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>Goebbels in the 1920s was pretty much...
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>Goebbels in the 1920s was pretty much identical to /r9k/. Extremely depressed, lonely, didn't see any point in getting out of bed in the morning because his life seemed pointless.
>This depressed NEET mentality was really common for German men in the 1920s, and almost all of these guys immediately gravitated to Hitler once he started to become popular and he gave them a sense of purpose and a reason to be passionate about something again.

Are we living in that soulless abyss that comes right before a massive political revolution that changes everything and catapults us from depressed NEETs (Goebbels) to suddenly being so passionate about something that we would be willing to die for it?
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Take a guess.

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>/r9k/ in two years
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blox blox blox
blox blox blox blox blox blox blox
blox blox
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I hope

You have been muted for xx seconds, because your comment was not original.

WWIII against the Middle East or becoming nationalistic due to Trump?
>A NEET can dream
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I like how more white NEETs seem to love Trump than they love Bernie. I've seen very few Bernie NEET supporters and all of the anime political pictures are exclusively Trump related.

You would think that NEETs would support Bernie since his whole campaign is just free shit, but their lack of interest in Bernie shows the deeper issue with hedonism and how hedonism is ultimately empty and depressing. If you offer a NEET more free shit then of course he will take it, but if you offer him the hope of having a reason to care about living then he will run right past Bernie's free shit and get on the Trump train faster than you can blink.
>not the starkiller base shot
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Both. The United States will fully mobilize our military and industrial might and launch a genocide crusade into the Middle East in the name of those who died, or rather were born, when the WTC fell.

When Syria, Iraq, Lebanon, Israel, Saudi Arabia, Yemen, Oman, and Kuwait are entirely cleansed of human life and repopulated by American settlers, the world will properly understand that America is great again and that to defy Columbia is to commit suicide.

Imagine our air fleet in constant flight, turning the birthplace of civilization to a smoker crater of fresh glass. It will be the most glorious display of military might humanity has ever known, and will herald a new century where we, the American people, dictate the tides of all aspects of private and public life in all lesser nations.
One can dream.
>becoming nationalistic due to Trump
This. I don't think we're going to see WW3, honestly. Europe is too much of a clusterfuck right now for them to contribute in any meaningful way. Countries like Germany, France, and Sweden nearly have a war about to break out within their own nations.

I think we will see a lot of violence in the streets, riots, etc, though. I could see a Trump America sending us in to help the Germans, the French, the Swedes, and other European nations if their local Muslim populations go completely feral on them, but unless the Middle Eastern nations attack because of this then I can't see it escalating further. Iran won't give a shit because they're Shia and these migrants and ISIS are Sunni, and if Iran doesn't care then Russia doesn't care, so any backlash should be relatively contained to shithole Sunni countries.

The future can hopefully be low causalities for us and extremely high causalities for the Muzzies. Pretty much Muslim clean-up operations throughout Europe and America-European bonding.
the middle east has terrible weather.
i want to buy a trump hat so i can be cool and ironic, but people at uni will take it seriously
So do places such as New Mexico, Arizona, Nebraska, or Kansas. However, these places have higher GDP per capita than most European countries.

This is because our people are truly exceptional, that is, superior to all others, and destined by God to dominate his creation and Trump will be our unstumpable shepherd in this quest.
>there are people who still think elections do anything and hilary hasnt already been chosen

Anyway, I'd love to join a revolution like this one but I'm non-white/non-asian and at best I could be an informant in a concentration camp.
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>NEETs decide to worship one oligarch shill instead of another oligarch shill
>People actually fell for the Trump psy-op
>People actually think this election means anything different this time

Trumpfags are in for a huge disappointment.
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bernie 2016 -.jpg
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>but people at uni will take it seriously
You should be serious about it, and the girls will like you for it too.

