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So, robots, I feel like I need to type this out.
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sad pepe.png
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So, robots, I feel like I need to type this out.
Laugh at it if you want.

>there's this girl that sometimes gets on the same train as me in the same trainstation
>looks really beautiful, at least to me
>really long golden-brown hair, nicely shaped legs, fair face, you know what I mean
>usually ignores me
>one day last summer when I arrive at the trainstation at an unusual time, she suddenly appears as well
>nobody else around
>she sits next to me on the little bench (it's quite a tiny trainstation), because the train is late
>don't have the guts to say anything
>instead take pics of her for later
>feel bad about it
>till today I regret it heavily that I didn't approach her that day
>too much of a beta to talk to her for months after, just take pics and videos here and there like a creep
>still feeling really bad about that
>one day before christmas I gather all my courage and talk to her once we get off the train
>we talk for a littlebit until we're outside
>she hurrys for her streetcar, I head for my bus
>didn't go as bad as expected
>forgot to ask for her name
>I roughly know when she takes the train there and back
>always look out for her
>don't see her in all the time before christmas
>spend christmas vacation thinking about her and my betaness
>meanwhile I found out her name, since I know where she graduated
>don't want to message her on facebook, because I don't want to look like a total fucking creep
>a week after the vacation has ended I see her again
>has friends with her three consecutive days
>no fucking chance
>acts like we never talked
>another week later she comes alone
>can't get myself to talk to her
>as she walks by she says "hi", keeps on walking and gets on the train
>I usually tend to sit somewhere near her
>she probably thinks I'm a creep following her around
>get off the train
>approach her after debating that the whole ride
Good story anon

Ultra Kek tho
>she gets scared, because I out of nowhere talked to her
>ask about her name, although I already know it
>she gives it to me
>a win in my book
>ask her some general questions which she answers politely
>doesn't ask anything back
>that's not a good sign
>she goes to the streetcar, I to the bus
>think about what I did wrong the next couple days
>feel like the biggest fucking beta in town
>send her a friendship request on facebook
>nothing happens
>write her a little message next day
>no response in a whole week
>either she just doesn't check her facebook that often or she's ignoring me
>next monday I linger at the trainstation on the way back for I know she usually is there as well
>friend of mine appears, chance gone
>she walks by but I can't do anything
>fucking shit
>don't see her the rest of the week
>get the feeling she's dodging me on purpose since I first talked to her
>following monday I wait again for her on our way back
>different friend of mine appears after I successfully avoided the other one
>tell him I'm waiting for someone and he can go on to the train already
>he leaves
>she walks into the station
>I walk behind her and catch up
>say "hey, how are you?", you know, the usual bullshit
>she get's scared again, because I appeared out of nowhere
>she probably is creeped the fuck out
>awkward smalltalk takes place, she blushes heavily
>we get to the gate
Moar anon

Fuck this is desperate
What a clueless sperg. This hurts to read.
Okay, we get it. Just stop posting.
This reminds me of the denko story. Both ops are heavily autistic and dangerous
>ask her if I'm annoying her, because I have the feeling I definitely am and I can't take it any longer
>she says "no, of course not"
>I don't believe it, but whatever
>get on the train
>she walks to the place where the friend of mine took seat, the one which I sent away earlier
>I can't talk to her as I would like, with him sitting right in front of us, able to hear anything
>sit next to her anyways
>awkward silence commences
>ask her something, she answers, but doesn't aks anything back, the usual scheme
>the awkwardness gets unbearable
>take my book out and start reading
>yes, I know that's really stupid
>she takes out some stuff for university and starts reading in her textbook
>my heart is pounding, hands sweating and shaking
>can't concentrate on what I'm reading
>after ten minutes I only read two pages
>put book away, take out some stuff for university myself
>ask her what she's reading
>she answers, doesn't ask back
>can't really focus on my university stuff either
>realize what the fuck I'm doing here
>put my stuff away
>aks her some more stuff to start a conversation
>kind of works this time, but soon we're back to awkward silence
>ask her if she checks her facebook regularly
>she answers "no, not really", which either explains the incident mentioned above or she's lying
>we're at the stop we have to get out
>that went fucking quick
>get out
>I ask her when she usually has university, because I want to see her again, for I knew I fucked up this day
>she says she has university whenever she feels like it
>that wasn't the answer I was looking for
>says "I have to go this way" and just leaves me there
>decide to walk home instead of taking the bus
>walk first mile and sit on bench
>recap everything, almost start crying
>walk the remaining three miles home
>type this

I don't know what to do.

