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>normies hype weed up as DUDE RELAXING LMAO
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>normies hype weed up as DUDE RELAXING LMAO
>try an edible
>have a panic attack
>see my face moving in the mirror and there's a three second delay on everything
>feel paranoid and then blackout
>wake up in vomit and my own poop a day later on my apartment floor

once again normies have disappointed me
Should've smoked first. Edibles can be pretty hardcore.
>edibles first time
full retard friend.
should have smoked first you dumb fuck, nobody tries an edible their first time, odds are you ate too much.
People keep hyping peyote up as the ultimate outsider weirdo thing but how the hell do you even find it?

Wikipedia says the cactus is endangered, sounds rare and hard to even get
>smoke a few times, really like it
>try a small part of an edible
>it fucks my shit up hard

How do people even stomach that? I thought i was used to it
San Pedro
>live in the netherlands for two years
>smoke weed everyday
>about to come back home, moms friend wants to try out weed
>i roll her three joints, weak, medium and strong
>she smokes the small one with another friend
>she has a panic attack, her friend can't stop laughing
>i get back the other two joints

lucky me.

there are three types of weedheads:
those that can't stop laughing, those that just phase out and relax and those that get panic attacks for no reason. you're just a pussy, op.

Only assholes eat peyote. Mescaline is the drug. Eat other cactuses that aren't endangered and slow as fuck to grow, like Peruvian torch.
Everyone telling the OP that he's a pussy neglected to remember the weed was probably laced with PCP or something.
Weed is for faggots tbqh
All of that sounds better than being sober for any period of time
I'm the one that just phases out and relaxes, I hate that
I'd have vodka over weed any time
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>travel to america
>smoke for the first time
>smoke everyday for a whole month
>eat some edibles in my last days there
>it's fucking amazing, just the right high
>go back to eurob, never smoke again

Weed is fucking amazing fampai if I'm honest with you
the first few times i couldn't stop laughing, but after years of smoking i just phase out. it's gotten pretty boring, i'm more into psychedelics now. never been a fan of alcohol.
if you're looking for euphoria as well, try shrooms or mdma
>there's a three second delay on everything
I experienced this too

was pretty wack
Edibles can't be laced.
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i never understood the edible meme

ive gotten so fucking high on a glass pipe in my first months to a year smoking that id fucking auditory hallucinate beats and rhythms in my head to my feet walking on the sidewalk

id be literally sitting in my couch shaking because i was so high

tried 3 different edibles from different sources and none of them did anything
>tfw panic attack type but all my friends love the stuff

I'm pretty sure they're the easiest thing to lace cuz u can put anything in it when it cooking it
shit....you're right senpai
Accurate reaction though it's not true that people will always have that same reaction. I've experienced all three multiple times and so have quite a few people I know that smoke. I think it's dependent on factors like your mindset before smoking and the weed
been smoking daily for a bit over a year now,had my first bad experience the other night..

>smoke a fatty boombatty blunt
>walk inside and go straight to cleaning dishes so I can close out night
>doing dishes and I start getting this queasy feel
>feel like I'm about to shit but throughout my entire body
>know I need some water but my body isn't cooperating.
>feel like I'm gonna puke and crumple onto the hallway floor instead
>as i'm falling I debate yelling for help
>decide against it
>hit floor and I only just notice how fucking much I'm sweating
>really paranoid about my little sister or dad coming in and seeing me
>freak out because my body is still not working with me
>hear some american dad on tv from my dads room
>this centers me for some reason and I give myself encouragement through this weird body shutdown experience like I'm solid snake trying to crawl through the microwave room while otacon gives me pep talk
>reassume control after 6 minutes or so
>get up and can almost feel button mashing to stand upright
>finish dishes have some pizza and sleep

and that was the story.

My biggest fear is triggering an underlying mental issue.I know I'm fucked in the head already but I'd rather smoke some weed than fuck my shit up with SSRI's
Something similar happened to me too but with smoking. Which sucks because at first it felt fucking great, all warm, relaxed, and tingly. People who have diagnosed mental health problems are more prone to THC-induced panic attacks.

They grow it on Indian reservations because it's legal due to religious ceremonies and shit there. Go to a reservation and buy some if you really want to.
dont do edibles your first time retard
What are the effects of peyote compared to shrooms or weed?
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So you went from zero to edible on the first try?

Are you retarded?
No clue. Never tried it
i'm one of the guilty ones that laugh all the time, even when i don't want to, i can't control it when high.
Edibles aren't any stronger than smoking, per se. Its just way harder to correctly dose yourself. Edibles can be concentrated anywhere from nothing to almost pure THC oil, and it doesnt kick in for 30-90 minutes so people usually make the rookie mistake of re-dosing themselves, compared to smoking which kicks in quickly.

That said I much prefer edibles. Making cannabis butter is easy as hell and if you do it right its more cost effective than smoking. Smoking is pretty wasteful, not to mention fucks with your lungs. Also, the high from edibles lasts 4-6 hours, which is awesome
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To each their own OP

Alcohol isn't for everyone, weed isn't for everyone, lsd isn't for everyone.

You have to take what fits you.
Sounds like you had way more than you could handle. That's the danger with edibles, you have no idea how much is in them.
Smoking a moderate amount is fun and relaxing.
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