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who /BTFO by life/ here?
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who /BTFO by life/ here?

>literally 0 friends
>man boobs
>unemployed parents
>vicious sister who screams and hits my parents all the time
>NEET, obese and receding hairline at 21

the fuck? just lose weight if it's upsetting you so much
Get an exercise bike.
At the very least, you don't have to be fat.
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>haven't had any friends since primary school
>feminine face
>BMI is in the overweight zone about to be in
>single mother
>poor as fuck (less than 20k)
>couldn't celebrate Christmas past 14
>mum used to hit me
>used to starve because mum wouldn't by food and she was never there
>sister is a roastie whore who should die a brutal death

God cucked me, god must be a woman because he's a bitch
>autistic (diagnosed at a young age)
>cystic acne
>family history of alcoholism and depression which I have to fight every single day

it kinda sucks a lot
**about to be in the obese zone
>want to be a girl
>shoulders like a linebacker
>receding hairline
>brow like a caveman
>have the skin of someone 10 years older than me
>virgin, couldn't get it up the opportunities I have had

They don't mix at all

My life is utter shit right now. Can't do anything without meds

Khv by choice. Its better to be alone
>single mother
what a retard you deserve it.
>I deserve the sins of my mother

fuck you normalfag
>be good looking, funny, smart and fit

here it comes

>be girl
>in the middle east
>strict muslim parents
>will be forced to marry some older creepy hairy guy I don't like because I turn 25 soon and thats old

i could have had it all i could have
Come to the state's and be my wife whore
>implying your parents wouldn't marry you off at 8
>she didn't go to college in the west
>she didn't get the fuck out of muslim shitland by any means necessary
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>Poor and working wagecuck retail job with shekelstein store manager
>Worked more than 1000 hours and still haven't got a raise
>Only make 1100 dollars a month
>live in hood ghetto in a city full of crackheads, tweakers and people just out of prison live in as a white skinny blonde male
>no parents
>ugly face, kissless virgin where women naturally repulsed by my face
it's over for me.
>implying I can go to a college in the west
>implying I'm allowed to leave the house alone
>wanting female degeneracy

Cuck. Islam is pretty redpilled tbqh. Can kill faggots, can beat and even kill your wife if she cheats, child brides, can rape nonmuslim whores and get away with it because MUH CULTURE LMAO etc
Pics please

I'm white lebanese I will be you bf.
>one friend who's a normie
>in college
>don't even want to do anything
>just going because my parents want me to
>want to get on bux
>live in murica
>am gay
>ok grades
>on fin because hair was starting to fall out
>small dick
>erectile dysfunction
>am a wagecuck
I just don't even know anymore.

Top zoz
>no parents
Blue eyes
Pale skin
Dark hair
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death rassl.jpg
120 KB, 270x271
>dad committed suicide and had schizophrenia
>beaten by step-dad til 16
>tfw mom says nothing
>displaced on and off
>dropped out of school
>family lost house
>dead end wagecuck retail job
>short as fuck
>tfw alternate between ready to die and putting it off
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Take solace in the fact that you're not alone, OP.
Father is dead. Died a little more over a year ago. I had to face the world alone. Mother is mentally ill, homeless, bi-polar, and extremely depressed. Always has been, ever since my birth. I don't contact her.
He thought you meant you're a single mother, not that you have one.
>had a job
>realized being a wage slave is only good to be away from my family
>no friends or gf
>have my passions but family doesnt like them
File: haveanother.png (2 MB, 1918x1192) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
2 MB, 1918x1192
>crohns disease
>legal fees to pay
>shitty job that doesn't give me enough hours

i'm not even going into my social problems but they're quite burdensome and will probably take counseling to resolve.
thanks but why are you on r9k when you're from a normie country
Why can't you just get on bux?
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lol jk.gif
2 MB, 203x151
>two friends
>Ottermode- got back from a 7 mile run couple hours ago, fee amazing
>Loving qt. virgin (before we started dating) gf. I have hooked up with other girls in the past, have had gfs, girls crush on me etc.
>Both parents make over six figures, extremely supportive
>BA (graduated early at 21), athletic, full time job that I'm quitting because I don't care for it (it's okay- I have an extensive work history, multiple references including my current boss and based on past experiences and the current economic climate I could have a job within a week if I want. Will probably take a couple weeks off to decompress and plan though) and a full head of thick dirty blond hair

Am I btfo?
>85% white

What does that mean?
She's probably the muzzie agnostic chick who posts on /soc/.
that's not me but post her please
>dad died from cancer when I was 5
>bullied through entire elementary school
>fake friends in entire high school that used me for homework and as free tutor
>had loaded gun at head, ready to fire, forgot to turn off safety
>family is tearing itself apart over meaningless things
>running out of things to do

