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Rejection stories
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Post rejection stories. The more autistic you look the better.

No stories about getting dumped, those are too sad.

>be in 7th grade
>have crush on girl
>be a very annoying kid
>Annoy and make fun of her constantly
>One day in QUEST (some dumb class about feelings and friendship and garbage) I told the guy sitting next to me that I liked her
>He of course tells everyone as I planned
>She says "Ewwwwwwwwwwww"
>Annoy her for weeks
>Whole class bursts out laughing
>never imply to any girl irl that I have feelings for them or ask another girl out ever again

Heres another (I didn't actually tell this chick I liked her though)

>Go to high school in new town
>take french class
>One of the girls is a slutty bimbo
>Adds me on Myspace
>Annoy her for week after week with messages
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>guy online says he likes me
>he is fat and 5'3, so looks huge
>feel a little more comfortable telling him I'm fat since he is a large dude himself
>instantly loses all interest in me
>tells others I'm a fatty
How fat are you

Weight and height
p-pllsss responndddd
227 lbs at 5'3.
I'm just lucky I seem to have an hourglass figure, so I look better than some women my size.
And I'm losing the weight in case someone felt like telling me to stop eating or something.
be my gf pls?

I like hourglass figures
Sorry anon, I'm trying to gain the affections of a man from /v/. If I fail in my quest, you might see me in those belly girl threads asking for a video game loving bf for real.
Although I'm probably quite a bit older than you and you wouldn't be into that desu.
>go to mental health support group
>see qt who looks exactly like the goth girl from the Breakfast Club
>develop instant crush/oneitis
>some of the more functional members go out to dinner after the group is over. she is one
>would never go, but go anyway just to orbit her
>gather up courage to talk to her
>she's ok with my autist idiocy, start to hang out every weekend with depression group friends
>get drunk, try to kiss her but she does the awkward head turn and cheek kiss
>keep hanging out anyway, despite making an ass of myself
>eventually start to hold hands with her occasionally when going out with the group
>we both get drunk and actually make out one night
>So autistic that I take this as a sign that she's my gf
>try to take her on awkward dates where it's clear she thought of us kissing as a drunken mistake
>be so autistic I don't even realize this
>finally get a clue that she wasn't interested at all
>intentionally walk into traffic because of faggot depression and rejection
>get hit by car and end up in hospital
>she finds out, thinks its a normal accident and wants to see me
>I tell her it was intentional
>she never goes to group again, cuts off all contact and never see her again
>it's been 7 years.. still have oneitis
>wanting a guy from /v/

You want an autistic meme loving fuck?
Are you a psychopath?

Why would you crash a car on purpose for pussy?
I didn't crash a car. I just walked into a busy street and got hit. Yes, I'm not mentally normal I guess, especially at that point in my life.
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>french class

Took french in high school, saw this really quiet girl in the corner, thought she was so adorable, weeks go by of me trying all that I can to find out her name and all these little things to gain some confidence to speak to her.
Time comes where I had to wear a suit to school to be a lawyer.
I looked like Mitt Romney.
So after class I ask her if I could speak to her, and I just so bluntly ask her out for lunch or some shit.

And her face... just... cringes... her eyes dart around... looks down and tells me
>"Uh, no thanks? Anon..."
I grab her hand and shake it, telling her no hard feelings, run away like some autist, and the next day move schools, which was a pretty lucky coincidence.

In the long run though, it was a pretty crushing blow.
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Everything is a meme
Fuck off robot I'm original
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>valentines day
>dont have enough balls to talk to this chick i like who goes to the same classes as me
>i know, ill write her a letter
>type up this amazing letter where i tell her she takes my breath away, spregy things like that
>write an email account on the back where she could message me if she wanted
>a week passes, nothing
>forget about the email account until a month later
>open my email just out of curiosity
>subject: who are you?
>bla bla bla whats your name and stuff
>reply in a well thought out manner how that email made me happy
>never receive another email from her ever again
such is life, i still wonder if she read the last email i sent her. i wonder what she thought about me
>mfw i probably creeped her out
Ouch.. sorry anon. Yea you probably creeped her out.
Ally sheedy is my fucking number 1 i would kill you for her
>decline all roastie friend requests in normiebook

didnt get that extra +1 in their friends amount.
Actually, I don't think I've ever heard him say or bring up any memes now that I think about it.
We're both pretty autistic though and video games are one of the only things I can talk about for long periods of time, so a man from /v/ sounds like a good choice.
I know.. she was literally her fucking twin. Like people would come up and comment on the likeness all the time. She's my number 1 as well.. and why I'm posting in a Peruvian knitting board about her 7 years later because I fucked it up.
>Be 23 years old.
>Like girl in my lab
>We start hanging out.
>Once I get to know her all her sexiness goes away. It's like hanging out with a guy.
>I guess I technically friendzoned her
>next semester comes round
>We join another lab together.
>A bunch of people see how we interact with each other and see our chemistry.
>They beat it into my head everyday that I need to be dating this chick.
>Eventually believe it.
>it builds up in my head for a while, I really think I like this girl.
>I get around to tell her I like her
>She likes another guy
>feel shitty and depressed.
>She starts dating other guy. Which btw, he was a cool dude too, I actually thought he was super nice.
>I am completely relieved however. All my feelings of romance go away
>A month later I'm friends with this chick like nothing happened
>The dude she's with, they fight all the time because she's a fucking intellectual chick that likes to be right all the time
>Ha fuck em, dodged a bullet.
>I friendzone her again!
>Her relationship with other dude is always on the rocks.
>Don't even care.
>Eventually graduate and speak to none of them ever again lol.

