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How would i go about getting a pity fuck?...
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How would i go about getting a pity fuck? Im thinking a new age stacy (18-27) wouldnt give me the light of day, just like they have up till now. Would a good looking milf 35+ pity fuck me i present myself and conditions right?

Anyone ever had a pity fuck before?
Said in another thread like an hour ago but yeah, my older milf supervisor pretty much pity fucked me.
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Bumping out of sympathy and interest because I've wondered about the same before.
Nice, how did that even come up?
From how it went down, she just noticed my loner robot ways and started to prod me. When she found out I was a KV she made the offer.
Ok so you must be a tall at least average face white guy

Careful, I got pity fucked by a 35 year old who got pregnant and now it's 9 years later and I've got an autistic daughter and three step kids
I see, but you probably are good looking like the other fag said right? Only milfs would approach good looking guys

I...don't know what to say. You didnt use a condom m8?
I don't think I'm that good looking. Average at best. The point is she didn't approach me looking to fuck me, she just wanted to know more about me I guess. Later on when she found out everything is when she offered.
Why did you accept?
Can you go into detail? Maybe greentext it?
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I know this might be hard to believe or maybe you believe it but

But on the rare occasions that I run into MILFs (going to college you like never see them) they always seem to be in to me, dentists, hair cutters, whatever, they seem to like me

One time two of them were talking to me and one even said "it takes perfect teeth to hook up with me" and she was a dentist
At the time I was still too much of an autistic to pick up on it plus my family was right there so even if I knew I couldn't really have acted on it
Oh alright that makes more sense. How were you when talking to her? Did you tell her about your autism ways and admit your standing in life so far or did you try to overplay yourself?
I accepted because she was basically offering me sex with few strings attached, only time a woman had done that to me. She's not even particularly good looking it was just the chance I was after.

Can't be much bothered to greentext it since I did in the other thread. Basically she had me spend the day with her and her son just going around town and then she got rid of him that evening and we went back to her place. That was a Friday evening and I stayed till Sunday morning, she fucked me a few times. It wasn't that great since it was my first times but she was nice about it and tried to show me some stuff. She tried to make me feel good about it physically but more importantly self esteem so that was nice.

I was kind of reserved but honest when she wanted to talk since I kind of just wanted her to leave me alone. I answered in truth everything she asked like if that was my first job and if I was nervous, if I had friends or liked to do stuff, if I'd had a girlfriend before and eventually if I was a virgin. Stuff like that. She was nosy but not in a rude way.
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Cut or uncut?
Did you use a condom or no condom?
Link to the green?
If its 404d can you just summarize it?
Hey that sounds kinda nice actually. I would love to talk about myself and end up with pity sex from a milf as a result of it. I doubt I could stay friends with someone like that though. I assume she reclined after that weekend?

Its all good in this thread friend. I kinda know what you mean. I used to play at this one kids house back when I was 10 or so, go to his parties, etc and I would hear his mom constantly praise me and tell me how good I was. He had an older sister who was in high school that would like to hold me on the couch and tickle me and press me against her tits

It was nice but I wasnt mentally mature enough yet to understand what was going on. I wish I could relive those memories with a functional dick and charisma though...the one time I get any advances and its when my dick doesnt even work yet.
Uncut. She said unprotected was fine so we did. I found the greentext but reading over it again it wasn't that good so summary

>First night no foreplay really, she took our clothes off in a sexy way and had us into bed where she guided me through fucking her missionary
>Morning next day she woke me up with some grinding and rode me and awhile later we had some fun in the shower
>That afternoon she blew me in her car and we had a quickie
>Evening again we got into fucking in the living room but moved it to the bedroom to go at it proper and she showed me through doggystyle
>Sunday morning we went slow and for a really long time then we went and got her son and had lunch before parting ways

It was a nice first time for sure. Reclined? It was weird to be at work with her maybe a little uncomfortable too but she remained nice and friendly and even a little flirty at times. Nothing ever happened again though.
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Oh my fucking christ you lucky bastard

Im uncut but still a fucking virgin

How good was it
Tell me how good it was

So nothing after...

I see...

