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ITT we describe the shittiness of our lives...
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ITT we describe the shittiness of our lives and other anons tell us if we should end it

>living with parents no job
>receding hairline
>caveman eyebrow
>literally leak sweat 24/7
>stretch marks everywhere
>chronic fatigue
>born into poor abusive drug addicted family
>parents are always home
>when I try to sleep they stomp around me and make loud noises and my parents constantly open and close the door and I feel a crazy cold draft every time
>sick to my stomach 24/7
>have 10 dollars to my name
>would have thousands of dollars but I have to buy weed every day to forget my problems
>haven't talked to a girl in years
How would you have thousands without a job,anon?
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No need to end it t.b.h.

my story:
>graying hair
>originaly lived in a first world country but family moved back to their third world country and i came along because otherwise i would be homeless, this happened when i was 19
>speak the language with an accent, get made fun of
>needless to say, kissless handholdless virgin
>never had a job, and scared to apply because i hate people asking me about my background
>spend the entire day doing the same as in my old country, shitposting and surfing the web
>in college, but hate my course and am getting bad grades
>balding/receding hairline
>4x3 dick
>holes in teeth, very crooked as well
>shit job at grocery store
>criminal record(DWI)
>alcoholic family
>heroin addict brother
>$10000 in debt
>depression/suicidal feelings
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>receding hairline
>otherwise twinkish
>small peen
>ED from finasteride
>never had gf/bf
>no ambition
>retail wagecuck
>only goal is to get on bux
>$10000 in debt
How? College?
>Fluctuate about 80 lbs every year
>Incapable of looking people in the eye
>The only reason I haven't an heroed is that I like my major
>Incapable of working more than 4 hrs at any job before I go insane with discomfort

Not as bad as a lot of robots, but that's me.
Credit card debt from cigarettes alcohol /comfy/ food, court fines etc
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end it.

end it.

end it.

my life:
>dropped out of high school twice
>never had a job in my life
>nowhere wants to hire me, not even minimum wage burgerflipping or shelf stacking
>living with parents who are growing more and more impatient with me
>dumb as a fucking doorstop
>ugly as fuck manlet with crooked teeth
>receding hairline
>virgin, never had a girlfriend
>no social life, not a single friends
>always tired, constant headache and generally feel like I'm on my deathbed every day
>losing weight at an alarming rate from lack of appetite and malnutrition
>feels like I'm going insane
>can't enjoy anything anymore
>can't get hard or aroused to even masturbate
>can't remember the last time I went outside
>can't remember the last time I laughed or cried
>today at school
>got a lot of courage to ask out this girl today
>said to myself I will do it at end of the day
>walking through hall see her making out with this guy
>fuck my life
Parents were giving me like 50 bucks every 2 weeks for a little bit for cleaning and shit and I found a way to make a few hundred every month
End it, anon.
you know what to do

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dont end it, im pretty much in the same position as you. and if people in similar situations want to end it ill feel even more hopeless
Underage b&
See ya, kid.
I'm sorry :(
I thought /r9k/ was were people not accepted by society could talk freely
Well, see you
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you cant know if you can grow facial hair at 17, For some men (depending on genes and background) they only start growing at 25 or 30.

also if you have weed you can make friends, or atleast smoking buddies, no matter what kind of degenerate you are.

get an apprenticeship/internship whatever
or just some shitty job, dont end it
Thanks anon :)
I'm in the shit right now but I guess I could have it worse
I've decided I'm gonna get a job at a subway so I can move out finally :)
Typo; 18. No b&.
fucking kek

don't end it just move out it's really not that hard
nah, everything's fine here.
grow some balls faggot its just a girl
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>Be me



>No friends or Family which give a shit about me


>Living off of $900 a month from SSDI and some extra food stamps

>Crippling non-verbal learning disability, ADD/ADHD/ and an extreme temper and general hatred of people.

>Couldn't work up the will power or ability to get through college if my life depended on it.

>Have no talents or abilities, only a slightly above average IQ despite coming from a family filled with extremely talented/intelligent people.

>Bullied throughout school/middle school, ignored in high-school.

>Betrayed/shunned by friends when they went to college.

>Live in a city filled with Ivy League students and trust-fund yuppies assholes. So the competition for women is fierce and I don't stand a chance.

>A complete loner, spend nearly all my time indoors playing video games because my only choice for employment is working a minimum wage job washing dishes/making coffee for the aforementioned trust-fund yuppies assholes. As such, I would rather die or at the very least remain unemployed than stoop that low.

>Life is an endless cycle of waking up, playing videos games, browsing 4chan, maybe going out to eat, then returning to fap/sleep. Which isn't too, too bad but still rots the soul.

