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Love Thread
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So anon, have you ever been in love?
Share love feels.
>tfw you'll never have her to yourself forever
Yes but then I realized that I didn't actually love those girls, only my own image of them.
i fell in love with a platonic internet friend after we met irl. halfway across the world, im too poor to travel again, my qt will never come to me either.

i still cry every once in a while
>tfw it'll be four years ago next month
>tfw I still love her
>tfw I still use how I feel about her as a benchmark for others because I don't want to settle for anything less
>tfw she's probably still messing around with guys that use her like a fucking object
>tfw I would still take her anyway
>tfw her birthday was on the 21st and I didn't say happy birthday because she ignored my merry christmas and I'm pretty sure I'm just a fucking nuisance to her

I'm going back to bed
No, never on a deep level. I have never really been attracted to the girls I have dated.
Move on, anon. If she doesn't want you just let go.
>tfw I never experienced love

>tfw Im not quite sure if its a meme or just a word for people to have a way of expressing themselves of how they are attracted to a girl physically and psychologically ( they relate to her via interests/view in life/perspective ).

In love robots, enlighten me.
is the butterflies in your stomatch meme real?
I know that's the smart thing to do, but FUCK I'm such a whiny sentimental baby. Fucking hate this shit. I want desperately to move on but something just keeps me so attached.
I was in love once, but I've realized that the person I was and the person she was are both gone.
I definitely love my boyfriend. I thought I loved a few people before him but it's crazy how quickly it because obvious that I wasn't after I met him.

He literally found me on the street when I was having a psychotic episode and let me lay on his couch and stroke his face for a few days because it was the only thing I could see clearly. What kind of dude does that.
deep stuff anon
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>Friends of mine (they are married) have a friend visiting for 2 weeks during Summer break from college. She doesn't know anyone else. They are worried she'll either sit at home alone of feel like an intruder when the couple go out, ask me to go to dinner with her
>Meh. Blind date, why not.
>Before she arrives they tell me about her: going to a high-end college, triple major in Math/CompuSci/Biology, wants to do computer modelling of cellular activity; also a HS band nerd and Star War fanatic. Figure she is a typical science geek
>Day comes, the are coming to my place to get me
>Open door
>She's 5' 7", slender with D tits, hourglass shape
>black hair in a pixie cut, bright blue eyes, gorgeous smile
>Say hello, head to car, sit in back with her on the way
>She is super shy, obviously nervous but putting on a brave front
>I start telling her stories, get her to laugh, ask her about herself and her studies.
>Find out she is only 19 (I was 22) and a sophomore, but a 4.0 GPA with a triple major already declared.
>Dinner was great, we had a wonderful time
>Drop off her and wife, friend takes me home
>Next 10 days is a blur of all of us going out together almost every night
>She went to Catholic schools her whole life; her HS was a girls-only school and her college was women only
>Her mother had survived cancer and she wanted to research a cure for it
>Between helping her mother during chemo for years, focusing on school, and all-girl schools she admitted she had never even held hands with a guy
>Held her hand at the theater that night, gave her her first kiss as I dropped her off
>Introduced her to some of my friends at the platoon (I was in the army at the time); everyone liked her, begged me to let them know if she had a sister
>As her visit is coming to an end take her out to dinner, just us
>Tell her I think she is the most amazing woman in the world, I want to date her
>She cries, agrees.
>LDR is OK for a year - we talk every night on the phone, write actual letters every day
>She has a Summer job working with a prof, not going to see her except beginning and end of Summer
>She comes to stay with her friends (she is a devout Catholic, waiting for marriage) for 1 week
>3rd night I propose, she says yes.
>We agree to wait for marriage.
>Come back for last 3 weeks of Summer
>Tells me her parents are having money trouble, can't keep paying for her expensive college.
>Get idea - call Catholic chaplain, talk to him. He and I call local parish and her home parish
>[I was a lapsed Catholic]
>I go to Confession, do penance, keep working in secret
>Tell her I think we should get married right away.
>She argues nothing is ready, I need to go to Confession, etc.
>Tell her everything is ready, we go talk to priest, her parents are flying in, her friend has already got 2 dresses ready
>We get married that weekend, she was lovely
>I get out of the army, she becomes a stay at home wife, we start having kids.
>After 4 sons, think we can't have any more
>Have a wonderful life with great, smart, strong sons
>One day she comes in, tells me she is pregnant again
>Another son comes, 10 years younger than his next brother
>The house is full of joy and laughter
Yes, OP, I've been in love.
For 25 years, so far.
Want to see a picture of our sons?
Good dudes

you shouldn't be here

you also shouldn't be dumb enough to post pictures of yourself or family members here

fucks sake get out normie fuck off ree
Butterflies in stomach is just feeling anxious and happy at the same time.