I hope you enjoyed, although the story is rather boring and ordinary.
Please end this story on a good note
Plz kill yourself op. Damn that poor girl
>2 friends



>problem about to get a gf

And now listen her, faggot. Trully robots dont give a fuck to grils. We just had accepted our fate and living without love. You just a failed normie, gtfo
If it only where that easy.
This is driving me fucking insane.
Holy fuck you are a creep
hm to be honest I can't really say what's happening.
I mean you should obviously abandon any hope you had with this girl, nothing is ever gonna happen you need to realize and understand this.
If not seeing her helps, take another route where you don't encounter her again.

The part i'm not sure about is wether she actually hates / is scared of you. Can't really tell. And I'm afraid there's really not much you can do to find out.

Your obvious mistake was not talking to here because there were friends of yours. Letting her know you're not a total spastic and actually are able to make friends would have been greatly helpful for her not to be completely freaked out by you.
Also with 3 people the awkward silence thing is way less likely to happen.
All I wanted was a few minutes more or less alone with her.
I mean, you don't take you friends to your first date either, right?
I have something maybe a bit more cringey
>See girl
>Age 11-12, I don't know why but shes perfect to me
>Fantasize about her daily
>Good friends with one of her best friends as I was a nerd who did homework for girls
>Summer vacation
>For some reason entire town is empty
>Go to bathrooms
>Just a piss in a stall
>Walk outside, see the QT and her best friend I was friends with
>Tried to be "Cool le shy silent guy"
>Just walk past and nod
>They both start laughing
>Summer vacation ends
>See friend of QT
>She asks me "Did you know why we were laughing at anontown?"
>"You were in the ladies toilets"
>Just sperg out, play it off like the mans were broken

Feelsbad, about 3 months later I told her I loved her at a disco, she left the school about 4 days later.

Saw her again at age 15, at QT friends birthday I was invited too. QT gives me a hug says she missed me. Never did anything, haven't seen her since. Was the first girl I told I loved too. I miss you K
That's pretty rough, anon.

At least you got hugged. A girl never ever touched me.
Truly, truly, truly, you are an idiotic cunt.
File: denko.png (40 KB, 1000x1000) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
40 KB, 1000x1000
hey op you'll be okay
Sucks op but she's clearly not into you, just leave her alone.
What's YOUR girlfriends name, anon?
She's probably a cunt that thinks she's above talking to anyone who isn't 10/10 5'16" alpha, and everyone else is a creep that will be driven mad by her perfect, flawless body and will rape her.

That should have been obvious from the first conversation. Everything after that was revealed is on you OP.
I fear you are right. It's so fucking sad.
You seem pretty self aware but apparently not self aware enough to see she wasn't into you the first couple of times. I'd of picked up on the body language and her style of speaking and took the hint immediatly, saving further embarassment.

From the sounds of it, she's probably a cunt. From you asking if you were annoying her she should have gathered you were insecure and should of been honest and let you down easy but she kinda fucked with your mind because she probably thinks she's better than you

That's my analogy. Are you ugly?
File: 1443951859128.jpg (85 KB, 654x720) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
85 KB, 654x720
Man I know that feel.
>no oneitis in years
>don't give a fuck about anyone
>don't give a fuck about social appearance
>literally nobody who I care about
>qt girl starts taking same train every day
>take notice of her but don't really care
>at least half a year goes by like this
>one day see her in a dream, fall in love
>tfw now have her on my mind constantly
>tfw will probably never talk to her
I've since realized that all of the oneitis I've ever had were a result of projecting a personality onto a person that I know literally nothing about.
Not gonna lie this was an extremely painful read.