I think I would have a better chance at getting a pity fuck if I actually had a job. I've sent in applications around town but I get this nagging feeling that white males are put in the bottom priority. Haven't found shit yet man. You got the ideal situation, I hope if I ever get a milf pity fuck, it goes as smoothly as yours did. Cheers my man
Felt pretty good man. Best physical feel I've ever felt. It'd probably be better if she was hotter and had a better body but she was nice and sweet about it and kind of energetic/feisty if that makes sense so it made up for it. She had fun with it and a good sense of humor for something as uncomfortable as it was so it made me feel a lot better and have fun too. That's what I liked the best not that she made my dick feel good but that she made me feel comfortable with what was going on and made me feel good and confident about myself.

Thanks I guess. For what it's worth I've heard a good portion of milfs like young inexperienced guys. Won't get anywhere by telling them you're a KV but I know a guy who got pounced on by a milf because his gf broke up with him and he went to drown it out at a bar and an older woman saw him sad about losing his girl and trying to get over it, and she hopped on his dick.
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Was it like the alpha and omega, the beginning and the end, the be all end all, the highest, the ultimate, the greatest thing in existance?

Did you feel like you were in heaven and were finally at peace?

Do you feel like a changed person for the better now?

Also how long did it take you to cum from it, the pussy, missionary, first one
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Also I guess the best way to sum it up was was it like this?

(Just close your eyes and dont bother looking a the video cause its a major contrast, seriously dont, cant find the song anywhere so just deal with it, its at the 4:32 mark it should take you straight there but I dunno)

(When that jamaican style song starts up the one I want you to hear is over)


Craigslist casual encounters.

Assuming you wouldn't mind a pity fuck from a dude, right?
Well I figured you couldnt really full explain your situation otherwise they wouldnt even pity fuck you. But you make it sound like it you were a loser who got lucky
a well kept milf will want a chad who is younger or just chad, the adult business man/lumberjack/doctor/lawyer edition

what you look for is the desperate milf with insecurities, lack of attention and a cuteish face or whatever is your fetish

memes are not true
women dont lose their powers when they hit 30
Yes, it felt like all those things. Not sure how much a changed person I am but at least I'm not hung up about being a KV anymore and feel better about myself.

First time not like I had a stopwatch but I'd say under five minutes. Kind of embarrassing but again she was really nice about it and said I did fine and congrats about not being KV anymore and stuff like that.

When she found out I was KV and never had a gf she was shocked/amazed like she couldn't believe it was true and eventually got around to offering in a way sort of like she felt bad for me that I'd never got to do something so basic and that it wouldn't be any trouble for her to take care of it. The way she made it sound, she saw me "sad" and it made her feel sad that something so simple was what was getting me down and could easily be fixed. Her surprise that some other girl hadn't done it yet.
No pham, nothing gay for me

Yeah thats it and the best I could hope for. Theres no way I'm in a position to make demands, just as long as shes not a landwhale and doesn't have STDs its fair game for me. Insecurities, lonely/doesnt pull in chad, plain jane, that would just be so amazing to experience, cuddling and fucking a nice kind milf who wouldn't constantly call me a loser.

>The way she made it sound, she saw me "sad" and it made her feel sad that something so simple was what was getting me down and could easily be fixed.

yup, doesn't get any more pity than this. I mean if you're average and not revolting like you say you are, its probably a hard concept for girls from older generations to understand that average people can't get fucked or gfs anymore. When it was a common thing back then, so long as you weren't physically or socially revolting.

You're really giving me hope here and a reason to put off suicide, thanks man. Since I'm not working I have to start pretty low as you can imagine. Are there any good social scenes or websites I could go on to potentially meet lonely once outgoing milfs who feed me a pity fuck?
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>I mean if you're average and not revolting like you say you are, its probably a hard concept for girls from older generations to understand that average people can't get fucked or gfs anymore. When it was a common thing back then, so long as you weren't physically or socially revolting.

Yeah socially revolting back then meant acting like chris chan, not just not being a chad

I'm telling you guys, things have changed, it wasn't always like this

When people talk about the 60s,70s, and 80s being all about sex, drugs, and rock and roll, where fucking anyone could get laid with ease, and all the girls were laid back, nice, bubbly, cool, fun, and just wanted to be your friend and fuck buddy, their telling the truth

Things really were like that back then, why do you think people talk about it, why they act so baffled when modern guys cant seem to get laid, and why so much music from back then goes on and on about the prevalence and greatness of sex?

