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>first day of classes yesterday
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>first day of classes yesterday
>i told myself "it'll be different, ill make friends"
> go to class
> don't make a single friend
>dont talk to a single person
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Have you tried being yourself?

you still have time, the first day usually everyone is nervous and just mingle a little

but it'll take 1-2 weeks before social groups are formed, so be quick about it
This is my EXACT fear for next year, op. Good luck for the next days.
How do you even make friends in community college
Just give it up faggot, at least be social with your kind of people, look up D&D meet ups fucking MTG!YUGIOH or anime shit you know the shit that makes you beta, hang out with them at least its something
Hes already out of highschool thats when many social groups are formed hes about to drown, he still has a chance but its looking grim
social groups are formed on the first two days, you still have a chance in the next week but after that you either need a friend who introduces you into a group or you're fucked forever
sit next to some dweeb and become friends because he farted and spit chocolate milk out of his nose
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I had this like 4 times and fucked it up everytime
>browsing 4chan
>still has a chance

pick one nigger
Hes fucked, his only path is to become a sissy trap and take what attention he can get, suck dick on the reg, wear pink stockings maybe a butt plug
>textbook projection

Pick both
Me, every year. Thank god this is the last one and then I can fuck off to working and probably killing myself on my 30th birthday
I said friends in community college not friends with you
Start in a month

>Not this time, not again, not fucking again this time is gonna happen senpai fuck you trying to trip me up ill fucking hunt you down and kill you.

Little fucking dweed fuck i eat little dick turdys like you for fuck ill kill you

>Im just gonna be really mean this year maybe thatll work
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>the only reason I had friends in high school was because we all hated on this sperg piece of shit in class
>mfw they didn't realize I was a fucking sperg too
first/second week? Come to a group that doesn't seem too chady, whith at least 1 person who's smoking.

Have a cigarette in your mouth
ask for a lighter
light cigarette
inhale once
make sure to give lighter back, i sometimes forget to and this is a good old red flag
>Hi. btw, my name is Anon. what about you? (what about you guys?)
>where do you come from
>my aunt lives here, i've been there a few times but it was a long time ago
>so, how did you end up here? You guys also interested in X? (i assume psychology class)

how is that so hard? The lighter-trigger is the only difficult part.
also, do not fucking stutter you faggot. If you're nervous, force yourself to speak lower.
Clear voice, not to weak. Don't god damn stutter for christ's sake.
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>tfw got accepted late into college
>start in a few days
>everyone probably knows each other by now
Yes. That's the problem
somehow that's not original
slower* for fuck's sake.
original content axaxa.
same goes for you. You have an objective excuse for not knowing anyone.
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>Start new class
>Don't talk to anyone apart from a short conversation with a weeb in the smoke break
>Popular guy starts talking to me one day, I feel like we click really well
>Talk a bit the next day, then it just kinda fizzles
>Realize he's enthusiastic about everything, and didn't really like me at all
Is community college different than uni? Just got into UC davis
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>first day of class
>slept through my alarm and miss the entire day
>everyone probably knows each other by now

There's always next semester
>tfw I can easily make friends and had 3-4 close friends years ago

>tfw stopped talking to them because I am depressed/unmovitated/lazy and friends require attention or hangout time and i'd rather stay in my room

>tfw i'd rather be alone 90% of the time and I have no interest in 98% of people because Im different than most people I interact with and I get bored of people easily
step 1 don't be autistic
step 2 be clean
step 3 find someone with similar interests
Well at some point you have to man up and leave your comfort zone, or you can do the same shit you've done your entire life and have the same results. College is, short of a party where everyone is drunk as fuck, THE easiest place to meet people. Literally all you have to do most of the time is just take interest in something and be able to string two sentences together. If you're an autist anime sperg, find other autist anime spergs and shoot the shit about something.
You're self centered and unwilling to put in the effort to connect with other people. That's an okay way to live your life if you want to but the time will come when you lament not having connections, not having any real friends or even friendly acquaintances.
Sign up to some tabletop gaming club or animu club. I'm serious. Even if you think they're total weebs or you've never played a tabletop game, you're at least spending time with people for an hour or two.

If its a walk in kind of deal, even better, means you can just walk in and sit, may be awkward at first but they're all equally as awkward, hence why I said tabletop or animu.

If its sign ups, even better, because then they'll expect you to be there and it's less awkward than walking in.

Either way, join the nerdiest, most geekiest club.
Op here.

My community college doesn't have clubs
If someone comes back to talk to you, you keep the ball rolling, including going to them. Don't let it fizzle. It's always conversation two where it fizzles.

>didn't do anything or take any initiative
>nothing happened

Fucking normies mirite?
What am I supposed to do shitlord
Stop being genetically inferior so people want to associate with you

I've been there. I sit in class silently assuming I'm better than everyone else, and have a delusion that people are having hostile thoughts toward me, when really I have said a word the entire semester.