For example, if you just wore some "FEEL THE BERN" shirt then you would be a typical effeminate college-aged male that these girls have seen a million times and maybe they will throw a "Bernie 2016!" your way before never thinking about you again. If you confidently walk around in a red Make America Great Again hat though and you not only stand your ground when people confront you but you double down and loudly attack their positions and eviscerate them (it's very easy. Bernie is a fucking lunatic) then the women will be crazy for you. If you want to be the "dangerous bad boy" that the girls love then be a Trump supporter.

Women are always attracted to strength, and strength and masculinity are two things that you NEVER find in a Bernie Sanders supporter.
>The Elites
>The 1%
>"The Powers That Be"

I hate all of these retarded little PC nicknames that people come up with every other year.
but anon im an anarcho-communist
please dont make fun of me
>WWIII against the Middle East

You can't go to war with a region you dumbass right winger
Does anyone else remember that thread full of Hitler quotes and stuff about his life?

I haven't had feels like that since
do you have a citation for that quote?
According to vsauce, OP, you're right
i like le balding science man
Let's have something like that again. I don't know many Hitler quotes, and despite what I think about him, I can't bring myself to dislike him because of how awful his life was.
Sure you can. You can go to war against pretty much anything.
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Goebbels is my favorite Nazi.

He found his purpose in life after years of being lost in the confusing darkness of a society that utterly rejected him, he fought until the bitter end alongside the people who took him in and gave him reason to live, he is no doubt one of the most respectable men of the 20th century.

We're gonna make it robots. It may take years of suffering, but soon enough a new leader will rise, and he will lift us out of the darkness we find ourselves in.

There was one robot posting paragraphs from a biography written by one of his closest friends

I remember one story pretty vaguely where his mother passed away near Christmas and just kind of wandered around the downtown area of the city he lived in because he didn't want to be a burden to his friends
I remember that.

It was a pretty good thread.
youre looking at it too hard, why would we need to help germany what did they do for us if its anything id see trump america selling american made goods to eu to get our economy up to date to repay china

but thats after the cleansing of illegals if it doesnt turn out to be a genocide
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>Hitler ignores the thousands of cheering normie girls and runs straight to the depressed 4/10 /r9k/ girl and hugs her
Did no one save any of the stuff he posted or know where exactly he got it?


You can shoot at anything, doesn't mean you're in a war against actual enemies with well defined objectives
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I like Trump, but I wish Rockwell hadn't been assassinated.

God I wish I had saved some screen shots

Of course a lot of the war crimes that they committed were horrible but I have never related to anyone else as much as I did Hitler in that thread
Hitler appealed to a far greater range of people than Trump, Germany had its shit fucked up in the aftermath of ww1 and during the great depression.

Sorry /pol/. What happened in Germany is basically what normies do when they end up in our situation and compose a significant proportion of the population. There is no comparison to us, the bottom 1% in a period of peace and prosperity.
>There is no comparison to us, the bottom 1% in a period of peace and prosperity.

>The effective (U6) unemployment rate for 18-29 year olds, which adjusts for labor force participation by including those who have given up looking for work, is 16.1 percent (NSA).

Nearly 20% of our generation being unemployed doesn't sound like peace and prosperity to me.

>Bawww they committed war crimes while fighting for their lives against an unholy union of international capitalism and international communism

You'd commit war crimes too if you let some faggot army escape with their lives intentionally and they repaid you by coming back a year later to fire bomb your cities. You'd certainly commit warcrimes if the alternative was every woman in your family being raped for hours on end by Russian savages (which is what happened, https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Rape_during_the_occupation_of_Germany)

bawww muh geneva

>white beta loser insecure about his penis size and the fact that women don't like him becomes racist so he can blame his problems on other people instead of acknowledging how much of a shitlord he is

>desperately tries to convince himself "i-i'm m-master r-race!" taking credit for the accomplishments of other people

>engages in mental gymnastics to justify his awful behavior

>goes on to be one of the most reviled figures in recent history

yeah, sounds like a lot of /r9k/ to me
>whining about the consequences of losing a war that they started
That's Germans for you.