Man, I'm sorry. A relative had UC, got treatment late.
It means a dna test
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>diagnosed with aspergers
>not good at anything
>lazy piece of shit
>can't focus on college or anything
>literally too afraid of being made fun of to do anything
>can't stick with anything for more than a day
>got raped as an adult
>be father
or are u the ultimate cuck
I didn't save her pics brah she's not a full out camwhore, I go to /soc/ for the tiddies. I forget which threads she posts in but she posts semi-frequently complaining about living in hypocritical pedo-muslim land. She's got long wild hair (probably found her in a long hair thread) and tries to take creepy pics here and there and posts about being an 'edgelord' of sorts.
So like is there a white gene or..
File: Bodie Broadus.png (173 KB, 500x375) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
Bodie Broadus.png
173 KB, 500x375

>has a job
>has an income at all
>makes more than 5k a year
>"poor as fuck"

Look at fucking mister moneypants over here.
File: okay.png (35 KB, 450x307) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
35 KB, 450x307
Probably mean to say that his dad is an alcoholic then deleted it when he realized that he fucked up.

I capped it to provide context.
Lel where do you live? Immigrate to Turkey with all those Syrians. If you're immigrant in Turkey you can go to uni for free and take government grants on top of it
I can't dishonor and humiliate my family like that and I'm too proud anyway

I'll just kill myself when the time comes
File: 1447704631932.png (64 KB, 540x300) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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nice try norman :)
marry a robot who pretends to be a US muslim who fell in love with you, if nothing else I'll sell the movie rights to lefties they love painting muslims in a positive light
File: NEVEREVEREVER.jpg (2 MB, 5000x5000) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
2 MB, 5000x5000
>22 virgin
>NEET drop out
>Can't do trig or calc
>Probably retarded
>Homeless soon


Some of you guys had hard lives, famn. I hope you can unfuck your shit up somehow.
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>loose teeth (lost 4 due to grinding)
>man boobs
>Ugly slav
>family all sides hates me because neet

But I'm going to keep living my pathetic life. Gonna have to try harder life
>older brother is 6'3
>hkv neet
>no friends
>knee problems will need a replacement in my 30s
>no work experience
>no degree
>no talent
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>best friend OD'd
>girl cucked me with nigger drug addicts
>drank to deal with my misery
>got a DUI
>paid over 1000 dollars in court fees (or rather my parents have)
>unemployed for three years
>no friends
>couldnt get it up with a prostitute
>record tarnished forever
>family hates me
>haven't had a friend in 8 years
>26 year old virgin
>can't hold down a job longer than a few months because I'm a pussy that can't handle being around people
>raised by an alcoholic single mother
>never met my dad even though he is aware of my existence and could contact me at any time with minimal effort
>siblings had a different father and were taken from my mother by the state and put in his care after she was charged with neglect
>family has a history of mental problems, alcoholism, and literal retardation
no one would do it
I'm pretty sure it's not impossible to arrange a greencard marriage.
Islam is shit and you don't have two brain cells to rub together.
i'm just unambitious, otherwise i'm genetically supreme
>never try in school
>parents let me finish senior year in remedial high school
>don't make me get Job or go to school
>rot away miserable in front of computer for next like literally 2 or 3 years
>finally get help on own out of desperation
>6 months later almost slip away again; get job last second
>work Walmart for a year before I realize I hate it
>take easy core classes at jc
>next semester take math and scienceand realize I don't know shit and don't know how to study or motivate myself at 23 years old
>trying to make it on my own; parents fight every effort to be self sufficient; family doesn't understand why I don't seem to like them very much
thanks family
lmao why the fuck are you here? leave, thanks.
Have 3 friends that don't like me much
Man tits
Constant sickness in my stomach
Have pain in my but I think is cancer
Stretch marks
Hairline receding
Pale skin
Incredibly fucking poor
I'm not here to tell you how to live, but it appears you want to make your life normal, and if you need support, know full well you have it.
>I think is cancer
Don't wait. Get it checked out. Also you forgot your meme arrows
Can I get a seperste doctor for it me and my dr are bros and I don't want him to have to touch my nuts
Original vdhsjdbdjsndbdjshdvd
>had loaded gun at head, ready to fire, forgot to turn off safety

and you didnt..... try turning the safety off?
hey thanks man.
Sorry about the weird type- i was using some shitty blackberry, half-asleep.
But yeah, I'd love to do Mechanical Engineering and be an Industrial Designer. Of course, I can't help but notice that I'm 23 years old. Maybe I could do an associates in Mechanical Engineering while I work on my non-existent portfolio and break into the industry that way. But that wouldn't leave room for an internship. And Like I said, my math is pretty shit right now- this is kind of a pipe-dream.
Why even get a job? If your parents are alright with you staying home with no job just roll with it. I'd kill to be in your shoes.
the thread is about getting btfo by life. i think i fit the bill.
File: ayylmao.jpg (11 KB, 200x200) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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>Be 5'7"
im a newfag what is KHHV?
i would guess kissless, hugless, and hand-holding'less virgin

