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I was searching for fapable pictures of girls...
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I was searching for fapable pictures of girls on fagbook and some normie posted this. If normies actually believe this, how are school shootings not justified?
"Lol i just abused you to the point of intense emotional damage, just stand up for yourself xd"
"OMG You can't kill people, i know your life is ruined but you can't just ruin mine D:"

Because they're scum
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Better solution: Those with accumulated emotional damage from bullying get free NEETbux so they can have some consolation for being an outcast and no longer have to interact with Normie Hell.

Bullying is unfortunately a normal function of human interaction to create and enforce hierarchies. Society should mostly function as a huge insurance pool for those that got fucked by their genes and circumstances.
>my son was walking back from football practice and some weird kid threw a brick at him
>son says he just made fun of the kid's shoes can you believe it?
>little faggots need to grow thicker skin and learn to roll with the punches
>fight back
>can't take jokes
>don't fight back
>socially outcasted
>tell teacher
>you're that kid, no one wants to befriend you
>don't tell teacher
>it's your fault
Well that's a fucking good thing, your son got his lesson not to mess with random people. It was good that the other kid only threw a brick at him, what if he was mentally unstable and would have stabbed your son to death?

I'm totally for this, teach martial arts in schools as part of gym.

>Kids learn discipline
>Hard work
>Get in shape
>Learn to fight

Not only do we solve "bullying" but maybe even make a dent in teenage pregnancies, NEETdom and obesity.

One thing though:
>practice/coaching time is distributed according to grades.

Sure, you may end up with a black belt bully, but at least he got straight As
>chad knows how to fight now and depressed emo kids get the shit beaten out of them with style
How could anyone be against this?
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Damn, you people really are victims. It really is obvious.

>lol i cant take a mean word
>lol i should kill people

Well why not invest in turning Chad into Ultra Chad and help that kid actually kill himself?

You forgot I mentioned that students with good grades would be rewarded with practice/coaching with their martial arts instructor, maybe even sparring gear and entries to tournaments.

In my experience, bullies are usually the worst performers in class. Also, trained vs trained is a more even playing field than experienced vs untrained.
And here is how my whole life got fucked up.
>maybe even make a dent in teenage pregnancies
Why? Because Chad can punch the girl in the gut and remove pregnancy efficiently now?
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>son gets other kids to have payback for the brick
>kid who threw either has will broken or gets even more insane
>in the latter, he comes up with something worse like stabbing your son in the eye with a pencil

The cycle of revenge must never be broken.
Well shit, I experienced the opposite. Depressed kids tended to avoid homework to do drugs/have sex/something to stave off depression and chads usually focused on their future. Also I wasn't even kidding with the other post, it sounds kind of sarcastic.

No you idiot, because girls actually have the self esteem to turn down loser's advances.

I don't think you understand that a lot of these problems stem from issues with the self that can be solved with a rigorous creed and sense of self-worth that can be developed through martial arts.

I don't expect /r9k/ to understand, but if I ever have the money for it I'll try and sponsor a martial arts program inside a charter/selective school and see try my experiment in real life.

>I wasn't even kidding with the other post, it sounds kind of sarcastic.

I sounded sarcastic?

I guess I should clarify, this would start at an elementary level. If they're doing drugs and having sex it's too late. All I know is that in my experience, martial arts affected my character and gave me enough confidence to carry myself in a way that keeps me from getting fucked with.

I'm certain that if it hadn't been for martial arts I would have become a fat fuck who couldn't even throw a straight punch. I know there's better fighters out there, some never set foot in a dojo. I know I can't and should try to take on three gorilla sized niggers, but I feel that if you put me 1v1 vs the average joe my age I'd at least leave a few bruises.
>Not only do we solve "bullying" but maybe even make a dent in teenage pregnancies, NEETdom and obesity.
Also, teach bullies to use martial arts.
All of my kids will be in martial arts training from a young age and I will teach them realities of the world like the fact that there are people who want to kick your ass just because you exist. My dad tried to do the same for us, but my mom stonewalled him on it because she felt it would make us violent. Truth is we all ended up fighting in school and shit anyways but without the skill, confidence and discipline that martial arts may have provided.