>Implying I'm German

Eat shit, useful idiot.

>boy, it sure is odd how Comrade Stalin decided to side with bourgeoisie pig for attacking of socialist state. I wonder why this be, Igor? ...Please, no gulag!
Probably because of this, you faggot:


Start shit get hit

bernie is just an old, lying socialist whose solution to every problem is "let's give people free shit and not be racist!"

trump is actually acknowledging the real problems that are pissing people off.
all of you thinking some guy is going to come in and change everything for you are not only losers but incredibly delusional. it makes sense though that you cuck'd up robots would think of course the world is the problem and not yourselves. guess what though, regardless of who wins the election you will still be pathetic virgins with no worth
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Income inequality and people literally destroying the only planet we have pisses me way the fuck off more than some Mexicans
I am curious.

What is it that people want of a leader? What could somebody tell you that would keep you waking up in the morning?

Could anything do it? Or would you need someone holding your hand every step of the way?
businesses are always complaining about the skills shortage

>virgins with no worth
>implying that being a virgin means one is of no worth
Daily reminder that the head of the single largest organization in the history of mankind is a virgin.
arguing with holes.jpg
>Income inequality
You don't deserve 15 dollars an hour for flipping a burger and if you keep bitching about it then they will replace you with robots who can do the same thing even better.
>all of you thinking some guy is going to come in and change everything for you are not only losers but incredibly delusional
But that's exactly what happened with Hitler, along with countless other historically renowned leaders from all over the world.

We'll have our day, and God willing we'll succeed where the Nazis failed.

I don't flip burgers asshole, I actually make way more than most people my age because I got IT certs. That doesn't change the fact that people literally can't live off less than 15 an hour
you seem triggered senpai

rub one out
you actually can lol. if you want to live NYC making minimum wage then you're just fucking retarded why not move to some place where the cost of living is actually moderate and cheap?

people where i live are getting by fine on $8/hr a job you know why? rent $400, gas fucking cheap, groceries cheap, etc.
File: pepevtumblr.jpg (162 KB, 1175x766) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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>tfw the eternal germanic is the only group that pretends to care about you and only to use you as cannon fodder in some planned future war against the entire world which will never materialize

>Implying the Soviets weren't planning on invading within 2 weeks


Ignore Glantz since he's a faggot. :^)

>have offensive plans in trenches
>no retreat plans because NO RETREAT IN GLORIOUS SOVIET
>stockpiling weapons and ammo right beside your non-aggression pact best friend
>Stalin locks himself in his room for a few days and cries when he learns Germany invaded first (so close, yet so far)


Can't live in your home where you have always lived in and belong!? No problem! Just move to a meth infested shithole in the midwest where you can work at walmart, get obese, and die when you turn 45 from a heart attack
>That doesn't change the fact that people literally can't live off less than 15 an hour
Who cares? You technically can live off it though. If you are a single person then you can live off less than 15 dollars an hour. It might be a bit tight, but you're not going to starve. If you're working at McDonalds and you have kids then that's your own fault and there's consequences for retarded decisions.

Minimum wage is supposed to be for teenagers and people who are just starting their life. It's not supposed to be something that you live off of indefinitely, and it's certainly not supposed to be an income that you build a family on. Just because a bunch of retarded black people have six kids and are too stupid to get a job that's better than flipping burgers doesn't mean that they deserve 15 dollars an hour. They shouldn't have had kids if they were still making minimum wage.
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Joseph Goebbels I.jpg
133 KB, 482x667
>Die Flut Kommt

Can't watch this shit without tears welling up in my eyes, man.
File: Hitlerreaction.gif (1 MB, 168x176) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
1 MB, 168x176
>having to call anyone who points out that you're a fucking retard "triggered"

Enjoy eating Tyrone's cum out of your wife's pussy.
baka senpai what u got against tyrone?
I am aware of that, but the Nazis' ideology was bent around destroying Russia, so the Soviets were preparing to strike first. Plus, Hitler had authorized the Soviet invasion back in 1940.
>anything outside the big city is an absolute shithole

Wow, you really fell for that nonsense hook, line, and sinker, didn't you?

