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What books influenced you changed your life /r9k/?

my most influential books were:
>The Dune series (esp Dune Messiah and God Emperor of Dune)
>Nineteen-eighty four
>The End of Eternity by Asimov
>wizards First rule
>House Corrino (Dune Houses trilogy)

Im reading the Silmarilloin now, what should i expect from that? Ive also got the Robot series by Issac Asimov to look forward to.

what are you some sort of normie?
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Yo senpai I'm like 4/5 of the way through Dune Messiah rn (Chani is giving birth in a sietch). What about it made you change your life (unless it's the ending, no spoilers pls ;_.).
how it all fits in with the other books anon, the realisation and changes between Paul muad'dib and the God emperor
>Dune Messiah
it's the best

Breakfast of Champions (not my favorite KV book tho, just sparked interest in reading)
Infinite Jest
Ghost World
ah fair, nice one fampai

the one thing i'm struggling to understand as i'm only midway through the trilogy (and barely in to the larger universe) is why paul is 'stuck' following a certain path in dune messiah.

like, why is losing his eyes to the stone burner part of the path he must take? and how he knows taking bijaz from otheym is going to fuck shit up? all that's explained so far is that if he drifts off this path, something far, far worse will affect everyone in the universe, friend and foe alike?

and why would he follow that path? because in the original dune, Paul is intent on ensuring that this 'terrible purpose' doesn't come to a head, yet despite following the path he foresaw as avoiding it, the space jihad happens and kills 100 million people?

no need to answer fampai, i'm sure i can find the answer on the internet, i'm just chatting about this waiting for the hot water to come on so i can finally get a shower lol
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Tbh, you're a fucking Nerd pham. Lol, all SciFi books. Nothing even close to life changing in that list. Zero substance.

Because hes seen the future and he belives that he doesnt have the power to change it, its sent him almost insane.

Also he cant control the fremen hordes that he has become the messiah of.

he has come to realise that he cant or doesnt know hopw to change the vision of millions dying under the Atredies banner.

his son however, has very different ideas.
ah right, cheers, makes sense, i was under the assumption that if paul chosse to lock onto a future, then he would be able to realise it. but i suppose trying to control destiny is one of themes of the series.

'Deep in the human unconscious is a pervasive need for a logical universe that makes sense. But the real universe is always one step beyond logic.'

'The mystery of life isn't a problem to solve, but a reality to experience.'

i wonder if given some time, someone could spin this into being relevant to robothood
>Nineteen-eighty four
Deepest book I've ever read though I haven't read many books so it might not mean much coming from me.
The Communist Manifesto
Being and Nothingness
Marcus Aurelius' Meditations
How to Win Friends And Influence People
Thus Spoke Zarathustra

All three should be read by every robot.
Wam bam thank ya f a m
Dune is overrated. The prequels are better.
It's alright but it's no Enchiridion
God Emperor of Dune
Plutarch's Lives
The Foundations Series
The Machine Stops (even if it's a short story)
1984, Brave New World, Animal Farm
just read the first foundation, Hadrin was an amazing character aswell as Seldon
I've read Dune, and I have all of Herbert original stories but I'm not really sure what order they're supposed to be read in. Does it matter?

At any rate, Zen and the Art of Motorcycle Maintenance completely changed the way I view the world. It turned me from a bitter and jaded asshole into a fairly calm and peaceful person. Definitely worth a shot for a lot of robots if they want to find peace in their misery.
the silmarillion is not very good I would expect disapointment. It's so fucking dry and boring. the first half reads like the bible written by a person in an mental institution that thinks he's jesus.
really liked the hobbit and lord of the rings but silmarillion wasnt finished, he probably needed another 20 or 40 years of writing and editing it fix it into something not boring
dont really think any books have changed my life
Yes its Dune, Dune messiah, Childrenb of dune, God emperor, heretics of dune then Chapterhgouse dune, they all follow a certain story
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This for all the right reasons
Awesome, thanks. When I try to google it, everyone seems to be suggesting different orders as though it doesn't matter.
there is a few that his son has done, namely Pul of Dune, Winds of dune, Sandworms of Dune and Hunters of Dune.

the last 2 are a bit shit, good as their owen books but his son evidently wanted the series to close.
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for the worse
Thread replies: 23
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