thinks they're an intellectual)
>Doesn't know who our president is (doesn't even care)
>Believes in god, I can respect that but as long as you don't try to justify it or start an argument about it
She literally asked me ''If we evolved from monkeys how are there still monkeys''
>Can't spell for shit (and I don't mean english but our native language)
>Is a ''feminist''

And worst of all, tries to ''help'' me all the time and pretty much only says
>be urself anon-kun : )
>just don't be sad it's easy : )
There really nothing wrong with having a really blue pilled person as a significant other as long as you're smart yourself.

Can she function normally as an adult? Then she's fine.
ohh and this happened just now.

>ohh I love russian literature

Oh cool, me too, who's you're favorite writer, favorite book?

>Well I only read Anna Karenina so far but I can tell I would like all of it hahaha xD


It isn't even necessarily stupid, but just wat.gif material
That's pretty stupid, but if you're in it only for the pussy then go for it
There's a difference between stupidity and ignorance, and honestly when i think about it she isn't even that stupid, she's ignorant which is worse in my book.
She just kinda seems empty headed all the time, not willing to find out anything new or important
>hey did you see yesterday was the anniversary of the death of *insert most important historical figure in your country here*
>Who's that? Meh fuck that check out this video of a cute cat
Yeah that's my train of thought, but I honestly feel like I'm gonna get trapped by the pussy as an anon stated previously.

I just hate to imagine being that guy
>hey, secks was pretty good, maybe I can put up with her a little more to get even more secks out of her
>we're comfortable around each other now by this point we can start trying kinky sheet, mm even better perhaps I can put up a bit more
And so on and so on until i find myself in a marriage and hating my wife (and life)

I'm not implying she will trap me to the point of me getting married to her, just saying the mere thought of it makes me sick
You aren't marrying her, you aren't hiring her, you're just trying to finally score. Just bear with it, toss out that v card, and live your life. Make sure you use a condor
you're probably autistic but if you have no intention of dating her then who cares how stupid she is?
You are now the first and sadly not the last to have this happen to him. I speak from experience, not like all the other normies in disguise here giving you encourament.

I'm not telling you to stay alone forever. Just take a pass on this one, eventually you'll meet someone with whom you'll share something else besides boredom.

This one will break your heart.
I understand what you mean, I don't think I would get my heart broken, purely for the fact that i have almost no affection for her, I honestly just see her as a slab of meet that's only good for getting fucked. The worst that could happen in my mind is me being disappointed but hey I own a mirror so I'm used to it.

But that line about finding someone with whom you'll share something else besides boredom is spot on desu.

Ty anon
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Post pics of the convo pls anon
bumping for this now gibbe convo
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Do what chad does, fug her and move on, fug again later.
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