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>with the company for 15 years
>work 70 hour weeks
>move up to senior management
>finally trusted with big project
>work even longer hours to meet the deadline
>boss decides to bring in some emo shitstain from another company
>he has some family connections
>emo shitstain never showers
>doesn't care about dress code
>wears gay cosplay shit at work
>no one likes him
>try to ignore him get my own work done
>emo shitstain brings in affirmative action policy
>hires blacks
>puts women in management positions
>emo shitstain gets one project
>only needs to download one file
>can't do it
>black kid he hired goes nuts
>breaks a lot of expensive equipment and quits
>emo kid breaks shit too
>boss won't fire him
>meanwhile my project completed on time
>boss doesn't give a fuck
>one of the new woman managers disables all security
>all my work is gone within hours
>boss calls me
>tells me to give emo shitstain a lift home

How was your day?
cool normie you can leave now.
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>all my work is gone within hours

Plausible until this point.
how could you possibly miss the joke
I just got it.
is it that emokid deleted his work?
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I work in DataCenter. Alone in cold dark room with nothing but the servers and cooling units running for 12 hour shifts. Most days are spent watching animu or playing on my phone or laptop while waiting for customer tickets.

This is the story or Huang li, the man who with one command ruined my week.

>Huang li is a customer
>100+ servers across 3 DCs
>ticket comes in 3am
>just finished cooking Tyson tendies in microwave
>sigh and open ticket.

"Help I use command rm -rf / server crashed."

>centos 5.8

For non Linux people that command is a basic do not ever run command. It removes the filesystem and deletes it. The "/" represents root, so that means this guy deleted his entire journal and filesystem.

>infinitely rebooting from grub menu
>go back to desk

Huang had fucking clustered servers. He removed the filesystem and it killed 24 servers across 3 countries.

>Director calls me
>says to take the rest of Huang's servers offline immediately.
>spend rest of day reloading customer servers.
>about to leave
>cute front desk receptionist walks in
>too anxious and pissed from day
>accidentally glare at her
>"Bad day anon?
>"s-s-something l-like that."
>run upstairs blushing like a tomato
>berate self for stupid Autist thoughts
>make it back to break room
>forgot about tendies
>walk in right as janitor dumps food into garbage
>knees tremble and collapse
>janitor looks troubled
>"was tha-
>storm out to bus stop and wait.

Next day. Shits worse I pull 16hours fixing Huang's 1 mistake.

>his servers are back online and he's managing his restoration from backups.

Boss commends me on job and offers to buy me lunch. >Go to Greek vegan restaurant
>suffer through shit salad and chewy af fake meat.
>not filling in the least
>thank boss after dropping me off at bus stop
>get food poisoning
>spend my days off puking.

Fuck you Huang Li, learn what a command does before entering it moron.
fake story go back to /g/ you fucking retard.
Took me a moment.

mild kek op
If dubs ginger is evil

If trips or greater, usher in a new era of ginger hate culminating in gingercide
>work at shelter
>gigantic rottwiller gets brought in as a stray
>animal control had to use a capture pole to get him in the truck
>won't let us go near him
>snarling and losing his shit if he even sees you
>have to use two capture poles with two people to get him out
>don't even try to do a medical exam and run him straight to a restricted area kennel
>as soon as we close the door he starts snarling and barking and slamming into the door as hard as he can
>can't walk by without him freaking out
>if you accidentally make eye contact he'll freak out and try to literally climb the chain link upper wall of the kennel to get to you and fuck you up
>sits in his kennel for the 5 day stray hold and no one claims him
>on the 6th day we decide fuck it and try getting his medical shit done
>put on protective gear and use treats to lure him to med room
>coworker keeping him still on the scale using cheese while I try to record his weight
>seems to be going well enough
>suddenly he freezes and stares her down
>"oh fuck"
>I pull back on the leash right when he lunges for her
>she has to fucking climb our table to get away from him
>I can barely hold him back with the leash and he's just snarling and growling
>other coworker gets capture pole on him and drags him back to his kennel
>he almost fucking climbs out of his kennel in unholy rage
>have to put barbed wire on top of his kennel and concrete bricks on it to keep him from getting out and killing everything in sight
>make the call to euthanize him
>use blow dart sedatives
>hit the fucker with four of them
>apparently he's the Incredible Hulk and doesn't go down
>keep trying
>still doesn't work
>drug his food with enough sedatives to get an elephant stoned
>he finally starts going down enough to get a capture pole on his neck and hold him down while our tech injects a sedative
>immediately give him the blue juice
>bag and tag him
>lug his body to the freezer and go home

he was a heavy motherfucker
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>boss leaves
>take on all of boss's responsibilities
>don't get a raise, still near minimum wage
>repeat for a year
>have mental breakdown from burnout right when they offer to make my job permanent with a raise
>they give it to hapless colleague, put him on 10k more than me
>be at job for a few months
>learn stuff pretty quickly
>work hard rather than socialize
>make decent friends with everyone anyway
>managers want to make me employee of the month

Work is the only thing that makes me feel useful and kinda happy besides my cat.
What were you saying faggot?