If you actually think this, it would probably be best for you to stay in your congested and polluted city area and believe it's the greatest thing in the world, because no amount of explanation will convince you.
I have nothing against him at all, and I can say that honestly because I don't have to eat his cum out of the love of my life.
They want someone strong and capable. The current world leaders are neither of those things, they're all cowards who are ignorant entirely of the wishes of the people that they serve. They spend more time trying to serve their (Jewish) masters than serve the actual people of their country. Why do you think "populism" has become such a dirty word these days? They want you to be afraid of populists, leaders who can reach out and speak to the people from every corner of society, leaders who have the capability to unify instead of divide. They Jews fear, above all else, the unity of the people they exploit, so they try their very hardest to alienate strong, capable leaders who have the charisma and tact to unify the nation.

Who do you think Goebbels would have been had the Nazi party not risen to power with Hitler at its head? I suspect he would have faded entirely into the common masses, maybe he would have even committed suicide. But because he found a purpose, because a strong leader pulled him (along with many others) out of the depths of despair and monotony, he became a renowned orator and media genius.

The Jews can not allow these people to rise to challenge them, they can not let leaders pull the people up from their despair and give them purpose, they need us all to lie down and accept our fate, and a strong leader prevents that.

Yes, they were both being faggots about it. The Soviets still went against their official ideology to ally with capitalists and then went far beyond the basics of co-ordinating with them to include such fun things as breaking the non-aggression pact with Japan when asked to by the US.

Neither is faultless, but blaming it all on Hitler is fucking retarded. Stalin was significantly more of an asshole anyway.

muh katyn forest. muh holodomor. etc
tyrone wouldn't do that

I've been all over this country when I was in the Navy. Everywhere except for the land that starts in NYC and ends in Maine is literally shit tier and full of fucking morons
They allied with the Capitalists because the situation on the ground had changed dramatically. Initially, Soviet plans were to:
>wait while Hitler gets himself into a retarded struggle in WWI-style fighting against France and Britain
>wait until 1943
>launch attack on both parties with massive amounts of armor and artillery while they are weak
>overrun Europe to the Atlantic
>sit back with comfy world order

Obviously, German forces taking massive amounts of the Soviet Union dramatically changed things.
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bernie is a godless commie who will venezuela and greece up the economy even more

trump is a meme politician with no chance of success and a good chance of cucking the republican party in his attempt

the propaganda machine is out in full force, even though libertarians would literally legalize weed and everything degenerate millenials want, the mainstream view is that they are all old teabaggers who want to take away their bennies

Basically America is in a race to the bottom right now, doing the complete opposite of what they should be doing while blaming their decline on the people trying to get them to do the right thing.
>been all over this country when I was in the Navy
No, you only visited areas primarily intended for military personnel, that is why everything seemed seemed so shit.

You have to go out and actually travel as a civilian, or it doesn't count.
holy fuck I laughed, but yeah it a couple points that aren't off lol
srs this video is golden-brown/10
>trump is a meme politician with no chance of success and a good chance of cucking the republican party in his attempt
The republican party isn't relevant because the republican party has been on life support for awhile. The support that Trump is bringing in is far more than any of those boring cucks like Jeb would have managed.

If it wasn't for Trump then the republican party would be completely irrelevant right now. There's a reason why Trump managed to slaughter all of his opposition so easily. They were fucking pathetic.

