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>pretty girl is nice to me
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>pretty girl is nice to me
>instantly think its an elaberate ruse to humiliate me

anyone else know this feel?
You set yourself up when you instantly assume some girl being nice to you means she wants your dick dummy.
Befriend her and get her to hook you up.
I already consider exchanging a few words as nice. Also, noone would want sex with me
You dont know shit familia

>nonstop positive comments about my apperance
>think its pity or that im being mocked

>girls stare at me
>same thing

>girls innitiate conversation with me
>trust issues kick in immidieatly

>girls make out with me, basically forcing themselves onto me
>sperg out, think im being played

I decided that ruining every relationship I had and going hermit mode is easier
Yes. Not only with girls but with everyone of the few people who actually talk to me.
>what is reading comprehension
Assumptions are no sudstitute for understanding
Does it actually happen in real life?
I think that too when people (not just girls) are nice to me
this pham
Yes. I was always right
Yup. Roughly 12 years ago, back when I was in school, I started getting texts from an unknown number. It was someone telling how they liked me etc. First thing I did was tell my buddy to quit fucking with me. When he denied everything I called the number, no one replied. Texted back to leave me the fuck alone. Confidence issues ain't no joke.

>it was an actual girl, a cute girl, and she really liked me before I sperged out
The first (and only) crush I've ever had would act super flirty towards me and then a few months later she laughed in my face in front of a bunch of people.

Never even felt remotely interested in anyone since then.
Same, but I think she's friendly to me for ulterior motives. Not humiliation, because I've noticed I'm not the only guy she talks to.
And did it fucking work for her. I can't stand to be near her, because I know she'll make me an orbiter, and convince me to buy her a coffee or coke with little more than "thanks."
that's why you ask who it is
>pretty girl is nice to me
>instantly want to kill myself because I don't deserve it
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A had a Stacy in my Anthropology class that was getting in my personal space and I thought was into me. Took the initiative to ask for her number and shit but she would just make excuses.

Then one day I ask if she wants to study for the final. "Sure anon, you can study with me and my boyfriend."

> mfw I was only being used for attention.
The solution: Use one-word responses and for fuck sake don't act interested in anything she's saying. It's the only way to prevent that shit.
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>people are generally nice to me
>be an arrogant prick to them in return
I literally can't stop being an ass
it's not even completely on purpose
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No. In my experience, pretty people (truly pretty, not just caked in makeup and other forms of body modification) tend to be much nicer than ugly people. That is because they actually have confidence and self esteem and thus don't feel the need to bring other people down in order to step up the social ladder.
>anyone is nice to me
>instantly interpret their words too literally
>sarcasm and jokes go over my head
>reply something autistic
>worry for eons they they think i'm weird

why do i hate myself?
that's what i do and i've never had a gf
but hey at least instead of feeling the humiliation for a few days i feel the constant pain of being a weak, timid boy

i get anxious when i hear a group of people laughing
i get anxious when i cross more than 1 person's eyes in a short period of time
it's crippling when you think everyone has a plot or ulterior motive against you in some way shape or form you start seeing it too
patterns people are all connected one big chain
all working against you
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>Girls are hitting on me
>Assume that they just being nice to me just like to other people
>Remove myself from situation
this. ugly people are usually mean to others to feel better, ESPECIALLY really fat people.
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Same here, OP.

Though older women have flirted with me, and I suspect they were being genuine, so I can't be too hideous.

I wish I wasn't an idiot with no self-esteem, skills or social standing.
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Unfortunately, there is also very little for people like us to connect with in very attractive people. Our experience in life is very different, and very sad.

I've met too many ugly and attractive people who happened to be very nice, though, to think that it's some sort of rule. The cruelest fucks I've ever met have been just average or above-average in attractiveness.
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This is weird.
Are you me?
they threaten you because they probably have high expectations and judge you easily. a lot normies tend to be like that.
>"wow, he stuttered, what a loser"
>"haha she is stumbled at the stairs, what a freak"
the root of the problem isn't that people are inherently mean, but the attention seeking culture that social media promote. people want to gossip at the slightest derivation from the norm, to validate themselves. of course, these people are the minority of normies, but their mindset affects all people.
>pic related

i have the super-power of knowing exactly with which people i can let my guard off and act like my real self without being judged or get talked behind my back
>pretty girl is nice to me

nope, never happened.
>10th class
>have a best bud
>he is unpopular
>bud got himself a popular and gorgeous gf
>turned out it was a joke
>she kept humiliating him by saying to others how bad he was at kissing and how stupid the things he talked about were
>he got angry and called her a slut in a breakdown
>she got butthurt and asked a friend of hers to beat him up
>said white knight used to be friends with my buddy
>but he was too scared, so he brought 4 of his buddies to help him
>they fucked my buddy up
>he commited suicide 2 months later
never trust normies
that helps a lot actually
thank you for telling me this
>the girls in my university class only talk to me when they need something from me
>the guys in my university class talk to me when they want to borrow a book or chat shit
>I can only really talk to 1 or 2 people from my class about things I really like
>the only reason I managed to get a girlfriend was because it was a blind date
>I still don't know how I mustered the courage to get there and do all the things I did
>everyone at work is really nice to me
>wonder whether they're all pretending, and making fun of me behind my back
>literally nothing to suggest this

Thanks, paranoia.
and they now live happily their lives, free from any guilt about your friends death. they indirectly killed him for fun. gege normies.
Holy shit, I'm reading an autobiography.

I understand that feeling way too much. On the flipside, I think it's literally the most fucking pathetic thing to even consider giving it worth 5 seconds of thought. There's not one person who isn't insecure somehow, but it's pitiful to know that we're probably on the bottom of the spectrum. How do we get over this, because I get ashamed knowing I even have these thoughts, then I get caught in the cycle again. I'm not trying to throw a pity party, I'm genuinely curious how people overcome this level of self loathing, all the while knowing that human beings in third world countries are just looking for their next meal.
>has actually had women desire him
But seriously, fuck off with that shit.
What if there are no higher rungs on the ladder? They plateau and they make jesters out of whoever's around them. Poor people, rich people, there's always some gorgeous motherfuckers who plateau and get cruel.
>girl is nice to me
>take it as she likes me
>tell her i like her
>she was just being nice and has no interest
>back into the sewer i go
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>qt gets on the treadmill next to me
>constantly mirin'
>"I just want to get /fit/ go away whore"
>stop thread mill, head to restrooms
>"maybe I'll talk to her"
>she's gone
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