The lowest you can go Like me
File: 1451026461688.gif (443 KB, 400x296) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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>4.5 inch dick
What about a 4 inch penis
watching (from a distance) my peers grow into their own person and become independent and go to college killed me. I wanted that for myself more than anything- also if not just because being dependent on my parents that know i'm miserable and make no effort to help me become independent is brutal. It kills me. My mom buys me stupid shit at garage sales while they need to be saving for retirement- why they let me eat away at that for years instead of just giving me any kind of push I will never know and don't really care to. I plan on paying back everything I owed since I've been working and cutting ties. They probably have a pretty good idea of that and are trying to hold me back. It's toxic.
Nah 4.5 is like getting a bronze medal - you nearly made it.
Sounds like your both holding each other back. I plan on living with mommy till I can but a cheap tiny house. I'm a midwestfag so housing is pretty cheap. Also wanna try and get bux
Bruh, 4.5 doesn't even get to compete

I'd say 7 inches is bronze, 7.5 is silver, 8 is gold, while 6 inches is the white guy in lane 7 who always comes last
It's more like congratulations, you nearly made it to average size.
I mean really if you're tall or /fit/ and it's sort of dim how will a girl ever be able to eyeball whether it's 4.5 or 5.5?

And I think the worse feel is obvious...

your problems can be fixed by losing weight
come to Australia and be my wife, I am Muslim and would treat you well.
no seriously though you want you can come here and marry me just to move out of your country and live in Australia, then leave me. You could divorce me here if you wanted
>got one chance with a very qt virgin gf that was going to let me be he househusband
>otherwise very fat, acne everywhere ugly college dropout loser retard
>she leaves me, will never say another word to me again

honestly, i used to be fine with the idea of never having a relationship, much less with a cute one. it never crossed my mind much. now that I know what it's like, having a young, pretty, pure girl that loves you, i'll have a void in me for the rest of my life, because NOTHING like that is ever happening again, not even close. i'll get a 500 pound single mom with 40 black kids if i'm lucky

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>Single mother


>Only girlfriend I ever had left me for a Chad

Just about done desu.
You think that's bad, OP? Just wait until you're 30 and nothing has changed.
>left knee is fucked to the point of barely being useful
>lost my left eye
>mostly deaf
>hands barely work anymore, constantly aching and stiff
>barely ever sleep well
>no siblings that I know of
>haven't seen my mom in over 20 years
>dad's dead
>no friends
>held my daughter's hand and watched her die
I've had a similar opportunity, really hot woman, successful, heavily in her career making bank, would let me be househusband, would be faithful too (she doesn't want to disrespect herself and her child by sleeping outside of a marriage, which is why she insisted we get married before)
The only catch was me raising her 6 year old son (dad ran off years ago)
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That is some next level blowing. How do you deal with all this?
I like getting the participation prize.
fuck off

trannies are the ultimate robots. mental illness is the primary cause of robotism (or robautism am i right) in the first place.

all true robots are welcome here
Fuck off you are Chad in disguise.
I'm just numb to it all most of the time. I've hit the point where I have to push myself to even feel sad, anymore. I just feel empty.
I like your raw honesty, though.
I'd like to give you a big hug.
How old are you?
Original ejebwidhsnkd
That'd be nice, I guess.
Turned 25 a few months ago.
File: 1427288852322.png (11 KB, 492x419) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
11 KB, 492x419

I feel ya, bro.
But I love that you used laughing goldface as your OP pic because laughing at the ridiculous bad luck we have is the only healthy thing to do and the first step to success.
At some point I also couldn't take this shit seriously anymore.
not a Chad
Really though

>no gf ever because Muslim and I actually take it seriously
>despite all that my parents are both fairly liberal Muslims, they treated me to respect women, and not hate them
>mom literally has a master's degree, and a high-paying government job, and wants my sister to follow suit
>we are literally the only ones in our extended family from both sides where our women are "empowered", meaning educated and employed (except aunt who is a doctor but literally gives all her money to her husband, and she doesn't even know how to drive, her husband literally drives her to and from the hospital, even when she is on-call)