I bet you either have autism, or hopefully for you, you just severely lack any social interaction experience. Once you gain some or a couple of years pass you'll see how out of place what you did was.
just stop nigga and start ignoring the bitch shes clearly not interested. also never approach girls from behind its just creepy to them.
>>send her a friendship request on facebook
I can't keep reading, the cringe factor is too great to stand.
>>no oneitis in years
what do you mean, oneitis goes away??
mine isn't going
She literally went away, as in moved countries (and I wasn't nearly close enough to have any contact details). It took probably 3 years+ but eventually I stopped giving a fuck.
And like I wrote, I now realize that the only reason I cared at all is because of the personality that I projected on to her. In reality, I actually knew extremely little about her.
I am just about to make it 3 years
I hate this fucking shit
It makes me wish I felt nothing
literally nothing
being heartless
So shitty that girl had to deal with you. Learn to socially navigate for fucks sakes.
How much do you think about her? Do you see her regularly (or have pictures)?
All I had was one poor quality picture. I only spoke to her once and was nervous as fuck so I barely even remembered her voice. Maybe that made it easier to forget.
the difference being, you and this girl weren't on a date, phamalam
At least once a day
I won't see her anymore
I stalk her on twitter
I think I get too caught up in this mentality. I cannot interact with people irl without feeling like a burden. I can't even get a fucking haircut because I think to myself that if I was a barber, I would rather serve someone good-looking rather than an ugly autist who still looks like he's in puberty in his 20s who doesn't even fucking know what kind of haircut he wants.
File: shinji_ikari_fear.jpg (65 KB, 630x420) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
65 KB, 630x420
Fucking hell, imagine if she knew he was taking pictures of her.
I wanted to be asexual
>go for a cheek kiss with a girl that I just met
>she grabs my face as I kiss her
>dat smell
fuck maine
>I stalk her on twitter
Don't. I know that's hard though, but really it would be better for you.
Picking up strangers in public is always hard, especially so if you're a sperg since you have no concrete similarities other then "hey, we take the same train."

What you should do? Don't approach her again. Think of it as a learning experience. What you've done wrong should be clear in your head if you look at it objectively.

Also, don't change routes since I'm guessing you ride that one because it's the quickest. If you don't see her, don't fucking wait around awkwardly until she shows up. If you do see her, ignore her. Once you've been labeled as "that weird guy" there is no way out. So go about your business as if nothing happened.

Also, don't look like a depressed piece of shit when you are on the train with her. Don't even glance at her, I'm talking COMPLETE cut off from her existence since people just know when someone is watching them. Distract yourself with a book or iphone or w/e.
seeing pics of her kissing chad is no good
This is good advice OP.
Sooooo OP, when are you gonna post those pics you took of her??
Thanks, anon. I very much appreciate it.

Thanks to everyone else in here too. You're the only ones I can talk to about this crap.
File: anime_mischief.png (160 KB, 333x339) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
160 KB, 333x339
Do you....masturbate to those pictures Anon?
Although I am not officially diagnosed with anything, I heavily suspect I have Aspergers.
Never. I know better than to post those pics here on 4chan.
Kek, the blurry fap material.
Pretty much this. Your biggest mistake was also just adding her on facebook right after she gave her name. In general you did seem far, far too thirsty. As he said, picking up strangers rarely works out. Just ignore her, there is really no other option.

In fact that's what you NEED to do. Don't ignore ignoring her, DO IT.
I waited 3 days, before I sent the request. Because I knew that otherwise I seem creepy.

I will take that advise. Thanks, pal.
no they make me want to die
What I don't understand is, why would you keep talking to her if she didn't seem interested in the first place.

I'll never understand normies and their problems.
I didn't really pick up on her being completely disinterrested.
Good, then you have not been consumed by degeneracy and there is still hope for your future to escape this nightmare.
File: butthurt wojak.jpg (157 KB, 632x758) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
butthurt wojak.jpg
157 KB, 632x758
Well OP, didn't you have a nice, stale sequence of events?

