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25+ thread
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25+ thread

How is it going for you?

>tfw porn does not turn you on anymore
>tfw you lost interest in gaming
>tfw you lost interest in TV shows and movies
>tfw you find socializing with people boring
>tfw poor, unemployed and lonely

Im 27 now and Im really afraid to think about how it's going to be in 10 years.
Simply don't pretend to be something you are not :^)
>no sex drive at all
>thousands in back child support
>not even a junior in college yet
>hate women
>women hate me
>nothing makes me happy

I'm doing pretty good anon, all things considered.

oh yeah,
>still live with mommy
>literally buys me tendies every friday so me an my 12 year old daughter can eat.
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26 years on the roll now.

Absolutely same as you.
>Porn is boring.
>Even sex (Last was five years back) bores me and I do not want to pursue it. No sex drive.
>Gaming is mostly boring and I can't play anything longer than 2 hours.
>Socializing utterly boring. More than solitude.
>Poor, in debt, unemployed (just doing side-jobs to stay afloat) and lonely.
>In probation.

Only thing I sorta like is running and working out. Three months ago I have decided to turn the table and join French Foreign Legion. So I study hard, train and finally got something to live for. It is good.

What is totally fucked though, is that I need money to fix my teeth. That is only thing holding me here.

Pray tell, how did you end up with a kid at age 19?
How did you manage to end up with a daughter? Fucking normie

But that's great just focus your attention to her, strive to be a better person

For her

And above all
Be yourself
Well at least one woman in your life found you worthy enough, and loved you enough to have a child with you.Thats an accomplishment at least.
GF lied about birth control, just popped the tabs into the trash in case I checked, which I was paranoid enough to do. Never trust a girl about birth control, they simply don't see it as a betrayal or something.

You can take it as a compliment, she really wanted to have child with you.Unless she lied and the kid is not yours.You should do a paternity test.
I envy you anon, at least you have a daughter to live for.Make the most of it.

What happened afterwards, I take it you had a kid together, and then you broke up for some reason? You managed to get full custody?
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>turn 30 later this year
>still live with parents
>no gf
>work a security job 2 days a week to keep parents from hating me 100%
>spend all my free time in my room listening to music and playing videogames

Honestly it ain't that bad lads, things could be alot worse. I think we all get stuck on thoughts of what we don't have and get depressed but think of all the other shit we don't have to deal with.

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Tomorrow it's my 26th birthday, I'm going to get piss drunk. Alone. I fucking hate everyone and everything in this shit world, and I haven't achieved shit. I think I'm going to end it soon.
>no job
>live off of autismbux
>everything is boring
>developed restless leg syndrome
>fucked after parents are dead

I don't know what to do anymore. Life just seems worse as I get older.
>turning 26 next week
>good paid job/career which i wanted to do all my life
>gf since 11 months now
>we pretty much live together
>small circle of real friends

Could be worse
But i still havent my driving lisence, pathetic
Thought I'd kill myself if I didn't get out of the parent's house by 25 but managed to pull it off shortly after the birthday.

The worst part was everybody "congratulating" me like it was some sort of accomplishment. It's the shittiest possible rental and it should have happened at least 5 years ago.

Feels better this way though. Now I can at least consider trying to make friends again.
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>tfw IBS
I can not find a job, beacuse every time when I take a dump I have whole ass shitted and smell like a hobo

Do you know if you can get NEETbux in the US for that? And does nervous bowel count as a type of IBS? I work from home but the nervous bowel strikes at the very thought of skype calls. I had to quit my first job because I couldn't stop shitting all day.
>no job
>no ambition
>no future plans

I'm just so tired mayne, I'm not sure I ever belonged in this society.

Worst part is seeing your peers succeed flawlessly at life
Unless you're willing to back wholesale changes, and I mean this wholeheartedly; actually just fucking kill yourself
>tfw you lost interest in gaming
On the contrary my friend. I am 25 as well, and after years of dried out interest in gaming (lack of focus and depressing thoughts) I finally found it again. Just finished Life is Strange and playing Fallout 4 now, really digging it. The first few hours of the game seem shitty, with the boring Minutemen quests, but it really opens up about 10h in.
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No idea about USA, there is no neetbux in my country kek.

I am fucked. In last job before I quit, we had one toilet for 15 people.

Normies take a dump in 1-2 minutes. I am really impressed and jelly.

