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can we get a hobby thread going?
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i really like to vape nicotine free juice. its actually fun to do and pass the time
Enjoy your popcorn lung
I'm not a vapefag, but you're more likely to get popcorn lung from smoking than vaping.

That being said, vaping nicotine free juice is fucking stupid if you're not an ex smoker.
I lile to hike to me it's the best "robot" sport.

>can so it alone, competition is against me of no one
>can use nice music or listen to nature
>good for health and good for your mind
>better connect with nature or better connect with yourself
>pretty cheap, a good pair of merrel is like 50$ and last a decenny
>can run, jog, walk depending of your mood
>it's you and your thoughts and no other humans,


>pic related, my shoes
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vaping is bad
you should smoke pic related
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pretty lake.jpg
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imagine if you were walking alone in some pine tree forest at around 8 P.M and there's a beautiful girl with a bright blue dress tying a ribbon on some tree and you notice her but keep on walking, then she screams hey come over here and asks you to help her tie more ribbons you would then awkwardly ask her why she's doing it, she would start telling you her story and you would fall in love instantly, you would spend the next 17-18 minutes talking about nothing and then she'd ask you out on a date the next day but the next day you wouldn't see her. or ever again in your life. that's what living in late capitalism is like. you just get lied to, but you still love it and you'd spend those 18 minutes with her even if you knew you wouldn't see her ever again.

pic related, where u would meet her

why do I like this post so much

Also what's late capitalism exactly?
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I'm about to go get a pack of cigarettes, all I've ever tried are light blue american spirits, what should I get
I smoke american spirits blacks. They're the best, and everyone around you will know you as that /edgy/ guy. It's a great time.
>hiking, camping, bouldering, general /out/ stuff is my favorite
>travel, road trips, just driving
These two are sometimes an extended thing where I just travel from national park to national park hitting up the state parks and towns in between. The rest of the time, when I'm settled somewhere, I like:
>D&D, Magic, and board games
>knitting, crochet, and sewing
>baking, I LOVE baking
>researching things I'm interested in
>reading poetry
>biking around, exploring the town/city/neighborhoods
>crafty stuff like bookbinding, clay figures, whatever kind of things I need
>painting miniatures
>doing my nails in cute designs
>consuming media and lurking the chan
>smoking is my hobby
no wonder you're here OP, you're boring as fuck.
what a coincidence, i just ordered my first e-cig. i will also only be vaping nicotine free juice. i just like playing with the smoke and i wont smoke it in public because im not a faggot
I don't do it in public either, it's great for ducking with at home tho

Tried to get into photography at one time, was too introverted to pursue. Now I just have a bunch of cameras and books on it. Don't think it counts.
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You're fucking gay dude.

Also I'm into hiking n camping. I'm like drawing sometimes. That's about it most of my free time is spent drinking

Pic related? Probably coming out sideways

late capitalism is what we're living in my friend, a fucked system fueled by symbols and signs.

and yeah, if you wanna learn more about yourself, tell me what hair the girl had when you read the story? and if there was a road in the forest or not.
Target shooting when I can get to the range.

Running/lifting from time to time, probably less than I should.

Would like to get into urbex but I have nobody to go with, and fuck doing it alone. Plus there's nowhere interesting nearby anyway.

Plus reading and vidya, if those count.
I usually run in the woods so people don't bother me.
blonde and no road
this and

black/dark brown
where do you live anon? I love urbex
UK, Birmingham area.
I work out and cosplay mostly.

I also recently got into building shit out of rocks, like taking just rocks and making a wall, I almost made a castle but had to stop because it was unsafe.
>CAPITALISM!!! white devils making money !!!
fuck off
Where to buy weed in brummy land?

hah, a blonde girl will lie to you. but it won't destroy you, because there was no path to her! she was nothing!

I am trying to get over a russian girl with legs that don't end. I wasn't lied to though. I was just too much for her. don't worry, me. it will be alright.
You been smoking angel dust?
No idea desu, never bought it myself.

nope, just really sad over the russian girl.
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