None of this mattered anyways because I was fucking prostitutes off of craigslist almost the whole time. Which no one new about. But it did teach me a really good lesson about how peoples ideas and perspective can influence one to do things you may not have been inclined to do. Glad I learned that lesson young.
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>>She starts dating other guy. Which btw, he was a cool dude too, I actually thought he was super nice.


Why did you feel like it was hanging out with a guy? Was she ugly or fat or something?
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If you have ever been muted for an unoriginal post, you are part of the normoe hivemind and cannot think for yourself. Get out.
nah bro she just didn't have the personality of a sexy chick that is fuckable.

She was hot but what I look for in a female's personality she did not have. One of the reasons it was like hanging out with a bro is because we would argue about mundane meaningless topics all the time. She was super smart. The dude she dated was also super smart so what ended up happening is they butted heads all the time.

this was before tinder. 2007 era. And the guy was cool dude. I'm not so insecure that I couldn't see that. Also, you might not know the definition of cucked. Either way, when they got together I was happy for them. I eventually found a dream girl anyways my man.
>when they got together I was happy for them.

what? JUST dwell on a crush I had for a month.

Nope son. That's probably why you're here on /r9k/ because you're a fucking idiot
>That's probably why you're here on /r9k/ because you're a fucking idiot


fucking robot i hate this shit

Hiro you're a dumb ass
> be 17
> work at Subway
> new girl from my high school gets hired there
> We barely talk, just typical co-worker small talk
> she's sooo goddamn cute
> eventually tell other co worker that I like her
> she promises not to tell her
> tells her immediately thru text
> girl I like asks manager for a schedule change so she never has to see me again
Usually for me it goes like this

>meet nice girl at a party
>chat with her a bit and seem to get along well
>add her on facebook
>bring up something interesting relating to something we were talking about or a common interest or whatever
>usually get a couple of polite but unenthusiastic responses then they abruptly stop replying or make some weak excuse to go
>as if you even need an excuse to leave a casual facebook chat rather than just replying later when you aren't busy
>that's basically the same as saying I don't want to talk to you leave me alone
>a few times just thought fuck it and asked if they want to hang out some time or go to a movie some time or sent my number and said they should txt me
>want to stop doing this because of the shame but I'm so lonely I don't know if I can just give up

Wat do robots? Just give up? Close to suicide at this point desu
That means it has to be your looks then. Get a fresh ass haircut, some new clothes and shave.
where do you live? desu desu mootblox
Alright /r9k/ this is one of my first post on 4chan so be nice
>be me in 7th grade and I like this girl named Katelyn
>we become friends but I don't have the courage to ask her to be my gf
>by this point in time all of my other friends have had gf's of their own
>they're all constantly telling me if I don't have a gf "I'm not a man"
>later in the year I find out another girl likes me we'll call her b cause her name starts with that
>my friend Thomas tells me she likes me and my 7th grade mind immediately says yes this is my chance to get a gf
>once I found out I started talking to her more irl and staying up late to chat on google+ (2013 so it was popular at the time)
>eventually start to actually like this girl and become attached
>everyone in the class knew we liked each other ... Becuase well cocky 7th grade me told everyone
>I eventually ask her for her number over Kik and she says no
>at this time were on a class trip to the Grand Canyon and the all three guys are in one suite and they're looking over watching me talk to her on Kik and see me get denied
>she stops talking to me irl
>find out later she told her mom about me and her mom said she couldn't talk to me anymore :(
>later she writes me a note saying how she won't talk to me anymore because her mom won't let her
>become sad
>I actually fell for this girl what started out as a juvenile plot to get my first gf
>later find out the girl I originally liked katelyn liked me but she doesn't anymore cause I told everyone I liked the other girl
>now the unnamed girl and I go the same high school that we both got into and we act like we're friends and like nothing ever happend

I still have the note that she left me saying how we couldn't be friends for 7th grade should I post a pic of it?
I'm fairly good looking, a lot better than most of my friends who never have this problem, or at least not as bad as me. I obviously just come across as a weirdo I guess, not really sure why though.
>7th grade

You're only 16 get the fuck off this website
Leave this board now normie, not for our sake but for your own. You have a fairly normal and happy enough life ahead of you as long as you don't get sucked in to this place, you are not like us do not become like us.
Wow mean. Sure yeah I guess I'm probably what some would call a "newfag" but hey what else could I have expected this is 4chan
You're so much of a breath that you don't even know you're not supposed to be here
Is that a fact that I should not be here?
You are not like us do not become like us. Think back to this post in a few years when all you have left is misery and suffering, you will wish you had listened.
>Driving a car
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>ask a girl that I've been after to a dance in 8th grade
>she, to my surprise, agrees to go to the dance as my date
>freak out and get all happy and warm
>tell her I can't dance but I'll try my best for her
>tell her that I'm excited and a little nervous about dancing with her
>the day of the dance comes
>I see her at the dance and ask if she wants to dance
>"I changed my mind anon, sorry."
>really devastated since this was the first time a girl agreed to be my date to anything
>don't dance at all
>just sit a table alone and sad
>never asked
>never rejected

Do I win?
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Ohayou gozaimasuuuu~
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