NO ONE cares about "muh conservative values" anymore. We're living in an age of identity politics and Trump has managed to be the first person to almost explicitly go in for white identity politics and appeal to the white demographic just as democrats appeal directly to the non-white demographic.
You certainly can have well-defined objectives in such an event. Why does it matter if your opposition has the same?
>We're living in an age of identity politics and Trump has managed to be the first person to almost explicitly go in for white identity politics and appeal to the white demographic just as democrats appeal directly to the non-white demographic.
Ideally we should be abandoning identity politics entirely, it can be done while maintaining the same "we don't give a shit anymore, facts and logic only" attitude towards politically correct liberals

you would get white voters on your side and nonwhites who can stop for one moment and think "yeah, maybe we should focus on actual problems now"
As long as you aren't Mexican or Muslim, you're good phamo.
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64 KB, 580x386
>Reminder: Voting for Bernie is no different than voting to kick Elon Musk in the face 40 times while stealing from his pockets as he lie on the ground asking 'why? what did I do to you Anon?'

A vote for Bernie is a vote for 1984.
Identity politics gives the left a lot of power ad appeal. It would hurt their discourse quite a bit if they were to drop the "sociological definitions meme."

I can't really see it happening.
File: what is fascism.png (106 KB, 886x1322) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
what is fascism.png
106 KB, 886x1322
The ultimate red pill is essentially that the good guys lost World War II because of the endless greed of a few people, their greed for money, power, and the fulfillment of their warped and twisted religion, they failed to mold the world in their image in the aftermath of the war but they definitely stopped the good guys from molding the world in their image.

Fascism is objectively the greatest governmental system in human history, once you stop believing all the WWII Roosevelt administration lies told about it, learn that the holocaust did not happen, and accept the bitter truth that war does not determine who is right, but who is left, and you actually study fascism and what it looks like in a society and what its goals were, you realize that it was just the best stuff ever and that its horrible that it was destroyed with military force.

>Are we living in that soulless abyss that comes right before a massive political revolution that changes everything and catapults us from depressed NEETs (Goebbels) to suddenly being so passionate about something that we would be willing to die for it?

I really, strongly, think so. Our country looks extremely similar to the way all those Axis countries looked before the good guys came to power. The way things are now is not the ware things are meant to be, all of us robots, or even some of us who are cyborgs (like me), are the way were are because we have automatically and instinctually recoiled from the way society even on a subconscious level. Even when we consciously wish to blend in and be one of them, and maybe even if we succeede and get sex and other things, we are still not one of them, we can't be one of them, this modern society is sick and warped.

We've always known it, felt it, even before we really understood it.

I made this album, its just a fraction of the stuff I have on my pc, if anyone wants to know more or see more then just ask.

None of them were NEET's though, because back then social security and autismbucks didn't exist - The men you are talking about literally fought for their survival, please learn some history faggot OP thanks

Also mandatory viewing

identity politics are seen as something much more massive than it is on both sides. there was a similar movement for a few years in the 90's, only now it spreads around more with media and internet. i give it a few more years until the whole social justice thing dies out, it's seriously not even close to being a major issue for the country, whether for or against it.

i feel like only clinton is really hoping to try and embrace it by making it her #1 deal. both trump and sanders strike me as more just participating because they can win over support from it.

we should be talking money in politics, foreign policy, climate change, etc. literally no one should vote based on just social justice, aka almost all of hillary's supports.

Here's the book itself:

If you search for 'Kubizek' in desustorage you'll probably find what you're looking for.

Found the thread
File: Screenshot (19).png (149 KB, 1365x598) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
Screenshot (19).png
149 KB, 1365x598

This is why, historically, a mass of young men with no woman, jobs or family of their own is bad news for a society.

If people think the redistribution is not necessary for long term societal stability, they're wrong. Society is a contrived bargain struck between the natural and societal orders, and part of that bargain is the inclusion of the beta male, which altogether is the majority of men, rather than his worthlessness in the context of nature alone.

This unchanneled male energy is either spent on video games and porn and part time jobs, or criminality.

It may get supreme as fuck in the coming decades. A nation of sluts and pump and dump players breeding fatherless children (future criminals and social retards) is bad enough, but funding with the taxes of the beta who gets nothing in return? It can not last.

The pendulum will swing the other way, but there will be much weeping and gnashing of genitals beforehand.