Living in such an affluent city while so poor drives you insane with hatred/envy/jealousy. It's like being placed in front of the gates of heaven to behold all it's splendor and beauty but never being able to touch it or partake in it. Nearly every time i go out to get food I have to listen to well-to-do over achievers and nepotistic rich brats talk about how fun their vacations to exotic countries were, how much money they have in their special bank accounts, and what type of amazing project they are working on in their high-tech jobs that I am barred from having because I wasn't born in the genes to find doing math anything but a torturous chore. I am like a shade, a hate filled, bitter shade.
What the fuck would that even do? How is one supposed to move out when they're broke as fuck?
>fell from decent uni to community college because of financial problems
>get placed into math class with autistic eggplants
>better this way
>5ft 11"
>weigh 283lb because Heavy weight training in Highschool
>kinda fat now
>trying to improve self
>can't even run half a mile now
>can still squat 530
>its a start
>feel like people are afraid of me
>I'm still well liked
>or not?
>just got a job at the Safeway as deli guy
>want to buy a second car
>already have a 2012 Volkswagon
>life isn terrible except for being out of shape and being Asian and Irish and acne and probably social anxiety
>dropout of HS
>abused when I was younger
>no money to my name
>family cab't basic nessecities
>mentally ill
>constantly begging for death

I want to hope for a good future, but there is none.

Even if I fix my situation, the world is still racing towards doomsday.

Being born is a curse, I just want to die in my sleep, or get the balls to kill myself.
Fuck you I would kill to get bux like that for doing nothing
Forgot to mention I'm afraid of intimacy because small penis. Father had small and mother is Asian what can you do. Why live?
So this is not nearly as bad as everyone else and I feel bad posting, but here it goes:
>born out of wedlock; real mom abandoned me so aunt, who had another child by same guy. took me in
>turned 18 this year
>extremely socially inhibited
>0 friends for four years of high school
>can't speak smoothly or without stuttering
>shitty hair, light frame, weigh 125 lbs at nearly 6'0"
>single mother (biological aunt) working to support three dependents (me, my sister/cousin, and her mother (my grandmother))
>haven't applied to college while kids in hs are getting into ivy leagues; don't really know what to do
>fap and use internet all day
>sleep 12 hours on an average day off
>disgustingly bad tinea versicolor; have spots all over my torso, neck, and pubic region (but not penis) which make me look diseased
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God these threads are amazing, thank you op I'm enjoying this way too much.
>small hands
>average/10 body
Talk some more shit.
>balding, fat, have cystic fibrosis, a club foot.
>teeth are falling out because of gingivities
>high school drop out
>have no hobbies or interests
>no friends, no siblings
>no car, no money
>dad is dead, only person i have in the world is my mom
File: 2016-01-15 01.21.09.png (524 KB, 1080x1920) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
2016-01-15 01.21.09.png
524 KB, 1080x1920
6 foot above average body normal hands.

Stay mad neetbitch
how small can it be ?
>"statue of david"
>she actually presented a picture to reference whats probably the most popular sculpture in human history

You sure know how to pick em, normalfaggot
I'm not neet, but there is no way you are above 5'10". I get it, everybody rounds up, but two inches is pushing it. If you are 6'0", you have short arms, so it's a lose-lose. How long are your hands?
I've been taking finasteride for 5 years and I ain't got no ED. That blows for you.
She picked me
No I'm legit 6 foot and have long arms, makes deadlifting easier. I'm just that jacked.
How long are your fucking hands
Sound like a loser.
Details on molestation? Greentext plz
>being so low on the scale that you have to accept the advances of every retard girl to look in your direction
File: 1453846002326.jpg (85 KB, 576x575) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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Even with your arm angled towards the camera (makes it look longer) your elbow doesn't look like it reaches your navel. My arm span is one inch short of my height and my elbow still reaches my navel. Manlet arms confirmed.
I dont know weirdo
Yeah getting laid sucks

Fuckin lol
You should have ended it all long time ago
I think it's 5in max on a good day (not jacking it for a week). But it's like .5 flaccid so sometimes I end up pissing on myself.
Nah I have long arms, thanks for the pic though. I love how pathetic you guys are
You still have a tiny dick, tiny hands, and an ugly face. Plenty left to be insecure about bro.
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>live with older brother
>receptionist job people accept me there
>fat but slowly eating less but not healthier cause good food makes me feel nice in my mouth and tummy.
>non-symmetrical facial structure & eyebrows
>sporadic freckles all over body.
>never had an irl relationship but i had one online once and they broke my heart
>not one friend
>made a tinder to see if anyone would be attracted to me and got a few matches so i message them with "hey did you swipe right by mistake" - "Yes, yes I did" was one response. The others just want to give you an std.
>tfw so awkward
>tfw cant have a relaxed, happy, deep conversation with anyone even though i want to
>tfw when I listen to one of my fav artists i end up getting really depressed or jealous because i know i will never marry them and it hurts and i hate whoever they are with irl.
>tfw disgusting looking body and weird skin thing
>tfw will literally NEVER meet anyone because no friend to go out with and too much anxiety to do things alone and look like a loser.
>I am literally going to die alone like fuck.
how? im about my gualla senpai, i need cake
File: 2016-01-15 01.22.10.png (598 KB, 1080x1920) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
2016-01-15 01.22.10.png
598 KB, 1080x1920
Nah I'm good man, thanks for trying though. Life's good, you fags are just pathetic.
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give it a few more years then yes

give it a few more years you aren't pathetic enough yet

your time is fast approaching be prepared

you must be 18+ to view this website

yes but needs to get worse before you will have the courage to pull the trigger

No. Other things in life than having sex. Buy an extra small onahole and stfu.


yes if you can get the courage

Yes but wait till mom dies.