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Can anyone explain to me what it feels like to be in love/infatuated with someone? I've always automatically hated people because I've been treated like shit and seen as dirt for even existing, so I have no idea what love feels like.
I've been playing a lot of romance-heavy VNs which are fun, but I still can't relate to or wrap my head around the concept.
You don't have to stay a robot, anon.
You can learn to get out
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Love is like a magic machine with a single button on it.

If you push the button, one of two things will happen.

Either a bird will shit on your head, or the machine will dispense a cookie.

And it's the best cookie you've ever had.

But usually, a bird just shits on your head.

But you keep pushing that button, hoping for a cookie.

One day, the machine stops giving you cookies.
Infatuation is the feeling that someone else is the most important person in the world for you and you want to be with them to make you feel good.
Love is almost the same, but your primary goal is to care for them and their needs.
Looking for gf near dc metro area. Please respond.
I've known a co-worker for 6 years, been crushing on her for the last 3. Need to tell her how I feel in the next few months. She's been in a relationship for the past 4 years but isn't happy with her bf anymore. I think she's starting to talk to someone else.

If I don't tell her soon I'm going to miss my chance (assuming she even likes me). She's going to be leaving our store soon and with any luck I will be too.
Change your outlook on yourself and then others.
That is a lot of hard, hard work but can be done.
Realize that you have to change and then change.
Gain the skills you need to escape robot-hood. This takes effort, habit, and time.

But when you are done you will be a better person, you will feel better about yourself, and you will like others more.
There's a girl in my office complex who I am crushing really hard on. I feel pretty pathetic for doing it since I'm too old for this shit and I've pretty much convinced myself at this point that she either isn't interested in me or would quickly lose interest should we spend some time together and she finds out what my life is like. She is so beautiful but I guess I'm just a weak, timid and unassertive cuck for failing to initiate conversation or something. It's weird reaching almost your mid-twenties as the future seems pretty much like an extension of the present, rather than this thing that will continue to present opportunities and reasons to be optimistic about life. If only I knew how this girl felt about me, or how she perceived me at least. Sometimes I find evidence to suggest she's at least curious about me, but most of the time I remind myself of all the reasons why she would want nothing to do with me. I watched Montage of Heck last night and realized I still feel as vulnerable and stubbornly isolated as I did when I was a teenager. It sucks. I would like to talk to this girl and get to know her and so on but the idea that she finds me weird or creepy or dull makes me not want to inflict myself on her.
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moira brown.png
69 KB, 320x180

Go to Megaton, up the ramp to the right.
I've got this, but that love for that person that doesn't actually exist and is just my own distorted version of a real person is literally all I have to hold on to, so I still "love" them.

It's been 5 and a half years of this fucking torture. And it's all predicated on a self-delusion.

I want to die.
>tfw hold my own hand in bed as if I'm holding hands with a girl
>tfw circle my thumb on the back of the other hand as if it's a girl
>tfw rub my foot up and down my calf as if it's a girl
>tfw run my fingers up and down and through my chest hair as if it's a girl doing it
>tfw whisper to myself in a feminine voice and reply in a deep whisper complaining jokingly to "her" that I'm tired and need to sleep
>tfw lie in bed and pretend a qt girl is lying with her face towards mine and smiling at me
>tfw fold up my bathrobe and put it between legs as if it's a girl's leg
>tfw kiss empty air pretending I'm kissing a girl
>tfw lie on my back and hold my arm out and then folded at a ninety degree angle to pretend I'm holding a girl who's lying against me
>tfw go through each board on 4chan pretending I'm giving a tour to my girlfriend and giving her a humorous little summary about each one
>tfw watching home videos on my laptop of my family and me as a kid and pretending a qt girl is sitting beside me saying "awww" and smiling and asking who the different people are
>tfw walking home alone and pretending she's walking beside me and think up lengthy dialogue and occasionally laugh at something she or I said in the imagined dialogue
>tfw imagine meeting her family and having them like me
>tfw imagine her meeting my family and us sleeping and talking quietly in my room at home
>tfw imagine her and my mom preparing coffee after dinner and watching her laugh at something my mom says
>tfw imagine making her mom laugh and making her father a little annoyed when she and her mother tell him that he's probably boring me and that I probably want to get to bed after the long journey
>tfw developing several lengthy scenarios involving me and my qt crush and replaying them mentally each night while adding minor details and more dialogue and making them a little longer each day
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>Be me
>I never really tried flirting with girls
>my infatuations usually died out in a month with me doing nothing about it
>I used to go out with the few friends I had. We did child things, like going to the park and playing with the ball.
>There was this girl that had short hair
>I really liked her, for the first time I actually felt something for a girl
>I decide to go for it after a few weeks
>She was bonding with another guy and I didn't know about it
>He's a pompous douchebag, despite not being a Chad or popular in any way
>I tell my friends that I really like this girl, while the two are not with us, that I like her.
>They tell me I can't go for her
>I get to know about it
>I failed before trying
>Felt incredibly sad for the next 6 months, wanted to become an edgy emo faggot
>I still confessed to her
>"Oh anon you're so sweet"
>She leaves the pompous guy a few months later, because he didn't want to give her the D
>Years later, she's been with multiple boys, most of which I knew
>Since that story, everytime I saw a cute girl, I would sperg out and drop marble spaghetti that kept me still.