Dr. Jordan B. Peterson, Prof. of Psychology at the University of Toronto:

Goodbye to Good Men

Remember those 50s hat-sporting fathers who stayed married, supported their families and repressed women? Well, they're headed for extinction. In the majority of US cities, young woman are now higher-paid and more educated than their male counterpart. This has not stopped the Globe and Mails Margaret Wente from recently warning us about the dangerous male energy still remaining. Men with less testosterone "are nicer, more social and less aggressive," she says. Such men wont, quote unquote, "wreck the world." At this point, Wente should know that its the testosterone-laden man who is most attractive when women are fertile. When it comes to the serious business of sex, women will choose a testosterone-charged world-wrecker most of the time.

What, then, is a sensible girl to do? Ms. Kate Bolick provides some answers, in the cover story of Novembers The Atlantic. Bolick, with "too many ex-boyfriends to count," is still unmarried at 39. 11 years ago, however, she ended a long-term relationship with Allan, who was "exceptional, intelligent, good-looking, loyal and kind." "Something was missing," Bolick says. Had she asked me, I would have said not enough testosterone. Perhaps its time for her to find a tame, lower-status boy, and make an honest man out of him. Some of Bolicks more savvy friends have done just that, establishing relationships, for example, with salary-challenged males. Some even stooped low enough to date men who are short! This level of compromise is not for Bolick, who flirts with life in an all-female Dutch community, instead of settling for a less-than-perfect mate. She concludes that Western culture itself is at fault for making her desire a conventional relationship, in the first place.


Just what kind of man is emerging to replace the chauvinists of yesterday? Type 1, lets call him very popular in Japan is shiftless, dependent, and low in status. He poses no threat to women, however, displaying little interest in them altogether, except when animated, infantilized, and available for kissing practice, on a portable Nintendo.

Type 2 man is the archetypal bad boy: impulsive and exploitative but willing to bed anyone he doesnt have to take responsibility for. Hes the perfect mate for the modern single mother if she wants a different father for every child. Type 2 man makes 50s Dad positively look Christ- like.

Heres a thought: What if, two decades down the road, women do all the work: all the engineering, all the ditch-digging and fire-fighting and raise the children, too? Its not impossible. Such a state is already normal in several American sub-communities, hard hit by the economic demise of modern man. What if it took centuries of cultural discipline to produce 50s Dad? What if the husband willing to stick around and share his income was the historical exception? Its a demanding job to support a family, after all, and it's not necessary to stay with one woman. Maybe men just wont do it unless they are provided with status to bolster their fragile male egos or to encourage desirable behaviour. Without respect, why would they try, when the alternative is so much easier, and subtly promoted?

Increasingly, among my students, I see young men who dont know how to be good men. My son wasnt allowed to throw a snowball, for example, in elementary school. It was against the rules for him to even pick up snow off the ground.

File: Pepe's Inferno.jpg (30 KB, 333x333) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
Pepe's Inferno.jpg
30 KB, 333x333

It is in that manner that decent boys are made to feel guilty about their masculine impulses. So, they withdraw, confused. The more aggressive, psychopathic boys? They simply dont care. So theyll be the ones fathering your grandchildren, in the future if tomorrows woman can find a man to sleep with at all. That'll keep the testosterone flowing.

For the Agenda, with Steve Paiken, I'm Jordan Peterson.

If VR ends up being half as good as it promises to be, I'll be happy living in a fucking broom closet. Better quality circuses will go a long way to pacifying us.

See when you go and claim a thing like the Holocaust not happening, you kill your argument. At least have enough sense to know people won't listen to you when you bring that up.
I bring it up because its one of the first things that people usually bring up when you say anything good about fascism, like clockwork.

It didn't happen.
It just didn't.

Also have more sauce

Nigga we are in a war with a concept. At least the ME is on the map.
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>you will never live with a sense of purpose in this day and age

Feels fucking bad, man.
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