Do you really think bullies would pick on kids outside of school when they can enter tournaments and spar in school sponsored trips?

I feel like bullies are either:
>emotionally incomplete kids who need to find confidence from an external source
>hyperactive little shits who are growing up too fast and full of hormones that cause them to beat on people

Martial arts addresses both issues, by giving them an outlet for that energy and shaping their character
Wait so you're saying it would have been justified for bullies to just kill you? What about break a bunch of your bones or something? I mean if there's no difference between all that and just ignoring you or making jokes, what's the problem? I guess you couldn't get revenge but morally its still correct and they can't be blamed if you agree.
Modern bullying isn't like your Saturday morning cartoons. It's just people who point out things they dislike. And in a normal situation that just leads to arguments and insults. In a situation where the guy is a worthless piece of shit, he becomes a victim of harassment. Sometimes he makes it worse by reacting in an entertaining way.

And also unlike those cartoons, actual bullying was a thing between families. Youd tell your kid that so and so is a fucking asshole and your kid would target his from there. People who lagged behind were still made fun of and pushed toward their own groups, but nobody called that bullying. The only other example I can imagine is where you want to impress somebody and pick on them to do it because you don't know another way. Beyond all of that, when fighting was a normal thing it was just the same shit I described above with arguments. Bullying is only as real as basic concepts of competition and human expression. If you disagree with anyone and have any advantage over them, physically or otherwise, that's "bullying". Discipline would only control where the line is drawn in that disagreement.
would you say generation (Y, or was it X?) is getting pussificated?
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>take a mean word
As a former victim of bullying, I humbly suggest you get fucked. In my middleschool, there was a gang of chads who made it their mission to torture all the social outcasts myself included. Of course, being popular and socially dominant, everyone went along with their antics and never stood up for us no matter how much we told the faculty about what was happening.
>constantly have my property stolen/vandalized
>forcefully excluded from social gatherings
>publicly humiliated
>beaten up on a regular basis
I tried to stand up for myself. That's why they beat me up all the time. And guess what? These same assholes followed my friends and I to highschool. I eventually came to the conclusion that the adults genuinely didn't give a shit. Unfortunately, my best friend snapped and stabbed the ringleader. While he rotted in juvie, everyone cried about how evil he was for attacking pure, innocent chad.

Fuck you, and I mean that from the bottom of my heart.
To be fair, because the shooting more often than not include the nerds on top of the bullies, or in general people who didn't knew the shooter and don't really come off as Chads and Stacies.
Elliot Rodger, who is admired here, shot 3 asian nerds and 0 (ZERO) Chads.
Goku is right though.
Because you do not have the right to kill women for not wanting to have anything to do with you, you disgusting psychopath. They have the right to freedom of association too.
what are you even talking about you pathetic retard
You people are so insane you want to force yourselves on those who don't want you, especially girls, which is a form of bullying and a crime in itself. Are you going to kill yourselves?
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>kill women for not wanting to have anything to do with you
>standing up to bullies
Bruh, are you in the right thread?
>wah wah those girls stay away from me they don't want me near them they look scared of me waaaah they're bullying me I should kill them

Literally r9k in one greentext.
You people are so shit you call women "bullies" for not giving you free and immediate access to their sex or company which you believe you are ENTITLED to just because you EXIST.

You're the ones who deserve to be wiped out.
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Nice get.
Blaze it faggot.

>force yourselves on those who don't want you
>a form of bullying and a crime in itself
This is so meta I don't even know where to begin. Being social animals, the majority of human suffering stems from seeking validation of some sort. Are you suggesting that we simply stop caring, like sociopaths?
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r9k elliott rodger.png
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It's scary because it's true.
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Dude, no one is saying that at all.....
What the fuck are you talking about?
Am I being rused?
Or is this post serious?
You are a sociopath if you're willing to inflict violence on those who have done nothing wrong rather than improve yourself because you are not good enough for others.