Here's my badge bitch!
>Greek vegan restaurant

why would anyone think that was a thing people wanted
Time to quit and find something else. Sounds like you have tenure there and your resume shouldn't be shite.

I'm happy for you anon, keep it up!

San Jose CA is where I'm from.
That's normal, they leave it a year to see if you're good enough.
Do you live in Sydney?
Holy shit man, lay off the tendies.
Nah, San Jose Cali.
>go to work

why even go at r9k at this point
Does the work SLayer mean anything to you?
A security system that can simply be disabled by an emo fagotron and a random whore is probably not a good security system anyways. Either that, or she's like one of those retarded children who need to find a way to break ANYTHING, even if it's a fucking diamond.
How could you let that happen ?
Depends on how invested into your outside life you are.

Some robots work from home or are cyborgs who can assimilate into society but not feel or become part of that culture.

I fit into the cyborg category.
Those pig fingers. That autism screeching at co workers. Top kek.
Fuck me. I'm 23 and just got my first job resetting passwords. Pay is decent, but man I really wanted to be a Linux sysadmin by 25. What the hell did I even do with all that time? How old are you anyway, IBM guy?

24, I got a foot in the door when I was 20 my mom knew a lady in hr and she got me the job. She knew how much of a recluse I was and the job fit pretty well

I was a reboot monkey for a year before getting my Linux+ cert. Then things went downhill and alot of people quit and left me here so we changed from 8 hour shifts to 12s.

The job isnt hard, its getting into IT and making your value known that is. Every year IBM does some shit to try to be able to fire more people. I am waiting for the opportunity to work for Google or Amazon or VMware or a smaller company. IBM has shit pay but great healthcare. The entire company minus RnD and global technology, is nothing more than the recirculation of credited money that IBM has invested in other companies.

Managers on top of other managers. The chain of command can be so convoluted its ridiculous. Everything we use is outdated not to mention outsourced to other companies to manage them. We are crumbling from within and Ginny (ceo) is doing her best to scoop us out of the pit that our fucking bureaucracy of a company put us in.
Well if nothing else, it looks like you've got a pretty clear path to where you want to go and the experience/credentials to back you up.
Leftist nepotism is a thing
Leftists don't do meritocracy
Not quite I only have Linux+ which expires next year. By then I will have 4.5 years experience on paper but only experience with Linux and Windows.

Most people are moving towards Cloud computing. VMware and XenServer are the best thing to learn and get into atm if you are looking to make 70-90k USD within 3-4 years.

Honestly if I lost my job tomkrrow I would an hero before the end of the week.
get some coke in you man you'll be right after a couple lines
Yeah, George W. Bush was, without question, the best qualified president we've ever had. Not like that scumbag Obummer, using his old-money family connections to rig elections.
>16 hours shifts are legal in the US

>4.5 years experience on paper but only experience with Linux and Windows.
Granted, but the cert is only a placeholder until you get the experience. Why not keep moving up? 4 years is the recommended amount of Linux experience necessary to take the RHCSA.

>VMware and XenServer are the best thing to learn and get into atm if you are looking to make 70-90k USD within 3-4 years.
I might do that too, but I love the idea of working on a fledgling OS like Linux and being part of its becoming really legitimate.

>Honestly if I lost my job tomkrrow I would an hero before the end of the week.
What the fuck, man? This doesn't make any sense. I know a job isn't everything, but it's not like you're in a position where you can't make incremental improvements to your life or, if it means nothing to you, why not screw around and take chances? Fortune favors the brave.
True and I have been working on my RHCSA to make progress towards RHCSE. both of those and I could quit and get a better career.

Linux isn't a fledgling OS, at least if you are halfway used to UNIX. Which I was thankfully. With that being said Debian FreeBSD and Ubuntu are the newer OSs I see getting installed more often. The market for them isn't very large yet though.

About me an hero'ing, my job is all I have. Thanks for the support, but without this I am nothing. I am in a good position to make healthier changes to myself. However I do not have the mindset to do so... What I lack in confidence I can't makeup on paper or interviews. I have a lot of problems that add up to a severe social disability.
Honestly my biggest problem was not adulting well enough.

My paycheck barely covers expenses. If I lost my job I would be in debt by the next week. I have a little over a grand in savings and eat nothing but the cheapest easiest food to make. California is too expensive, I can't own a car and live alone at the same time.

At the end of the day I'm just another wagecuck cog in the machine of capitalism.
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Thread images: 5
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