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I've decided I'm tired of being...
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I've decided I'm tired of being a fat shlub and want to better myself.

How does one start losing weight when they've never worked out a day in their life and genuinely don't know what to do?

Never going to better myself if I'm always this unattractive.
100 push-ups, 100 sit-ups, 100 squats and 10 km running, every day, no exceptions.

It was easy for me, I just accepted I would always be unattractive even if I were fit and the urge to work out disappeared
I have a great face

nigga I can barely do 5 push ups
Count calories. You can basically eat anything you want as long as you consume around 1200 to 1500 calories a day and you will lose weight at a healthy level. If you want to lose a little faster, every two or three days only eat around 700 or 800. For working out check out /fit/ to get yourself started. They have stickies that will explain all the terms and give you the basic run down.
>nigga I can barely do 5 push ups

You will improve, mane. The important thing is that you get really really tired, when you think you can't do any more, you do one more and perhaps another. According to my PE teacher, that's when you actually gain strength. This takes a bit of discipline when you're working out alone tho, it's much easier if you have someone standing next to you telling you to try one more etc.
Not trying to be a shitposter or a thread derailer so sorry if it comes off that way, but anyone else imagine lady in pic sucking on her vag when they saw it?

On losing weight though, try eating less calories. Harder than it sounds I know, I've been through it. I would recommend easing into it, don't do a drastic cut all in one week, take it slow.

On exercising, same thing. Try easing into it whether it be cardio like walking, weightlifting, or a mixture of both. Start by walking, maybe like 20-30 mins. After you get used to it, start mixing in some short jogs here and there. If you want to do weightlifting, start out with light weight on things and concentrate on correct form.

Once again, another thing that is easier said than done, but don't worry if you think people at gyms are looking at you. They aren't. Don't try heavier weights before you are ready. The stickies on /fit offer some good advice though it is quite a bit of reading. If you are serious though, it is worth it.
Just put on the most aggressive and brutal metal you can find and then think of all the Chad Thundercocks and roasties that have made your life the living hell it is now. That should be plenty of motivation.

Let's first found out OP's current weight before we start throwing out calorie numbers that might be too low to start.
Losing weight is actually pretty easy, I lost 40 pounds in a month without any exercise just by cutting down on calories, and I thought I had bad genetics and would always be fat.

ok anon i'm going to give you some advice. this is coming from someone who has been fat his entire life and in the last year has lost nearly 100lbs and is still losing.

firstly, don't go overboard and do something like this >>26030998

you're going to burn out quickly and if you have a week or so where your weight plateaus you're going to get discouraged and give up.

the best way to start getting /fit/ is slowly. make small changes at first that will start paying dividends immediately, but won't be something that is ultimately unsustainable. the goal is to eventually make these things a part of your everyday life.

the first thing you do is cut out all sugary drinks and sodas. if you want you can do diet drinks but i recommend just going to water. it will suck at first but you'll get used to it and eventually you won't even crave the sugary stuff you used to drink.

secondly, start walking for at least 30 minutes a day, preferably an hour. walking is easy enough even if you're really overweight and if you can get 8-10K steps a day as a target you'll start losing weight.

that's all you need to do at first, then after you start getting encouraged by your weight loss you can start to slowly add more things like a low carb diet, weight training, and more intense cardio. you can do it man. i believe in you.
Go tree planting and/or become a bicycle courier in your city.
I was just generalizing off of a standard 2000 calorie diet. However much over that you are to maintain weight you could probably just add to the 1200 to 1500 and see some pretty good results.
what's she looking, though?

>How does one start losing weight

basic thermodynamics desu senpai
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By going on a diet and working out, you dumb fat blob.
>the first thing you do is cut out all sugary drinks and sodas. if you want you can do diet drinks but i recommend just going to water. it will suck at first but you'll get used to it and eventually you won't even crave the sugary stuff you used to drink.

