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>suck at everything
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>suck at everything
>only good at videogames but not good enough to go pro
I wish I was a rain man autist. It's better to be excellent at one thing than pretty good at most things. I'm just the autist that sucks at everything
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>want to practice a particular skill or talent but have no motivation to do so

guess i'll just be a loser for the rest of my life then
>get shit on in videogames
I'd rather be good at anything worth while
better than being reminded at every step that you arent up to par with anyone in anything at all
going pro is about hard work and dedication, not talent.
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That fucking feel

>Oh bro I didn't need to study I just aced it XDDD
>Just practice dood. practice makes perfect.
>mfw it's literally all genetics
>G E N E T I C S
I tried. Played 4+ hours everyday for months. Never got any better. I hit that wall at the top 2 or 3% of players but can never reach like the top 0.2%
fucking hell
it wouldnt bother me so much if everything wasnt so oriented toward compeition. everything is fucking competitive and it hurts to know my place
>You don't suck at failing
I didn't want to say suck cause I didn't want to imply you weren't no faggot or nothin.
Let me guess, you've never practiced any skill for longer than 100 hours in your entire life.
>tfw you're literally only good at one obscure genre of game and completely shit at everything else

I have no idea why but first person close combat games like Mount and Blade, Age of Chivalry (previously the mod, now that the mods dead, the game even though I like the mod a lot more), War of the Roses, etc I absolutely destroy at, I have no idea why. I wish I could transfer it to a more popular genre, I've tried fighting games and gotten decent at a few after practice but no where near as good.

I haven't played Chivalry in months but I'm confident that if I joined a duel server right now I'd get 10-0 in 20 minutes.

I haven't even played the game that long, only a bit under 400 hours in chivalry and 600 in M&B.

I'm confident I'm in the top 1% of M&B players and the top 0.5% of chivalry players but it's so fucking useless

There's no competitive community worth shit for any game in the genre, which is fucking stupid considering L I T E R A L childrens' party games like Tr4sh have billions of autists and million dollar prize pools but I digress
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Fuck motivation. Motivation comes and goes based on the dopamine saturation of your brain. Get discipline. Discipline, once built, will never fade.
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>play videogames all day erryday
>have some normie friends with gfs and other hobbies
>mfw they always beat me at video games


now imagine having to be the guy getting whacked by horses, sniped by archers and raped in swordfighting every single time.
Is this how Liquid Snake felt? Damn I finally understand
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Life is a competition, m8. Once you know you're genetically inferior, there's no point in attempting anything. No venture is worth the time.
>haha bro u got rekt!
>you shitter!
>dude if you're not gonna help the team just quit
>why are you even trying?
>getting teabagged
>stop trying
pro players put in over 60 hours a week usually
>suck at everything
>except dick
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>been trying to learn how to draw
>watch someone else draw for a bit as some motivation
>see the confident lines he does
>a single stroke for each one and each one is perfect
>understand that the difference between us is just practice and dedication but it still seems like I'll never be able to achieve that

>coming in from having a smoke
>Fraiser is on the TV
>he plays the piano and it reminds me of how much I want to be able to play it too
It's got nothing to do with time. They developed better hand-eye coordination and tactical thinking than you will ever have, because they played sports as children.
What games do they beat you at?
surely just turning all the controls to automatic would give you a 1:1 kdr in public matches
Does playing sports as a child automatically make you a normie? I played soccer and football up until 8th grade
>tfw find yourself in the bottom brackets of rating systems every single time
>tfw you can't learn Japanese
I suggest you start sucking dicks, you'd be pretty good at that :)
>beat friends and family at chess
>think I'm good
>sign up for a community chess club
>complete shit
>barely make 1600 Elo and plateau for 2 years of steady practice
>years after that to this day I'm only at around 1675 and have been for the past year with absolutely nothing
>tfw I have reached my genetic potential of being class B
>there is no moving forward

feels like I'm in fucking purgatory, no one I know wants to play with me because I can beat them, and in any organized event I'm crushingly mediocre
been trying to draw since I started university, 7 years later still can't draw hands. I always turn them into boxing gloves....
>suck at insulting people back
im tired of everyone dogpiling on me in real life and especially online
how the fuck do i defend myself if being quiet and ignoring them defaults to losing?
Drawing hands and feet is actually one of the harder things to do in art because of the precise proportions and multiple joints. If you're off even slightly even in one small area they look awful
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Employ every logical fallacy in the book, strawman, ad hom, ad hoc, all of them

It takes only a moment to assert something stupid but it takes a long time to refute said assertions

Trust me, I never lose arguments. People always give me the "muh dragged me down 2 ure levle and beat me with experience" but I know it's because they're butthurt they lost. Just spew so much bullshit they're left speechless. It never fails.
Stop being such a fucking quiet little faggot.
the real answer is to just say 'k'. If they don't think you care, they cannot harm you.
I know the feeling. I'm pretty terrible at the things that interest me, but I lack the dedication to ever get better at them.
>Discipline, once built, will never fade.

It can with the help of death in the family, breakups, unemployment, and drugs!
Good at

>Customer service and interactions

A lot of hard work went into these, 1000's hours
But I will agree, unless YOUR PARENTS push you to do shit, you'll end up a useless cunt.
>Customer service and interactions

that's like being good at breathing, talking to people is part of being a human being, I understand where I am, but NOT being able puts you into the realm of being abnormal, i.e. it's not an actual skill

Don't even try to say "oh I don't know what it's like" I worked shitty retail jobs all through uni
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Everything we play. Specifically, SSBB, Battlefront, Injustice, Soul Caliber. I try to hide it, but it makes me livid. They succeed at everything else they do at life, and can I have even one thing I'm good at? NO OF FUCKING COURSE NOT.
>tfw everything you once found fun can't even begin to excite you any more.
Seeing people improve or be successful is incredibly upsetting, what's worse is that I keep trying and it feels like I'm never going to make anything at all.

It's soul crushingly difficult to start from nothing with no experience and really only a couple of internet tutorials as a guide, not to mention my absolute lack of discipline. There's no fucking tutorial for discipline.

Either I'd draw something on a tablet and just get upset that I'm just able to draw random scribbles, I open up codeblocks only to minimize it and play a game and watch TV, I try to go khanacademy just to get upset at how stupid I am.

All I can really do is toil away inside a shitty, roach infested apartment.
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In the recent years I've gotten progressively worse at vidya too. I don't even know how that's possible because I don't really do anything but play vidya.
Few days ago I got incredibly lucky in Insurgency and finished the round alone killing 9 guys and destroying a cache with everyone in spectator mode watching me.
>everyone cheered to me through mic
>chat filled up with positive posts
>tfw it could always be like that if I was good enough
>tfw actually got really sad afterwards
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