Try this.
Talk to people after the first week. Just casual conversation. You don't have to be outgoing immediately.
Ayy you're just like me. Tell me more.
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>Stop being genetically inferior so people want to associate with you

Not that anon, but you took a wrong turn somewhere.
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>Ask mom how many men she slept with before my dad
>She says it's none of my business
Does this mean my mom is a slut?
Yes. You should have also asked how many women she "experimented" with.
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>Started college in September, first time being in studies after 5 years.
>Push myself past my usual ways, take initiative
>End up as a 'dependable and likeable' person somehow
>Get home and feel exhausted
>After a month or two suddenly lose interest in it all
>Come to realise that I'm either bipolar, or I was trying to lie to myself that I wanted a decent social life

I didn't go in for 2 months. I manage to force myself in now and then, but I just listen to music for the most part and attempt to help others out. But whenever I'm on my way home I feel incredibly exhausted just from some socialization and I shut myself away entirely to bitterness and hatred.
I went through two years without making a single friend at college. I made a friend in the last week of my second year who I have on steam. We're not close though.

Buckle up, OP. It's a long, miserable ride.
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>In French class
>I'm the only guy there
>Classroom was packed on the first day so I had to sit at a table in the middle of a horseshoe-shaped arrangement of tables
>I was sat with one other girl
>Next lesson I arrived and sat down at the same central table
>Some of the girls had dropped out so I was sat at the centre, alone, while there were spaces dotted around the horseshoe
>Thought it would be weird to move, so I stayed there
>tfw the girls laugh at me when I try to pronounce French
>tfw they say they didn't hear me and I have to repeat myself
>tfw teacher asks me to choose who I want to pair with
>talk to classmate about something other than mundane shit about the course work/material
>try to talk about music
>turns out you don't like any of the same bands or genres as you
>try to talk about movies and tv
>turns out you don't like any of the same shows, films, or directors as you
>try to talk about vidya
>turns out they don't play any
>tfw ran out of things to talk about
>tfw only decent guy in your class is way cooler than you and you know you could never hang with his clique
This. Don't judge people as 'Just a Chad' or 'Just a Stacy' just because they have social skills and you don't. Don't assume they're dumber than you and if they have lower intelligence don't assume that makes you the better person. Don't assume they're out to get you or they constantly shit talk behind your back because you fucked up once. Don't assume they're as cruel as you.

Get to know these people, some of them are pretty cool.
>tfw I don't like any of the same movies or bands as myself
>make one friend at Uni, which is one friend more than I need
>talk to him in class and stuff
>this somehow makes my other classmates think I'm a really sociable guy so they try to talk to me and be my friend

I wish my friend wasn't such a nice guy so I could just stop speaking to him. It would solve the problem immediately.

Sounds like it's none of your business :^)
heya toastie roastie :^)
>somehow talk myself into going to a weekly Melee tournament last week
>everyone was actually nice
>a girl let me use her spare controller and we played friendlies while talking about video games

A-am I gonna make it, robots?

As much as I hate smash players, it seems to be popular in college.
If you go to the rest.

>skip the first day to avoid the icebreaker bullshit
>everyones already friends by week 2
No one makes friends after one day of classes.

The first day is actual class at a real university.
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rare gta pepe.jpg
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>took a year off then started a new school last fall
>fucking hate dorming and having a roommate
>realize that majoring in Forestry was a huge fucking mistake
>talk to literally nobody except the occasional sentence or 2 to my roommate
>only happy when reading alone
>stop going to class a few days in
>spend about a 2 weeks basically being a NEET in the cafeteria/lounges, reading etc.
>parents pick me up at this point and haven't done shit sense
>my life is over
Same. Feel like a peice of shit for it now t b h
This will be my 2nd semester and I have not made any friends. Haven't talked to a girl, that I wanted to talk to, since summer.
where do you robots come up with these bizarre theories?
bitter solitude
It's very strange. Like I suppose if you transfer in the middle of the year you have zero chance of making friends? Just banter with the people next to you in class, dorm neighbors, etc. Or yes, even walk up to a group of people chatting. Most people are much friendlier in a university setting, because everyone is kind of awkwark and anxious about embarking on this new experience, even if they don't appear to feel that way.
>College is, short of a party where everyone is drunk as fuck, THE easiest place to meet people.
What a load of bullshit. This only applies maybe if you dorm, not if you commute.
Sure, find another excuse to justify your failure of a social life.


also not everyone goes to a big American party school like in the movies. My big uni doesnt even have clubs that arent dead or specifically for international students.
But it's not an excuse?
Most people who commute go to class then straight home or to work. Especially if you go to college in the city and there is no real "campus" environment.
You still have classes with other human beings...I don't have the best social skills but I can make friends in class because I'm trapped with these people for a semester anyway so why not?
Why do you hate smash players?
Just because we talk in class doesn't make us friends. I made "friends" every semester and it died as soon as the semester ended. I guess that's more on my part and my own experiences.