Not OP but, is this actually possible? I've been guzzling down coke daily for nearly 15 years now, I've tried to stop but damn, I'm ok with the headaches and cravings, but the scary thing is how sleepy one gets, it's like narcolepsy or something, how long does it take for that to wear off?

it's tough, but doable. like i said, switch to diet soda at first if you must.

honestly your taste buds start to recalibrate pretty quickly and the next time you taste coke or pepsi it almost tastes sickly sweet to you. it's weird, but good. i'm sure there are some sites on the interweb that have advice for breaking soda addictions. i was more of a juice/gatorade guy myself but i did drink some soda back in the day.
Diet is more important than anything else. Yes even exercise although exercise helps a hell of a lot. Just focus on diet mostly. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RudZMKI3D_M
Don't pig out one night a week either. Like the guy in this video explains that just a handful of peanuts will ruin any weight loss for the entire week.

a handful of peanuts will not fucking ruin any weight loss for an entire week. that's fucking insane. peanuts and natural peanut butter are actually not even that bad for you even though they're calorie dense. they're chock full of healthy fats and although almonds are a better choice they certainly won't ruin any progress you've made.

i don't do cheat days but i think a cheat day once or twice a month to reward you and to help keep you on your diet is healthy. just don't eat a half gallon of ice cream and an entire pizza or anything.

the only problem is that cheat days too often become cheat weeks and cheat months. that's why i avoid them like the plague.
do I need to activate them first

>eating unactivated almonds
Eat less food. If you're hungry then suck it up. Eat better food. Only drink water. Count calories, and eat at a deficit.

Start exercising, 45 minutes on a treadmill every other day at least, if not every day. Lift weights too if you want. Gradually increase the intensity of your exercise.

It isn't hard to lose weight. If your body uses more energy than what you put in, it will make up the difference by using your energy reserves. Energy is calories, reserves is fat. Consume less calories than your body needs and you will lose weight. You can consume less calories by eating less and eating foods with lower calorie counts. You can increase the amount of energy your body needs by exercising.

It's.simple, the hardest part is motivation, discipline and self control.
I haven't had a sip of soda in almost 2.5 years, no joke. That was after drinking almost a 12 pack a day. It's all about easing into. Don't just cut it out all at once. Start by slowly lowering your intake over time. Lower it to a few per day, to only one per day, to only a few per week, etc. until almost no more. Of course it takes finding a replacement drink which luckily I am fine with normal water. Sometimes have unsweet tea too. If you don't like the taste, add a little but of lemon or lime juice.
Look up the army APFT regimen on YouTube. That, plus 60 second sprints and 120 seconds of walking, repeated about 6 times every morning, helped me lose about 40 lbs.

that's good advice water or tea with lemon/lime juice is also a good way to go if you think water is too bland/tasteless.
Ween yourself off slowly. Drink less and less day by day, and the interval will give your body time to adjust. Substitute with water, not even diet drinks. This is coming from someone who lost 100 pounds in one summer. Granted, our bodies are likely different and I did it at extremes.
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There you go buddy
>le one meme man xdDDDdd
Kill yourself senpai.
Eat less and go to gym
Know what? I might just do his work out just for the shits and giggles to see the results.
everyone here is a SAVAGE and an IDIOT I'm not even qualified to comment on these frail ant games because my clavicles are 24" apart but these are SAVAGE IDIOTS, go lift. These delusional savages thinking they know what they are talking about have 12" arms at 10% bf
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im down 50 in the past year. counting calories is. key. get the myfitnesspal app and log everything you eat. everything? YES EVERYTHING. cardio 3 or 4 times a week with casual weight lifting. good luck mother fucker!
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I think the best advice anyone can give, would be not to go at it too hard.

And by that, I mean don't start exercising an hour every day and eating very little. That's a sure-fire way to give up in a week.

As a robot, the best thing to do in terms of exercise is to buy a stationary bike. Place it in front of a TV or computer monitor and then put something on to watch, preferably something mind-numbing or something you've seen already because it can be very hard to concentrate the first few weeks.(Simpsons, Let's Plays etc.)

Start at 15 minutes/day, and then gradually increase this. You'll notice your heart rate will decrease over even just a week. Increase your time every 3-4 days by 5 minutes until you can manage a steady 40+. Keep in mind rest days are important to keep you not only sane, but motivated (2 a week).

Eating is important, and it's good to know how much energy you need per day to maintain your weight. There's plenty of online calculators to do this. Once you know this, aim to eat 3/4 of your daily recommended intake. Any less and you'll start starving yourself, and again, lose motivation. I once went down to 1/4 of my daily recommended intake, and my body became so stressed I started to lose hair.
They go to /fit/ and read the sticky.
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Protein sparing modified fast

Go steal Lyle McDonald's Rapid Fat Loss Handbook
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This is a pretty comfy thread desu.