Life must be really nice if you are heathy
i always thought the girl in this was cute. anybody know where this is from?
I'm almost 26.

I am in the military (joined 5 years ago, was major robot before then), I just landed a nice apartment in the city, and I have a network of family and friends who support me. Despite having a shit diet and no control of my funds, I'm stable and secure.

But, I feel bored, incomplete, and meaningless. I'm struggling to find new things to do that keep me feeling excited and elated. Porn, partying, women, they are literally not helping. So far, nothing is giving me that sense of adventure. I am still majorly tossing up saving money, discharging, selling everything, and moving to Europe or America to backpack and do casual work for two years or so.

I want that adventure, robots. I'm scared of ending up alone and bitter as I crawl through the years to my eventual deathbed.

bout to be 27 in couple months, only 3 years till wizardry.
26 turning 27 high reunion coming up, told them I would rather ram rusty nails through my dick then meet them again after what they did to me.
Just turned 27. Have a gf the same age, been together about 5 years. Live with five very close friends. Finishing my last semester of college and ready to move on with my life, get a decent job, move out, get a place for me and my gf, and live like normal people by the time I'm 30.
I love living with my friends but my parents are always asking when the fuck I'm gonna stop playing around with my friends and get married and give them grandkids and shit. It's a little frustrating.

Right now things are a little rough. I quit my job as a correctional officer to focus on my last year of school. Money has run out and I'm barely getting by. Really looking forward to getting this degree and getting back out there and looking for a good job.

So right now its been just a lot of studying and playing video games while slurping ramen.

I am happy. I'll be a lot happier this summer though.
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am i on yahoo answers?

; D lol make me bro
your life sounds boring and predictable.
Also I posted this on the reunion page been spending today tearing to the cunts with their respounces.
There are people from my high school I'll happily kill.
28. It's the lack of motivation I find hardest to deal with. I hate myself so much I don't feel I'm worthy of even trying at anything. I'm in a job I dislike but pays decent money, I've managed to slowly push away any friends I once have and even the things that used to bring me enjoyment such as gaming do nothing for me anymore.

I should want more from life, I should be fighting to get more out of life. As time ticks on and more doors close you have to wonder what the point of persisting is. I've got another 40 years of natural lifespan left and all I can see ahead is nothing of value. Yet I don't want to die.

I didn't ask to be broken, I just wish there was a way of getting fixed that doesn't involve first assigning yourself some self-worth.
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Anyone else scared of turning 30?

I turn 25 in May and having lost my youth, have realised that I've done nothing worthwhile with my life. All I've got to look forward to is ageing and inevitable death.
You have the entire internet that panders to you, you fucking idiot. People like oh I don't know the majority of people here only have this place.
I'm 27 and I have never had a job. I don't even know if it's possible now that I have been a NEET for so long. Why pick me
I take some satisfaction in that if I was in front of you I most likely could hurt you very fucking badly.
I bought a super powerful butt-vibrator for my 25th, it arrives tomorrow. I WILL FEEL ALIVE AGAIN
As a 22 year old peeking into this thread, it seem as though nothing ever changes.

I feel the same as all of you, and to know it doesn't get better, just makes it worse.

Good luck to you anons.
I went to work in France in hopes changing places will improve my situatiom. Nope. I was as socially retarded there as here in Spain. I'm living with my parents, Thursday I have my last exam and I will be an engineer. I'm not studying...
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27 reporting in.
>KV, normie though
>live with parents
> socializing is annoying as hell / either you get commonplace-tier convos or "mah babys sooo cute"- stuff in my age-range
>Job as Carpenter, boring but ok, i guess
>Futa-Hentai and gaming is still a thing, at least ervery once in a while
>probably start Modelbuilding as hobby this year

I look forward to suicide at 30
26 here and I'm currently busy convincing myself that I don't deserve to be happy.
>be 26

>work full time and live wih parents

>almost 10k saved up

>planning to stop being comfy here and move into a studio on the west coast

Getting old sucks but making money and having the freedom to support yourself sweetens the deal
>been dating girl for 9 years
>always trusted her with birth control stuff, she's made it clear she doesn't want kids
>still no accidental pregnancies

Nothing wrong with trusting a girl to take care of that shit. It's in her own best interests to stay diligent about it.

The problem here is that you stuck your dick in crazy. The moment you realized there was so little trust that you had to check her bc tabs, you should have ended the relationship.
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