Shit man, I wish you luck
You will find a meaningful purpose, and find peace
File: 5xJVy.jpg (51 KB, 625x600) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
51 KB, 625x600
Kinda like that episode where Chandler tells Monica he doesn't want to get married but he already has the ring.
>claims to be Australian

Fuck off you shitskin cunt.
It's an /int/ meme
Original comment djdbwjdbsj
I'm sure. Right now I'd settle for finding some goddamn sleep but I'm in one of my slumps where I'm not going to get any real amount for a week or two.
>never had a gf
>not a virgin
>when i try i am good looking, but i don't try often
>always was a half decent student, 3 was my grade
> now in college, very good student, it's fucking easy peasy
>always tought i don't have a future because i only smoked weed everyday
> now i'm a believer
I don't know how that relates to anything, man.
and also
>got my driver's licence
>drive my mom's red wolksvagen golf 2 '89
>still smoke weed everyday
bad habit
I'm not that white leb though
I guess that could be a deal-breaker, i'm not white
File: 1429829980740.jpg (31 KB, 456x320) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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>worthless NEET
>dropped out of college TWICE
>havent worked a day in my life
>bad sight
>0 friends or even any acquaintances to talk to
>noticed a lot of hair started to fall off when showering
>0 steam friends
>developed osteochondrosis over the year spent gaming instead of socializing like a normal human being
>no ambitions no goals
>only interest are anime and 4chan
>parents gave up on me and instead of being angry at me became apathetic of my existence
>failed my driving exam today
at least Im not a virgin
File: file.png (339 KB, 596x402) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
339 KB, 596x402
for people outside australia
>has normie educated rich parents
>lives in Australia
how the fuck are you a robot who is this lonely?
Hahaha I too got BTFO from Birth

>born too early. Fucking tiny
>Wtf is wrong with this kid loldoctorsfw.jpg
>kindergarten. Fall down from a thing
>break hip pass put
>lol wtf this faggot doing breaking bones in kindergarten
>X-rays n shit.
>lol this Lil faggot has Osteopetrosis
>hip takes forever to heal. Miss like a year of kindergarten
>lol no friends
>fast forward to preteen
>lol fall again. Broker other hip
>in a wheel chair for a year.
>fall out of wheelchair trying to get over a curb
>break arm. GG WP
>fast forward to teens
>real agression blond curly haired slav girl pushes me up against wall
>break hip again
>2 and a half year in a wheel chair
Only have like 2 friends
Missed most of my childhood and early education. Struggle with basic bitch math
Missed out on teenage love
Bones fucking ache all the time
Manlet as fuck
Brown hair
Ginger beard
I'm 20 with the skeleton of like an 70 year old ...
>went through school as a twig
>nobody talked to me except for my little group I had
>8th grade I want from twig to fat, got picked on for that
>9th grade I became skinnyfat, had fucking pencil thin arms and huge gut
>still only talk to my little group I had since middle school
>11th/12th grade the rest of my body catches up and my gut recedes, I look buff as shit and girls and other people actually talk to me
>never did anything with it despite obvious signs
>being accepted was too new for me
>now I fucking bulked up too much and have a gut again
>5'8 200lbs
>19, so I know I can't count on my body to catch up this time
>have to fucking exercise and diet to get back to my golden period
>it's fucking hell and I feel like there's no progress
I don't have a job either, I refuse to go back into public until I'm ottermode or at least not stuck with a stomach.
At least you have a valid reason to NEET it up.
>Tfw you look like a Chad but have full blow asspergers
I'm "high functioning" I'm really just acting like I know what's going on and most of what I saw is me copying mannerisms from other people.
>Tfw relationship with a 10/10 bipolar girl just ended we were engaged
Shit feels like I lost her to some form of death
I don't understand how to feel about any of this or what I'm supposed to do I let my life revolve around her completely and I feel so empty
>Tfw she broke up with me because she thought I was acting like an asshole who lacked empathy
It's so hard to understand how others feel about things she ended the relationship because I talked to her cousin about her using harder drugs and it was out of concern the cousin ended up saying I said something and it blew out of proportion
I don't know what the fuck happened I don't know if it's me or if it's the actual situation I haven't been able to sleep in days because I feel so blown the fuck away it's like I try to process the situation to find a specific answer and I can't find anything she broke up over text and not in person so I never really found out how I built up to this it sucks because I really cared for her and never want to make the same mistake with someone I care about too
I sometimes feel like this is the only place that understands my though process and I wonder if it's because this is an autism containment board
Does anyone else feel like socializing with others is the most complex fucking thing out there?
I'm sorry that wasn't meant to be directed to you anon just in the thread in general
Except my legitimate diagnosed medical condition isn't considered "chronic" by my country so I can't get any neetbux. My couldn't even get a handicapped parking licence when I was In a wheelchair because it wasn't permanent