As for me, well it went chaotically wrong last week

>it's monday and I have a cold, only one pack of tissues left
>been talking regularly to this new office qt who commutes by train to work recently
>go to work in the morning as usual and quickly run out of tissues
>finally get to go home
>still have a used tissue in my pockets that's half-dry
>run to the train since it's leaving in 5 min. and my workplace is 3 min. away from the station
>swipe my card, jump aboard and I spot qt sitting by the railling attached to the door
>join her and make small talk about her rough rookie days
>tell it's fine to make mistakes and shit and that she can call me anytime something happens
>thank you anon :)
>the smile she makes after almost melts my cool
>Anon, your voice is lower than normal, are you sick? Maybe you should take a day off :(
>tell her it'll go away soon and I deviate from the topic
>at some point we're laughing about some co-worker

Everything is going good, however...

>hear a phone sounding
>guy infront of us pick up his phone, he's having trouble hearing the other person
>everybody is quieting down
>Anon sshh, that guy is talking on his phone
>for some reason, I'm listening to her and shut my mouth
>guy goes on for a while, me and her are already checking out our phones in quiet
>...my nose is running?
>because I'm facing downward to my phone my snot seems to be sliding out of my nose
>Oh well I can reach for my half-dry tiss-
>what the fuck?
>where's my tissue
>I suddenly remember I threw it away because I deemed it useless since I was about to go home anyway
>start panicking, my confidence is dropping, and I can't act alpha since I'm being quiet right now
>I try to discreetly wipe the snot away with my index and middle finger
>my fingers are full of snot
>more liquid snot is coming out
>5 people including potential qt, rookie gf notice me
>see disgust on their faces
>smile in shame, and try to wipe it all away with the my tie and collar
>my tie is nasty and my liquid snot is spilled on the white dress shirt, all the while more snot is sliding from my nasty, encrusted orifice that could once be called a nose
>qt rookie who is next to me gets embarrassed and disgusted by this display
>give up wiping my snot, hide my face with my phone
>in about 10 min. she gets up, and does a quick wave before leaving, not even facing my way
>the rest of the passengers close to me mischieviously showing off a grin or disgust
>finally get off and arrive home
>put off my clothes, go to the bathroom
>see the face of a grown man with snot encrusted below his nose and on his upper lip
>literally cucked by viruses causing the my cold

Be glad it ended where it did OP, it's better to have never had it than to have it once but taken away from you.
I personally don't find yours as cringy as mine, but it's still pretty bad.
Have you talked to her since?
cover your face and run to the bathroom and when you come back say, "sorry i felt sick of a sudden but I splashed some water in my face and I'm all better"
Yeah but platonically, she also kind of holds me by the balls since she saw me spaghetti and I'm usually the type of guy who doesn't make mistakes at work.
There's basically no chance of hooking up after that and I'm getting horrible friendzone vibes so I'm not even going to try anymore.
Or he could have just asked quietly for a tissue.
Are you fucking retarded?

God damn just hold your stupid nose. Literally just take your stupid fingers and push it shut.

>b-b-b-b-b-b-bb-b--b-b-b-but isnt that weird? w-w--wont people point fingers and laugh and disown me as a member of homo sapiens??
No you fucking imbecile. People know what cold is. People know what comes out of your nose. People know how fucked it is to have nothing to blow your nose into/wipe your nose with.