I am still a KV, and cutting my ties with the few friends I have. I'm going to get my mechanical parts soon, robots. Can I be one of your kind?

If your story is true, which I doubt, then you really don't belong here. Married for 25 years with 5 kids? You didn't even grow up in the same generation as us, gramps. Literally what are you doing here
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>tfw fell asleep hugging a pillow once
>tfw can't fall asleep without hugging a pillow anymore
>tfw never slept with a woman in my arms
>tfw have only had a real proper long hug once in my entire life
>tfw it was from my mum when her dad died

I also do that dialogue thing when I'm walking alone on the street. Also, if I'm driving, or I'm being driven in the backseat alone, I sometimes pretend there's a qt in the seat next to me and I look over lovingly at her.

I want it to just END
I'm sure you'll find a great gf someday.
Looking for gf within a 3 hour drive of Washington DC. Reply.

Jesus Christ anon..

>tfw I did lots of that stuff too then fell in love for real and it all started to happen

It's not a constant high all the time, that's for sure. Especially or robots, if you fall in love with a girl who has some experience and you don't, which is likely, there's going to be jealousy and resentment. I feel jealous even knowing that she's thinking about other guys; I want to be everything to her the same way that she's everything to me.

And there will be intense pain every time you fight. But overall the good outweighs the bad, and you turn to and support each other and can reconcile if you're truly in love.
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>tfw she still loves you but is suicidally depressed and can't do a relationship right now
>tfw you wanna never let her go, be better than any man she was with before, but you don't know if she really deserves you
>tfw not sure if to follow love or stop being an idiot and move on
Get off your high horse

jesus fucking christ

>normies with any sense of personal safety or consequences when online

ASMR like vid related might help with those feels, if you're into that sort of thing.


Uhhhh that wasn't his face....
Fuck love, marry nobody, kill yourself.
I fell in love with my girlfriend after we started going out. biggest mistake you could ever make.
Being in a relationship that gets sidelined by her work, school and studying is shitty enough but when you actually like the girl that shit gets unbearable.
Honestly considering leaving her, even though we have perfect chemistry when we're together.
Is it clingy wanting to hang out at least once a week? Vindicate me.
>"I hate being a robot"
>"then change"
>"fuck off, normie"
Robot logic
Why has nobody replied to my gf requests??

Once a week? Dude it's not clingy to want to move in together if you've been together a while and are both in love. If she doesn't have time for you maybe she doesn't love you, otherwise she'd make time
ive fallen so hard to the point in love in which shes like a drug to me and if she isnt in my presence i go through withdrawel slowly getting more hostile and belligerent until shes there again

am i going insane
Jesus christ I do almost all of this

Just end it
I have a sweet body pillow and well... I love her more than life itself

Is it your first time and has it been less than six months? If so it's just initial infatuation and the desperation will wear off. The love that lasts after the desperate, addiction-esque infatuation is much deeper, more stable, and way comfier desu
Once. I've been disappointed.
Trying to help
>tfw whisper to myself in a feminine voice and reply in a deep whisper

i didn't know anyone else did this jesus christ
I thought I loved someone, but then I realized I just really wanted to have sex with them.
I am infatuated with a girl that lives on the same street as me, she is 11 years old. I don't seem to be able to have romantic feelings for women of my own age. I suppose the impossibility of a relationship with a girl of 11 years is what helps me stay interested in her. If she wasn't that age it would be a fault on her part. Anyway it is my own fault; I'm not deserving of any girl that I might be attracted to.

love summed up
Back in highschool I guess you could say I was in love with a girl. If not love, strong affection. Nothing happened between us though, because I was too afraid of rejection. In fact, this fear was so strong that when I was asked if I liked her I said I didn't, right in front of her face. Eventually my feelings for her was strong enough to overcome my fear of rejection, but by that point is was too late. In hindsight she seemed more likely to have returned my feelings, but it was also possible I never had a chance to begin with.