BTFO by birth
BTFO by govt
Original sjsbsgakab
Socialist dystopia Denmark
jej. I was born well over 4 months premature and only have poor eyesight
Heh I would think Denmark of all places would help you. Even in the states you could probably get bux for that
damn sucks to be you man. Find content in that you are a loser because you were fucked over by nature.
People like me are losers because we are a genuine selfish cowardly pieces of shits. All my problems are caused by me being unable to pursue any opportunities in life. So in a sense you are a better person than me.
>Chron's disease
>in hospital occasionally because of it
>told I'm lucky by doctors because I haven't needed surgery YET
>might be flaring up yet a fucking gain now
>also hair on top of head is starting to thin visibly, I'm not even 24 yet for fuck's sake

Also 0 chance of ever being attractive or successful
Also small penis, used to be like 6 inches when I was 14 - 18, is now more like 4.5 and not just because of fat
You would think wouldn't you. But as long as I don't have any active breaks I can't get shit help. Not even pain killers
>I'm such a terrible person because I have difficulty overcoming my fears
This is stupid. Stop trying to be edgy.
>21, almost 22 years old
>0 irl friends, 1 online friend I met a decade ago
>I look like utter shit, hairy, no muscle, and body covered in scars
>I'm quite possibly literally autistic
>kv, I have problems with physical contact and communicating
>I've felt like I should've been a girl since I was a kid
>I stopped attending high school at age 15 due to being humiliated almost every fucking day
>My dad told me I should get on welfare
This is from the very same man who hates anything that would give the government more power. Apparently even he believes I'm completely fucking inept.
>I have approximately 0 useful skill/hobbies/interests

The funny thing is that even if I could overcome my mountain of obstacles, at this point I'm not sure I even care enough to do so. The more time you have to sit around and consider life, the less reason you can find to bother participating in it. I actually would just kill myself, but I can't bring myself to do it knowing how it would upset my parents.

I kind of wish someone would've just shot me in the head as an adolescent.
Try balding at 19 also my penis pretty much shrunk an inch or two over 5 years and I got ED from fin lel
but its true. After years of self searching I realized that I push people away by being rude becuase I hate myself and actually afraid of the idea of others liking me. I realized that this self loathing I have is the cause of my selfishness as I neglect other peoples feeling because of it. I understand Im an asshole and cant help being one. If only there was a way to just forget everything
Are you Shinji?
I guess I kinda am. But Im a Shinji that wouldnt pilot Eva in the end.
>zero self-esteem

My life is already over
File: 1425155912584.png (166 KB, 467x500) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
166 KB, 467x500
>born really premature
>premature birth stopped me being fully deformed but I only got surgery for the deformity at 18 so my entire """""childhood""""" was PAIN that has left me a neurotic mess
>bird bones
>incel not by choice, but at this point ive given up on even trying
>receeding hairline since FIFTEEN
>cringy person if I am forced to speak, I avoid speaking at all costs, I literally go months without speaking aloud to the point where if I have to I end up slurring my speech because I'm not used to speaking much
>probably 90-100 iq
>the worst musculature a human male could have
>low test
>5.2 inch penis with ED so I can't even enjoy fapping
>white stepdad
>almost homeless
>zero friends
>zero connections
>NEET after quiting a food service job because I was being scapegoated for every problem

File: 1422598319923.jpg (138 KB, 428x280) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
138 KB, 428x280


Wake the fuck up OP.
You get a chance to start preparing now.
You fail at something, you failed to prepare.
Got hit in your blind spot and realized the things you want? Start working at it. Next time is on you.
Come back when you put your heart soul and health and comfort on the line before a failure if you don't want others to think you are a pussy cuck.
File: 1426227904201.jpg (21 KB, 234x250) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
21 KB, 234x250
>socially inept
>had to apply for welfare like 4 times to get accepted
>live in a shitty ass apartment
>bad eyesight and current glass not strong enough so i have to squint my eyes to see shit which gives me headaches
>no money to change glasses
>sleep apnea so i wake up with massive headache
>back is broken so i can't stand for more than 10 min
>everything i eat/drink literally give me heartburn (yes even water)
>i'm on a (3 year long so far) waitlist to see a doctor
>no driving license cuz no money
>no friend
>have to walk 25 min to get to the closest supermarket (i drug myself with codeine) (feel gud afterward even if my back is gonna explode)
>depressed since i'm 16

i'll prolly die in my sleep soon...
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