The problem is you see these people maybe twice a week. And aside from school, they're usually busy with there own lives. It's not easy to hang out with each other when you live miles apart.

So yeah, I can understand how making friends in dorms are easy. You go to class, hang out places after and can see each other everyday since you lives a few rooms apart.
I'm in third week of classes

>Wake up late
>Loose track of time browsing 4chan on my phone in bed
>welp, still time to shower and run to class
>Get out of shower
>Going to be late now
>Say fuck it

I've been doing this way to often lately.
Sure, but it's a start. Anonymous Classmate>>Acquaintance>>??>>Friend
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I guess this is a common thing or something. Except they knew I was a sperg, but thanks to selective mutism they never developed prominent non-neutral opinions on me.
After several years of trying to be sociable i've finally given up. I realised that i have literally no idea how social dynamics work. I'm alone and more miserable than ever.
You haven't lost until you've given up.
ok listen carefully OP, i'll tell you how not to fuck this up.

all it takes to make friends is just being around people and not saying anything too awkward. even if you feel like you are out of place, just stick with them. if you have no social skill, stay low-profile and don't make excessive jokes. but the really important thing, even if you are super shy and introvert, is to just ask questions, listen to other people, stay in the group. if you go to university people are mature and will accept even the shy nerds.

but if you avoid interacting with people in your classes for too long, you will stay emarginated and making friends will be close to impossible.

don't worry even if now you think you are a loser who can't say anything funny or interesting. just STAY WITH PEOPLE, you will learn.

also HIDE YOUR POWER LEVEL. don't try to stand out UNTIL YOU HAVE ACQUIRED SOCIAL SKILL. don't brag. don't make fun of others in front of other people

>arrive at class
>door is shut and the teacher is already talking
>entering would mean 20 pairs of eyes looking at me in dead silence
>go home
>worked at a thai restaurant as a dishwasher for a month
>had a waitress coworker, typical slut disguised as a "nerd girl"
this was months ago, fast forward to a few minutes ago
>sitting alone at a table in student lounge with phone
>had been lurking /r9k/, sitting in this same spot for about two hours
>aforementioned slut comes up to me
>"do you remember me?"
>"I do. how are you?"
>starts talking about her statistics class and loses me because I'm a retard
>reply with "oh"s and "ah"s
>no idea what to say at this point. I failed every class last semester because I'm a dumbass and can't talk about any of them.
>silence, we look at each other
>she walks away
I want to talk to people but they're just so uninteresting and unlikable. how do I find people that aren't boring stacys? I wouldn't act on it if I knew, but fuck, how can other people put up with each other?
I'm white, rich, above average looks, my family is educated and successful and i live in one of the richest country in the world. I fucked everything up so bad i had to convince myself i don't give a fuck anyway, because i kept failing even though i tried and that's the most depressing, humiliating thing. At least now i can say "yeah i'm a fuckup, but i'm not even trying"
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OP here,

I'm in Community College, not Uni. People here ARE immature as fuck. Which is why I think it is such an issue for me.

Im not a full on robot, I'm a cyborg. I've had friends before and I've had girls into me. Dispite being virgin.

I got into University Of California Davis for fall, so maybe it will change.
you aren't interesting either. or, maybe i should say, you are interesting but they don't know it yet, and they are interesting but you don't know it yet. you have to try to make the conversation flow, even if it's an huge effort. refer to my post >>26040681
>don't be autistic
Welcome to r9k, I'll be your guide.
try to detect the most approachable ones and go to talk to them ASAP. it's worth it, every human interaction is acquired skill

>accept the shy nerd

No it just means they're too nice to tell the beta to fuck off, and that's if you're lucky. So many still act like highschoolers and won't even pretend.
no you were right the first time. I'm the most uninteresting person I know. I don't have any hobbies or interests, I just play vidya and fuck about on /r9k/. if mommy were to take away my computer I'd just sleep all day and not know what to do.
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I revealed my power level at a family reunion. Turned out ok
ok it's fine. i dont have any hobbies either. you don't need them to socialize, even if they help a lot. it just means that you'll have to focus your interactions on listening and making remarks, until you get out and finally have stories to tell
what the fuck does that mean, "until you get out and finally have stories to tell?"
am I suddenly going to start going on adventures and having crazy shit happen to me when I finally talk to somebody in real life? what do you even mean that I'll have things to say? what's there to be said?
it means having things happen to you that can entertain others. like approaching girls and failing
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Mc Pepe.jpg
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I've made my own pepe
I don't even like girls, faggot.
How I made friends, only a small amount but still friends who actually ask me stuff and go up to talk to me and such. What I essentially did was latch myself onto someone who makes friends easier than me and then ask them all for contact details outside of school.

Did it in both college and university, they did the socializing, I was just known as their friend, end up making small talk from time to time, end up befriending them myself naturally over time, got to the point I could hang out with just them.
this actually works. But u gotta seperate the person somehow from its circle, else its just awkward when u try to befriend
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