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why shouldn't I completely destroy my...
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why shouldn't I completely destroy my life in a fit of spergtastic rage?

I have a feeling it would be cathartic.
Because you've been living life based on feelings. Look at how that's turned out. Maybe its time to apply some logic.

posting your face here with a timestamp, name and address would be a great start.
There is no reason you shouldn't at all. You're asking because you don't actually want to.
Relying on the unfortunate persistence of moralfags who lurk these threads.
What would that accomplish exactly?
I destroyed what little social life I had in a fit of spergtastic rage.
I've been lonely ever since, for over a decade.
I can't say it was worth it.

things. only one way to find out.
greentext pls

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I can name them
perhaps in ordered descriptive waves.
But I don't have the energy or patience to articulate it properly.

>Firstly, and realistically the thread or post would be deleted by mods, but not before having the dox screencapped by anons of gross numbers

>secondly the information, based on it's extent and intent will have changed hands and begin being put to use by several different parties


There may be more but I am unwilling to search my feelings for them.
>Trolls will do what is expected of them
They'll sniff out any and all connection to the identity available, most likely to harass affiliates of the said exposed person and the person themselves, they may go to physical means as to involving their workplace and or homestead into the mischief, and immortalize them as the fool they made themselves.

>Criminals, will do as they will as well.
They will most likely try their hardest to make a profitable identity theft opportunity available. And attempt to mine any valuable information to their advantage. And may seek harm on the victim of exposure as well.

>Moralfags, arguable the worse of the lot
They will most likely contact some form of affiliate or authoritative service to alert them of the victim's action. Likely in some wild gambit to "protect" them from their ambiguous reckless action. As if they posed a threat to themselves or others. Usually this is a kneejerk response from the moralfag to place themselves in a self-gratifying position to soak in the serotonin of "doing good" at the expense of someone else's wishes.

I've seen the future friend. Curious to see it unfold aren't you?
i did exactly this 4 years ago. i am going to regret it my whole life. don't do it bro, you do not want to go down that road
What would happen if I just went complete dumbfuck mode and signed up with my real name and bank account number for every skeezy sleazy site on the internet I can come across?

How bad would things get?
you have to tell us what you did
oneitis + psychosis, not going into details.
personally if I did it knowing I would be dead within 8 months I wouldn't care.

The world isn't my own anymore, I should I care. This is sounding edge, lord I know but seriously.

Imagine leaving without any inhibitions, not giving a complete fuck because it would be over sooner than you wanted it, and even sooner if you did.
Who is that girl? She's fucking hot and I want to rub my dick in her face while she looks at me like that.

Can't find it on reverse image search.. anyone know?
Also I only realize doxing yourself would only really have a interesting effect if you did it shortly after 1st degree murder. So you can bring heat on 4chan again.

haha, devilish...
isn't it devilish?
>Who is that girl?

the state of this fucking site in 2016
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bald man.jpg
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You ask me to come on 4chan, tell me you completely destroyed your life by having a oneitis and a psychosis, and then say you're not in the mood for details. Now you listen to me. I want details and I want them right now. I don't have a job, I have no place to go. You're not in the mood? Well, you get in the mood!
This. Post how you wrecked your life for our amusement or GTFO.
I can't ask a simple question? It's not like her face is very recognizable like that so even if she's famous, I probably can't tell.
>for our amusement
that's exactly why i'm not going into details. you are not worthy to be entertained
it's boxxy you fucking idiot
I've been coming here for more than 7 years ffs. Fuck off with your secret club bullshit

Boxxy and dillweed are both ugly. Girl in pic is not ugly. Can't be one of them.
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