No. You still have too much hope in yourself.
File: 0592 - VnVcxrI.jpg (47 KB, 579x553) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
0592 - VnVcxrI.jpg
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>almost 25
>look english aka "bland"
>work minimum wage job, no uni education
>was molested
>was emotionally abused
>have severe avoidant personality disorder as a result
>as well as clinically diagnosed aspergers to round it off
>am completely closed off emotionally and sexually
>get cold and visibly shake when I try to open up emotionally or sexually, scares people off.
>never had a GF
>haven't talked to a non-family member outside of work in almost 10 years
>all attempts at relationships have failed within a week, so cynical I don't even try anymore.
>where I used to be excited, now the thought of trying to date or a girl asking me out makes me want to vomit and hurt people
>when I find out people I know from /r0k/ get gf/bf I get suicidal

I've basically sworn off romance because each time I put myself out and get instantly snubbed I just get more and more angry; I feel like I'm just 2-3 more failures away from turning into the next elliot rogers. I don't want to hurt people, I've never been a violent person, I just want to love and be loved. maybe an hero is for the best.
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>kissless, gf-less virgin
>goddam stretch marks everywhere
>small pp
>beta af
>have maybe five friends
>best friend is suicidal and emotionally unstable
>permanently greasy hair and face
>socially awkward and crippling anxiety
>have no idea what I'll do with my future cuz every interest I've had doesn't make shit
>all dreams and aspirations have been crushed
>no job
>$700 to my name
>haven't an heroed yet because I fear death too much

I'm sorry you've had some shitty things done to you, anon, but the rest of the world doesn't deserve to be punished for the actions of others or thenthings they've no control over you suffering from.
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>chronic fatigue
Wtf is that? A new name for morbid obessity? Is that even real? Sounds like a meme familia

>5 friends

if you have 5 friends and $700 in high school you will be fine, borderline normie even, you will have a gf within 5 years tops. just lose some weight.

what did I do in my past life for my very existence to be a burden?
>6/10 looks
>blonde hair and blue eyes
>good grades
>rich family
>have a weird skinny back thing going that if I worked on I could get a six pack easily

sounds good don't it? get ready

>have a fear of eating public
>can't look people in the eye
>can't be left on my own without my thoughts becoming instantly suicidal
>afraid of crowded rooms e.g. parties
>had a pause in early primary school where I'd dint give a fuck and I only cared about the liberal arts so now that I actually put the effort in my dream of doing biology is forever over and I'm gonna be stuck with a modern art degree or some bullshit
>can't find clothes to fit me
>had a medical condition that means I can't participate in most sports so I have no mechanisms to make friends nor stuff to put on resumes

not the worst but I feel like no matter how much I work in the good things, the bad ones overwhelm and counter act them
*early high school
File: dipper.png (185 KB, 323x303) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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Oddly similar to you OP.

>no job, live with mom
>husky but overweight
>slightly bad teeth, unaligned front teeth and some fillings
>stretch marks
>poverty stricken environment and household
>bad complexion that requires skin care products to manage, but, again money less
>acne scars
>depressed, zero motivation
>can't sleep well at nights due to family being loud white trash in a tiny house
>2K in debt, parents owe me money
>Before this I had changed my life around and overcame my anxiety a bit, made friends, got fit, talked to girls, and the moment I moved back here previously thinking it was temporary everything fell into pieces and I can't escape
>Family hates me because my grandmother is a compulsive liar and claims I use her and hit her up for money and things when I never once did this in all my years living with her
>college dropout
>developed social exclusiveness due to previous years of bullying growing up
>manlet at 5''8"
>5.2 inch penis with slightly above average girth

Positively though, I have a semi attractive face, broad shoulders, a decent jawline, generally good facial symmetry, and I have soft thick none greasy straight hair. I have personal ambitions to succeed and know the means of how to, but I can never push myself to take those steps to due to the depression and feelings of failure weighing me down.

Should I just end it?
>community college
>havent had real friends since high school
>litterally go to class and go home
>everyone in class doesn't want anything to do with me outside of work
>had a LDR
>visitied her on London
>found our she's not into me anymore on Christmas day
>litterrally a month of depression.
>CLASSES started yesterday
>still no friends
Don't an hero.
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Thread images: 19
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