Because there was a time when it wasn't just a memory for some people and a time period that they catch glimpses of through pictures and songs for others, it was life.
Good point. The resurgence of feminism and technology being able to spread ideas so quickly today has killed a lot of potential fun girls. I really hope its just a phase. This generation of guys is fucked, but hopefully whoevers next gets a taste of a fun youth with positive memories.

What I would do to get those emo/goth girls from the early 2000s back...
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It stings not having that fun youth (technically I'm still in it, 18, and most people seem to think your not even a real adult until 25 and some even think not till 30), but I'm worried that this will either never end in this country specifically, or it will but it will take a long, long time.

I don't want to wait around anymore, I want to have a qt 3.14 80s girlfriend with long curly hair wearing skinny jeans, no tatoos, no piercings other than in the ears, she has 0 conception of social media, modern day feminism, chads, or ghetto black culture and music, and we go to a Guns n Roses concert listening to welcome in the jungle and on the ride back we listen to metallica and we fuck in our car or something

>tfw this was reality for guys back then
>tfw the whole 20/80 thing is in full effect now
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I know exactly what you mean. There is still a slight chance of hope for you since you actually really are young, and most people still are young until 25.

We all want that gf experience. It used to be much more fair and reasonable. But putting up selfies on social media, retweeting feminist hashtag twitter messages, waiting for chad to text her back, and in the meantime while waiting shes twerking in yoga pants in the mirror to ghetto nigger music.

That is the average females youth experience now. I notice for guys its usually one extreme or another. Either youre successful and on to something and fuck a new girl every week, or youre a complete loser whos deluding himself and can't accept that hes never getting a fun time in life outside of relying on his computer.

The first guy fucking his milf supervisor gave me hope and a will to continue living on, but this talk is erasing all that goodwill and positivity. God fucking damn it, I wish I wasn't born.
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Oddly enough I actually semi-dropped out of highschool after 9th grade, I had a catastrophic 9th grade (it was the climax of a slow build up ever since 6th grade) and I nearly failed the grade, got horrendous grades, got suspended over and over again and finally was kicked out for the entire 3rd nine weeks, so my mom withdrew me and put me in all online classes

Basically did that until graduation

Started college in late August, started trying (semi suceeded) to dress like a normie, barely knew shit about how to act and talk like one (years of isolation and being on my PC kinda somehow took the autism out of me but at the same time I didnt know how to interact either so it was weird, I was almost asocial if that makes sense), was trying to make friends, get laid, yadayda, long story, eventually on October 5th after weeks of watching chads and stacies brag on yik yak about getting blowjobs, having doggy style sex, etc, and anonymously (its all anon or so I thought, I wasnt thinking, I should have fucking known) talking about my situation and how sad I was and how much I hated everything, and then calling me anything from insane, to evil, to just sad, I finally decided I was gonna scare the shit out of them by posting the "my name is not important" rant from Hatred (minus the part that says "my genocide crusade begins here)

few hours later and Im being arrested by cops
(luckily no students even saw it happen)
Had to spend the night in jail, orange jumpsuit and all, had niggers banging on my door saying "ayy shawty ayy", was cold as fuck temperature wise, got let out on PR bond the next morning, got suspended from school for the rest of the semester

Reverted back to my semi-NEET lifestyle

Come a week before college started (like January 11th) and somehow I am starting to hang out with 2 guys I met last semester and still had contact info of

Saw a movie with one, hung out with the other in his dorm and played Super smash bros with (cont)
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his super cool roomie, fast forward to last Thursday and I have 6 friends now, 1 that is just on his own (might be a robot) the other is a semi-robot who is a fellow meme magician and we joke about normies and coldsteel the hedgehog, he has 3 roomies all 3 are cool and we are all talking about going and seeing a movie where I live (Im a commuter and they live in the city so I can show them around my area and take them to a local pizza place I love and shit) and theres another guy I met in german class who is super cool too

So I've basically had an absolute explosion of a social life out of fucking nowhere that I never saw coming

Gonna join some clubs and try to get into a frat soon (I may already be in one but its a long story but they may have kicked me out without me knowing)

Still a KV though

So really I just dont fucking know whats gonna happen anymore, I do know one thing for sure though, Im gonna stay the hell away from yik yak

Song super related to all of this

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Also read "Models a comprehensive guide to attracting women" got it for free cause some anon linked it to me

