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>turning 25 soon
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>turning 25 soon
>just now finally getting my life back on track again from being a NEET by building a few websites
>still living with mom who hates me
>virgin and not even the prospect of a gf
who else /latestart/ here? What are you doing about it?
You know the quote - your chapter 1 to other people's chapter 20.

I'm 25 and moved out of my mom's at 24. As a child and teen, I told myself I'd do it by 18. Graduated college, but took a year or so more than needed, due to two missed semesters. Had to get a job to finish. Real life came into focus. We accomplish things when we accomplish them. No need to rush.

Now at 25, a college grad, professional making 40k, I'm doing pretty good. But I realize that in all likelihood I ain't living to 100. I don't want to, but already my life is at least 25% over if I did. Enjoy it and go with it as is, not as you think it should be. Because by time you get everything you feel you need, well, who am I lecturing? We're both figuring this shit out.

I'm glad you're making progress. Just don't feel obliged to do too much.
How'd you get your inspiration for websites?

I have the skills, but I can never think of a website that would
A. Keep me interested enough to update
B. Guaranteed to get me plentiful googlebux
Turning 26 soon and I have no job prospects and no gf prospects.

I'd kill myself if I thought I could go through with it.
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>Dropped out of high school at 17
>Spent three years being depressed and trying to rebuild myself
>Had no friends, severe social anxiety, parents hated me
>This year got a well paying job, apartment, girlfriend and finally making friends again
>Eat shit parents

It's like I just struggled hard enough until life gave.
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I'm 23(soon 24) and trying to make the comeback from NEET life. Now I'm taking care of my sick mom and cleaning my dad's house, so my family respects me again, but I haven't given a shit for 5 years so I don't know how to start going back to school or working. Advice?
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look for opportunities around industries that pay a lot of money for exposure. Industries like realty, PR, business and photography. These type of people don't usually have time to learn even simple things about the web and will throw work to you if you approach them sincerely.

use linkedin and also link on the pages to your own website

webapps and things like resident portals for hotels if you're backend. Learn about adwords too.

my next step after i get my portfolio is trying to find a company to join.

Take small steps to learn again. For me I had no idea what i wanted to do and was bitter at the thought of going back to uni. I started torrenting audiobooks and videos on all sorts of different things. Then reading more current events on rss and reading scientific journals on sites like nature and arxhive.org .

I guess the biggest thing was just putting myself out there. I got a request from somebody to design a website and I was nervous and it seemed difficult but I had painted myself into a corner so to speak, and it felt really good to have to do it. That someone trusted me with it and I finally had some sort of path.

good luck anon.
My dad works in tech and says he can pay me. But he just says "learn x" and I can read a 200 pg book and have nothing to show for it. He thinks I am smart with computers when all I know is to use linux and hack nintendo gameboys. I don't know how to turn knowledge into work and also have 0 confidence.
try torrenting programming / web videos, then read the books later. Lynda is nice and easy to learn, if a bit slow at times.

You have to take that first leap though, get the clock rolling and feel the pressure on you from others to do something.

it's difficult to take that first step, I remember I almost didn't.
What job did you get?'
>No job, no experience, no money, living with family, no car, no license, in middle of no where
>no gf ever, no friends, tired of initiating every conversation and getting no where

Well, at least I know some things and have a piece of paper degree, I guess. I don't even know where to begin.
Turned 25 in December, I'm still not doing shit and will probably kill myself this year because I'm starting to feel hollow inside.
Well yeah at least I have stepped up and helped family, surprisingly it is easy to be respected again when everyone else around you is pieces of shit. Also dudeweedlmao saved my life, I had a drinking problem and watched anime 24x7 until recently.
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>Got my BA at 20 (Graduated two years early)
>Moved directly into the business world
>Realized I hate my life
>Realized my worklife was moving dangerously close to the hyperbolic fantasy oft presented in NEET supremacy threads
>Realized I hated my boss, I didn't care for the work I did and I had little time for myself

Tomorrow's my last day. I don't have a job lined up. I'm just going to take it as it comes.

I'll probably get some easy part time gig to pay the bills and spend the rest of my time working out/reading/writing those stories, blog posts etc. that I never quite got around to during my undergrad/studying for grad school entrance exams/hanging out and fucking my gf

Feels somewhat functional.

More than your average robot.

Less than your ambitious normie.

I don't give a shit- I've worked more shitty part time gigs than I can count. I live well below my means in a tiny apartment in a shitty part of town. I can budget. I'll be fine. I can work later- now is for taking chances before my gf starts to shit out kids.
got a shit job and i'm slowly losing weight
op here
throwing yourself into work isnt necessarily the solution to all those problems but it can feel pretty good once you get used to it. It will give you moments where you dont have to think of all that stuff.

as far as talking to people goes... irc has helped me immensely.

Maybe try to call your universities career center if you want to do something with your degree?

weed is pretty great, and moving on with your life and getting respect is even better.
i'm still drinking everyday and watching anime way more than I should... but usually i set like 5 reminders after an episode so i can go back to coding

you have achieved a lot compared to most robots and 21 is a good age to be thinking about this stuff. Hope you find a new job quick so you can fuel you're creative endeavors because i think you're right, now is the time to speculate on such things.
How much money are you making from your websites?
>>26053634 here. Doing something with my degree directly would probably require going back for a master's. That involves applications which take time and money, recommendations, going back into a field I am not that good at and don't really care about anymore, taking exams to put on the applications even though as I said I am not that good at it, and setting up funding via teaching or research. It also possibly means moving and still not getting enough funding and going into debt. As for jobs around this shithole where I already am, expect grocery bagging or hamburger flipping.

As for socializing, no, I do not want to do IRC or online shit forever. I can't get anything out of that anymore. There isn't really an answer to give me, I am honestly just posting sour shit at this point. I don't even know if I believe in free will still or if it matters whether or not exists.
making $100k-$150k per year is easy for software engineers straight out of uni

and after 5 (or 10 if you are not in a top company) years, you typically get promoted to a senior position (you don't even have to be exceptional or anything, just doing your job), at which point your salary would jump to $250k+

I know quite a few people who'd work for, say, 10-15 years after graduating and then have enough to retire
depending on whether it's a person or business:
~500-950 usd first year
~150 per additional year for hosting and maintenance

i've gotten other jobs like transferring domains / company email accounts too. Learned how to set up VPS for hosting.

It all adds up and it's giving me time and motivation to learn skills and get experience.

I hope that you find a way that works for you anon. Being in the middle of nowhere with no car must be hell.

Sure sounds like a dream. Is that the field you're in?

I don't have the money for school, probably don't have the talent either.
the big companies are giving out money like its candy right now
and, I actually have some colleagues who get paid these money just to play fusball/table tennis, eat free food, and take naps
what languages are most helpful to know?
How did you get picked up straight out of university or find your job?

Do you plan to retire early or what's your end goal?
What should I study to leave NEETdom?
>currently halfway through an accounting degree and probably going to drop out
>college dropout
>living with parents
>already $7k in debt
>jobs don't call me back
just gonna kill myself man.
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