If you want respect first you have to respect other people's will. Not wanting to have anything to do with you is a not wrong, anyone is free to associate with whoever they please as being forced to be with someone you don't want is fucking horrible, and it is up to you to decide whom to associate with and whether to hold up to their standards. You have no right to cause others misery by forcing them to bear with you if they don't want to. You talk about human suffering but you do not care when it's you who inflicts suffering on others, hypocrite.
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>no one is saying that at all
Except for all of r9k and their idolizing this piece of shit
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Alright you got me good. Top banter m8.
Next time make it less obvious.
Do you people really not see a large fucking gap between being picked on and being killed?
>can't refute
>calls it bait

Every time. You are the reason of your own shittyness.
File: elliot-rodger-yt1.jpg (197 KB, 600x542) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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What do you expect of people who worship and think exactly like an insane killer?
>can't refute
Dude, I'm not trying to refute you. You're right, but this thread is about bullying, not murder. What don't you understand?
>get bullied
>learn to not get bullied
>can blend in with normies in my adulthood

thank you based bullies
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Stop making these huge generalizations, Elliot is a meme, not r9k's hero

Fuck off with that shit
>this thread is about bullying, not murder
>If normies actually believe this, how are school shootings not justified?

Are you retarded.
Except that OP literally starts with an attempt at defending school shootings which are mass murder?

Nobody was talking specifically about girls here, you're idiots.
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If that is what we're expected to do, then how is shooting bullies not justified? We get our asses kicked without weapons to defend ourselves.
>Nobody was talking specifically about girls here

As if r9k ever talks about anything else.

>waaaah my oneitis went out with another guy today why does she like him and not me.... she's such a bully I should shoot her like Elliott did!!!
reminder that only normies have 'bullies' true social outcasts are completely ignored, and nobody even know you exist.
How the fuck do you even get bullied when your day consists of going to class then going straight home?
The only time I got bullied was in elementary school when I put myself out there and chose to sit with the older kids at lunch
First, to be just a punishment should be proportionate to the supposed crime committed. If you kill or permanently damage someone for saying a bunch of mean words to you, you go way beyond the boundaries of what is fair and right and become nothing but a disgusting criminal yourself, because your reaction was in no way proportionate to what you were being subjected to. Words don't literally kill or cripple you, physical violence does. That's why if you shoot a bully you deserve to be shot in turn, you're a dangerous psychopath.

>We get our asses kicked without weapons to defend ourselves
False. You can respond in turn if it's words or return the same amount of force you were subjected to if it's physical shit and your life or the life of another isn't in danger. You can take the high ground and shame and humiliate the bullies or make them your servants or even allies if you've got what it takes. If you can't then improve yourself so you can. If you're not willing to improve yourself then you deserve to be shit on since you're a lost cause.
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While your dubs are nice, we are talking about being deliberately bullied.

>be me, 2011
>be 14
>having to take Gym to get through last year of middle school
>every day when I dress out, the football players gather around my stall and yell at me for reasons I don't understand
>they literally grab onto the stall and shake it, kick the door, etc.
>when I leave the stall, they will all crowd around me
>one time, when I walked out, one put his used condom on my shoulder
>proceed to get the shit beaten out of me
>nothing ever happens about it even though teacher is in the hallway outside and a friend told me it could be heard from inside the gym itself
>one day wait until all but one leave
>starts bullying me the same way as always
>finally stand up for self
>choke him against the lockers
>friends congratulate me
>teacher pulls me aside and gives me the school shooting talk
>get the shit beaten out of me when we have to get back into dress code later
>Chads get a fucking warning
>actually meticulously planned out a scenario shoot them with a revolver
>never carried through with it
Not sure if I made the right choice or not.
You've never been physically bullied by a group, have you? I was powerless.
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