I couldn't handle this rejection and fell into a depression. By this point, it was more accurate to say that I was obsessed with her. I started using her as a psychologists, mostly because I was hoping she'd take pity on me and agree to go out with me. She probably saw through this, but was at least kind enough to stick with me until she found someone more qualified to handle the situation.

And then shit happened, it was too much for her, and now we'll probably never speak to each other again. And still, I miss her from time to time.
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Happening now:
>Two qts at work
>One is literally oneitis, 10/10 for me, but 6'2 and i am 5'9
>No balls to approach her, and her height makes it even worse
>Another on is 7/10 and mirin' me hard
Drinking every evening 2 weeks in a row now, waiting when feels will fade like they did before.
>is the butterflies in your stomatch meme real?
I feel it like stone in the chest. It's ctually extremly rare (had it for 2 girls, i'm 25 y/o)
And you woke up.
this is painfully similiar to my story. What I think is from now I will be only interested in women for sex. Nothing more, because love is some twisted mistake of evolution
You are me, with the difference i'm working in foreign country and don't even speak the language of my crush.
Not even gonna try typing it out it'll just put me into a state of manic depression again

end me
Even the worst feels fade eventually. Now i don't even know did i love her, or did i love the love to her itself.
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Are you me.
I'll wait for her though, even if it takes us years.
>just change
Seems like u do not know.
Yeah, I'm in love right now. With my ex girlfriend.

We went from best friends to relationship and then I found out I was moving really far away so we became best friends again. When I moved we kept in contact because of how close we were. The time difference and our lives made things difficult, but we still found time to have long ass text conversations every day and video chat most weekends. I've never connected with someone like I connect with her.

I never lost feelings for her after we broke up. I don't know if I ever will.

There have been a few bumps in the road since the move, some much bigger than others, but we've always sorted things out. But a few months ago she started acting really distant and even somewhat uninterested, which was completely uncharacteristic of her because she was usually always super happy to talk to her (the massive beam on her face when she saw me on video chat was always the best feeling ever). When I brought it up, she promised me that it wasn't intentional, but she promised that she'd try and fix things. And for a couple weeks it worked. Then she went back to being distant. I brought it up again. She basically said that it was never intentional, but ever since I first brought it up, she went back to our conversations and noticed it too. She then confessed that she was "head over heels for me". I didn't know what to say but the conversation just seemed to skip over it. We went back to normal for like 2 days. Then suddenly, her entire tone changed. She was blaming me for literally everything wrong that was happening between us. Saying I never gave a shit about her, was using her, etc.

I obviously got pissed and asked what the fuck I did wrong several times. She blocked me on every platform.

I have no way of communicating with her. So I'm just stuck with this massive hole in my heart and I don't even know what I've done wrong or why she got so angry with me. I've never seen her like that.

I fucking love her, anons.
I have another infatuation lads

Feeling pretty pathetic desu
File: 1453759620472.jpg (52 KB, 399x464) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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I fell in love with one of my friends girlfriend for 4 months. And she loved me back, we hid our "relationshit". Now I'm left with nothing cause we stopped everything we were doing, no communication. It fucking hurts still, I never loved anyone like I did with her. I fell head over heels and now it's another thing to add to my shit life. Suicide is an option
Yes. But no one ever loved me.
>because he didn't want to give her the D
He sounds like a Class A role model, anon.
Firm but fair, it sounds from you.

Though it's probably because I was a pompous asshole, and never got more than a hug from a chubby girl.
>tfw she has manic depression
I can't hide it.
nobody loves me, not even my own mother.

I've drewled over some cute guys though, they were nice and funny. They could get the cute girls, with the perfect body and smile so there was no need for me.
Not really.

Tbh I don't even really love my parents, it's more a sense of obligation than anything else.

The butterflies are basically just sort of an excited anxiety, like the first day of work at your dream job or playing that game that you've been following since it was announced for the first time. I never felt all THAT strongly about my last girlfriend but I definitely loved her and got "butterflies" when I was waiting for her to come over or when I spent the night at her place.

>tfw worried that one day I might find out that I never really loved my ex or that she'll find out she never really loved me.