i'm still reading the first post... but please post her pictures...
>Senior Year Highschool
>Take the bus from school to work almost everyday
>See 9/10 super qt every time
>Really want to talk to her but confidence is at an all time low as well as betaness
>One day decice I'm going to do it
>Literally trembling with anxiety the entire last class
>Finally, the time is nigh
>Was going to sit next to her from the start but she put her bag on the seat next to her
>Decide to sit 2 seats behind her, still visibly shaking
>Inbetween us is some nigress listening to music
>Tell myself "You have to do this today, it's your only chance"
>While the bus is moving, run up and sit on the seat next to her, but only half because her bag is there
>"Hey, uh, I think you're really pretty... Could I have your number?"
>"Uhm, thanks, well, no, you can have my snapchat though"
>She's visibly weirded out by my strongly exhuded spaghetti
>I hand her my Ipod 3rd gen, my phone was in the shop
>It's dirty and dented
>She's unimpressed
>Writes it down anyway, feels like a huge victory to me but in restrospect, what the fuck was I thinking?
>Say "Ok, cool. Have a nice day", but with spaghetti in my mouth the whole time
>Run back to my seat
>QT Blushes and looks back at nigress kind of confused kind of embarasses
>Nigress don't care
>See her on the bus a few times afterwards until she just completely stops
>Talked to her maybe 4 times
>Still cringe at myself occasionally to this day
As I said above: Absolutely no fucking chance.
Somebody will find out who she is, gonna find out who I am and ruin my fucking life.
File: 1424462729827.jpg (15 KB, 400x360) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
15 KB, 400x360
And? How's your life now? Still living alone?
Okay, heres what you have to do: approach her and be upfront (e.g.) "I've seen you on the bus before, you're really cute, we should get to know each other"
You tried man. Better than most of the board, me included.
Yeah, at least he had the balls to do anything.
Dangerous? This dude is a fucking lamb, you retard.
OP, you're "that creep" that EVERY girl needs in her life to make her feel even more self important and cunty than she already is. Congratulations on fulfilling that role perfectly, I can imagine all the awkward silences between women broken up with the mere utterance of your existence (if they do acknowledge you at all).
Should have went for the niggress instead. Know your league.
>Your obvious mistake was not talking to here because there were friends of yours. Letting her know you're not a total spastic and actually are able to make friends would have been greatly helpful for her not to be completely freaked out by you.
>Also with 3 people the awkward silence thing is way less likely to happen.
>All I wanted was a few minutes more or less alone with her.

It was a lose/lose situation for anon. If he introduced her friend, it's a good chance he would get cucked anyway. Such is the case for a sperglord.

OP I've been in a situation similar and this is what I ended up doing and it worked out. I turned myself from being the creep to okay guy.

OP, I don't mean to be cliche here but be honest. You have made it obvious that you are trying but end up looking kinda like a creep. You have dug yourself a hole but there are ways out. The next time you see her just tell her that you've obviously been trying and failing to talk to her. Explain that you honestly are not trying to be a creep but that you are not good at these sort of things and end up making a fool of yourself and maybe even try to apologize for making her feel unsettled. If you flat out explain your situation like this it makes you look more human and less like a creep. Stop trying all the different approaches because they obviously aren't going to work out causing you to look more like a creep. But if you humanize yourself and explain you are trying not to be a creep but miserably failing then it takes away her fear but striking at empathy. From there try to find a similarity you two have and talk about it
>Admitting weakness to a woman

What next Dr Cuck? He should start saying m'lady too?
No you dumbfuck he isn't kissing her ass as she runs around fucking chads with no hope.
This just makes him look less like a creepyfag. He shouldn't try to be good at something he clearly isn't, confidence takes time to build. That doesn't mean he can't use it to his advantage.
Once he makes it clear he's just bad with this kind of stuff and not trying to rape she'll probably get less intimidated and actually be able to ask him a question back. After a couple conversations they'll be laughing about it
Anon. Jesus man.

Just drop it. You will never be with her and you dont honestly deserve a chance after that.

Take this as a lesson. There are other women. If it doesnt feel natural its unlikely to turn into anything.
>I heavily suspect I have Aspergers.

You probably do. My advice is to just stop trying to initiate conversation with her. It doesn't seem like you understand social cues.

If she's interested, which seems unlikely, she will initiate conversation with you. Right now you're just making it worse.

You saw a girl on a train that you didn't know anything about and then built up a fantasy in your mind. Just let it go. Life isn't always fair.
I don't know where to start from
And it's not like I'm chasing this girl dude
I'm not doing anything, I know I'll never be with her
>Life isn't always fair.
Life never is fair, anon
it's better to hurt to feel nothing at all, but damn is it harder...
I just want that fucking feeling to go away
I hate feelings
they make us so vulnerable
I want to feel, because I still have hope that one day, just one day, I might get a gf
you gotta try
I can't try because of avoidant personality disorder
you may find it anon
Fuck this was scary man good thingshe never found out how creeperstatus you really are.
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