Its helped a bit, its not the be all end all but its helped with my confidence, being able to pretend to be a normie fairly well, I know how to dress now, how to walk, how to think, I understand more about how women work now, and I know more about what to say and how to say it
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Also in 9th grade all the bad grades were from being suspended so damn much that even as smart as I am (IQ is somewhere in the 120s and I hope to one day hit 130), I just couldnt keep up

Also I fought with the teachers and the students nearly constantly, all the students despised me and so did the teachers

I remember guys saying they would punch me if I wasn't so big (in hindsight I've always had the body of a chad but the mind of a robot, I'm literally 6'5 with broad shoulders and look like a foot ball player, I've always been really big compared to others), girls saying I would never get laid, and I remember one teacher storming out of class right after I got back from my 3rd nine weeks suspension (me and him were arguing) yelling "I dont care whats wrong with him"

Fast forward to the present and I can blend in with the normies pretty easily, I literally haven't offended anyone in person in years, and again I'm having this booming social life out of fucking nowhere, learning more about how to do things, etc etc

Life is so fucking weird and hard to predict, even for someone as smart as me, someone who even the girls who taunted me saying I would never get laid admitted "your like a human encyclopedia" and I would get perfect scores on shit without even trying and was reading 700 page books when I was 8 and etc etc

I dont know
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Pretty fucking JUST story there especially the first half. Soundslike youre turning into a junior chad though so you may sadly soon graduate from this board.

Im not really down to completely change myself when i'm not dripping with flaws. Im just boring and dont care about fashion. I have no intention to getting a longterm gf currently because I have no hook that will last for years when she could do much better than me. I would just like some affection...and a pity fuck and a girl to hang out with to get a different approach. I have a few guy friends and they are all great guys, but sometimes I just dont want to talk to them and would like to hear what someone thinks, a girl, outside of my circle. I know I dont deserve or am entitled to jack shit but i really do want it...but don't feel like a complete overwrite is worth the effort of getting a modicum of attention and loving from another girl. Blending in with the crowd is not a problem since I look pretty normal, its just that getting anything beyond that is really hard and extends beyond just talking skills and clothing choices. Do you like hanging out with normies more than here?
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Yeah it was totally JUST
Especially the arrest and the 3 months of forced semi-NEETism

But especially the jail, I felt absolutely dead inside
I even had it flash through my mind that I didn't even have the choice of suicide anymore if I wanted it (in prison there are no guns clearly)
(this is fucking gruesome and I don't like thinking about it but its true, no sharp objects, no rope, and I doubt the fall from the 2nd story of the common area would kill me)

So if I got put in there for years (cop wanted to hit me with a 1 year class 1 misdameanor and a class 6 (up to 5 years) felony, then I couldn't even off myself even if I wanted to

I really feel like that day was the worst day of my life, October 5th, 2015.

Anyways, it's just a bad memory now (the charges are being dropped because I have a godly lawyer who was the chief prosecutor for decades, the prosecutors seem to have no desire to, well, prosecute me, and the judge knows my lawyer personally and he is cool by default she says)

But still
>tfw I was one magistrate's decision away from being charged with a felony
>tfw the woman who is protecting me is being payed money to do so, and I hate police and prosecutors and she was the head prosecutor and ruined many peoples lives over years and years and is now my legal mercenary
>tfw what happened is over and done with but I still think about it
>Do you like hanging out with normies more than here?

I don't know, none of my friends seem to be normies
I do know the few parties I've been to were all jam packed with them and I hated being around them, but didn't show it

Honestly I kind of feel like a cyborg, like a hybrid of a robot and a normie, neither one or the other but both at the same time

Its really strange
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It' time for me to go to sleep now, I have 2 classes on tuesdays and thursdays (4 on mon wed and fri) and my first of the 2 was cancelled cause my professor is snowed in, so my next one isn't till 3

Add me on steam so we can talk some more: GulielmusTheEternal

I just felt like getting this shit out, I never talk about it
If anyone else wants to add me then go for it

Later people
>Oddly enough I actually semi-dropped out of highschool after 9th grade, I had a catastrophic 9th grade (it was the climax of a slow build up ever since 6th grade)
That sounds similar. I've actually been a NEET since 15, and I turn 22 this year.
I kinda reckon this is kind of why the gay community is growing. Can't fuck girls so guys resort to other guys. I mean they are easier to talk to, more laid back and less fucking problems. I am bi and fucked a dude, but no girls, because the one chick I dated was a cunt, and getting even a lookin elsewhere isn't easy.
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