I recently started working out again, I've been doing more cardio but I'm still lifting. I wish I went all in the first week for muh gainz but nah. I'm just afraid my workout schedule gets mundane, I'm not a fan of machines.
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read sticky
Every time I go to fit I just laugh at the type of money they seem to think I have. Nigga I'm not eating fish fillets every fucking day and buying a stairwalker, I make minimum wage
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>too low
fuck off cuck

OP is fat, no such thing as too low

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I'll add this on as an example of training your body for cardio. I got a fitbit as a gift last year, and it happens to also track heart rate. It's not super accurate, but it's fairly good for a wearable monitor.

After not having done any cardio for a year, hy heart rate was 74. I went for an hour long bike ride a week before, and was completely fucked after it. So, to fix this, I started training cardio more at the gym.

Generally it was 2 days - break - 2 days - break.

Continued next post
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And you can see, my heart rate went down to a resting rate of 56, after a fairly short period of time (2 weeks?).

I went for that bike ride again, and I did it significantly faster, without stopping and was only a bit tired at the end, nowhere near what I was like 3 weeks or a month before.

Anyway, the point is don't ever be discouraged if you can only ride or run a short while. Your body needs time to adjust, and they do so extremely well. After 2-4 weeks, you'll be able to go from 10 minutes cardio max. to 40 minutes without stopping.

Again, I recommend a stationary bike to train on and something to keep your mind off it a bit. Podcasts are good too.
Obviously, eat way less, lose more weight. The weight lost will be a good chunk of muscle and fat instead of majority fat though. Think most would rather hang onto muscle as it leads to a better appearance and burns more calories compared to fat.
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You really shouldn't do it all at once anyway. To make actual progress in either weight loss or muscle gain, you need to completely focus on that one thing.

People only recommend lifting as a way to lose weight to supplement cardio because it makes the whole process less boring. Cardio is significantly more efficient at losing weight than lifting alone. Don't let anyone tell you otherwise, there's bunch of articles on google scholar you can read on the topic as well.

Cardio while trying to gain muscle is retarded, because you need to eat as much as possible to actually put on any decent amount. It's a very long process to try and gain any muscle if you do it without eating over your daily recommended energy intake.
I wonder if she can fart in her own face
>that roastie
>pig-nose piercing
>disgusting unkempt hair
>aids-riddled skin
>man shoulders and jaw
>pointy witch chin
>feet rubbing all over dirty-as-fuck hair
Holy shit this is disgusting OP fuck you
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I guess I'm doing overall health? I run for 30+min or so, and just do a mixture of upper and lower body workouts, increasing the weight each week. Granted I've only been at it for three weeks
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lol i can confirm.

ever since i started watching one punch man i've been doing pushups, sit ups and squats everyday. (no run because i don't like going out. maybe when i get a treadmill at home)

It works. i'm noticing my torso getting bigger plus i've lost some belly fat and starting to show abs.

Start of easy if you can't do it. first time you do it. do as much pushups untill you literally can't do anymore. this number will be how many situps plus squats you do aswell.

then the next day do that same number, but adding one more. every day keep adding one more to how many you do and in no time you should be able to do 100 pushups, situps and squats.

currently on 70 pushups, 70 situps and 70 squats.
Ex-Fatbots please tell me, are the loose skin memers just shitposting? I'm trying to better myself but the looseskin posting makes me anxious as fuck. Will I be ok if I take it slow?
>good chunk of muscle
Fuck. Off. Cuck.

Muscle is not an energy-store, total FFM contains fuckall energy, the body does not pull from muscle to make-up a calorie deficit.

Muscle will only be catabolized in the event of insufficient dietary protein to meet protein needs of more important organs

>taking part in social media enough to even know
>jumping the hate what's popular meme bandwagon
>calling everything a meme meme
>ironic le XD cancer shitposting

Take your own advice you rancid waste of DNA
>currently on 70 pushups, 70 situps and 70 squats.

I just tried pushups, and at 12 I had to start pausing and at 20 I was completely wasted. You still got energy left after 70??
But working out is so fucking boring and my dick will always be small no matter what
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Some anon from /fit/ often comes in to answer questions and give advice. this was from one of his threads.

worth a read imo
W-Where are the tips on how to get a gf?
literally there.

once you do start getting /fit/ you will become more confident and it will radiate off you. women love confidence.
ok so do 20 push ups, 20 situps and 20 squats

move to 21 when it becomes somewhat easy to do the 20.

yeah it takes some time just stick at it.
i remember when i couldn't do 10 consecutive pushups. just keep doing them before going to bed and you will get there
To lose weight: Eat less than you burn.

Also, muscles passively burn more.
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