Y-y-you can't take back love.. right??
it's wierd man. I know she's super into it but I find excuses to think otherwise every day.
I'm normally chill but after we lost our virginity together it's like every second away is a step closer to growing apart.
guess robots like us really can't enjoy anything.

I like a girl who and we kissed for the first time a few days ago and i don't know what to do right now.

How many cats do you has?
Yeah,only once. She flirted with me troughout Highschool,wrote stuff on my notebook,always smiled at me etc. but I pretended I didn't know she liked me and generally acted like a jerk to her. Don't really regret it, because I was and still am afraid of relationships and it wouldn't work out anyway.
Nope, I'm pretty sure I'm incapable of love.

breh.. I feel your pain

>I find excuses to think otherwise every day

This is the saddest and worst form of self-sabotage and it's so easy to fall into this trap as a robot, I do it all the time too. I just have to keep reminding myself to think positively and remember that I'm blessed to have a faithful and loving gf
Yeah we dated for a year and a couple months before he moved away, I think I even had a shot last year but I was so autistic and oblivious and high all the time, I guess I was going through untreated depression and PTSD, which I ended up telling him about which might have been really stupid of me. He knew already that I had that crap but I kinda had a mental breakdown, and then for a few months I was trying to initiate conversation and every time it was really cringeworthy and one sided, he wouldn't respond. Then one day he was like "I know we hung out a bit after the break up, I wanna get closure, blah blah blah". So my heart just instantly shattered into a billion pieces. Naw but I still ended up being all spergy and stupid and messaging him lots, and he still wouldn't respond. I knew he was logging in but he just wouldn't read what I was sending him, why was I being such a cuck? Why did I even have to fall for him in the first place? I'm just now finally starting to tell myself to get over it too, and to let it go, after a year of thinking I still liked him. What was I even doing, for a whole fucking year? No wonder he wants to move on, he'll probably be thinking about marriage, and moving even farther away now. I'm just some stupid 4chan bitch, I only told him (or tried to) again because someone on here told me to tell him how I feel. I did and nothing happened, he just was like "you sent a lot of stuff" and never responded again. I HOPE YOU GUYS ARE HAPPY, THIS IS WHAT YOU WANTED FROM ME.
>tfw literally suicidal over a "tfwnobf"
Been in love once before and I'm in love right now. The two different ways have been real different.

>get first gf aged 18, fall in love after a month or so, lasts two and a half years
>she's cool, introduces me to loads of new ideas and perspectives, makes me a lot more accepting of individuals
>she starts sleeping with her best friend, messy breakup after six months
>love stops being romantic, more protective/distant, want to see her happy, can't see myself happy with her and I'm okay with that
>have sex with her one difficult night, tell her that I feel that way and I'm probably always going to care about how she is and will always want her happy and will always love her that way
>have been talking with someone else for a while, feels starting to stir for a while, very soon after we get together
>ex takes this as a sign I was never in love with her, despite the fact that over six months of her cheating on me I did tell her several times that I could no longer see a future for us
>ex begins self-harming, I end up trying to support her (I'm a trained peer counsellor)
>new gf also self harms, have found myself helping her find some space to talk stuff over, too
>ex cuts off all contact with me soon after
>decide it's not worth trying to keep up with her, wish her well and continue life with new gf
>fall in love with new gf quite quickly
>new gf is wonderful, honestly the most genuine, kindest, most self-sacrificing person I've ever met
>bonus: also really fucking cute
>also has self harmed for years and still struggles
>learn from her that all feelings are okay, and they don't define you
>still together, still happy eighteen months on

she's meeting my religiously conservative parents this weekend. She's nervous as shit, and my parents are wary as hell, because they know they can't stop me seeing her, but are worried about difficulty accepting her and people our family knows accepting her
I only ever love people in retrospect

>Had gf three years during those teenage years
>experienced adolescent love
>when i helped her come out of her shell
>she helped me open up
>we took each other's virginity
>she cheats on me we break up her begging me to reconsider
>3 months later the feels are too much and I beg her to be with me again
>she's moved on, fucked other people, and tells me I need to "let go"
>she's about to go travelling for 6 months, probably gonna take miles of dick

They say its better to have loved and lost, than never to have loved at all but I don't feel that way. All those happy memories are so painful now. I never realised how crushing it was to be alone, it's literally affected my outlook on everything.

Food isn't tasty, drinking makes me sad, everything's just grey. I don't like any of my friends anymore, because i compare them all to her. I can't bear to be alone but the company of others is unbearable to me.

All I can do is watch ASMR gf roleplay vids because they remind me of what I used to have.

/blogpost over
If love was invented by Don Draper to sell nylons then why do I miss her brobots?
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